The Misadventures of Myx'd Mess'zh: Solo Elf Wizard

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    Only tokenless Force Cone is on robes and Mullik's Blisterstaff.
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    Sounds like the little Mix'd need to "protect" one equipless level 1 elf adventurer.
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    @Kalin: Yeah, I do have a Mullik's. Almost used it instead of a Chask but figured those Pushbacks and Punishings would be stronger.

    @Macizo: And yeah, in a team, Myx'd rocks the house. (If that's what you mean.) She and Mungo (@Gingrich Yurr's human warrior) went through Metallic Monstrosity. We got off to a rocky start but beat battle 2 on the first try without either of us dying and battle 3 without taking a single point of damage (other than Myx'd hitting Mungo with a Gusts of War at one point, and even that wasn't necessary). Any solo char gets hard as the campaign goes on.
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    Diamonds of the Kobolds -- beat it!

    Battle 3, Mineshaft. So, while wrecking face in Triple Duel recently, I picked up a second Jaguar Spirit Staff. Ohhh yes. $:^ ] Funny thing here, I had Battle 2 (Lungers and Pigs at the entrance) in mind when I built this, whoops, but once I entered the actual Battle 3, I figured it could probably do all right anyway.


    For the sake of the end result, I'm sorry I didn't "record" the matches. This is pretty much all from memory. Takes 1 & 2, I had mostly really rough block rolls while relying on them to help my non-Resistant Firestorms. Painful. Take 3, everything went well. I missed a block here or there, but overall they protected and cycled for me. Gusts helped, too, of course. At one point, round 4 or so, I got trapped against the wall, absolutely surrounded, and a Lunger hit Subtle, drawing me Punishing. I Punished the active other Lunger's 3 cards in hand (at 6 HP already), clearing a space to which I Dashed, afraid I still wouldn't be able to move much by the time the Spearmen could arrive (as they would surely come in next round). Welp! There was some more Kobold Running to get behind me (dirty GMs, heh heh), and boom! I Investigated a clear way outta there, far outta there! $:^ b At some point (a few rounds before perhaps?), I'm pretty sure I unleashed a really advantageous Firestorm, but still, at this point, I had 2 HP and had to be careful. Round 5 or so, I drew Fleet and Firestorm. Too bad 2 HP already. $F^ , So. Come round 6, Resistant presented some serious relief. As far as the concern of Kobolds hitting my frail 2 HP, hooray for Dash is all I can say. I outran my contenders, Spit some Flames on a Spearman (in the back, yo), Firestormed another time, or maybe two (can't remember), and Punished the last one (a Spearman at range 2!) for a round 8 victory!

    There you go, @timeracers, something improved. My inventory. $;^ }
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    This gonna continue sometime? I may try to do it, but i more mp than sp, and never know what are in each level.
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    I don't think so, here is my post in this thread.
    Here is ParodyKnaveBob's post directly after mine.
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    Thank you for the interest! $:^ J Myx'd calls to me now and then, but I haven't really been playing CH much at all lately (as you can tell from my [META] profile). I've only recently picked up the LF and MP banners again, and even then, sparingly. If you really want, you can study up on each adventure from the wiki, although I haven't been any, hence some memory mistakes I've mentioned.

    And fwiw, the last paragraph in my last post answered timeracers a little further:

    $}^ J
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    Wherein I return to looting greedy kobolds.

    The White Star -- part 1

    Battle 1, Gleaming Cavern. Primarily thinking of the second battle in this adventure, I considered Farmspam + Resistant, then decided to go double Jaguar again with quadruple Palver Pree and Malevolent for tokenless control and damage, then double Healing Dash. Round 1, ah, yes, this battle. Spike the lower left (northwest?) corner to help hold back the three lungers. The priest is Vulnerable, Walks up a square (into my range), and gives himself Healing Presence. The three spearmen (who have to come up by the priest) Run up a little, but nothing big. Saving my Flanking Move and Deadly Spark to see if I can get a more efficient kill next round. Round 2, huh, interesting. Drew Subtle Parry x2. Heehee, Lungers came up a little. Gonna be risky and Flank + Spark two of them in range of letting one Bash me. $;^ b Yep! Drew TK, put the inactive one back onto Spikes, blocking the next from trying to Lunge out, ha ha ha ha. Round 3 happened. Kind of a blur. I'm getting cornered, but one Lunger's dead despite a Minor Heal and Mail, and a Spearman is down to 4 HP. Round 4, I only have Big Zap and Firestorm (with Hot Flames). I can kill a Spearman and the priest, but those Lungers and taking my own 6 HP, ugh... Can't Dash anywhere safe, though, despite two in hand... Going for it... Ugh, Shambling Bash, nevermind, I'll be dead soon. $:^ [ Easy to forget they even carry that card when not playing for awhile. $F^ J Welp, now at 1 HP (no Storm), I dove into a corner and turned for facing, just in case more blocks... Round 5, dead anyway, gonna Storm + Arcane Shell for two ki-- er, three kills including myself. $E^ J

