The Misadventures of Myx'd Mess'zh: Solo Elf Wizard

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    Table of Contents

    This thread is getting lengthy, eh? Plus you all adding in lovely discussion and stuff, too? $:^ J Okidoky, here's a convenient list I'll keep updated then:
    1. The Wizard's Workshop (this post!)
    2. Caverns of the Troglodytes
    3. Lair of the Trog Wizard
    4. Highway Robbery
    5. Dungeon of the Lizard Priest
    6. Ruby Demon Portal - 1 - 2
    7. Rescue From Shieldhaven Prison - 1 - 2
    8. Slub Gut's Sanctum - 1 - 2
    9. Diamonds of the Kobolds - 1 - 2 - 3
    10. The White Star - 1 - 2 - 3
    11. Beneath the Frozen Earth - 1 - 2 - 3
    12. The Throne of Strench
    13. Melvelous the Magnificent
    14. The Compass of Xorr - 1 - 2 - 3
    15. Lord Stafford's Treasure - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5
    16. Gladiatorial Arena, Qualifiers - 1 - 2 - 3
    17. Gladiatorial Arena, Finals - 1
    NEWEST (25 September 2018): Gladiatorial Arena, Finals -- part 1


    No special rules -- except that the only character in my party is an elf wizard.

    This challenge and thread have a few inspirations. One is @melkor_unlimited's campaign-in-progress thread. Another, funnily enough, is my own "Campaign Is Not Grindy" thread which inspired melkor. $E^ b However, the chief inspiration, really, is credit @Scarponi who flat-out said in World Chat one day, he's wanted for awhile to run the Campaign with a solo elf wizard. He hasn't made the time and is fine with my raising the banner, ha ha ha.

    In lieu of any video-recording software my machine can handle, I'll just post stories as I go. $E^ J Sometimes, I'll briefly chronicle itemization and particular highlights; sometimes, I'll detail every turn on the fly. Either way, I hope we all gain learning and entertainment along the way. $:^ }
    The Wizard's Workshop

    It's been several days since Myx'd Mess'zh of the Sorcererers Guild rescued Aloyzo from his mechamancy gone wrong, but I'll give the quick account here. I think I had slightly different gear in the first battle, but the second and third, I looked like this:


    I know, that's a lot of Unstable Bolt. Good thing all those Force cards are there, too, eh? $;^ J Only the Robes and Boots are rare and up, but there's a lot of uncommon focus nevertheless. Also, you'll note I skipped armor almost altogether. I figured, y'know what? She's an elf. Her strength is supposed to be her movement. Let's go with that. Ha ha ha ha. (Plus, frankly, it's hard to get lots of good elf wiz armor without tokens! Lol! ... Not to mention in the second battle, it can just be shredded right off her anyway...)

    First battle, super easy. Just Dash all around those poor golems until they're dizzy. I don't remember if I took any hits at all. I *think* I actually started this with some Acid cards, maybe Armorbane Pendant, maybe Trog Melter. I don't recall really. Super easy. Lol.

    Second battle, quite a bit harder just because a roomful of mechamonsters wants to gang up on one target. I lost once (got locked into a corner) and changed my gear and tactics to the above list. Send them far away as much as possible, plus Dash-kite them like crazy. Generally better to save the Silver Bolts for when Silversmith shows up, but if you have a kill, go for it. Generally, I was okay to suffer a bit of fire damage, and even sometimes a 3 HP melee from the Ornithopters, but I really tried to avoid the golems; also generally, I tried to save the Penetrating Zaps and bigger hits for the armored-up golems. Yep, no Acid in my deck at all. Clearly, get rid of the Unstable Bolts asap; I think only once did I risk a Move while Unstable, and that worked out, fortunately.

    Third battle, back to super easy again. Dashes, Cannons, and Silver really gave that sole enemy the once-over.

    And btw, talk about easy mode, somewhile back, I took a solo human warrior through the first several adventures without a single loss. On the contrary, I'm already concerned about what Myx'd here will face with Goblins and Demon Portals. I have some ideas, but eek in advance.
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    Caverns of the Troglodytes

    Maybe I'm just lazy, but I considered changing my equipment from last time, but eh, this'll probably work. Let's go! $E^ D

    Battle 1, round 1, turn 1. Fey Silversmith, Unstable Bolt, Dangerous Maneuver, cycle to Silver Bolt. Perfect. Shot a Trog, Tough Hide failed, 2 HP left. Trogs Run forward! Unstable Bolt, dead. Other Trog at range 3. Next round! Oh wait, no, lemme Dash farther away so that I don't get Zone-of-Controlled. Ah ha! It followed! $:^ b Dangerous Maneuver back! -- but to an outside corner, keeping escape routes open. Round 2! Force Cannon, Silversmith, cycle to Force Cannon! lol $E^ b (It Runs up to me.) Blaow! And this is how you elf wizard, kids. $;^ } Round 3, my lone Big Zap, and an Unstable Bolt. (It Runs up to me.) Blaow! Keep Big Zap and a Dash. Round 4, Creature Of The Night, Penetrating Zap, cycle to Pen. Zap. Looks like this is the part where I suffer a stab and kill it. Let's see. ... Yep.

    Battle 2, Stench Cavern, might not go as well with current setup. Let's find out. ~ Oh yeah! This thing! I'll be fine. $E^ b Draw Dangerous, Pen Zap, and Cannon round 1. Ha ha! Gary ended round. Dropped the Moves. Draw Cannon and Unstable. Yay, Scuttlers didn't get into range 2! Unstable to the face! $:^ P Hm, no armor. Spearman also approached. Might as well try to kill the one and Cannon the other away if it gets too close. Eh, it approached, I Dashed instead: now I'll have better Force angles. Round 3, draw Silver Bolt, Pen Zap, and Cannon. Lemme just slay the Scuttler and Force the Spearman. Next round, draw and use Unstable and Cannon. A little repetitive, but what do you expect from a focused build vs Gary? $E^ b Hm, two Dashes at end of round. Better use one in case of Unstable next round. Sweet. Unstable and Silver, and it has 6 HP. Even with an armor, I win. I let it use a Strong Stab. No armor, I win. Ha ha ha.

    I must say, that was easier than I expected -- and hey hey, 22g thanks to a couple uncommon treasures. $:^ J

    Don't worry, I don't intend for every piddly adventure to be written out in longform like this. Just giving an idea of what I'm up to at first. $E^ J
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    Well, that was so fast, I figured I'd try another one right afterward.

    Lair of the Trog Wizard

    Several things crossed my mind on this. Smoke, Illusion, Burning, keeping the same setup, etc. New (minortoken), though! Hm. Only two battles again. I finally landed on this:


    Feels kind of piecemeal, but I basically went with defense and forced discard. Result:

    Battle 1, Scuttler Warren.
    Surrounded. Nice, round 1, drew Memory Loss. Lemme just help you forget that Scuttle there... Gary ends round. $E^ b I'm gonna Dash to one side and be a Dimensional Traveller onto some difficult terrain; this should help isolate the threats. Round 2, hmm $:^ \ so now I have Hardy Mail, Pushback Parry x2, Skip, and of course Dash. Oh well. Guess I'll just pass... Yeah, surrounded. $:^ \ Maybe should've Dashed for the corner after all. Anyway, I'll change facing for blocks. Skip misses both times, blocks do their work. Round 3, Memory Loss and .. nice! Punishing Bolt! $E^ J One less Trog. Then, Stab hits Skip, still no damage. .. Where to go .. or Memory Loss .. times like this, I start locking up -- hence timer losses in MP. $E^ J I'll just pass. Mm, they came. Pass? Oh boy, now I can get hit; priority lost its power. ... Dash to the actionless one, Memory Loss the armor, let Dim Trav change facing? (but why? I've already used all three defensive reactions..) Ohhh, duh, I could've Dashed to that other corner and been safe. $F^ | Anyway, Memory Loss, Pass, let's see. ... Round 4, Stab, Hardy Mail protects yay, .. my turn, traits cycle to yay Punishing! and Slowed. *whew* They only had 4 cards, but no armor, thus 7 HP dropped to 0 with one hit. .. Set up hand and position for round 5, now what... Eh, Unstable, but Acid, too -- ha! Gary passes! $E^ b Traits cycle to Force Bolt and Healing Dash. Heehee, gonna kite with Dash then Healing. $E^ J ...Actually, no, I'll just Acid in place now and take whatever hit, then Heal... Ha ha, Trog doesn't hit. Just Force Bolt to range 3 then. $E^ J I've 8 HP, it has 5, and now I have Hardy, Healing, and priority. Let the good times roll. .. Nice! Melt and Punishing! Punish first bc even 4 damage will be finished with a Melt. $E^ b No armor! Done.

