Tips for the only 1HP quests?

Discussion in 'Adventure Discussion and Strategy' started by StormbringerGT, Aug 15, 2013.

  1. StormbringerGT

    StormbringerGT Mushroom Warrior

    I am looking for general tips on the 1HP challenge. Not really for any specific board really, since I haven't done even a one of them yet. Any ideas deck synergy or specific cards I should be looking for? This seems like it will be brutally hard on some maps compared to the other challenges.
  2. Tobold

    Tobold Goblin Champion

    One thing that can work on some maps for the 1 HP challenge is the Resistant Hide / Firestorm combo. You basically make your characters immune to magic damage, then burn everything down with magic fire to every character on the board.
  3. Mutak

    Mutak Goblin Champion

    3 Elven Mages, Reflexive Teleport, Jump Back, Frost Spells, etc. Do whatever you can to NOT get hit.
  4. Lance

    Lance Goblin Champion

    I would advise using level 1 characters for the first several Quests. Although, it may seem counter intuitive. This will minimize your deck size and increase the odds of drawing useful cards. For some quests you may want a specific level party, using the fact that with each level comes a larger deck and less of a chance to draw specific cards to your advantage. I for example used a party of three level 1 elf wizards all equipped with miscellaneous staffs and each one a Burning Bangle. It is easy to get several copies of when you consider it is only a level 5 common. There are perhaps better or preferable items, but none as easy to get a few copies of.

    If your wanting to use non-wizard characters you will most likely need to collect some good epic and rare weapons and divine weapons, such as: Nifty Halberd, Hefty Stout Club, Leaden Maul, Martyr's Pick, Club Of Wrath, Mace Of The Angry Novice, Vigun's Blessed Blade, or if your not doing the 1 HP Quest a personal favorite Vampire's Blade. Sufficeth to say, in order to succeed in a Quest a Shiny Blade just won't cut it. :D

    Stone Shards is great if your looking for a no talent cost Reflexive Teleport. Although, evasive builds are luck based, and I would advise against them.
  5. Oberon

    Oberon Hydra

    All mages works pretty well on the lower levels.

    As things get more difficult, I've only had any luck with multiple priests with lots of impenetrable nimbus.

    Personally I think these would still be challenging, but a bit more manageable if they cut your HP in half (or maybe even a third).
  6. Mutak

    Mutak Goblin Champion

    Agree. The 1 HP version for higher levels should stay but give an epic instead of a rare.
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  7. progammer

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    Lifesaving Block is another card you can stack for this quest. 2 Reliable Mail help as well if you can handle the incoming damage.

    Another strategy is to stack wall of stone + volcano/firestorm with resistant hide.
  8. Karstedt

    Karstedt Goblin Champion

    This is tough... got through the level 6 ones without too much trouble, but then you get into a lot of stuff that while isn't normally hard, they seem geared to hitting you fast. And I can't draw a damn resistant hide for crap. Seriously, I'm lucky if one of my level 4 wizards get's one within the first few turns.

    Are you guys that are doing these spending a lot of gold reviving, or do your epic firestaff wizards do pretty well? I only have 4 firestorm cards that don't require power tokens. I'm thinking some power tokens might be needed so I can throw in some good blocking terrain in lieu of perfect lowbie combos.

    An impenetrable spamming priest with 2 berserk warriors has occurred to me as well, since I can get around 8 nimbus on a priest, higher level of course, but still enough to draw regularly (more so that my measly single resistant hide even in a level 4 deck).
  9. Armoek

    Armoek Mushroom Warrior

    I have found that the higher level 1 hp quests are doable using a nimbus priest, smoke bomb wizard and mass damage warrior.
  10. Karstedt

    Karstedt Goblin Champion

    Finally did escape from prison. Tried a bunch of combos but the one that made it was 2 priests and a wizard. Priests basically took the highest damage weapons I had so I could one shot those damn dirty dogs, spent my tokens on shielding tokens for both and got some lifesaving blocks on my rusted armor. My wiz basically had lightning and spent my token on sarigo's rod for the 2 path of knives. Plus a little luck, Scar started with ill fitting armor.
  11. Galdred

    Galdred Mushroom Warrior

    I did all the 1HP up to lvl 8 with 3 firestorm mages, without using more than 4 revive per mission. The Staff Of The Inferno were invaluable helping clear those, as was the Wym's Lavastaff (but this one is much more problematic to find), and the firehide robes. I bought most of my sets at randimar(I was lucky to get the Lavastaff as another quest drop). As soon as I got the blue tokens available, I used smoke/wall against ranged opponents, and cone of ice/winds of war against melee (I had to rely on telekinesis and force blast before the blue tokens were available). Until I got enough resistant hides and firestorm in hand. I don't think it will work at higher level, though (the geomancer one was really hard with all these wall collapses killing all my team).
  12. Karstedt