    Take 2. I'm just sure that even one Asmod's Telekinetic Chain would be helpful here. I believe on this battle, I'll go with what I considered in the first place: Stone of Shards x4. This should let me kite to a corner then escape to the other side. (And if this fails the first time, chances are I'll just go to Farmstorm + Resistant.) Round 1, a block, a Punish, and a Little Zap. Might as well risk Dashing closer to the priest to get a 10-damage kill next round, hoping the spearmen won't out-Move me. Round 2, yay! my other Punish! lol .. plus Magma Spray. First thing's first, ~flings card down onto table~ no more priest! Now a spearman. Punish for 10! Hm, then lungers approach instead of spearman striking from range 2... Dash onto staircase! As expected, spearmen Run toward me, letting me Magma Spray one which re-faces me for block. ~whew~ Blocked the 6-damage spear! Round 3, argh, Reliable Hide and another Subtle Parry -- otherwise only a Dash. Pass and hope for the best. Hm. Lungers held back by difficult terrain; Spearman hits with only 4-damage spear, but misses my drawing block, aw. Armor makes it 3 damage at least. Round 4, I draw Flank and Heal. Hm again. Tempting to kite and heal, but I'd almost certainly take Bash damage along the way. Passing again. Argh! Another 4 damage spear missing my block! $:^ \ On passing, Gary stays put. I hate to get rid of those Moves, but I'm keeping the defenses. Round 5, interesting, another block (two in hand now) plus Reflexive. Let's let Gary attack again... Lunger ran up, then used Able Bludgeon, discarding a block, meh. Funny, Spearmen burned a Run needlessly, then took 3 Predictable Stab damage. $E^ J Okay, time for me to RT over the wall. Round 6, one Lunger approaches. I Spike in front to dissuade coming closer, then Flame Spit (missing the Mail!) with Hot Flames to miss it again. $;^ J Round 7, yay priority, but only Little Zap and Scouting Run. We both pass. I keep Scout and Hide. Round 8, ha ha! Double RT. No damage, but lots of kiting to do here. Heh, or little, since they burned Runs to get to me before I RT'd. $E^ b Setting up for potential two-hit Deadly (or Scout) next round -- meaning ditching my Hide, eek. Round 9, yes!! They lined up for a three-hit Deadly, which I drew! $E^ b Yay, missed Mail on two of 'em, too! heehee Then, here comes a spearman. Scout, (one Run, three stab cards,) and kite to corner before another RT over the wall! Hopefully the 3 HP lunger won't kill me before my Flame Spit can work its magic. Round 10, it's dead! Gonna Dash around some, hoping to lure another nice linear strike since I have my other Deadly... Round 11, hm, I have Firestorm + Firestarter -- and can't really use it. Okay, yay, Deadly brings both lungers to 1 HP each. However, I'm in a corner again. Skip won't do me much good here. Eleven more cards left in deck, one of which is RT... Round 12, my other Firestorm $:^ [ and Stone Spikes. $:^ [ One was even Wimpy. I could've really used a Little Zap just then. My 6 HP couldn't take the 4 HP and 2 HP attacks.

    Take 3. ~sigh~ Well, that was fun. Gonna Farmspam. (Inferno, Quellic's Boots, and Fey Insight, fwiw.) Round 3 was funny. Dashed to a wall for semi-safety, expecting a hit from a lunger. Used Elvish Insight to cycle. Despite having a Lunging Bash and a Shambling Bash at range 2, Gary passed! I drew Firestorm for a total of four in my hand. I've also drawn like three Combustibles. I believe I'll pass, too. $;^ b Round 4, whoops, forgot Short Perplexing Ray is random instead of oldest. Got rid of a 2-damage Mob Attack instead of Shambling Bash. $E^ b Amazingly, Gary still passed instead of pulverizing me. Round 5, Gary refused to play that exposed Shambling, instead Running up to me and using two Strong Stabs.

    Take 4. Drew Resistant, Firestarter, and Firestorm round 2. Drew Ember Burst and Firestorm round 3. Won without a single scratch. Got 3 gold for my troubles. $¦^ J

    Farmspam x12
    Ember Burst x4
    SPR x3
    cycler x9 (minortoken)
    Resistant Hide x1
    other stuff x7 (minortoken)

    I'd much rather go tactical than Farmspam + cycle Resistant asap, but I guess it is what it is. I believe I'll stop here for the night and decide next time which deck direction to take (tactical vs topdeck luck "combo") for the second battle (wherein they come in waves).
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    Wherein I play an elf wizard tank.

    The White Star -- part 2


    Battle 2, The Winding Shaft. I decided since they come in waves, I'll at least try tactical. $:^ ] Round 1, I draw Memory Loss, Dissolve Armor, and [/card]Subtle Parry[/card]. Okidoky. $:^ ] First off, let's forget we can Run, shall we? $;^ D The other waves of Kobolds begin their cicular approach while I Dash right up into Kobold Warrior territory, prepping for next round. Yay, priority. Round 2, huh, I draw Firestorm and Big Zap. The Storm is tempting, but it'd take exactly half my HP with no armor yet. I'll wait. Bah, I Dissolve first, forgetting how many blocks these guys carry. Weak Block catches it. Big Zap then gets under Jarring Block (and no armor anyway ~nodnod~). Now they have priority, but no biggie with my block in hand and range 2 to a warrior. Round 3, I kite the nearby warriors, but unfortunately, the second wave has approached. I spend a Memory Loss on a Weak Block (hoping to damage with Jarring). They have priority, but I still have Firestorm and my block. Round 4, yay, a second Subtle Parry. $:^ ] Plus, Combustible draws another Memory Loss. Gonna Dash away so that I can Loss for block facing. Really hoping these blocks will draw good stuff for me. Eek, Loss misses the Jarring for damage, but knocks it out of hand anyway. Can't Firestorm safely for three rounds, thus might as well ditch it now to keep my blocks (and priority!). Uh-oh, second wave has now gotten adjacent to me. $:^ P But priority still! Whoo! Round 5, ha, figures, Reliable Mail. Gonna pass in hopes for a better line up on Deadly Spark (with my Spark Inductor) and/or good block draws. Nice! Instead of 2, I Sparked 3, killing the first and putting the others at 2 HP. Then, Mob Attack hit Subtle and drew another Subtle. $E^ D Sweet, Clumsy Chop hit another, discarding Run heheh, drawing Flame Spit. (Tempting to Spit on a full 8 HP Kobold to let it burn out after next round, but taking out a 2 HP Kobold now has its advantages, too. After all, they might draw Mail next time. Yeah, killing now, hoping to survive the onslaught.) Oh, nevermind. $:^ | My Deadly was far above 4 damage, thus I didn't even realize they had more Weak Block to contend with. Round 6, ugh ugh ugh, only Arcane Shell and Skip with me already in a corner. Bah, Mob Attack misses Skip (not that it matters) and the block (matters!!) hitting both Shell and Reliable, still damaging me for 3, eek. Simple Strike hits my block, drawing another Flame Spit. Might as well. Cool, took out one! $:^ ] Bludgeon, misses Shell, hits Reliable. I'm at 7 HP... Round 7, hm. My last Subtle Parry plus another Dissolve. If no blocks, I can take out the other 2 HP Kobold... Gone! Now to just survive the remaining horde. $8^ | Whoa! ha ha, after Gary Runs up another warrior, he passes! I'm safe atm, and I even have priority again, lol. Round 8, I draw Loss and Punishing Bolt. Hm. With the final Kobold in that group showing Run x2 and unseen x2, might as well Punish for the full 8 HP and hope for the best! $E^ b Got it! (Forgot, 9 damage technically, heh.) Bludgeon draws the last of my armor, Officer's Harness. Two and two-halves armor now, two being Free Card. Hm, Memory Loss exposes (but misses) Weak and Jarring Blocks. I'd Dash in place in hopes that Gary'd give me priority again, but I don't want the Spearmen coming any closer than they already are this round. Round 9, Able Bludgeon hits all my armor for 1 damage, yay. Nice, Dissolve + Shell hit Jarring giving the same damage anyway $;^ J and showing no armor. Deadly + Shell time! HA HA HA, Shell Shock. $E^ b Hit 3 again, killing 1, bring the other 2 down to 2 HP again. Round 10, I draw Dissolve and Punish. Gonna take a chance and Punish the nearby max 14 HP Spearman with 7 cards in hand... YES! Gone! $E^ D Try to Dissolve a warrior? Yes! Another gone! $E^ b Bludgeon missed Officer's, 1 damage. Hmmmm. I appear to have an opening to Dash, but I won't get very far, and it seems pretty risky -- nevertheless, if I just sit here, I continue to be cornered... Well, the nearest Spearman is Wimpy at the moment... Yeah, going for it. Aw, the Spearmen got closer than expected and now I can't really Dash away. $:^ \ I'm so tempted to just Dash right back into the corner, hoping the Spearmen won't have more Runs to chase... Yeah, better do it. $:^ \ Nice, Clumsy Chop hits Shell, 0 damage. Priority! Round 11, Combustible, Spark Generator, Fey Silversmith (again -- didn't bother mentioning the first one earlier), then Firestorm and Long Spark in hand. The Spark is worth 5 damage at the moment, meaning I should skip Weak Block, hm. (Too bad Firestorm would hit me for 4-6 damage immediately, with my only having 5 HP.) Okay, down one more warrior -- only one left in the group. Simple Strike hits armor, 0 damage, but I'm in dismay about passing because the Spearmen are not so "kind"... Strong Stab! ~wheeww~ Wimpy + all armor, 0 damage. Predictable Stab missed Officer's; Myx'd has 3 HP. Round 12, Dissolve Armor x2 in hand. Oh well, it's been fun. $E^ J I'll be stubborn this go 'round and not burn the world (killing the final warrior). I'll just stand in place with my 1 HP and face my twelfth round demise. $}^ J Not too shabby, all things considered. How appropriate: died to Predictable Stab. $}^ }