    Battle 2, Trog Lair. First round, good cards, but not really what I'd like. Armor (yay), Punishing (better next round), and Healing Dash (better after hit). I Dash away from melee, fine if Crundyup Runs up to zap me. Yep. Got hit. Heal time. Bah! Scuttlers approached. Probably both gonna stab, hurting me and shrinking my Punish power next round. $:^ [ Yeah, down to 5 HP now. Two Punishings and a Skip now -- but neither Bolt will insta-kill anything. Might as well aim for Spearman and hope for Skip. ~shrug~ $:^ \ Oh nice, Crundyup ran up. Dead Spearman. Crundyup's 2 HP attack misses Skip but hits Hardy. Dash away! Round 3, hm, Scuttlers approach. I have decent cards, but no attacks. Cool, Dashed behind a rock where Crundyup can't see, but I can see a Scuttler. Dropping Flimsy Block (which would only protect against Crundyup's 2 HP attack), keeping Skip, Hardy, and Arcane Shell. $E^ J Hmmmm. Dissolve Armor and Hex Of Dissolution. Might as well target Crundyup's 6 HP for the kill if possible... So great. $E^ } Removed armor, and Skip avoided the next blow. Gonna pass for priority: if I don't have to escape too much, maybe I can Dim Trav kill Crundyup. Cool, nevermind, he ran to me. G'bye! ... Unfortunately, Scuttlers are Scuttlng all over the place. Gotta take a hit. .. I'm at 1 HP, and Dim Trav + Pushback Parry lets me 5/6 chance of survival Bash one! $E^ } Sweet, a little Acid, a little Scouting Run, and I can take out the Bashed one and navigate the other safely. $:^ ] (Flying all over this map really is hilarious. Frankly, you just can't kite with a dwarf like this! .. Ha ha, and then on that note...) Round 8, I don't want to risk my Pushback Parry, thus I Dash, and even with Slowed failing, I'm still way out its range after a Scuttle. $E^ D Okay, round 9, now or never. Plan is to Punish down to 1-3 HP, then Big Zap if my Parry doesn't fail... Oh! I forgot! Arcane Shell! And armor failed, thus Trog 7 HP to 0! $E^ D

    That felt a bit harder, chiefly because I was actually taking blows. Eek. Elf wizards can't take blows.

    Myx'd "liberated" 47g overall thanks to a rare treasure.

    I promise I'll keep the next one shorter, lol.
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    Okay, just one more, then I'll let this sit for awhile again probably. This is the first one I really dread. Goblins. ~shudder~

    Highway Robbery

    Each battle is kinda different. First, an insane amount of counter-Myx'd blocks. Second, a lone boss, should be easy. Third, a boss with support; I'll think about this when I get there.

    Battle 1, Roadside Ambush.

    Okay. Hitting Goblins with Magic damage is unsafe. Therefore, instead, I'll hit with Magic non-damage, Melee control damage greater than 4 HP, and terrain. (Well, a little Hard to Block Magic damage, too.) Epic-heavy this time:


    Wow, round 1, no blocks (and I drew Hardy Mail). Spark! Then a little kite for the Hot Spot. One down, five to go. ~exhale~ Yay, round 2, kite a tad, Stone Spikes under two of 'em. Round 3, getting dangerous. Nice! Gary passed with the two goblins still on the Spikes! Forget Telekinesis or Hot Spot, yay! (One group down, the other group of three to go.) Round 4, trapped. Get adjacent to only one, and they don't follow, just Clumsy Chop (for 1 HP thanks to Hardy). Spark one from behind, Long Spark another (but its third and final block succeeds), Hot Spot under the now 7 HP one. Round 5, the last couple surround me smartly, but a TK reveals only blocks. Spikes! $:^ ] Round 6, yay, they botched this surround, and I Dash far away! heheh They follow as expected, but surprisingly manage to surround again, yet Elvish Insight hits one block, (the other was facing away,) and reveals an Able Bludgeon, no Moves left. Two more terrain spots! lol Uh-oh, Gary's getting despondent again. Neither tried striking me. One goblin at 1 HP remains now. Dash far away! Spikes. Win.

    Battle 2, Forest Wagon.

    Pardon my laziness, but I'm gonna keep the same deck despite my figuring more direct damage (but still having control) would be better. We'll see. ... Yep, beat the poor guy in an easy 4.5 rounds.

    The first round was funny because I drew Elvish Insight, but then it drew Obvious Maneuver twice anyway. Ha ha ha ha. (Saved the Insight for a round or two. This way, when it would get near, but not too near, I could be ready with a hopefully-escaping-draw while of course knowing what it's up to.)

    The last couple rounds were also funny because round 3, I placed some Spikes, he Walked forward, I Barged him back on, and he passed. 'Kay. $E^ J And, round 4, he gets Clumsy, Walks forward, and I just uh TK him behind me. Lol! And he doesn't turn! Spark, Hot Spot, done. $E^ b (I didn't even need to Spark for damage. Just baiting out any moves hopefully.)

    Battle 3; Bluk, Goblin Chieftain.

    (Well, it's gotten me this far. I'll keep the same Cottonwood-Palver Pree deck again...)

    This is great.

    Round 1, the chieftain goes around the long way, nice. The shaman gets where I can Dash one square to my left and Spike him. Meanwhile, he uses Righteous Frenzy on himself, then Unholy Frenzy. $E^ b Thanks! $E^ b Aww, but his last card was Walk. No Spikes. Mm. Round 2, some passing and stuff; the shaman's going the long way, too, following his chief, odd.

    Round 3, I get Spikes on the chieftan at range 2 in the little tight corridor, plus lay some more down right between us to control. Round 4 gets really funny! $E^ b He's Clumsy and Walks away from me, off the Spikes (since Walking to me would also be on Spikes). I TK him all the way to me! He can't figure out why he can't hit me and therefore Walks between the wall corner and me, off Spikes. I Barge him right back onto the Spikes, still facing away from me. $E^ D ~sigh~ He Walks off them between the wall and me again, still facing away; I TK him to the Spikes at range 2 since the Slide facing would let him finally be able to hit me at range 1... Shaman Minor Heals him up to 11 HP... And great, Spikes bring down to 5 HP -- and round 5, I draw Barge and finish Bluk. $E^ J

    Five rounds later, I finish Sparking, Spiking, and Lavaing the healing shaman to death.

    Battles 2 and 3, Myx'd took NO damage. $E^ b
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    You could use Sturdy Torchstaff as a common alternative to Cottonwood, and Galvanized Zombie Boots as a rare alternative to Bertha.
  6. ParodyKnaveBob

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    Thanks for the feedback, Kalin. $:^ J

    You could, but then here are the problems:
    1. Flaring Torch x2 will hit Weak Block. Goblins don't have as many of these as the Magic Blocks, but still. As many as you'd likely get per round on a single character, vs. the number of blocks overall each group will draw. Eek.
    2. Simple Bash x2 has the same Weak Block problem. This makes for a lot of attacks drawn that can be easily blocked. Also, fwiw, Barge, besides doing 5 damage, is more likely to get someone back onto terrain than a Bash.
    3. Ember Spray might be decent for hitting multiple targets, thus maybe getting past a block somewhere, but no Hard to Block.
    4. I considered the Zombie Boots, and Lunging Bash has a slightly better chance of avoiding a block due to the Step, but it's still only damage 4.
    Belching Specterstaff might be a good rare alternative, and double Hotglass Staff might be a good common if you can just keep the super-cycling going and pull up Resistant asap, meaning you'd want Resistant Hide, too, probably... Oh, also, Flenserbone Staff and Jade Battlestaff have their common merits: some melee blocks, some Hard to Block attacks, some 5-damage defensive melee attacks, good stuff, mix and match or double Jade maybe.

    I actually considered Awkward Spiked Boots (uncommon) just for the Spiked Mail. Cautious Sentry Boots (uncommon) might not be bad, but Heavy Hide Boots (common) might be better. It's just so much of an ambush without too much room to move on that first battle, it seemed to me that armor would be better than movement in this case. Healthy Sentry Boots and Skipping Boots could be good rares. Reliable Hide Armor is still pretty decent at the low levels; I drew Hardy but never got my Reliable Mail. Glimmer Boots might even be a decent common if you can survive the Squeamish limitation for a couple rounds -- yay, terrain damage of course.

    Likewise, for Palver Pree, TK is simply safer than Gusts/Winds of War, but I don't even see any tokenless War items with terrain. Stone Of Shards might be a good rare to stack; Burning Bangle might be a good common to stack; either way, they each feel like they have one nearly dead card since you don't wanna hit Reflect Missile at any point with this limited setup. (They do Reflect, right? Or is that only Shredders?)
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  7. Kalin

    Kalin Begat G'zok

    The Ember Spray isn't for damage, it's to get rid of blocks (I normally Firestorm this module).

    Goblin Grunts have only 1 Reflect Missile (compared to 6 each of Weak Block (more than I thought) and Missile Block). They also have 6 extra Runs, which is why I'm hesitant to rely too much on terrain.

    EDIT: I should probably try this challenge myself instead of just backseat driving.
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    I need to finalize fixing a plumbing problem. This last part's kind of grueling. ~sigh~ Y'know what? Escape time. Returning to the Misadventures sooner than I figured. $F^ J

    ~near the end of this post, coming back to this up here~
    OH WOW, this was more involved than expected! $8^ | It's a kind of longer post, but it's actually fast-paced. You'll see why... $8^ |

    Dungeon of the Lizard Priest

    Hoo boy. Netters, an Ooze, and the curser himself. I suppose this adventure is supposed to teach you the importance of enemy attachment attacks -- and ally purges. I'll see what Mystical Hide I can squeeze in, along with other armor for stabs and such. I'm again considering blocking line of sight, but maybe I won't need it just yet. The Ooze might be most dangerous for its Pseudopod ickiness, heh. $E^ b

    Semi-live brainstorming: Okay, maybe my best usable Wyrmhide is Hawlic's. (Boltswap Robes might not do me much good with the simple Force Bolts.) In that case, I might as well go double Officer's on my Boots. From there, I could cycle like all get out with double Hotglass, but I believe I'll try double Misanthrope instead since I'm attempting extra armor. Y'know what? Stacked Blasting Amulets sound good once again, too. (If this loses the first time, I'll swap out for cycle central, and I might go with Drakehide Robes instead. Also, Sensate's Ring might be an okay cycler. Anyway, that's just talkin' Plan B.) Novice Teleportation again, but what Elf Skill... Might as well try Wariness again.


