Curse of Fragility: A Diamond in the Rough

Discussion in 'Deck Building' started by Deepweed, Mar 28, 2015.

  1. Deepweed

    Deepweed Thaumaturge

    Update! 6 more games, 5/6 won.

    Game 19 | Game Record: 2-2 (blitz) | Result: WIN | Map: Melting Glacier | My Rating: 1464 | Opponent's Rating: 1434 | Final Rating: 1479
    Game 20 | Game Record: 5-2 (blitz) | Result: WIN | Map: Woodhome Blizzard | My Rating: 1479 | Opponent's Rating: 1250 | Final Rating: 1486
    Game 21 | Game Record: 2-0 (blitz) | Result: WIN | Map: Crundyup's Bridge | My Rating: 1486 | Opponent's Rating: 1447 | Final Rating: 1500
    Game 22 | Game Record: 0-0 (blitz) | Result: WIN | Map: Ice House | My Rating: 1500 | Opponent's Rating: 1291 | Final Rating: 1507
    Game 23 | Game Record: 2-0 (blitz) | Result: WIN | Map: Crundyup's Bridge | My Rating: 1507 | Opponent's Rating: 1436 | Final Rating: 1520
    Game 24 | Game Record: 4-6 (normal) | Result: LOSS | Map: Woodhome Blizzard | My Rating: 1520 | Opponent's Rating: 1446 | Final Rating: 1501

    I think I'm gonna take a break from recording games and play more loosely for a while.
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  2. Bluemage

    Bluemage Hydra

    This team seems interesting, but after trying it and losing decidedly 3 games in a row, it's clear I don't have the items or skills for it. Good luck with it.
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  3. doog37

    doog37 Hydra

    In my small sample I like this card a lot but it gets in the way of it's best use, fire. Since you can only have 2 additional attachments you need to be careful not to knock it off. The other issue is that you want to use it before any attacks and requires LoS which means that it doesn't have max utility for burst attacks.

    It is great when you know you can hit someone multiple times; the biggest bang for buck I got was use CoF, then Glob and Flame Jet (already did 6 damage) then hit someone else with Instant burn (another 10) then end of round another 10. But that is the ultimate max scenario without having Firestarter going at the time... Oh and like any fire based strat, make sure you got some armor removal.

    Honestly I prefer to use all my priest slots for Wellspring, Nimbus and Heals for my burst team, the Curse isn't on any items with synergy to what I like to run, except maybe the Bad Juju Mace (I really like unnerving strike). I've been thinking about a Curse of Frag Vamp build. Haven't had time to do so and not sure these maps are where I want to start and I would want like 2 more Midnight Shrouds.

    Well here is hoping I didn't unleash what I thought was an obvious synergy onto the meta.
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  4. Wildarm

    Wildarm Ogre

    CoF is not a bad card but I would not make a build around it. In many cases, I've found throwing a CoF on someone makes them retreat out of LoS with the character. Not bad but nothing game winning. With the right fire hand you can decimate someone. You can effectively use it as a one round firestarter which is great.

    In most cases, you'll get 2-4 damage. Not bad for a paper quality card range attack. Bonus points for knocking off someones nimbus or elf manuvers with it. I'd rate it somewhere between a Bludgeon and Sorc. Blast in terms of usefulness
  5. doog37

    doog37 Hydra

    I agree that often people will retreat when afflicted. I think it is better than a Sorc. Blast because it is a priest card. Not a card to stock up on, but cheap and has real strategic potential.
  6. Robauke

    Robauke Guild Leader

    I ran 3 copies in the context of elf vamps and cast it when my team had the mobility to ensure i could pursue that single target and reap the bonus with multiple otherwise low damage attacks. Worked and can make the difference when you are the one pressuring, but it simply remains an unwanted draw once your team/strategy has broken up and you are the one whos in defensive situations.
  7. Lucky Dice

    Lucky Dice Thaumaturge

    Now that I've gotten some things for this build to work (still missing Staff of a Million Embers and Phantom Pain), I decided to try it out... with some new twists.