    Take 2, Farmspam. (I realize I could probably do the same build as above except with Firehide Robes, but at that point, I don't know, I might as well go whole hog.) (I also realize I could try building with teleports and maybe Cottonwood Staff once again, but just urg. It's hard to get the necessary power to fell my foes and escape safely with so few power tokens.) Sticky Slippers and Fey Insight for cycling (plus block checks, spying, etc. heheh). Rounds 1 and 2, Elvish Insight to see what they're up to and cycle. Round 2, Fire Spray to knock of a block, then Farmspam everything (including self) one good time. Round 3, Combustible, Resistant, more Farmspam than necessary, win.

    Hm, Lungers return next battle. Once again, I'll likely try tactics one solid time, only resorting to Farmspam upon failure. Oh! However, just before posting this, I remembered I used Jaguar x2 + Firehide in Diamonds of the Kobolds, didn't I? Huh. I'll consider that for next time after all then maybe...
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    As you know, Bob, the only Kobolds with armor are the Lungers.

    I decided to try these battles myself, and got through the first two with only a few defeats (1 and 2 I believe).

    First battle:

    Second battle:
    Second battle was a bit lucky in that the first group of warriors didn't move the first round, allowing me to draw Resistant Hide.
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    Wherein I knowingly wrap up this adventure on a randomly special day. $E^ ] (But I didn't know how special until the actual wrap up... Oh ho...)

    The White Star -- part 3

    Battle 3, Mother Lode. Going a little out on a limb here with Blasting Amulets and Amorbane Pendants. Otherwise, Jaguar Spirit Staff with Resistant Hide. Round 1, really going out on a limb here. Gonna Dash to the far side with only two lungers. With Deadly Spark in hand (along with Penetrating Zap and Force Cannon), this might give me the round or two edge I need before ambush. Might be a mistake, but eh, here we go. Okay! I have my full 12 HP, the two lungers are at 2 and 6. Round 2, not good. I draw Firestorm and Officer's Harness. You know what? I'm just gonna sit here and take a blow. Hopefully only one. I expect ambush next round... Yay! Mob Attack for 2 minus Officer's 1 equals 1 damage and priority. $:^ P Er, no, the other lungers had an extra Run after all... AAUUGH! Shambling Bash! How do I keep forgetting they have that card! $8^ O ~sigh~ Wimpy, Officer's, "only" took 5 damage. Down to 6 HP, maybe priority? Nope, in came Lunging Bash from another behind me. 3 HP. Priority, surely... Yeah, round 3. Okay, desperate hope here. Using Punishing Bolt on a lunger behind me (full 11 HP, 6 cards in hand) for facing, and maybe the kobold who was in front of me will attack and hit Skip, allowing me to double Dash away. Let's find out! Nope. Killed the one, then they used Run to fill the gap and completely trap me again. $:^ | Yay, smart play by Gary. W/e, I'm dead.

    Take 2, tempted to try tactics again, but ~shrug~ w/e, time to Farmstorm like the best of dwarves. $;^ J Round 3, whoa, Pokkin has Strong Bludgeon?! That was a surprise to die solely to that guy, lol. (I had four Firestorms, Firestarter, and Combustible. Heh. Had some fun bursting and kiting the lungers the first couple rounds anyway.)

    Take 3, 15 gold. Round 1, huh, I threw an Ember Burst to hit two, and Gary passed. I believe I'll just keep my other burst to hopefully finish them, plus yay @ safety this round! (Ditching Ember Spray. Sweet, the other kobolds had Mail. Nice chances there, heh.) Round 2, SPR x2, lol. ... Urg, I keep forgetting that SPR is random instead of oldest. Whatcha get for always playing Memory Loss instead, ha ha. Yay, Pokkin's a moron and puts Healing Presence on himself instead of a (burning) kobold adjacent to a burning kobold, lol. (Oh, but he did Heal one afterward.) Round 3, I lob a couple cards on the table, whatever dead. Just thought this match started more interestingly than expected. $:^ J

    Takes 4-8, dead. ~shrug~ Not like I'm not non-chalantly topdecking for luck.