    Getting a big more legendary there now. Hm. But hey, this is a solo character, not originally in the campaign design, right? $E^ b All right, let's go.

    Battle 1, Sewer Lizards. Oh! I always seem to mis-remember some of these early adventures. Poison. All right, going in. Lol!! First draw: Leather Harness, Force Cannon, Mystical Drakehide! $E^ D Round 1, I invite one to come to me, Cannon it back. No Posion yet, meh heh. Round 2, keep 'em both at bay, but I'll Dash to another spot for them to bottleneck more -- too easy to surround me atm. ~ Round 4, I hope they don't approach more; time for my first Flash of Agony then Powerful Spark. Well, downed one, then got taken out by the other. Regroup!


    Take 2. $¦^ b ... Yeah, not happening. I'll save us all the trouble of posting more decks until I actually get this. $F^ ` There's just no room to move around in here...

    Take 3. Actually, I lost again, but..

    (Take 4!) ..something (my intuition? ~shrug~) told me to try again with the same deck:


    These guys were rough. As you can see, I went with range-1 shenanigans and a mixture of decent armor and great movement. A (minortoken) well spent. She never took a hit the second time through with this deck. ~whew~

    I suppose I should say, with this deck on this battle, it's pretty nice to have priority when they're at least range 3, but it's seriously necessary to have priority when they can attack next round -- for example, being at range 2 and terrain wears off next round. Just try not to even let them be able to attack next round without playing a card first. For one, you need to be able to either keep line of sight blocked or escape pronto; for two, do you see how much Prestidigitation one must carry to equip all that Smoke and Illusion for free? You can take a turn of them approaching, but you don't want to give 'em two. (Fortunately, I never drew double Prest.) Illusion's double purpose of sight and difficult movement is so helpful, although your placement of it has to be more thought-out than Smoke of course. All right! Back to fun. $E^ J

    Battle 2, Slime Tunnels. Well, I declare, this doesn't have any Netters at all! That must be Slub Gut's Sanctum. Also, I was thinking of the Ooze that starts right next to you. Hm. Anyway. This'll be slow, especially with all the Crushing damage the Ooze is Immune to, but I'll just try the same deck again first. ~ Yeah, tried to hide in a cubby hole and knock 'em out, but once the Ooze got in there, I lost minion advantage. Two rounds straight of it pummeling on me. Next!

    Take 2. Welp, the lizards don't have armor (that I've seen). Maybe I can just out-damage them. Okay, that failed.

    Take 3. Same deck. If this fails, add control. ~ Yeah, played it better this time, but now to add some control...

    Take 4. Okay, same setup as Takes 2 and 3, except I swapped Copper Zapping Wand x4 out for Rod Of Palver Pree x4:


    This went well. I Bungled a Bolt round 1, turn 1, and somewhere down the line I took a stab and kept priority, and those are the only two times I took damage. I don't remember even drawing armor. Just Moves and Attacks, yay. I kited the lizardmen around the rock in the center a little bit, mainly wanting to avoid confronting the Ooze until last; I literally put myself in position to potentially take that stab rather than be near the Ooze prematurely. Despite it Walking so much, I only got concerned about its proximity once. Still, the slime never got to attack the elf. Yay: Dash = Walk * 2.

    Re: Copper Zapping vs. Palver Pree, surely enough, although I don't recall even using a Telekinesis, a lizardman took some Spikes damage, and the final blow on the Ooze (when I circled the huge rock formation in like two turns, lol) was it being out of Moves far from me and my creating some Lava under it. Big Zap wouldn't've been able to get either one of those enemies.


    For all her troubles, the Dainty Silversmith ripped a Nice Tooth from every viable monster corpse in the area. Oozes don't have teeth. She got two. $F^ J

    Battle 3, Lizardman Guardians. Ah, okay, here's one with Netters I was expecting. ~exhale~ Took me awhile to decide on a deck direction. Built it. Going in. ~ Haaaa, okay, perfect. Round 1, turn 1, Hot Spot, Memory Loss, Mystical Drakehide. Let's help the Lizardman Warrior forget how to Run. Netters approach. I don't want unnecessary stabs -- Dash 1 to my left. ..... Wait, what? Listen up, crazy interaction alert! You heard it here first! Okay, Slub Gut Walked, I gave the warrior Hot Spot, and then Slub Gut threw Bad Luck at me; it apparently technically attached first, then Drakehide rolled (a 3, dropped to 2,) then discarded Bad Luck. $8^ | Even though it doesn't go through the attached animation first like, say, Entangling Net does. All right then! Moving on. ..... Round 2, more Memory Loss, thus I start purging the warrior's hand, lol. Round 4 starts with a dying warrior, but I'm really low on health. Position control would be good besides just card control. Looks like I'll be returning to Palver Pree in a moment, heh. Yep, Netters stabbed me down. Swapping out Armorbane Pendant x4. (I really wanted cycling to pull up Mystical, but Memory Loss sounded better than Squeamish in this case.)

    Take 2. Round 1, cycle four traits $:^ P but no armor. Netted, but Lava under both of them, down to 2 HP each, yay. Cursed and Bad Lucked for next round. ~sigh~ Netters approach. Since the warrior can, too, I might as well Dash between them right up to him and take his blows so that the Netters don't help kill. $:^ \ Yeah, died. At least it only took two rounds that time, ha ha. Okay, gonna try the block-line-of-sight deck again, even though I can't take advantage of tight corridors in this case...

    Take 3. Okay. Round 1, turn 1, lots of black and purple. Nightling, Prest, and TK, and cycle to Smoke. Interesting, Netters don't wanna come into the Smoke, heheh. Whoa! Warrior just came barreling in behind me, though! Gotta decide whether to Dash within the Smoke, TK him away, or Dash way out near the priest, hm. To not get trapped, I'll try the priest... Baaaah, Netters moved again. TK. Next round, with Unholy Curse again, I'm gonna go hide in a Smoked corner. Already not looking good. Tempted to just go Firestorm and hope for Resistant asap. $:^ \ Yep, lost round 2 again.

    Take 4. Time to burrrrn. Round 1, Ember Burst to warrior and priest. Netters try a center approach; I Dash to side. Unholy Curse. I save my Firestorm x2. Round 2, ~sigh~ Resistant. Firestorm saves the day. (How boring. Ha ha ha ha.) That and well-placed, well-time Dashing away from the Netters and Warrior of course. I took one aptly named Predictable Stab from Slub Gut, and they all went down in a blaze comparable to the Baudelaire tragedy. In the cave? The World Is Quiet Here. $}^ J (Awww, but then he just poofs into a far away swamp...)

    Ho man, that took more effort than expected. (And then, @Gingrich Yurr rips through it all in a few minutes. Ha.) Here was my third battle's winning equipment, may I say unfortunately:


    So yeah, lots of Firestorm, and 7+ cyclers to get Resistant. Not a fun way to go about it. Only as "reliable" as you want to include retries to get the only feasible combo here. (I got fortunate and drew it first try, round 2.) Funny thing is I literally forgot to change my Arcane Skill. Lol. $E^ b Otherwise, I spent a (minortoken) on Silversmith just to get the cycling. I also considered Sticky Slippers instead, but I figured Reliable might help in a pinch, who knows.

    Anyway, wow, this one's done. $8^ , If anyone has ideas how this one could've been done differently, just make sure you try it first, then lemme know. Lol. $E^ b (That's not pointed at @Kalin, either. Goblins were fluffy cake compared to this. Theorycraft all you want on Goblins. Lol.)

    All right, folks, until next time, regards, have fun, do well! $E^ J
    ~ Bob
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  9. Gingrich Yurr

    Gingrich Yurr Thaumaturge

    I did it by using boring Firestorms, Resistant Hide and lots of cycling. Not as fun as your varied and specialised decks.
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  10. ParodyKnaveBob

    ParodyKnaveBob Thaumaturge

    I probably shouldn't play since I'm in a bad mood, but that's the irony, isn't it? I'm playing because I'm in a bad mood. ~exhale~ Anyway.

    Ruby Demon Portal

    Battle 1 (Ruby Outer Ring?). I lost a few times for not caring. I tried with double Sorcerery Staff and Cautious Mobility plus Reflexive Teleport x5. Partly to be funny -- to try to amuse myself I guess. It wasn't funny; I wasn't amused; between the stacks of Brain Burn and Unstable Bolt, it was rough, plus that EM nerf is painful. Anyway, after I got tired of that nonsense, I went with the following, more for Counterspell than Firestorm, and beat it in like three or four rounds:


    I'd actually forgotten on that rebuild to do anything with my Boots or Arcane Skill. Whoops. Also, I didn't even draw any Silver. Just suffered one good Firestorm round 1 or 2 and shortly thereafter drew Resistant Hide and Arcaned and Spiked the survivors.

