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Discussion in 'Deck Building' started by rinco69, Mar 30, 2016.

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    For the month of Plarch I have been using several variations of the following build, which I will call Barnum & Friends. This build has got me to 1800 and most wins have been blitzes.

    Barnum.png &.png Friends.png

    Level 22 Dwarf Wizard

    Level 1 Dwarf Priest

    Level 1 Dwarf Wizard

    In short a Barnum's wizard supported by Searing Radcannon burfft. A fire wizard is extremely consistent and is guaranteed to be drawing 1-2 attacks each turn for ranges 5-7. But the biggest issue is moving into position and finding out your target is holding armor. Burst solves this and lets you know ahead of time who has armor. And if you've got burst why not kick it up a notch and burfft?

    Most of the items are well sought after legends and need no explanation. But the diamonds in the rough are Barnum's Staff, Overheated Staff and Robes Of Foz.
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    >mfw no dual radradders

  3. Macizo

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    Lol, im missong 10 legendarys to make this build.

    It seems very powerful.
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  4. rinco69

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  5. SlowComputer

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    Wizards are very hard to play, and even harder to assemble (i mean, pick the right item to make them playable). But finally someone (rinco69) showed us how to do it :) we just need a huge amount of legendary items. After one year I still miss half the items needed to assemble this party. Cause wizards are primary targets, easily hunted and trapped in a corner by Bejeweled elf warriors. So newbies like me quickly give up on wizards. They need some extra moves to flee the incoming melee... or lots of control, but it reduces the damage output. Using Savage Curse will handicap your available cards, so you have to be very precise when you discard (the weak, or repeated fire cards should stay on the right of hand, to feed the curse). I admire who learned that fine art to master turning savage "profitable".
  6. SlowComputer

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    Card Hunter isn't a "noobs friendly game" because some rules are hidden (for example: boost damage from Savage Curse still applies to afterburn efects), or some misleading text (like "draw a move card") make us believe it will draw a standard racial move, instead of searching in our deck... Deep 6... why complicate?
    why couldn't we trade some blows instead of killing so easily with 3 powerful hits? I would like to see all characters HP increased to avoid quick matches based on luck :(
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    Oh I learned from some of the best. For instance I have been decimated many times by Tiwx's Atomic Fireball which is nothing but burfft. Also I am not the first to toy around with Barnum + Overheated. Check out the forum posts from Lucky Dice and Pyrogoth.

    Also Savage Curse doesn't apply to afterburn effects. The combo to aim for here is Firestarter plus-2-damage and Instant Burn do-that-damage-now. Extra damage on an Ember Burst or Glob Of Flame can be worthwhile, but generally best used for the burst attacks.
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    You accidently posted your comprehensive list of broken items and mechanics in the deck building section.
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    I've always thought that a dedicated fire wiz needed a control support priest. This changes that view, because I forgot that mixing Burrft with anything makes a build better.
  12. rinco69

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    The beginning of Playpril saw an increase in ranged attacks. Cards like Combustible suddenly became a bad idea so Overheated Staff had to go.

    Perhaps the most interesting advice came from @mikey76500 suggesting Flash Flood was very effective ( I found this to be very true. The Wicna series of items is the cheapest way to get the flood.

    Counterspell was very effective both offensively and defensively. I could have used Aork's Vial Of Memories. But Flicker's Earcuff comes with an Acid Spray that can be used to keep those armored warriors at bay. Or they closed in quickly and would get a buffed Acid spray as a surprise present.

    Perhaps the most fun was Azgul's Orb. Firestorm combined with Firestarter and Instant Burn sounds suicidal. And usually it was. That's why it is so fun. In one game against @ebla I detonated a buffed Firestorm only to trigger two Festering Guts. End result 5 dead and 1 left standing with 2 health.

    So my variations for the early Playpril maps ended up like looking like this:

    Overheated Staff -> White Flame
    Smoag's Bucket Of Pitch -> Yount's Chain
    Smoag's Bucket Of Pitch -> Rantic's Orb Of Inner Fire
    Pendant Of Artax -> Azgul's Orb
    Charging Boulder -> Tough Charger

    Jaguar Buckler -> Yvette's Buckler
    Captain Cedric's Boots -> Vinorkin's Boots

    Cinnabar Ring -> Flicker's Earcuff
    Cinnabar Ring -> Akon's Amulet
    Ring Of Appropriation -> Eye Of Wicna
    Robes Of Foz -> Explorer's Force Suit
    Hawkwind's Moccasins -> Mouse Boots
    Charging Boulder -> Tough Charger
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  13. rinco69

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    There's not much burfft this month and therefore little anti-burfft. ThetianKnight played to this advantage for a record breaking 1905 elo (!!) using a pure burfft build. So I went fishing and hooked a win with some anti-burfft in the Barnum build...

    Level 1 Dwarf Wizard

    Level 1 Dwarf Priest

    Level 22 Dwarf Wizard

    Barriers, forgetfulness and counterspell are very effective against any burfft variant. Just pray you don't face a triple warrior team!
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    Forgive my newbishness, but what is burfft?
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