    Take 9, (45 gold total now,) eh, might as well swap Sticky Slippers for Quellic's Boots since it might help if I endure a few Kobold hits along the way. ~ Yeah, actually, that helped a lot. This still somehow felt rather tactical. (Six vs. one, armor+heals vs. elf tactics+HP. ~nodnod~) Dashed around so much to stay alive. Got a bunch of solid multi-kobold Ember Bursts in while waiting for Resistant! $:^ b (Only once did I burst a single kobold, but it was for a kill, thus worth it.) Near the end, hoped to burn under Pokkin's Lifesaving Block, but alas had to eventually just hit it and hope I could knock him out afterward before he could chase me down and perhaps outdamage me. Round 10, I won with 3 HP left. ~nodnod~

    And my special prize for my troubles? Well, the legendary Rare White Star seems to have already been recovered... but! Whee! I've been blessed by the Loot Fairy! $;^ D $E^ D Oh ho! What have we here? Small Ruby, 10g; Novice Corrosion, 2g; Accursed Mace, 5g; aaaaand new! .. $8^ o .. I didn't know this existed .. Xemu's Conclusion .. I like, oh wow! I like! $:^ D Myx'd Mess'zh just got herself a new toy! Epic tokenless double Subtle Parry staff! $E^ D Plus Silversmith-buffing hand reveal, plus range 10 sparks. Tokenless. Yeah, all right, gg, Gary! $:^ D


    Nice to see, @Kalin! $:^ b

    Funny you say that I know which kobolds have armor. Going long spells without playing helps one forget which adventures have which perils, including which monsters have which cards, heheheh. Glad to see you hit this more tactically than just Farmspam. ~nod~ And actually, I might've tried keeping it more tactical tonight instead of try-once-then-go-FS, but I only had an hour or two to play before the deadline when the Loot Fairy'd move, and I wanted a nifty ending tonight, heheheh. (Besides my own slowness, and having to think things through a lot more with one fragile character vs. many, it also slows things down to "record" via typing in Notepad between playing cards.)


    Until next time, Card Hunters, may your elf sorcererers be merry and bright! $E^ b
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    In which I gain a third (minortoken) $:^ ] and begin summarizing a lot more like I said I would. $:^ P

    Beneath the Frozen Earth -- part 1

    Battle 1, Frozen Canyon.
    I couldn't remember what it was like. I built for basic damage and control, then went in. Whoops! Bad battle for this setup, lost round 3 or 4. $:^ ] Trying again, this time loaded up with Reflexive Teleports to kite over the wall, ha ha ha ha, plus Illusory Barriers to take advantage of the trogs' taste for range 2. Hm, died on round 12 without doing much damage. Looks like I need more damage -- and more armor removal, wow @ Crude Plates x3 in hand at one point. As usual, the main problem is sooo much mass mobility ganging up on one target.

    Take 2.5, round 1, Fleet, Dissolve Armor, Memory Loss, Firestorm. I take 5 damage total thanks to a Stab. Round 2, Dissolve Armor and Ember Burst remove the Spearmen and hurt one Gouger under his armor roll, yay. Oh, but uh-oh, prepped to use Fleet to escape, but losing Fleet this round, hm. Round 3, died. $:^ J

    Take 3.5, rounds 1-2, first a little card and positioning setup, then BLAOW! Deadly Spark the Gougers after Dropped Guard, then Ember Burst all the trogs! -- then Dash and Investigate far away! $:^ b Round 3, I kill a Gouger, but at the cost of most my health. $8^ , Yep, died round 5.

    All right, took a nice break to play some 3v3 2v2 silliness. Little did I know my teammate was bringing Walpurgis Night, lol... Anyway, back to action!

    Take 4.5, same weird deck as last attempt (last two attempts?). Whoo! Round 1, Hot Flames, Combustible, Subtle Parry, Resistant Hide, and Firestorm! ha ha ha ha ha Now, let's see if I can survive this long enough to make use of the perfect draw. Round 2, my other Subtle Parry, plus Dissolve Armor! Ha ha, Predictable Stab brings one down to 1 HP for me (but after I already used Acid on the other, aw). Round 3, Firestorm and Flame Spit. Spearmen are dead, Gougers are pushed back a little. $:^ P Round 4, more Hot Flames, more Firestorm! -- plus Investigate. ~shrug~ Cool, Dashed away, no one followed, and thus one Gouger will die, the other is at range 3, and my first discard this battle will be Investigate. Round 5, funny, drew Combustible, Shuffle, and Dissolve Armor. Dashing away -- and again doesn't follow. Gonna Shuffle to where I *might* be able to escape more easily next round (and see if it follows yet). Huh, no follow. Might as well Dissolve for 1HP and facing. Ha, took a hidden Crude Plates, the other copy from earlier still visible. Round 6, looks like Gary's gotten bored/despondent again. Just keeps passing. Drew a bunch of traits plus Telekinesis and Dissolve. Dissolved (missing an armor roll for 1HP) and TK'd. Gonna sit in place. A Dash far away wouldn't be far enough with those stabs, and my back would be turned... Round 7, bah! I tried to kite, but he wouldn't follow despite a visible Run. Gotta ditch two Memory Losses... Round 8, sweet! I Dashed away, and he followed in such a way as to face away from me, witw! $:^ b Deadly Spark! Yes! He used Stab, hit Subtle, and drew me Ember Burst! Warp Run unneeded and unplayed. $E^ b Nice! The troglodytes didn't carry useless gear, but rather useless trinkets I can sell for 50g! $:^ }

    Okay, here was my weird winning deck that had a little more Resistant reliance than desired, but oh well -- still had to play tactically since it's not like I have dwarf HP and Lucky Toughness, lol...

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    In which Myx'd Mess'zh doubles up on her defense Defensiveness...

    Beneath the Frozen Earth -- part 2

    Battle 2, Frozen Bridge, I redesign my deck for long-distance burning damage primarily. Round 1, I draw Fleet, Flank, TK, and Hot Spot to kite Scuttlers and kill Crundyup. $:^ ] Round 2, ha ha ha, I draw both Arcane Auras. $E^ D I kite a tad and hope for good stuff next round. $F^ J Round 3, yep, killed a Scuttler with an 8 damage Sizzling Bolt, lol. Round 4, I lose an Aura to a Stab $:^ ` but finish the other Scuttler and start working on the Gougers. (Teleport Self would be good here methinks. Too easy to get trapped, despite it being good for keeping out of range.) Round 9, died. Yep, gonna go get Teleport Self now. $:^ J

    Take 2,
    upload_2017-5-20_8-59-6.png redesign again in order to fit in two TP Self cards. Made an early mistake that really cost me. Have to get used to this deck is all -- and I never drew TP Self. (Considered fitting in three, fwiw, but two should be fine.)