    Battle 2, Ruby Middle Ring.
    Fourteen rounds of dancing. I drew Silversmith fairly early but no Silver Attacks. Instead, I tossed a Firestorm at them along with an Unstable Bolt, and just kind of fled all over the place until I could do more. I was at 4-6 HP for a few rounds, meaning I couldn't storm without Hide or hitting them all first. Finally, some Armors came which I never used and some more Counterspells came which I never used, thanks to Healing Dash which I totally used. Anyway, a good few Silver Bolts at the end helped finish off everything. I fixed my two items but otherwise kept the same deck:


    Why is almost everything that's anti-Magic-user so rare anyway? $:^ \

    Battle 3, Ruby Portal.
    Round 1, Unstable Bolt. I sit behind the wall and let them flit to the opening portal. At some point, I draw Resistant but accidentally get impatient and get hit by a couple Arcane shots. Eventually, I succumb and try again.

    Take 2. Round 1, Silversmith + Bolt, then Flame Jet, Fire Imp's gone. Round 2, Brain Burn on Fire Sprite and one Counterspell in hand plus damage. Risky, but I'll try... Okay, sapped its Magic, gave it a Silver bullet, then laid round 1's Spikes under it for either kill or priority. Priority, Unstable Bolt to the face. $;^ J Three rounds left to slay the two Arcane Imps; I believe I'll hang back with my Counterspell and Dash. Round 4, I Dim Trav right into their faces onto the VS, then draw .. eh, Unstable and Firestorm. One ran off, then back on; not worth it, I'll ditch the VSs again. Might as well storm to kill one and put the other and myself at 4 and 2 HP respectively. Aw man, round 5, Unstable and Inq Bolt. Gotta pass and hope to win next round. Round 6, yay, Counterspell and Pen. Zap. I should win, 2/3 chance. ~ Wow, unless I'm a complete moron and mess up my position entirely. So stupid. Lost.

    Take 3 which shouldn't have even happened. Round stupid 1, double Unstable, whatever. Round 2, Unstable, no thank you. Round 3, sap the Fire Imp of spells, Flame Jet it, hide and storm everybody; oh good, Officer's succeeded twice; no more Fire Imp. Round 4, Resistant, but no attacks -- only a Skip which I can't use to stay on the VS. $:^ | Dash to the side for prep for next round. Round 5, I draw Healing Dash! Fire Sprite takes 6 Brain Burn damage! I Heal into the Sprite's line of sight; it tries to burn me; I Skip onto the VS, Resist the damage, and Force Bolt an Arcane Imp off, just hoping to waste cards and hopefully soak a little Arcane damage. Instead, they get skittish, one running away; I Dash out of its los, and they Move and flame a little more, giving me priority, yay. Round 6, Unstable Bolt in the back -- good-bye, Arcane Sprite. Pen Zap won't kill, other Imp runs back on, I lose.

    Whatever, I'm not spending 15 gold (after I already spent 30 gold on the lizardmen). I'm done for the night. Maybe I'll do better later when I care more. Peace out, G's. Or something.
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  11. ParodyKnaveBob

    ParodyKnaveBob Thaumaturge

    Ruby Demon Portal -- again

    Much better mood tonight. $:^ J Same deck I last posted up above.

    Battle 1, aced it in four rounds. Round 1, drew Shimmering and Counterspell x2. Positioned to defend from nearly any angle they'd take even after I'd shoot one of 'em. Surely enough, one Counterspell sapped Fire Imps down to an empty hand. Round 2, A Fire Bolt got under my remaining block, but my Shimmering stayed up. I decided to just Firestorm everything since I could. Round 3, Resistant! Dashed up to get a linear on the Arcane Imps if they stayed put. Ha ha ha, Brain Burn took one out! lol Flame Jet'd the remaining one. Round 4, Burning takes out Arcane Imp, then another Firestorm to clean up the Fire Imps.

    Battle 2, took a lot of dancing. With no armor, I risked a Firestorm to kill one Acid Imp before it could play a card. They were both gone like round 2 or so. After a couple more rounds, I had both Resistant (not much good here) and Shimmering, but chiefly Dashed out of los with my self-inflicted wounds (plus one small hit from an Acid Imp way back during round 1 or so) living at 2 HP. At one point, I risked taking out one of the three Arcane Imps; Gary threw 2 damage at me, and my armor held up. At another point, I had a sweet initiative into Dim Trav into a Silver Bolt I'd saved for the kill, aiming for an Imp that had recently taken 4 Brain Burn damage. Wow, here we are, round 7. I passed to end, but the last Arcane Imp Ran up near me anyway with two cards left. I Counterspelled. It Ran! It has no cards, and I priority to Dim Trav outs da way! Thanks! ha ha Good thing, too: round 8, Unstable. Discarded from my safe place behind the bushes. Round 9, some dancing; I drew Firestorm; ah, right, should've kept Resistant Hide. $;^ J (Discard it.) Eek, round 11, I take another point of damage, and round 12, Skip saves me from the dilemma of its Sorcerous Bolt vs. my Unstable Bolt. I have a feeling I'm gonna have to just survive until I get Resistant and Firstorm again... Yay, round 14, Healing Dash! With 5 HP, I rush the thing to get a Silver Bolt + Fey Smith shot on it! (It only had Run and a hidden card.) It shoots for 2 damage, hits for 1! (Officer's rolled, Shimmering failed.) Myx'd has 4 HP to its 2. Round 15 Firestorm! $:^ P

    Battle 3, not a good start. I have Officer's, Silver Bolt, Spikes, and Gary passes with me first thing. Eek, Victory Squares. Gotta go on offense. Ditching the extra Dash. Round 2, bah, Unstable; gotta risk it; yay, survived. Oh wow, Fire Imp came for me... It doesn't hit me! Unstable and Silver -- it's gone! $:^ ] Sweet, set up priority (or damage) via Spikes, and round 3, I get Silversmith, Resistant, and Counterspell. Sap 'em, Dash up to VSs, Jet through two of 'em, take a useless fire attack, next! Round 4, Inq Bolt + Smith on the burning Arcane Imp; I'll let it hit me with 2 HP if it wants since it's dead to Jet Burning next round; I throw Pen Zap at the full-health Arcane Imp instead. Rounds 5 and 6, Firestorms for everybody. $E^ ]

    I've gotta say, having a couple/few Firestorms in the deck, especially on an elf, feels more tactical than Firestorm spam, especially on a dwarf. It feels more like, "can I suffer this right now?" as opposed to "mindlessly blaze and/or restart until Resistant sits ontop the deck despite the 4+ Combustibles." Beat it tonight with no losses. Myx'd has avenged herself! $:^ P
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  12. Kalin

    Kalin Begat G'zok

    Okay, I'm back to trying to do this myself, despite two handicaps: it's hard to find time to work on it when it won't interfere with LF, and I'm attempting it with a level 4 elf wizard (now level 5).

    Anyway, this build made it through Ruby Portal without losses, though I may have been lucky:
    On my previous efforts, I kept getting killed by Unstable Bolt, and I found out that while Ethereal Form blocks unbuffed Firestorms, Combustible will cause them to hurt. So this is a more cautious build, using Reliable Hides to make the Bungles safe.

    EDIT: Switched to a more melee build for Dungeon, did the first two battles without losses, but had to revive on the third before beating it. Then I hit a hard wall on Slub Gut, took a break to firestorm through Shieldhaven (one loss on last map) which gave me level 6, but still failing hard on Slub Gut.
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  13. ParodyKnaveBob

    ParodyKnaveBob Thaumaturge

    Oh no! Innocent Griselda! Myx'd Mess'zh shall save the day.

    Rescue From Shieldhaven Prison -- part 1

    Battle 1, Prison Break-In. On a kind of half-weird whim, I went with a low-token Prison version of this past November's wizard. Something like this:


    Round 1, *sweet,* Energize Move already. Glad I didn't spend a token on double Energize Robes after all. $E^ b Oh! Actually, huh, the wall's only 1 block thick. I didn't need a speed boost at all. Round 2, nice, enough damage to take out one Man-at-Arms, plus Force him back a space for protection during the skirmish. Ha ha, he didn't even approach until at 1 HP, n/m defene, lol. Now I just need to draw to draw RT within a few rounds to skip the servants in the hall and take out the other soldier. Round 3, got it, plus a Silver Bolt. Round 4, finished the guard with more Silver! $E^ ] Gary had 3 of 6 stars, and the only HP I lost was 1 to Bungled. $:^ }

    If I had to do that over again, I would've ignored Energize and just gotten some Armor on my Boots. (Of course, I might do that for the next fight anyway. Yeah, sounds good.)

    Battle 2, Prison Guardhouse.
    Swapped in Bertha's Big Clogs. Yep, died terribly in two rounds. Those dogs. Oof. Take 2!


