Atomic Fireball

Discussion in 'Deck Building' started by tiwx, Jan 24, 2016.

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    There isn't a whole lot to say about this deck. I have been using it for the past several months and am pretty sick of it. I am hoping that by posting it the effectiveness will be reduced so that I have to find something else.
    A barrage of Fireball, Radiation Bomb, and Flash Of Agony is the sole means of offence. Savage Curse boosts the damage of these to a respectable level.
    The three Reliable Mail on each dwarf prevents most of the self inflicted damage that Flash Of Agony and Unholy Energy might otherwise cause. Holy Presence will remove Blind Rage before it causes damage.
    A fair amount of control helps keep enemy warriors at bay and makes up for the lack of extra movement. Telekinesis is the card of choice for this, since it won't trigger Blind Rage or Savage Curse. The teleport keyword is an added bonus. A well placed Hypnotic Beacon can multiply the effectiveness of your control cards, and even works against immovable enemies.
    Phantom Pain can be swapped out for something better suited to whatever the current meta may be.
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    Cursed Radcannon, Spector's Raygun, Asmod's Telekinetic Chain ...
    I think we all agree that this deck is (the) strong(est) but we just don't have the items to build it ...
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    I could build those wizards, other than the gross dwarf part.
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    Though it says i have about 500hrs played i dont that many legends in multiple count=) But the setup is nice, i've met today similar one at about 1600 rating.... he had won=)))
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    This is good build, but I've beaten with a newby group with all common/uncommons/rares, just goes to show the great thing about cardhunter is that anyone can beat anoyne regardless of how many legendaries they have!

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