    Take 3, got some damage and a kill in fairly early, then had to take several small hits while waiting for my cards and barely kiting. Round 4, Quick TP Run directly into the middle of 'em! $:^ D TP Dash far away! $:^ D lol Round 6, feeling the ever-closing squeeze, I get a much-needed Deadly Spark (plus Spark Generator already attached). Push a Gouger back, miss another Gouger's armor altogether, and destroy Crundyup. ~whew!~ Current stats: I'm at 1/12 HP $8^ | (thanks to Crundyup over and over throughout the battle), the Gougers are at 7/15 and 8/15 HP, and the last Scuttler is at 2/7 HP. I only have Moves in hand -- Dash, Dash, TP Self, and Flank. I'm not sure I can make this, but we'll see what happens. ... ~whew~ Gary didn't trap me. Dashed a little to one side, and we both passed. Good thing he role-plays these things as stupid, right? Right? $;^ b Round 7, he tries to trap me. Hard stuff here. Flank TP into the middle of them all, Dash TP off to one side. Gotta hope the Scuttler comes to one particular square (out of two likely options) so that I can TP away until next round. ... Didn't do it. $:^ | Gary picked the better-for-him option. Gotta TP into corner now and hope for the best. I have Cloth Armor and Boiling Armor. $F^ J Round 8, they trap me as expected. Hm. Gonna try this deck again, but it appears I need to return to my first tactic of removing Crundyup first...

    Take 4, 15g. Round 1, I get opportunity to take out both Scuttlers with Deadly Sparks. Yay. $:^ ] Scouting Run remains in hand. Round 2, erg, Spark Generator + Deadly gets Crundyup down to 1 HP (and pushes back a Gouger). (Better would be 0 HP...) Flank and Scout remain in hand. Round 3, muah ha ha ha, (ya just gotta know how to elf wizard, lol,) I Scout a Gouger first thing to stably get off to the side, close enough to kill Crundyup with an Unstable Bolt. $}^ J Nice, Gougers pass, giving me safety with Stone Spikes and Flank still in hand; they have Crude Plates x3, Run, and Strong Stab fwiw. Round 4, Deadly Spark + Generator from behind on one (down to 5 HP!) but hits Plates x3 on the other (still at 15 HP). I Spike 'em both. Flank still in hand. A TP Self will win this battle now methinks. Round 5, the one gets Spiked to 3 HP, then Gary just passes. Round 6, gotta be optimistic and careful. They approach, trapping me, and I'm exhibiting Defensiveness. Gonna Flank back one (can't retreat any farther without TP!) and hope I know how to Linear correctly. $:^ P Nope, could only get one. But, he's now at 2 HP, and Gary passed again. Ending with Dash and Flank (ditching Arcane Curse). Round 7, YES!!! Finally, TP Self, and they're ALL the way ontop me now. $8^ , Lol, I TP-Dash behind them to start the long, long kite down the bridge, lol, and Gary passes. $:^ b Keeping TP and Flank! (Ditching Dash and another Curse.) Round 8, sweet, Dropped Guard! $:^ ] They give chase now, but I'm TP-Dashing back into the corner for a Deadly line-up, ha ha ha. Down one Gouger! Ditching Flank since I have two TPs now. $:^ ] Round 9, kite and Dissolve. Round 10, eek, it runs up to me, thus I risk a TP-Dash while Unstable to get behind the poor dizzy thing -- and succeed. $:^ ] Bolt in the back! First time I have a hard time deciding on my discard. Ditching Quick Run to keep TP and Boiling Armor. Round 11, funny, Elven Maneuvers, Combustible, Defensiveness. Kite, Dissolve (down to 4 HP! vs. my 8!), ditch Cloth Armor. Round 12, two Boilings in hand. Use one? Ha, no armor. $|^ J Round 13, gonna be funny and risk an Arcane Curse: either I push him back, or I get him down to 1 HP and probably take a Strong Stab to the gut. ... Pushed him back. $:^ P Since I have Short Perplexing Ray, I'll go ahead and Dash-TP out for safer kiting in the event Unstable reappears. ... Oh, whoops, forgot I'd have to discard either Boiling or TP to keep SPR. Nevermind @ SPR. (Unstable will kill or push back at this point anyway. Whatever @ Unstable problems.) Just too bad I lost a bunch of kiting ground is all. ... Round 15, (14 was boring,) Unstable and Deadly! $:^ b Hey, that describes Myx'd Mess'zh pretty well, eh? Yep, the Bolt pushes him back. Now, just to Boil, then Generate a Spark! $:^ D

    That was genuinely fun. $:^ b Something tells me I'll be teleporting more in future Misadventures. $:^ b For my efforts, I found a Nice Tooth and some Superb Guidance. Makes sense somehow. $:^ ] Skarl giving me 4g for them perhaps makes less sense, lol.

    What I really like here is that Defensiveness is almost free (and Cloth Armor an okay throwaway card) because with trogs, you don't want to ever be at range 2 anyway, ha ha ha ha. The Arcane Curses are more of a difficulty, but considering how many high powered attacks you get, tokenless? Totally worth it. (I played double Peril/Vankenstein on a bunch of the low-level handicap quests. Even easier to handle when a wizard has allies at range 2, ha ha ha ha.)
  14. ParodyKnaveBob

    ParodyKnaveBob Thaumaturge

    In which I puzzle over how to avoid Firestorm for 15g too long. $:^ ]

    Beneath the Frozen Earth -- part 3

    Lol!! Okay, Battle 3, Frozen Grotto, round 1, I draw Firestarter, Nightling, Trip, Trip AGAIN, Simple Bash, and two Smoke Bombs. $E^ D Awesome. $:^ b Round 3, lost.

    I guess I'll bite the bullet and equip some Magician's Hats... Except... These Trogs won't even enter the Smoke to get to me, hence my Cone tactics failing already. Hm. What Illusory Terrain can I bring? ... Well, take 2, I wound up equipping only two Wall Of Illusion copies (no Hat heheh), but lots of Forgetfulness and Counterspell cards, and it wasn't enough. Take 2, died round 3 or so with only one or two Trogs in the red.

