How do u beat lord Stafford's treasure

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    Hello, Speaking of adventure and discussion talk

    I have a question based on an adventure that was really difficult for me to do.

    How do you beat lord Stafford's treasure?

    Thanks for the help

  2. Jaer

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    Hello! :)
    Not sure if you've already beaten Lord Stafford's Treasure, but here are a few suggestions in case you still need them:

    Part 1 - Stafford’s Main Hall
    Suggested gear: melee blocks, cards with Slide Back, armor removal, magic attacks.

    Remember that the worst situation you can find yourself in is being pinned between the three enemies at once.

    Copper Golem is a very dangerous enemy, especially for level 8-9 characters. He has a lot of melee attacks that deal 11 or even whopping 13 damage. However, the golem moves fairly slowly, so you have a bit of time to prepare yourself before the tough fight.

    I would suggest retreating to either one of the two side hallways and focusing your damage on one of the two Men-at-Arms (remember, they almost certainly have a Parry in their hand, so be careful with your melee attacks). The other Man-at-Arms will most likely reach you before the golem arrives. After dealing with smaller threats, carefully engage Copper Golem: the construct has some decent armor cards, so it won't go down easily, but as long as you have enough room to move around and keep your characters alive through heals, blocks, or kiting, you should be fine.

    Part 2 - Stafford’s Chapel
    Suggested gear: melee blocks, heals, magic attacks, Step attacks.

    I've found that the strategy for this scenario mostly depends on how your enemies move at the start of the battle, so I would suggest waiting for your foes to take their turn first. Did one of Men-at-Arms charge one of your characters? Punish him for it with swords and magic. Did both Men-at-Arms stay in their room while the Mercenary moved forward? Take down the Mercenary instead.

    If all three fighters advanced on you at the start of the round, see if you can reposition your party to only take damage from one flank. The Mercenary has some nasty stabs in his arsenal, but the two Men-at-Arms could be just as annoying for your Priests and Wizards, so it doesn't really matter which side you pick as long as you minimize the damage you take.

    If you happen to have an fast-moving Warrior in your party, you could use them to defeat the enemy Priest first, but I would advise against it. Father Gregorius' heals are not that threatening, and being away from the rest of your group would leave your fragile characters open to more serious dangers. I believe it's better to leave the Priest for last simply by bursting the enemies down quicker that he can heal them.

    Part 3 - Stafford’s Treasury
    Suggested gear: melee blocks and heals OR hard-hitting (melee) attacks and some movement.

    Fun fact: Lord Stafford is the only enemy here that yields you victory points, so if you kill him — you've won!

    Therefore, you can beat this map either through tactical combat or by charging Stafford and eliminating him quickly. Naturally, Stafford will try to run away and hide in his treasury, but there is no difficult terrain to stop your Warrior(s) from chasing him down and defeating him in a couple of lucky turns. Stafford has some blocks and Slide Back attacks, but can't do much of anything against a well-equipped Warrior supported by the other members of the party. However, it is unlikely that you'll be able to get into the tunnel with more than 1 or 2 characters as Stafford's guards will immediately try to cut you off, so this strategy is somewhat risky, even though it can grant you a very swift victory.

    If you prefer going for the long, more tactical approach, remember that you are putting yourself on a victory point clock, and both Armored Dogs and the Mercenary are tough melee opponents. You don't have a lot of room to maneuver around them, so watch your step and pick your targets carefully. If you position your Warrior wisely, the tunnel can become a safe haven for your fragile characters as Stafford has no ranged attacks (and, frankly, barely any serious attacks whatsoever). He can, however, support his guards through Leadership and extra movement, which may not count for much, but can still throw a wrench in your plans.

    Best of luck, and have fun! ;)
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    Worst case scenario, think about "how do I defeat this using a 1hp build". The answer to 90% of campaign for 1hp build is using elf wizards with firestorm and resistant hide. Fill them up with traits (even handicaps, but of course, don't use traveling curse, brain burn, even if you're not running 1hp cuz you wanna survive as long as possible), hot flame/firestarter, etc. Gusts can be used to move away the enemies before they get close, and you have to take care to not get even within 2 range of the guards due to their stabs. Don't be afraid to shelter up with smoke bomb because FS doesn't depend on line of sight. In the chapel I agree with the above post strategy, although in 1hp mode I tried to take the priest as priority because FS and burn cards deal poorly against the heals... (super duper painful)

    Source: has defeated this level in 1hp mode
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    anyone else
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    Mate if you're still struggling, hit me up next time you see me in the player list, I'll co-op you through it.

    90% of the struggle is having the right items, I understand that if you've just started playing then you have a small range of mostly bad items so can't just brute force your way through the lower levels with vamps. Get better items by doing this.
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    Sure happenstance but if i hook you up then the mods will ban me
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    Missed your invite today by like 30 seconds, hmu any time you see me in world
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    ok i will let u know
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    What part of staffords are you having trouble with?
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    all of it
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