    Round 1, turn 1, give a dog a Punishing Bolt for 8. $E^ J Oh! Servants play Raise The Alarm! $:^ b Squeamishly Punish the other dog for 10! Lol, no more dog. Man-at-Arms Runs up, Myx'd Dashes away, then Slides the guard and dog via Gusts Of War. Eek, Servants Team Shift them forward, then dog performs a Nimble Strike. Myx'd has 7 HP left. Round 2, wow, Little Zap isn't little enough for perpetual Squeamish. $:^ [ Dash and hope for the best... (The man Runs up for me to Zap for facing at least. I don't want Cowardly Strike.) Surely enough, Cowardly without my back turned, plus Hardy Mail, only 2 damage, good. Down to 5 HP with priority again. Oh, nevermind, Servants Shifted him some more. Dead. $F^ ,

    Take 3. Round 1, drew Punish, but learned from last time. Gonna wait for the killing blow. Zap the man and otherwise outrun them. Round 2, one dog's down. $;^ J Man! $:^ [ Forget the stupid dogs after all. If I even one time can't outrun the man, nothing matters anymore, he has the damage to take me out. At least the dogs are minions. $:^ [

    Take 4. Round 1. Oh. How Sweet. I draw one of each trait, ha, along with Punish, but we know the man starts with only 3 cards. Except! Servants Raise the Alarm twice for their turns! Good-bye, human at range 4. Awesome. Dogs didn't approach. Keeping Dash and Gusts, dropping Big Zap. Round 2. Ha ha ha! I start this round with Dash x2, Gusts x3! $E^ } Yep, I believe I'll survive this round all right, ha ha ha. ~ Round 4, ugh! I didn't remember these things having blocks! Arcane Shell + Punishing hit Hard to Pin Down. $:^ \ Well, at least they're down a Move, and I have Dash x2 + Pushback Parry in hand. Nice. Dash to a corner, then again to face them, then Penetrating Lunge gets a Pushback! Other dog attacks, though. Round 5, not enough damage. $:^ [

    Take 5. Round 1, Fleet + Moves and Gusts keep me in business. Round 2, witw, how did I not see the dogs could trap me in? No Fly. $F^ [ Looks like I'll be changing my deck again after all. Hm, one Lunged and missed my Pushback $F^ | but at least I can Fleet-Dash out now. Scamper. Of course. Wooow hilarious. Lunged forward to my side, hit Pushback, fling away! (I figured Cowardly was gonna hit my back, frankly.) Round 3, yeah, there we go. The guard had 8 cards and 10 HP, and the servants just wouldn't draw any cards. Dogs chased me down. Cowardly in the back.

    New deck. Spending tokens on three Arcane Auras, just trying to one-shot them at this point. Something's gotta give.

    Take 6. Round 1. Wow, *garbage.* I die round 1. Stupid filth. Killed a dog, though. $}^ | (I'm about ready to just Firestorm these mongrels.)

    Take 7. Round 1. Boosted Silver on man, avoid all. Round 2. Unstable to kill man, Boosted Silver on a dog. Dogs go nuts. Myx'd is down to 1 HP. Hateful, despicable servants, not to mention dog, actually act like they know what they're doing for once, and dog gets another action, team-sent behind me, then an insulting overkill Cowardly for 10 HP. Did I mention I was at 1? $F^ |

    Take 8. Round 1. Unstable on dog, Silver on dog, done. Round 2. Little Zap on man, Boosted Silver on man, done. Last dog would rather be behind me at a corner rather than trap me against a wall, thus I escape, but get Nimbled, but get priority. Rounds 3 and 4, die a slow, painful death due to dogs making laughingstock of my elven movement. Dash away, Teleport through wall, nothing. $:^ [ One more on this deck, then I'm just calling it a night. Probably go double Inferno with Burning Traits another day.

    Take 9. I'm angry now. Nothing gave. It took four games before I drew my first Aura, and I still couldn't get enough killing damage to save my scrawny little elven neck. I might've survived past round 2 if not for Energize, Energize, and more Energize, thanks a lot.

    Non-angry EDIT: What I'll likely do on that second battle is go double Staff Of The Inferno, double Lich's Locket, double Sensate's, Glimmer, some nice Burning skill, and Who-knows-what for elf skill and robes. We'll see. Another time. (What I wouldn't give for some Entangling Roots. Ugh.)
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  14. ParodyKnaveBob

    ParodyKnaveBob Thaumaturge

    *cough* I said, Myx'd Mess'zh shall save the day!

    Rescue From Shieldhaven Prison -- part 2

    (I forgot to mention before,)
    In which we gain a second (minortoken)! $E^ J

    Battle 1, Prison Break-In. Tweaked my first post's deck for this fight to have Stone Of Shards x4 and Bertha's Big Clogs. Gary trolled a victorious pass round 1, then lost his first guard on round 2. I drew Reflexive round 4 and finished his second guard round 5. Won 6-4, no biggie.

    ~sigh~ here we go (lol)
    Battle 2, Prison Guardhouse.


    Round 1, Squeamish, Squeamish, Nightling, Firestarter. (Trait stacking never ceases to amuse me.) Burst on the dogs! Ha, good ol' Nob. No one else was doing anything, thus he smacked my shoulder with a Weak Strike. Round 2, not looking good. Hardy Mail, yay, and Run from last round, but Little Zap (which I can't hit a dog with anyway) and Hot Spot... Gonna kite and go trap myself in a corner in desperate hopes of more Fire for the dogs next round, and that Zap and Spot will take Harold out. Team Shift. $:^ \ I'm probably dead. (Dur, if I had Fire for the dogs, I'd have it for the guard, too. ~sigh~ I'll try not to dwell on the painful mistake and hope my armor holds up.) Garbage. Mail wasn't Hardy until I had 2 HP left and 100% (Obvious Maneuver, Bludgeons) didn't matter. Some round 1 Cold would be nice...

    Take 2. Firestorm and Combustible. At this point, it's tempting. $F^ | Anyway. Gusts at least... Round 2. $F^ | More Firestorm, more Gusts. ~sigh~ Shall I just resign now? Round 3. Cold on Harold and one dog. Dogs still mock elven mobility. Dead.

    Take 3. Up until now, I'd wanted to say, no servants were harmed in the making of this mission, but forget it. They've caused too much trouble. And, whereas many other times I was concerned about saving my damage for the "real" threats, and this time I'd rather have Firestarter before burning (although Combustible+Firestorm is clearly a fear,) right now I have two dogs and two servants all clumped together, and due to Cowardly discards but Alarm draws, I found the safest place this time to be up against a wall (which I hate doing). Ember Burst it is. You servants? You can't claim "no culpability" here. I don't even need to be Chaotic or Neutral to send you to cinders. Wow... I got past a hidden Hard To Pin Down. They use it to run up to me. I'd really like to Firestorm right now to kill them, but they have one more hidden card which could end me. ~sigh~ I guess I'll risk passing to see what they do. ~shakes head~ Penetrating Lunge. (At 7 HP now.) I'm trapped anyway, and that last servant card might be either a useless Energize, a probably-kill-me-anyway Alarm, or a benign-for-now Team Shift. Gonna Storm, dogs and guard. ~whew!~ Officer's came through for me (at 4 HP now), and Gary passed! Round 2! ~breathing heavily~ (This shouldn't be so hard... Well, I say that, but no, again, most likely not designed for one char to play...) Officer's protects again (at 3 HP now), and Harold stands alone (with 4 HP). He approaches. Ember Burst and Combustible in-hand. Where to Dash to be safest... Cycle to another Combustible in-hand. Winning plan is that I've just gotta hit him and survive... Cycle to Firestorm. ~siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh~ Victory. Onward.

    Battle 3, Prison Dog Yard. Not even joking, I'm tempted to just resign-until-Resistant and Firespam here. ~exhale~ Let's see what we have... Same deck. Round 1, Combustibles, Bursts, and one Gusts. Good. Gonna Dash faaar away to the servant and do the obvious from there. Yay, Cowardly! ~whew~ Missed another Hard to Pin Down on the Gusts. They'll return and maybe get one good hit in, but they'll burn meanwhile. Eh, I should've burned the servant first so I'd have better facing; wasn't originally gonna go for him, but no, no silent dog boy for you. He had the audacity to accost me after all! ( $;^ P ) Round 2, dogs waste Dash to all get behind me. Thanks! zip! Eek, even after I Dash *and* Run, they get into range 2 of me. Little Zap, and Gary again takes priority. I'll survive a Vicious, though, with 8 HP... Round 3, Hooray! Plan is Cone of Cold all three, Dash far away, hope they bunch together, then Burst! Here goes... Bah, all goes perfectly except I can only Burst two. Round 4. Poor Gary. He'll start a Nimble Strike, see he can't reach me, and just sit in place instead of getting closer to threaten. ~shakes head~ Cold for the win. (Had Ember Spray if that had gotten blocked.)