    Oof, this one's gonna be harder than I thought. I need more reusable group defense while maintaining immediate enough damage to get rid of these things before they can attack (and to make them draw fewer cards later). I already have Vira's Shoes on at least... Take 3, died round 2.

    I normally don't talk mid-Misadventure in World, but I half-advertised since someone requested LF. Heh. (See, I can't play both. Right? Right.) What a silly quick chat that was. I didn't pay attention to their only 6 HP. Crazy talk! (Especially since I already had cockroaches in mind for later! I somehow thought these wizards had 9 HP.) In this case, I don't mind Firestorms after all. $F^ J Who needs to tank them like a dwarf when I've already won? I'll just pack a bunch of non-Combustible cycling and wipe 'em out round 1, ha. Take 4, Firestorm x14, Trait x7, and aw, they drew both armors round 1.

    Okay, take 5, round 1, I drew my one Fleet, that's nice -- and they only drew one armor. ~nodnod~ One lone survivor (who stayed at range 6 at first) lasted with me until round 5, funny. $:^ J Just kept Dashing around until I drew good stuff, though, including SPR'ing to get out of los before a final storm with my 2 HP, ha ha ha ha. (Once again, one-on-one, the elf is scary, heheheh.)

    For my efforts, I got 2g worth of common stuff and yay maxed my Apprentice Resilience and Drow Rapidity. $:^ ]

    Rarity heavy, as per the norm with Farmspam:


    Legendary x4
    Epic x3
    Rare x2
    Uncommon x1

    Come to think of it, I guess when I get to Gary's Mod...ule, I'll want attachment-cancelling (or even -reflecting) robes, hmmm. But! Next time, it's the fabled Trog King! Until then. ~nodnod~ $:^ J

    (Now, time to track down a fairy...)
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  15. ParodyKnaveBob

    ParodyKnaveBob Thaumaturge

    Wherein Myx'd Mess'zh stops contemplating buying a new dress and finally does so. $;^ J

    The Throne of Strench

    I don't really have the time to play at the moment, but man, I just couldn't sleep for some reason...

    Battle 1, Frozen Fracas,
    I built for Silver damage mostly with a little bit of control and flanking. Round 1, I offed one Trog Spearman, then kited the other three until round 4, when I finished the other. From there, I kited the best I could, but died round 9 or so. Man, Bolt + Smith for 8 damage, except Crude Plates x3 nullified, ugh. Also, I misjudged my Dash landing spot on one crucial Dropped Guard round and couldn't hit either one of them. $:^ [

    Take 2, much worse, died round 3 despite getting one Gouger down to 1 HP. I considered changing my gear a little, including swapping in one Xemu's Conclusion, but eh, I'm all right. Same deck, here we go.

    Take 3, much better. $:^ J Between kiting, risking blows from the weaker Spearmen, and generally blowing Trogs apart, I won on round 11 with 2 HP left, heheh. After I Big Zapped the last Spearman in the face (overkill at 1 HP lol -- the poor thing didn't even have Tough Hide at the time, not that I knew that), the final showdown was with a full health Gouger. Flanking Move + Silver Bolt + Arcane Shell from behind was nice, as was dropping Stone Spikes under the thing to send it backward into a corner next round (it taking no damage) followed by drawing Boiling Armor and more damage, oh yes. $:^ ]


    Isn't that beautiful? The sheer power of Asmod's is incredible -- and since last we romped through Troglodyte territory, Randimar has finally offered me two. $8^ o No wonder it's the go-to Arcane Item. TK x2 + Spikes, tokenless, just wow.

    Oh, re: beautiful, you thought I was about to mention her new Inquisitional Silverfoil attire, eh? $;^ b Yeah, she's rockin' that pretty hard, too. Appropriate that her first return outing in the Misadventures was Silver sniping. ~nodnod~ I'd been considering for a long while upgrading her appearance, but frankly, I wasn't sure it'd still feel like the same character. I liked the humble default costume vs. crazy surprise antics, lol. Well, I've gotta say, the new CH lore for these foil costumes seriously actually helped keep the feel for me. $:^ ] Plus, of course, 'twas very nice to get half-off! $:^ b (Quinn the Stout also got a new robe, but, dwarf wizards, whatever. (lol jk))

    Neat note: without planning it this way, every single item is from either the Basic set or Castle Mitternacht set.

    Battle 2, Frozen Cavern. I kept the same deck. I really don't recall what these adventures are like a lot of times until after I get there. $:^ } Round 1, I take one Scuttler down to 1 HP, preferring that it would've been a kill, but oh well, and then they all get really, really close. I'll probably lose here and bring in some Teleport or Fly or something... Well, round 2, I finish that Scuttler with a Bungled Bolt, then kite toward the other Scuttler in that group before TKing him over a stream, heheheh. Round 3, I Melt and Silver Bolt another Scuttler. Hm, whittling down here... Round 4, kite and TK over a stream... Round 5, kite and Acid Blast... This might actually work as-is, ha ha ha. Round 6, kite kite kite. $:^ } Yay, elves, lol. Round 7, Dissolve, Silver, end of one Scuttler group. Round 8, Spike that previously Acid Blasted Spearman. Round 9, Bungled Bolt for the kill. $:^ b Round 10, all kite. Round 11, Arcane Shell! Silver and Bungled! Final Spearman's down, only the last Scuttler now. $:^ b Round 12, oh yes. Silversmith, and again one of each Bolt. I Dash right up to it (at range 3 of course heheh). Silver at 9 damage, full 7 HP, 1-shot! $:^ b The only damage I took the whole time was from my own Bungled Bolts, lol...

    Battle 3, Frozen Throne. Same deck, sure, 'kay. Round 1, eh, Strench surprises me. After he gets out of line of sight, coming around the long way to reach me, I Dash up to TK [one of] his bodyguard[s] over the stream. Then Strench turns back around to be able to Arcane me from afar a couple times. $:^ \ Yeah, round 3, died. Gotta tackle this differently I suppose.

