The Misadventures of Myx'd Mess'zh: Solo Elf Wizard

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    Wherein we finally continue that adventure, eh?

    Lord Stafford's Treasure -- part 2

    Battle 2, Stafford's Chapel, Take 3. Trying a Silver + anti-Priest/Stab deck this time. Lots of Uncommons. $:^ J Round 1, I draw a nice mix of cards, and oddly enough, the two Men-at-Arms split up to exit the hall and begin surrounding me already. Dash, Illusion, get some Silver blocked... Round 2, voilà! Then, I check Alamander the Mercenary for Blocks and TK him away while safe. He re-approaches, and I get priority. Round 3, unfortunately, I'm getting surrounded, and all I have are cards to Move myself or others. $:^ , It's tempting to just Firestorm here, but I'd really like to make the point and help out winner... Round 4, I draw a nice mix again. Pass to see what Gary does. Maybe fish a Move. Yep, Alamander incoming. He just Dropped Guard, but with everyone at full health and my only having one Attack, I'd rather not risk a Block on my TK. Dash away into the hall! (Use Zone of Control to prevent Men-at-Arms from totally ganging up on me from the other direction.) Gonna risk something here. If I can keep priority into next round and not draw my second Prestidigitation, I can Dim. Trav. adjacent to a Man next round and Move far away first thing. Nevermind, Beorn used Lunging Thrust, preventing my escape. $:^ \ Thus, instead, burn a Dash, ugh, drop my other Illusion already, ugh, (to give me a better escape possibility soon and to prevent the priest's Line of Sight,) and fire an unbuffed Silver Bolt, ugh, while I can since Gary has priority, more ugh. Round 5, Dim Trav to try to stop Alamander's approach one short and/or maybe draw a meager Step Attack from the 4 HP M-a-A. $:^ { Only drew 3 damage. Might as well call this one a loss. A lot harder without a warrior ally to Parry all their Attacks and/or a priest ally to Assist us left and right. Yepyep, died before the round ended.

    Take 4, 15g, let's see if I can draw more than one of my six Silver Bolts or any of my Silversmith cards this time. $:^ | Round 1, Stone Spikes to block Alamander's shorter way, and we all get into positions to prep for next round. Round 2, sweet, drew a Smoke Bomb... Pass for Gary moving, but instead he grants a Healing Blessing. Pass again, and sweet, Alamander Runs right up behind me -- while Clumsy! $:^ P Bomb out the priest (and not cover my Spikes because they discard off the map next round anyway). The Merc's down to 9 HP, Gregorious can only see one M-a-A, and I get initiative next round. W00t! $:^ P Round 3, Silversmith, finally, but only Dashes, TKs, and a Penetrating Cut. Let's see if I can kite around the Smoke and hallway... Rounds 4-5, dangerous, voilà (yes, Prest. each round!), they're coming for me. Kite, but get cornered. Round 6, lay an Illusion to bottleneck the foes some, hoping my Jump Back holds out, but nope, Impaling Stab beats 6 HP. $:^ [

    Take 5, finally, draw Smoke and damage in Rounds 1-2, thus even after the white dove, I fell a M-a-A. Round 3, kite kite kite. Round 4, sucker the remaining M-a-A toward the hallway with me. TK him away from me (still out of Gregorious' line of sight), then Silversmith+Bolt -> Armor 1+Bungled Bolt to two-shot him while I remain at perfect health. $:^ ] (Why yes, I do find it sad that I finally take shortcuts typing all this, and that's when I get the good opening and start winning. ~sigh~) Ha ha ha, he died with all Parries in his hand, ha ha ha ha. $E^ b Since Alamander approaches some, I pass with initiative for next round, and... Round 5 ...Dim Trav to hopefully topdeck some damage on him, knowing I have an escape route if he approaches, although healing might be annoying, we'll see. Yeah, nothing special this round. Round 6, pass, hoping Alamander will approach for me to kite rather than Gregorious to trap me... Yes! The priest Walks a little away, then the merc Runs to range 2, and my Minor Illusion ends Gary's actions. Time to Force (to block check) and Bungle (taking my first damage). Fwiw, I almost chased the priest, but I figure if I can kill Alamander while he's separated from all the heals and Inspiration, I should have an easier time killing the self-heals in the end. Again, a standard three-character party would have an easier time damaging multiple targets to scatter his Assists some, then kill the priest asap to more easily take out the rest. Round 7, Dash (to safety when he Runs up to me), Silver (albeit with no Smith), Illusion (to fish), and Spikes (for damage); he starts Round 8 with 2 HP. $:^ ] Dim Trav forward one to bottleneck that hallway entrance and give myself more kiting room if that merc steps forward one to close the gap. Whooo! Silver Bolt and no Block! He's gone! $:^ D Only Gregorious remains. Whoops, he has vamping stabs. $:^ P At this point, I'm just gonna stockpile attacks to finish him in one round despite his heals. As it is, I have to wait through eleven more cards in my draw pile before shuffling for Silversmith again. Rounds 9-18, wheeee. Round 19, welp, no Silversmith, but I suddenly drew two more Silver Bolts to go with the other two I'd slowly accumulated. Might as well see what this 24 damage in hand can do for me (vs. his 18 HP). BAH, Greater Heal. $¦^ | Plus Heal. I guess I'll hang onto my other two after all. (I know he exhibits Defensiveness right now, but I don't want to face more stabs.) ~ Round 21, Smith! I fire two Bolts, he Heals for 5, and I Spike him (after a little fishing) for his remaining 6! Sweet victory. Looks like the priest carried St. Trobor's Mace and one of the warriors wore a Recruit's Coat. I'd say "mine now," but *pssh,* 2g is mine now. $:^ J


    So yes, (@winner,) a bunch of damage + preventing divine intervention seems the way to go here: thwarting Defensiveness, blocking LoS, etc.
    And Parry. Lots of Parry. For your 1/1/1 party of course.

    I'm still pretty tied up offline. Not sure when we'll return to tackle the lord himself.

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