    Battle 4, Prison Warden. It feels a little lazy, but I'll just keep the same deck as Battles 2 & 3. Round 1, ah ha, Burst, Storm, Cold. I'll wait for the dog before Cold. Mm, never had a safe position to do it. Round 2, wow, Gary passes first. Um. I guess I'll Burst Scar. Yay! No armor! ... Wow, they just refuse to let me cone them. I might as well have in the previous round when I had one shot at it... Gary passed earlier than expected again. Round 3, gonna Dash far away. Only last round's Burst and Spot plus this round's Run and Skip. ~sigh~ .. ha ha, Nob and that Weak Strike... Round 4, I bait them in, Gusts them out, then lol, Nob's Weak Strike! He's the only effective one so far! lol *Great,* Burst the two big bads, then Spot under the warden. They'll both live, but I have Firestorm ready. (And I'd rather not risk playing it just in case Gary's bluffing on that pass.) Round 5, awesome, Nob runs away, the warden reveals his scary hand, and I get to Encumber them all. Oh no! I can't Firestorm! I'm Combustible, and Nob properly got me down to 7 HP! Hmmmm. If the dog approaches, I can Ember Spray then Dash for the round-end kill... UUUUGGGGHHHH! ~sigh~ Vicious Thrust. Next.

    Take 2. Sure, 15 gold, why not. (I don't wanna go through battle 2 again, lol.) But, now I know, the warden wants to come in before his mutt every time. Hm. Round 1, Combustible, Squeamish, Smith; Cold, Gusts, Hardy; decent. On a weird whim, I'm gonna Dash up some since Nob ran before the warden. *Hoo.* *Ray.* Scar ran foward next. Cold them all!! Round 2, Combustible x3, which means no more left in draw pile, yay, but also means Run is more valuable than Firestorm for the next three rounds, lol. Round 3, hm. (I discarded Run, kept Gusts and Hardy.) Another Firestorm, another Hardy. Still Combustible, though. Good, the warden approached me from a side to my advantage. Ugh, super not good. I Dashed to bait the dog to Gusts both, and instead Gary passed. What's with his overpowered passing tonight? ~exhale~ (If I use Gusts on the man, the dog can approach freely. If I risk Firestorm, I might take a lot of damage -- 4/9 chance of losing only 3 HP, 4/9 chance of 5 HP, 1/9 chance of 7 HP, ugh, and that's before the Firestarter + Combustible Burn for potential 7 more HP. If I pass, what do I give up? I only equipped two Gusts -- but I also only equipped two Hardy Mails -- but they feel nearly worthless compared to their big hits and my own self-burn potential. Ugh, the mind-lock here. I guess I'll keep Gusts to survive hopefully. $:^ [ 'Kay, Gary gets this one.) Round 4, wow, the warden just doesn't know how to position well. I escape. Encumber both, Gusts both. Round 5, (Combustible gone, Firestarter one more round,) eh, Firestorm, not Ember Burst. I can hit them for 8, but I might get 8, too -- at best 2 because Officer's just showed up. Gonna do it. Took 6 total, meh; ditched Little Zap. Round 6, yaaaay double Cone of Cold! Hit once, Dash twice like mad to get around them, save other Cone for when needed... Priori--! ..oh no, Team Shift... Scar's Lunging Thrust.. reduced to 0 (by my armors).. And ~whew!~ No other attack! Priority! Round 7, Ember Burst! .. uuugh, after all these rounds (with two matches), 3 HP Scar finally has Ill-Fitting Armor. $:^ [ Looks like I just Dash away into the far corner of the warden's private chamber, then hope he'll toss the armor because it's "bad quality" and die. Too bad I'll then have to deal with 3 HP warden afterward. No telling what I'll draw... (Yep, discarded his armor...) Round 8, (what an endurance match for such a simple adventure normally, eh?! 8 cards left in draw pile now, lol,) 5 HP armored Myx'd draws (probably her last) Ember Burst vs the 3 HP warden! Nob Runs.. Raises the Alarm.. finally, his master stops delaying the inevitable and Runs in! --into a Squeamish Burst! The baron's damsel is no longer in distress!

    "Rewards you have truly earned," indeed.

    Only three servants were roasted to ashes in the making of this mission. $F^ } Oh, and uh, one other got harmed, like, barely -- but refrigerated, definitely refrigerated.
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  15. ParodyKnaveBob

    ParodyKnaveBob Thaumaturge

    I've been dreading hunting down Slub Gut after his escape before I even caught him the first time. $E^ J Figured I'd get this out of the way while I'm still on it.

    Slub Gut's Sanctum -- part 1

    I go with Smoke, Burning, and a little control.

    Battle 1, Lizardman Feast Hall. We all know round 1, turn 1, is the scary moment. What do I have? Flaring Torch, Ember Spray, Skip. Torch the adjacent Ooze and hope for Skip to do it's thing. (Hard to escape anywhere at first anyway.) Able Bludgeon, Skipped! $:^ ] Spray it next. (Again, hard to escape with Netters anyway.) It Walks beside me, not opting to trap me in and force me to tough out its terror. Dash! ~sigh~ @ 8 damage on the Ooze already. Round 2, Smoke, and they all trap me in. $:^ [ Burning Fingers, and Gary passes... Round 3, Entangling Net (down to 1 HP), Prestidigitation, 4 more damage (dead).

    Take 2, pretty similar loss.

    Take 3, maybe more control... I probably can't handle minion group movement with Presto like I did the other lizardmen... Hm, slightly different loss. It was fun Force Cannoning that Ooze to the middle of the map turn 1, though, lol. $¦^ D

    Take 4, ah, I know, max Force Cone. Not like I can do much about the ranged Nets anyway without blocking sight, and between the Ooze and the minion movement, that technique's not doing me much good anyway. ~ This is working out okay. Rounds 1 and 2, holed up in a corner, pretty consistently (but not 100%) keeping them at bay. Round 3, used Scouting Run to see what threat the encroaching Netters posed, and found only stabs and a racial Run. Used that and my two Dashes to escape them and the Ooze -- but I only have 2 HP left. Round 4, Cannon and kite. Glad they didn't have a Net to finish me... Round 5, they toyed with me, then finally threw a Net. Eh.

    Take 5, swapping Hotglass Staff for Unstable Feystaff. (I have Firestorm x2, and I wouldn't mind being able to use it if it comes up. Combustible x2, nevermind.) Died round 2. Not enough control.

    Take 6, same deck. Seemed to be doing okay, even killing a Netter for the first time (and drawing Officer's round 3), except for the Netters' awesome draw on round 4 letting them chase down an elf's three Dashes. $:^ [ Good news is, I remembered I had another plan for this battle while I was in the prison... (Heh, whoops...)

    Take 7, Staff Of Chask x2. Round 1, take out the 16 HP Ooze with Punishing Bolt x2, but get Netted in the process. Round 2, get Netted, Little Zap a foe, get Stabbed at, but block it and take priority with Dash and Investigate still in hand. Round 3, Punish a Netter down, get Stabbed for 4 (down to 3 HP now), Dash away twice. Round 4, let Dimensional Traveller get me a little safer from their Run range, especially since they have priority. Nice! Healing Dash gets a Saving Roll on Slowed, and Fleet lets me slick right past them -- back to 7 HP. $:^ J They've passed -- and will get priority again because I don't want to tempt them to come closer right now. (Good-bye, Slowed and Dash. Stay, Force Bolt and Investigate.) Round 5, Punish the 7 HP Netter while 4 cards are still in hand. $:^ ] The 10 HP final Netter uses Predictable Stab and gets past my Hardy Mail. $F^ | (At 2 HP now.) Dash, get followed, get priority, yay. No more Fleet nor Dim Trav after this, and Punish suddenly got a lot weaker. Round 6, Gusts Of War, then Dash (Saving the Slowed again). No priority, but out of Net range and no more Slowed in draw pile. Three more Pushback Parry blocks in those sixteen cards. Round 7, draw Dim Trav again, plus Punish and Inquisitor's Badge. If I can just get prio, I can Punish for 8 damage to finish it... Bah, Gary's back to smart passing. I'd like to hit for 6 now, but I might draw Squeamish... (It's at 8.) Gonna burn Investigate hoping it'll do something for me. YES! Net! Badge would've saved me anyway, but Hardy keeps me at 2 HP. Round 8, I draw some defensive cards lik--who cares! Punish for 8! Win!


    That was my winning deck. Now, I had a couple mixed ideas for Myx'd's next battle, but I decided last minute to just go insane damage blitz if possible: Vankenstein's Staff x2, Copper Zapping Wand x4, Arcane Aura x3, Novice Electromancy.

    Battle 2, Slub Gut's Chamber. Myx'd Mess'zh, solo Elf Wizard, kicks in the door! Round 1. We dance. I put 10 damage on a Darter with Arcane Curse and Little Zap. $}^ J ..and Arcane Shell. I die shortly thereafter, but it was worth it. Trying that again. $}^ J (However, I might be able to Smoke and Bash like I did the other Darters so many days ago. Anyway, same deck for now.)

    Take 2. Yep, lost round 1 -- but I did Deadly Spark through two of 'em. That made me happy, lol. I'll come back to this with Smoke and Bash later. Gotta go for now. $:^ J
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  16. ParodyKnaveBob

    ParodyKnaveBob Thaumaturge

    Time to finish taking out the fetid swamp something something...

    Slub Gut's Sanctum -- part 2

    Battle 2, Slub Gut's Chamber. Smoke and Bash, Smoke and Bash. Round 1, Force Bolt x2, Telekinesis, and Dash keep me at full 11 HP. Round 2, Slub Gut Walks to curse me, I'm sure, but I present a Minor Illusion in (what I feel is) an odd place to block him and hopefully divert his warriors' attentions... (Wow, they draw so many cards...) After a little defending, I hate doing it, but, with no other cards of my own, I'm gonna Dash up to Slub Gut in desperate hope they don't follow. $:^ \ Nope, followed, dead. At least I survived past round 1 this time. $:^ `

    Stabs, Steps, and regular Moves. ~shaking head~ Not sure what I'll do yet, aside from Firespam of course... These guys clearly are not the same kinds of lizardmen I met a few adventures ago... I need better control and/or more damage...