    Take 2, if this works, I think you'll like my deck. $;^ b Round 1 & 2, slowly kite the Spearmen while killing the king, booyah! lol Round 3-6, kite and whittle both, killing one Spearman. Round 7, Hot Spot, victory. $:^ }


    I've been wanting to do something silly like this for awhile anyway, ha ha ha ha. Range 10 x12! ha ha ha ha - and amazingly enough, I never drew a single Aura nor TK, huh. Also, I allowed myself to take minimal damage only twice when I Dashed a route past the Spearmen and delivered the final blow to Strench along the way -- pretty great. $:^ J (Also nice that I didn't even begin to feel compelled to resort to focused Firestorm, heheh.)

    Really neat note: without planning it this way, every single item is from the Basic set! $:^ D

    All right, I know poor Myx'd here has already been on hiatus for a bit -- in fact, I now see it's been one month exactly -- but she'll probably take a break from this again because I'm really busy this week, and then I hope to feast upon the new CM stuff next week, heheh. Until next time! $:^ J
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  16. ParodyKnaveBob

    ParodyKnaveBob Thaumaturge

    Wherein Myx'd obtains a surprise early return, a fourth (minortoken), a thirteenth hit point, and a crisis of preparation...

    Melvelous the Magnificent

    Huh. Well. Earlier today, I stormed Melvelous' castle with a couple random teammates picked up in Co-op Chat -- which, btw, is only dead when ppl request co-op in World Chat while complaining about Co-op Chat being dead -- and a little before, a little during, and whole lot after I got my 12g or so and left for my day job, my mind got to dabbling into the question. How would -- how could -- Myx'd pull this off by herself? Multiple groups of enemies, melee and projectile, short and long ranges, terrain attachments, defenses against Magic (Shimmering Aura and Hover), only four (minortoken)s, etc.

    I don't really want to resort to Firestorm, but it might be all right here. I'd totally have to rely on Resistant Hide, though, what with Shimmering in the way. Meanwhile, some Jarring Blocks could get annoying, and Acid Spray could be devastating if I let the Traplings get too close, which they would need to be in range 5 at any rate.

    Bursting is safer than Firestorming or really even sniping, but the tokens, erg. Likewise, Volcano could be good, except Hover. ~sigh~ Maybe Punishing Bolt? Staying near Melvelous will of course help -- even moreso if trying to remain out of line of sight in general anyway. Acid might be viable if I can stack the new Hex Of Dissolution and Acid Terrain with so few tokens. Lemme at least look at that last one... Yeah, no, I can only get two Hexes in my deck atm.

    Problems with defenses: Boost reactions to get out of the way because of non-targeting attacks from Traplings and Melv; Fleet isn't much vs Spikes and is nothing vs Sparks, Bites, Bludgeons, etc.; token-cheap quality Blocks cover either Melee or Magic; Armor cards don't like Acid; etc. Also, I just remembered, Taunt could kill me, ugh, wow.

    Encumbering could at least keep things away, but that's only low-damage Cones or a single Freeze on Forval's Teak Staff for (minortoken)(minortoken) each which also comes with an agonizingly nerfed Flash Of Agony.

    Okay, probably pretty different decks for each battle. Maybe Staff Of Chask x2 for #1, Staff Of Immolation x2 for #2 ... and although I have a few fleeting ideas, I just really don't know yet for #3. Hm. Let's-a go!

    Battle 1, Castle Melvelous. ~whew~ Deck built. Round 1, nice start, Punishing Bolt, Telekinesis, Arcane Aura -- and as always, that lovely Dash. Round 2, take 2 Orcs down to 1 and 3 HP, which I know killing would've been safer, but I hate to waste such high damage on 1 HP, y'know? $:^ ` "Waste" a Healing Dash (full health) to avoid being pinned next round. ... Round 4, another Orc down to 1 HP. Now that I also have a Little Zap, let's see if I can finish one. $E^ J (Btw, they've been Taunting me the whole time.) Hoo boy. After some extremely careful kiting, I Aura+Zap the 3 HP Orc dead (+ double Hard to Block Traits, meaning Jarring couldn't save it if it even had one, which it didn't). And then the other two Orcs Charged. Allow me to laugh at the fact that the inactive one (Taunted) hit the back of the active one -- killing it for me. $E^ D Now, Gary and Karen, I can see role-playing buffoon bodyguards, but Melvin? In his own Castle Mary Sue? *pshaw* Amateur! $:^ D Round 5, ha ha!! Punishing and Big Zap! And it's already at range 2 from last round! Set up for Melv... Round 6, eep, hit him for 12 damage, but drew double Pushback Parry. $8^ , Took 3 damage from an Arcing Spark, fortunately missing my Aura. Dash far away! Round 7, draw double Stone Spikes. Probably for the best. Even though he doesn't have Hover, I'd rather have the ability to hit and run. I'll stay in place and save the Dash and the Aura. Round 8, hm, Slowed and Counterspell. Lemme check the discard log to see if Energize is Magic or Projectile. ... Magic Holy. (Wait, what? Magic Holy? Then why does Melvelous and the Graveyard Gambol necromancers have it? $8^ | Anyway.) All right, might be a waste to keep Counterspell ... except ... ~checking more log~ ... hm, he might also keep Unholy Curse and more Arcing Spark, along with Teleport Other ... yeah, okay, keeping it ... Round 9, fascinating. $:^ ] He Run'd right up to me while exhibiting Defensiveness; I Countered him from behind (dropping two Arcings), and then he threw a Powerful Spark at point blank; my Skip rolled (and failed) to react before his Defensiveness $:^ J (which missed its Saving Roll). You heard it here first! $:^ P (Yet more reason for @Scarponi's idea to add the Immediately keyword to cards like Skip.) Wizard Duel! I Long Spark+Aura him at point blank. He fails to Teleport me. I pass for priority. $:^ ] Round 10, Scouting Run, Unholy Curse -> Spikes, Dash, we trade no damage; I drop another Pushback, he keeps Energize (yay!) and more Spikes. Round 11, my other Slowed, and I don't intend to stay around with that Curse on me. I drop Forgetfulness and keep Skip. Round 12, aw, I drew Punishing and Big Zap and don't want to discard either. G'bye, Big Zap. $:^ P (G'bye, Skip, too.) Round 13, he has 10/26 HP and 5 cards after Running into my line of sight. Punishing+Aura! ... No Shimmering. $:^ ] Victory. $:^ ]

    Got 41g thanks to treasure. My deck:


    Battle 2, Chamber of Traps. Built deck, all righty. Round 1, Ember Burst, nice. Round 2, Arcane Shell to hold for later, more nice. Round 3, Gusts of War + Shell on a couple encroaching Traps. $;^ J Round 4, Melv has finally made his way the long way around, out the back of his treasure chamber, along the side, and now to the front. I want to remain out of his lines of sight, but man, I have an opportunity to finish two chests and start on a third. Mm, despite trying to escape him, I took an Unholy Curse and an Arcing Spark (minus Hardy Mail) for 4 damage. And again $:^ [ for 5 HP remaining. UGH, and the card I was just sure the Traplings wouldn't have at this point, the way they were acting, Shuffle. One attack, I'm dead. .. Dead. $¦^ |

    Take 2, I play even more defensively, yet Melvelous manages to track me down around about round 7, in which I survive with 1 HP. Round 12, I found this pretty descriptive of this showdown...
    13b - Melvelous the Magnificent (highlight).jpg
    Round 15, Big Zap + Arcane Shell + Squeamish vs. 6 HP + Defensiveness. Victory. $}^ J (I know it was a risk -- Shimmering existing, Shimmering succeeding, Defensiveness getting Saving Roll -- but it's not Caverns, and I didn't want to hang around for another several rounds for another Ember Burst + Firestarter draw.)

    [SRC] Myx'd Mess'zh
    Level 20 10 Elf Wizard
    Staff Of Immolation E (minortoken)(minortoken)
    Staff Of Immolation E (minortoken)(minortoken)
    Asmod's Telekinetic Chain L
    Asmod's Telekinetic Chain L
    Sensate's Ring C
    Sensate's Ring C
    Malevolent Robes R
    Glimmer Boots C
    Perilous Agility L
    Untrained Pyromancy U

    Primary cards in this deck:

    6 x Ember Burst
    2 x Firestarter
    1 x Arcane Shell

    Secondary cards in this deck:

    4 x Telekinesis
    2 x Gusts Of War
    2 x Flanking Move
    1 x Dangerous Maneuver
    1 x Run


    3 x Squeamish
    1 x Creature Of The Night

    Chaff that might come in handy, but the real goal is to just be patient and discard these until better stuff comes:

    4 x Fire Spray
    2 x Ember Spray
    2 x Stone Spikes - actually used one and got two pierces out of it to destroy a Trapling $:^ ]
    2 x Little Zap
    1 x Big Zap - la piece de la resistance! ou quelquechose
    1 x Arcane Feedback
    1 x Hardy Mail - yes, I discarded this - the point was to not get hit (which almost worked...)

    Got 3g for that. $F^ ,
    Also, neat note again: only one CM item, and all others Basic! still not trying to do that $:^ P

    Battle 3, Sanctum of Melvelous. Oh, right, I still don't actually have a plan for this one. $F^ , Hm. $:^ | Maybe a hybrid of the two previous decks? Maybe some Deadly Sparks? ... I finally decide to go straight-up Silver damage again, plus control of course. Round 1, draw Smith+Bolt and TK+PoK, okay, nice start. $:^ J Snipe an Orc, then give it Path Of Knives for next round. Round 2, thanks, Melv! He Teleports the Orc to range 2 of me, bringing it to 1 HP -- and then the Orcs Run my direction. $:^ ] Only one Orc left. Silver Bolt! Er, TK to block check. Dash from approaching Traplings. Now, Silver Bolt! $:^ ] Orc has 7/15 HP left. Round 3, Melvelous hits me, but Sparkling Cloth Armor lines me up for a Bungled Bolt on the Blind Rage Orc. The Orc tries to trap me, but I Dash to a safe position, and at the start of round 4, two attacks in hand mean a 4 HP Orc has 0 HP. $;^ } Up through round 8, I kite Traplings with Knives, and then do one pretty nifty maneuver where one hits me with Acid Spray, but I Sparkling over to the other Trapling, then immediately use Escaping Run to get away and draw Stone Spikes. $:^ ] Round 9, I finish the last 6/11 HP Trapling with an unbuffed Silver Bolt, all the while pinning Defensive Melv to the wall. Wastes lots of spells being emo at me. $:^ ] Round 10, unfortunately, no damage other than Winds Of War which I don't need and Stone Spikes which he'll Hover over. I'll just hide out behind a wall for awhile where he can't see. ... Round 12, I get some PoK + control + Run damage on him. Round 13, Big Zap hits Shimmering. I'll just save the Silver Bolt then. $;^ J Round 14, Silversmith and draw another Silver Bolt! He runs up to see me. G'bye. $:^ J (Only one Bolt did the trick, heheh.)

    [SRC] Myx'd Mess'zh
    Level 20 10 Elf Wizard
    Corrupted Feystaff U (minortoken) - I agree 100% with @Deepweed, this staff is awesome - Myx'd used it in a 1/1/1 party when CM items first got published and slew many a confident werewolf on the Gladatorial maps, ha ha ha ha
    Corrupted Feystaff U (minortoken)
    Asmod's Telekinetic Chain L
    Asmod's Telekinetic Chain L
    Sarigo's Rod E (minortoken)
    Sarigo's Rod E (minortoken)
    Footfall Robes U - how have I never really noticed these robes before? wow...
    Hawkwind's Moccasins L
    Dainty Silversmith U
    Novice Electromancy U

    6 x Silver Bolt
    4 x Bungled Bolt
    4 x Path Of Knives
    2 x Stone Spikes
    1 x Long Spark
    1 x Big Zap

    4 x Telekinesis
    2 x Winds Of War
    2 x Dangerous Maneuver
    1 x Escaping Run
    1 x Cautious Sneak
    1 x Sparkling Cloth Armor
    1 x Skip

    2 x Fey Silversmith
    2 x Creature Of The Night
    1 x Spark Generator
    1 x Spark Inductor

    Aaaaaaaand this was why Myx'd came back early for a surprise run: Loot Fairy!! Like I said, I'd run co-op earlier in the day. Did my usual Helm Of Prep Lunging Bashing Muscle Throughing Vanguarder I've used on Melv since like last autumn, but I saw the Castle was level 8, next in line for Myx'd. Might as well get a little extra reward for doing this, eh? $:^ b Wait for adventures to refresh many hours later, and! let's see what the Fairy brought me... 17g and, hey, my first Lantern Helm, which doesn't look terrible at all.

    All right, so back to that mini-hiatus Myx'd was gonna take, heheheh...
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