    Level 1 Human Priest

    Level 23 Human Wizard

    Level 23 Human Wizard

    some of the stuff has already been explained in this thread, but I'm going to roll over some of it.

    Martyr's Shifting Plate is a test divine armor for my priest. It has two things that greatly benefit from Curse of Fragility - both of the armors. I think Stargod's Raiments could be a legit alternative, but I'm probably not going to test that - I prefer it this way.

    I decided to keep Godtouched Spear for two reasons - You have a backup plan in case somebody does get close to you and you have more range 2 attacks. There are some interesting Major/Minor token weapons, like Axe Of The Dark Soul or Gloomthirst, but I'm also reluctant to try them out yet.

    Incense Of The Caged Demon - lack of Mokad's Reeking Skull.

    Ixtli Amulet - lack of Phantom Pain.

    Barnum's Staff - lack of the million embers ;__;

    Flame Warper is an amazing addition in my opinion. Flame Spit is another burning card that adds up damage and Accelerate Time allows you to deal some damage without having to use another burning card.
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  8. Ector

    Ector Hydra

    Did you ever think about Radioactive Spray + Curse Of Fragility? With a bit of luck (and a lot of Radioactive Sprays) you can inflict a LOT of damage, since each spray creates three radioactive squares, and each square deals damage separately. You can have two priests (having both Radiation and Fragile Curses) and one control wizard.
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  9. realm151

    realm151 War Monkey

    doesn't radiation terrain also attach handicaps as it procs? which means at most +6 damage? vs. curse + any two burn spells (two procs on attach, two procs on burn) already gets you to +8, and instant burn gets you even further...
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  10. I've played extensively with Curse of Fragility and it is one of my favorite cards; it requires less setup and cheaper items than Savage Curse combos and doesn't costs you extra cards, but sadly there aren't too many good items with it and it takes quite a dedicated set-up to truly capitalize on its potential. Acolyte's Glaive gives you a whopping 3 copies and fairly damaging range 2 attacks for a single token. Martyr's Pick gives you 2 at tokenless and adds a surprise Controlled Overswings to the mix. Misanthrope's Pearl is arguably good if you have a back-line priest since it cycles better and Fragile Shielded Mail is an excellent surprise for when your enemies reach your priest (or vice versa). Heck, Poisoned Relic gives you the sick opportunity of executing your opponent with Misguided Heal!

    I'd rather keep the curses on the Divine Weapon slots; you want your Divine Items to contain the very important Entangling Roots, which ensures you can make a target sit down for the beatdown when necessary. It can also help while rolling out enemy attachments and invalidates the infamous Elvish Mobility. Full Fire is fine but you often risk rolling the Curse away and I really like the entaling roots to eliminate the easiest form of counterplay which is running away, so I have a slightly different team which has been sitting for a very good while in my roster and that I whip out once in a while: The Hunter-Killers

    This team only has 5 Curse of Fragility on it but makes up with a bit more ofensive-minded cycling with the Inspiring Pressences keeping your team life total high. While FGX Fusion Rifle might seem like a mediocre weapon, even OK attacks really start to sting when Curse of Fragility is involved, Sizzling Bolt hitting for a whopping 6+4 at huge range and every Laser and Arcane attack starts to shave off a considerable amount of health. With 6 Armorbanes on this team, it's also very unlikely that your opponent can keep a Reliable Mail in our pressence.

    Arguably changing the Priest to Dwarf and using triple Superb Ferocity might yield better, and funnier results (7 damage Wizard charges!), but I usually don't want enemy wizards (Which are 80% of the time Dwarves) to be getting extra cards and I like some raw defensive options on my arsenal for when Warriors get sassy. Will have to try later
  11. Ector

    Ector Hydra

    I don't understand how handicaps may be harmful here. You should prepare for them, of course.
    Yes, +6 damage at most, but with ONE card. Two burn spells = two cards, and Instant Burn is a third one. You shouldn't rely on having a goldfish in your hand, this happens rarely. What if you have only one burning spell? If I have only one Radioactive Spray, I still can hope that the radiation will prevent the enemies from attacking me; if you have only one spell you have to retreat.
    Also note that I can field two identical priests with radiation and curses, while you have to specialize your chars. If your burning wizard gets killed, you lose; if one of my priests gets killed, I can still hope to win.
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  12. Lucky Dice

    Lucky Dice Thaumaturge

    Handicaps replace your Curse of Fragility eventually.