    The big problem here is that an elf wizard really isn't supposed to take the front line -- but there's very little room to move here, and they have no other targets to distract them. Hm.

    Take 2, back to double Staff Of Chask, plus a bunch of Short Perplexing Ray and a Memory Loss. Round 1, draw Reliable Hide Armor and Hardy Mail right off the bat, plus Investigate. Ha ha! Gary passed with me, I'm good with that. $E^ J Round 2, kept the armors. ~sigh~ I see they discard a lot of Tricky Stabs. $:^ [ Punish one for 10 damage, down to 6. The other Scuttles, keeping its Run x2 on display. (What is this? Cult of the Bejeweled tactics? (Callback to the Obvious Maneuver joke/tactic of "your opponent seeing your terrifying hand might not help the opp but rather strike fear," lol.))) Okay, Dash, lay Spikes (expecting a Step to stop my kill), and await their Attacks. $:^ \ .... Yeah, Moves off. .... $|^ [ 1/9 chance, Hardy fails twice. C'mon. $|^ [ Finally procs on Strong Stab. Down to 2 HP. ~shakes head, exhales~ Hardy failed again. "Thanks, 1/27 chance." $:^ [

    Take 3. Round 1. ~siiiiiiigh~ I draw double Punish plus Force Bolt. ~nod~ One should go down this round. That should help. ... Erg, *one* repeatedly chases me, eating up my ammo (its cards) and forcing me to Dash into Slub Gut's proximity. Good news is, my other potential target is in my range with no cards played. Punish for 10! (Runs to me.) Punish for 8! (Dies with -2 HP. $}^ J ) First lizard Runs to me again. Force Bolt's my last card... Yay, round ends. Here's the situation. I'm cursed with Bad Luck. Gary has priority. I can Dim Trav one step up-and-left from my facing, which can prevent me from getting pinned next round, but which will also be closer to the Darter (allowing it to Step into me for a weaker attack) but not starting in its line of sight (for stronger). I'll still be in Slub Gut's los, though. Each of them will have racial plus five cards; I'll have racial plus two. ~exhales~ Got my work cut out for me. Round 2, yep, Lunges at me for 4. I Dash away, keeping Slub Gut's los difficult. Darter Runs to a place I can't Bolt it back. $:^ \ I hate it, but I'll SPR to get out of its los -- but into where Slub Gut can regain it. Nice, SPR got rid of a hidden Run. $:^ ] Slub Gut Walks to los... refreshes Bad Luck... grants Unholy Curse $E^ | ...and passes! Round 3, (Force Bolt still in hand,) I Dim Trav farther from the Darter and back out of Slub Gut's los. Ha ha ha, Lunging Bash! ...and Stone Spikes, hm. (The last Darter is Assaq, btw.) Assaq burns Run to get range 2. Bolt! Assaq burns a hidden Run to get range 2 from another angle. As much as I'd like to go on offense, Unholy is no joke. Either one of them could sneeze on me, and I'd go down. (I'm at 7 HP.) Ugh, I can't decide whether to Lunge out of los to get a better defensive Dash or to Lunge keeping los of it to see if Spikes can happen (including planning ahead that if it Scuttles to range 2, then I can Dash to another vantage point (range 3 of Slub Gut) for more Darter-Spikes-los). Yeah, I'll try the offense. .. Yes!! Slub Gut Walked and renewed Unholy on me, but the lizardman sat still while I Spiked and passed for priority! (It even discarded dual Lunging Strikes, but I guess I wasn't close enough for it to attack me with only one and thus Step off? $E^ J ~shrug~) Round 4, Dim Trav, I'm just gonna change facing toward Assaq, hoping for Punish, or at least Pushback in a pinch. Punish!! From 8 to 0, thanks to that greedy 6 cards in hand. $;^ J ~whew~ (No more guards.) Afterward, Slub Gut knocks off his own Unholy Curse (I drew Creature Of The Night and another Dim Trav) with Bad Luck instead. Thanks! My Reliable Hide appreciates that. Lol. $E^ b Makes it feel useful. $;^ b Dash to his range 3. Walk to my range 4. I get priority. Round 5, change facing again, draw Fleet, Spikes, and Leap. Okay. Let's see if I can just spin him in circles then Spike him. $}^ J (Leap + Fleet is just funny. Heh.) Round 6, he's Spiked down to 9 HP. I draw double Pushback. (Those would've been nice earlier, ha ha.) Y'know what? It's really tempting to get range 2 and let him Predictable Stab me .. but I do have 7 HP and Bad Luck (and I don't recall if he has other stabs) .. but I do have double 3+ blocks in hand (after Luck) and Reliable .. yeah, I'm gonna do it. Call me crazy. .. Heh, Walks away. Lol. .. All right, I'll be safe. Nevermind the chances for curses to kill me. Keeping one Parry. I'll tell you when I draw some damage, heh. ~ Round 8, same dance to Spike him. $}^ J ~ Round 10, 3 HP + 5 cards + Punish = g'bye!


    So, my take on that fight. The commonly figured way is "cycle to Resistant and Firestorm everything," but that is harsh regarding luck regarding these enemies on this tiny map. My victory by "draw two Punishing Bolts round 1" is an annoying near-necessity I expect, and that's just under 1/12 chance according to some more number-crunching, although I could've made a mistake somewhere. That's only a touch over double the chance better than pulling Resistant with 9 traits (at 1/27). $:^ | Still, I guess you might have better chance at survival with control instead of Firespam here. I don't know. (Of course, if you go Firespam on a dwarf and spend tokens on defenses, then perhaps your chances go up, eh? .. Eh, I don't know, my deck did include Pushback x4. Boots with double Reliable Mail plus Lucky Toughness may or may not hold up against all their stabs during the slower Burning attack method. But that's a dwarf. $}^ J heheh)

    Until next time, have fun, do well, and gooooo, Sorcererers! $¦^ J
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  17. ParodyKnaveBob

    ParodyKnaveBob Thaumaturge

    Man. I've been writing a lot about elf wizards lately. And, Loot Fairy's off in an adventure I can't access. And, ranked calls to me, but I hope to just do a little something and go poof tonight. Myx'd Mess'zh it is! (lol) Plus, I can't find my mouse for some reason, thus want something without so much time constraint, heh...

    Diamonds of the Kobolds -- part 1

    Battle 1, Gashstone Pass
    . Staff Of Chask, Rod Of Palver Pree, Force Bolts on Skill. Round 1. Wow, Gary. I draw three excellent cards -- Punishing, Trickery, Pushback -- and to just-about-guarantee I don't lose any, I Dash instead of pass. Gary passes anyway!! ~sigh~ I'll ditch Pushback... Round 2. $|^ | Every single one of them keeps the extra Run. Gary, .. just .. w/e, wp. $F^ , ~sigh~ I forgot they had so much Jarring Block and Weak Block. (I was thinking it was Parry sprinkled here and there.) Nevermind, I'll lose this match (trying) then build again.

    Take 2, Vankenstein, Appropriation, Palver Pree, Spark traits. Round 1, Spark Inductor and Officer's Harness, Round 2, Spark Generator and Deadly Spark and Reliable Mail. $¦^ D Lol! One-shotted an entire group of Kobold Warriors! Yes! Lol. $E^ b Round 3, Dashed 1 for a Kobold to hit me -- Simple Strike completely nullified by armor -- instead of risking them positioning poorly for me with Run. It worked. Deadly Spark (each had 7 HP due to round 1 Force Cone) for yet another entire group of Kobold Warriors felled! $E^ b Only two Lungers remain now, and I still have a Cone in hand. Round 4, ha ha ha, a Lunger Runs all the way up to me. Smashing Spin! They don't follow. Ditch Dash and Cone, keep Hardy Mail. (Yay, 2-5 armor each hit now.) Round 5, kiting, but I lay some Stone Spikes for control + potential damage next round. Round 6, kite and TK back to those prepped Spikes. $}^ J Round 7, throw them a risky-kite bone (as a trap), Deadly through both, downing 1, and allowing the other to be the first to Step and finally lay a finger on me. And oh wow! What a finger! Shambling Bash! I figured just Lunging. $8^ , Anyway, only Officer's failed, took 4 damage. Safer to keep priority than send a measly Long Spark at range 2. Round 8, I Cone and Arcane Curse, it Mob Attacks .. plus 0 allies for 1 .. minus 2 armor for 0. $:^ P Round 9, double Hot Spot. Ah, Gary doesn't follow my kite, thus I don't get the kill. Still, armor deflects Lunging Bash. Round 10, Curse would've killed except Mail. It's at 1 HP. ~exhale~ Not hard, just drawn out. Heh. All right, Cone snuck past its armor, dead. Onward!