    Karstedt Goblin Champion

    I burned my stash on on the legendary staff with two firestorm and 4 force cones.... haven't seen the inferno staff, but that would have been a lot cheaper.
  13. I am at a loss with some of the 1 hp quests. Here are the ones I am missing. Anyone finished one of these:

    lvl9: Gladiatorial arena finals. First one should be doable with whirlwind enemies, second and third don't look too problematic. Done. Thanks galdred!
    lvl 10:Sinister wood. Starting next to the big tree is so deadly and sparklers don't help. Done! Thanks Galdred.
    lvl 10: The viscous tombs. Haven't really tried it. Cone of cold and kiting? Done. wall of stone +firestorm wins easily. Thanks me.
    lvl 10: Against the cockroaches. Haven't really tried it. I guess whirlwind enemies should take care of the second level. Done. Thanks minmaxer.
    lvl 11: Goblins in the woods: The level with spiders and shredders is killing me.
    lvl 11: Pools of slime: Same as viscous tombs. Done. Wall of stone + Firestorm as always. With a bit of cone of cold.
    lvl 11: Descent to the core: Rockfall is so annoying. But I guess you should be able to wall yourself in with the geomancers helpfully adding to the duration. Done. Thanks minmaxer.
    lvl 12: Tree forts of the goblin king. First level sparklers and shredders. So nasty. Done. Firestorm plus wall of stone again. Second level was the nastiest. Thanks me.
    lvl 12: Temple of Scales. Not really tried this one, but tons of lizardmen are nasty and I lack volcano items. Done. 1-3 are easy. 4 took about 15 tries.
    lvl 13: High mountain pass. Not really tried this one. I guess immortal priest should work. Done immortal priest worked.
    lvl 13-14: astral shrine: Rockfall victory points and only ranged attackers are pretty hard.
    lvl 16: Attack of the war monkeys: Second level is just terrible. Monkeys from every direction. Maybe stack free moves and cones of cold to win via victory squares?
    lvl 16-17: trees: Acorn bombardment destroys everything. I guess walling in could work.
  14. Galdred

    Galdred Mushroom Warrior

    lvl9 (Gladiatorial Arena qualifiers) first one was very very hard for me, but I still used the firestorm loadout. I eventually managed to get enough smoke then wall to shield my mages, while freezing the opposing ones through cones of ice. Of the 3 mages, 1 use energy, one use lightning, and the last one frost, so the resistant hide offers little protection. The last two maps were quite easy compared to the first one.

    Edit : I thought you were asking about the qualifiers. The final was a bit "easier". I opened with elf mobility (had 1 copy per character) to get them out of range. The AI camped the objective zone. A cone of ice, and some lava/fireballs/firestorm took care of the rest. It is very hard to do everything on time, though, as you need to clear the opponents before they get too many points. WWE would probably work indeed.
    I haven't finished the Sinister Wood yet, but I plan to try to oppen with elf mobility , advanced telekinesis, quick runs or flank move to get at least 2 characters out of range of the tree.
  15. Mirkel

    Mirkel Goblin Champion

    Haven't actually done those, but Smoke Bomb should help with most of the ranged enemies. It even prevents the AEs if you use it far enough close to the enemies and away from you.
  16. Minmaxer

    Minmaxer Kobold

    I did both of these with 3 lvl 4 wizards. Two of the wizards had Staff Of The Inferno and Firehide Robes and loaded up on traits for cycling. For against the cockroaches you want Armorbane Pendant.
    Geomancers won't cast Rockfall if there is already a terrain attachment on that square, so stand in the lava with a Resistant Hide.
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  17. Galdred

    Galdred Mushroom Warrior

    Sinister Woods : Just managed to do it with 3 elven Firestorm mages. The 1st mission is the hardest with the good mobility of the spiders and the 4 range attacks of the tree. You might want some armor not to die on a root attack (didn't use anything else than firehide robes though).I walled the southern tree, took out one spider on turn 1 (got lucky with AI bad priorization), lost 1 mage on turn 1 and another one on turn 2 ( right after he got the resistant hide). As it is the first mission, it's easy to restart if starting hand is not good (I like one resistant hide, one cone of cold, and a wall to start this one).
    I don't remember having much trouble on part 2.
    Part 3 worked well with elf mobility to get away from the tree Basically, it all boiled down to escaping the central area, keeping a resistant hide mage alive while you deal with the spiders.
    Still lost one mage on turn 1 to a wisp, though, but they focused the one with resistant hide afterwards, and I could trade the other mage against 2 spiders after which it became easy ( just never get in loss of the center big tree, and pepper him with fire ember and firestorm until he dies, while you throw everything at the wisp that only do eletrical damage).
    It took me 10 tries for 1st map, and only 1 for 2nd and 3rd.
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  18. Thanks for the tips. Those were indeed easy. 11 more to go.
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  19. Snowcrash000

    Snowcrash000 Mushroom Warrior

    What I don't get about the 1HP quests is how you are supposed to do the really low level ones. There is no tokenless gear good enough for them, or at least I have seen any.
  20. Jarmo

    Jarmo Snow Griffin

    The good tokenless gear is rare and takes time to gather (as does getting really good at the game). The 1 HP quests are probably meant for players who have been with the game a while already. There needs to be something to challenge even the veterans. If all quests could be easily completed as soon as you finished the single player campaign, the whole experience would be over too soon.

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