    To be perfectly honest, having only one burning card happens so rarely you shouldn't bother. Besides, you have 2 leaderships on other heroes that could change that. Not only that, handicaps' damage can't be increased more than what Fragility Curse offers (unless you take additional Accelerate Times). And in order to truly capitalize on radiation tiles, you usually have to use it at the very end of your turn, because team moves/team!'s/other moves you don't see.
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  13. Ector

    Ector Hydra

    Curse of Fragility lasts one turn anyway. And you should have a lot of them to recast at least one each turn. The handicaps will remove the opponent's positive attachments, which is great. Burning spells can do this too, but you may draw two copies of the same spell, which gives you just one attachment. Radioactive Spray creates random handicaps.
    Right, but two Radioactive Sprays are going to do much more than two random burning spells. The handicaps may provide great advantages or even be the life-savers.
    It's like Volcanoes. They also can be avoided, but if you have a lot of them, avoiding them may be very difficult, especially if you add some placement control. Also note that some handicap cards may also deal/increase damage that will stack with Curse of Fragility.
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  14. Deepweed

    Deepweed Thaumaturge

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  15. Deepweed

    Deepweed Thaumaturge

    The principle behind this newer version of my Curse Of Fragility build revolves around the use of Bless, Unholy Energy, fire damage-over-time cards, Accelerate Time. It's the one that got to the 1700s, and I'm probably going to tweak it in light of this relatively wizard-friendly map rotation.

    In truth, I feel the major obstacle of any Curse Of Fragility build right now is the lack of powerful options in terms of items. Initiate's Glaive is the single-best Curse Of Fragility item right now, but that means you won't be carrying a lot of draining attacks along with your Curse Of Fragility (which could be totally awesome). For divine items you have basically nothing of competitive value, since your best option, Green Lotus Root with 3 copies of the card, undervalues the tokenless slot unlike its competition *cough* Skull Of Savage Iljin *cough*. I would submit some awesome Curse Of Fragility divine item for Aloyzo's Arsenal but it's actually really hard to design in a way that people would find attractive but not overpowered.

    So, in light of this, I recommend you use double Initiate's Glaives. That way all your attacks are also range 2, which is elegant and strong in the context of the build. I have won games by stabbing the opponent to death, since Reaching Swing is basically a Potent Stab when your opponent has no blocks and Curse Of Fragility on them. I actually like Reaching Swing so much, because that +3 to block rolls makes sure that Defender's Block triggers on a 6-8 damage attack instead of your 10-50 damage Instant Burn.

    I get the feeling that Fragile Shielded Mail was designed for this build somewhat. Inspiring Armor and Force Field are good cards and especially good in the context of the build. I don't use it, though, as I prefer Stargod's Raiments for that extra Bless. With this build you want as much card draw as possible for the fire wizard or the control wizard (depending on the opposition). I'm still open to trying the mail, though, since it might work after all. In fact I might even opt out of Unholy Energy to get a third St. Ulrich's Bones along with it (3 Bless minimum seems about right).

    I have taken a different direction with my control wizard. I now focus a lot less on Illusory Barrier and instead focus more on direct control. Illusion would still be perfect, though. Immovable isn't a problem if you only have one or two characters in the opposition with it, since it partially dilutes the opponent's attack strength or staying power anyway and you can stack attachments if necessary.

    The thing with this build is that it just works. I'm still exploring some tactical combinations myself, but I assure you if you can pull it off it's loads of fun (but it might not be for your opponent). There are a lot of high win chance scenarios with this build. For instance, if you draw any two of these three: Bless, Firestarter, and Accelerate Time at Round 1 and the other draws are normalized you're going for the win. You actually have 3/3/3 copies of those cards with 3 of each on a single character and an extra Accelerate Time on the fire wizard, so the chances are pretty decent. Now, if you run 6x Leadership...
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