    EDIT: Ha, sorry, I'll reassemble and post the deck later. $¦^ J

    EDIT: Well, nevermind. Either I made a mistake in listing items equipped while at my character sheet or cards played while duking it out, but I can't quite piece together exactly what I had. Anyway, you can get a decent idea. ~nod~

    Battle 2, Mine Entrance. Same deck. Round 1, dead Lunger. Round 2 & 3, whittle with Cones. Round 4, both Armored Pigs line up with a Lunger. Thanks! $¦^ } Deadly! Pig avoids my Spikes, though. Round 5, a pig does not avoid my Spikes, but Gary's continually getting stars. $:^ [ Again, that thing about elves staying alive by not being there. ~sigh~ Round 6, ugh ugh ugh, I'm down to 2 HP, and Gary will only need one more star after this. Gotta draw Sparks! $:^ / Round 7, I didn't. ~shaking head~

    (Coning them off the squares barely helps since they can minion-Move to me *and* onto the squares with one card.)

    Take 2. Died in 4 rounds, quite a lot in part to a moron Move by me round 1.

    Take 3. Fared pretty well -- matching Gary in stars due to controlling his camping and picking off his monsters -- until round 5 when I took a Shambling Bash at 7 HP with no armor. $:^ [

    Take 4. Sweet. Round 1, got a Lunger down to 1 with boosted Long Spark plus two Curses and only took 1 damage myself (Mob Attack). Rounds 2 & cetera, ... eh, yet another battle where I slowly get cornered and crushed over several rounds. $:^ [

    Take 5. I thought I'd win Mine Entrance in one take, maybe two. Ugh. Blah. Swapping Palver Pree for Armorbane. Round 1, take a Lunger down to 2. Round 2, Unstable Bolt it to 0. $E^ J Get surrounded by Lungers. $:^ [ Round 3, Shambling, dead.

    Not cool. Another close-quarters map. Plus, VSs. An elf just doesn't have much chance here. I'll try swapping out Cone x6 for Appropriation x2. Yeah, I figured I'd be done like two hours ago. Kind of defeating the purpose here. $:^ |

    Take 6. Whoops, forgot to change deck. Killed all Lungers and even started breaking into the mine (squatted the squares for a star once) by round 4. However, with 1/2 an armor point, I reached 2 HP in no time, thus even when trying to escape the pigs, I lost to a piddly Bite.

    Takes 7 & 8. Defeat. $:^ [

    Take 9. Fine, lemme pull out burfft. $F^ | (Cotton Robes, Inferno x2, the skill with Arcane Burst x2.) (Actually, I just remembered Chask should do really well here, but I'm just kinda w/e @ all this now.) Defeat.

    Take 10, same.

    Whoops, fell asleep. Another day!
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  18. ParodyKnaveBob

    ParodyKnaveBob Thaumaturge

    Diamonds of the Kobolds -- part 2

    Battle 2, Mine Entrance.
    Let's try this again, shall we? Almost the same deck as I first played and lost Battle 1. Round 1! LOL. Myx'd draws Slowed x2 and Officer's Harness! Lol! The good news is, her worst draws are now out of the way. Yay. $:^ ] No terrible surprises later. More good news: although the Lungers kept their racial Run, that means Gary didn't get a free star from me that round, yay. Round 2, this is gonna be slow going. Hot Spot and Pushback Parry. I kite the Moves out of the Kobolds so that I can Lava the VS and Pushback my follower. However, I take 3 damage from a Pig. Round 3, one Kobold's down to 3, and Punish! -- my follower (full 11 HP) has 6 cards and no life. $:^ ] All right, I hate doing this, but Dashing one back away from grouped up Pigs so that the Kobolds won't chase me right now. Weird! The 3 HP Lunger comes anyway! At 2 steps away, is there a hidden Run? Gonna pass and hope for the best... Yep, came right up to me. I guess I'll pass for the blow before Lava. $:^ \ Shambling Bash. $:^ [ Good thing he's Wimpy right now. $:^ \ Lava for the kill at least... Round 4, Gary passes first. Gonna risk a Dash kite to P. Parry one Pig and Telekinesis the other onto that same Lava. Round 5, ~sigh~ draw no direct damage. Lava and Spikes. At 3 HP and only Officer's, I have basically no chance except that Gary unnecessarily passes again. Nope, died.

    Shambling Bash. $:^ (

    Take 2, same deck, although I'm considering swapping in Blasting Amulet x2. Anyway, round 1, two Punishing Bolts! I nail one for 10 damage, missing Mail, but my Force Bolt hits Mail. I'll save the other for another big shot. Round 2, $8^ | a third Punishing! With 6 cards in hand and none of them Mail, I one-shot one, and then Pigs Dash! Meaning I one-shot the other, too! Wowee! I position as bait for the Wimpy VS camper (at 1 HP) to Bash me -- and I throw him behind myself, squeezed between the wall and myself! lol! Wow, and he doesn't even use his Run to get beside me -- and discards it! Now I have priority and more safety. Round 3, Punishing and Pushback. After weighing the issues in front of me, I Dash to the VS to "tank" (I'm at full health but no armor yet) the piddly Bites and Punish the Lunger. Despite all that damage feeling wasted, I'm not gonna get Shambled! $|^ | ~checks his discard~ Yep, surely enough, Bludgeon, Lunging Bash, and Shambling Bash. The Pigs position around me so that even if one backbites me ($:^ P) I can still block one. Round 4, another block, plus Walk, eesh. Round 5, I had such high hopes for this one. $:^ | Punishing (which will kill neither) and TK. Never drew any armor. And really, with the general angles and such in that cave, Force Cannon won't help much anyway. Force Cone is useful, but I have no tokenless Arcane Items with it, if those even exist, which I haven't checked. I might as well just keep all four Palver Prees. $:^ \

    Take 3, Round 1, I draw Lava, Spikes, and Punish. I'm gonna go out on a limb here. Let the Lungers Run to their usual spots, Dash to the wall, terrain on both VSs, and wait for next round to Punish my usual follower for the full 12; they'll discard any Mail this round and Wimpy has not been drawn yet, thus I have a chance. Aww man, Gary passed first, I might not get the 12 damage. $:^ \ Round 2, LOL! triple Punish! $E^ b One Kobold left (at 1 HP). Round 3, terrains only. $:^ | Dead.

    Take 4, Blasting x2 it is. Round 1, draw Slowed, Spikes, Punish. Same tactic as last time, but since I played Slowed first, I keep my Spikes to keep priority. Round 2, it worked, one Punished Kobold first thing. Then, to play it safe, I Dash more toward the Pigs to not get pinned, and surely enough, Penetrating Zap and Spikes on a Pig. Plus, Hardy Mail, yay. Yeah, I have a feeling the direct damage is going to do me the good I need. Round 3, kite and whittle. Round 4, no one's at the mine entrance (VSs), and I finish Punishing the 6 HP Pig wearing Mail. $;^ J I take 2 damage from the 12 HP Pig and keep priority. Round 5, Reliable Mail! ..and Spikes, plus a saved Walk. Gonna be weird and get closer to Kobolds (I'm pinned against the wall) in hopes they'll approach to Step range, letting me semi-safely retreat from them. Very cool: armor nullified a Bite, and the Lungers bolted back to the doors (VSs). I couldn't get the Pig to burn the Dash for damage; fine, I instead Spike for it to Dash and give me priority. Round 6, we're 2-4 $:^ \ and I drew Cannon and Slowed... Round 7, no attacks. I use my Moves and Pushback to bait a Kobold, fling him into a corner, and grab the doors myself, but as feared, the other Kobold just Bashes me right off anyway. $:^ [ Well, I survive (with 8 of 12 HP), but they secure the mine, 2-6.

    Take 5, dead in 3 rounds.

    Takes 6-8. That's it. Time for some Farmstorm. Chask, though, to prevent Combustible, add a little defense, and add a little direct damage. ~exhale~ There's some tactical play, and each match was close, but I lost in round 4, then lost in round 6, then won at the start of round 5 with Burning (even after taking a Shambling). Farmstorm. Eh.


    Battle 3, Mineshaft. Eh. Same deck. $:^ \ Round 1, lose a Punish to Jarring Block, then Pen. Zap a Kobold Warrior. Round 2, Resistant Farmstorm for some kills, but Lunger x2 + Spearman x2 give me no chance. I don't know if even Farmstorm will win this one. $:^ [

    Take 2, maybe more, switching to an even more boring, luck-based Inferno x2 with Force Cone x6. Yep died, maybe a few times, I don't recall. Boring combo-luck-based build. ~shrug~ Later. (Maybe Farmstorm + Jaguar Spirit Staff later. I don't know, eh.)
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  19. timeracers

    timeracers Guild Leader

    Looks like this won't go far, I expect it not to qualify for gladiatorial arena. In the end if you have troubles on the easy levels you won't get far past them without seriously improvements of some kind.
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  20. ParodyKnaveBob

    ParodyKnaveBob Thaumaturge

    Yeah, it's hard enough that the monsters have card advantage, but minion-Move positioning advantage is harsh, too. Minion-action disadvantage doesn't seem to be enough. Maybe someone else with more skill could be doing better with this (like Scarponi ha ha ha ha). Ironically, bosses are much easier (at their tiers so far) just because I'm not flooded with hordes to fend off. Give me only one or maybe two enemies, and I can spin them in circles like it's nothing -- aside from dogs maybe. $;^ J

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