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  1. Huey Nomure

    Huey Nomure Kobold

    Good morning, Hunters! I began playing MP about two weeks ago (currently high 1200 elo), and being aware of my limited perspective about cards and items, I'd like to have the opinion of more experienced players.

    I have recently found a bunch of high rarity Fire-related items, namely Staff Of A Million Embers, White Flame, Torching Staff, 3xGaudekki's Orb, Rantic's Orb Of Inner Fire. (I have three more Epic items with just Firestorm, but I don't think they really count)

    What I'd like to know is:
    1) The best items to build a strong pyromancer with a bit of terrain/position control
    2) Which items from my inventory/lower rarities I should use while I look out for them.
    3) Whether this kind of build requires a specific playstyle to excel.
    I don't expect a full build as a reply, just a few pointers to avoid newbie traps.

    For context, I now prefer to use Dwarf Wizard for durability, but I'm thinking about trying out Human to maximize Delegate sources and I could be convinced to switch back to Elf if mobility proves to be paramount; I play a standard three-class team with a Werewolf Warrior and a Drain/Bless Cleric, currently both Human because Delegate, and use Wym's Emberplasm Dress as armor as I wait for Vasyl's. I'm also open to advice about these choices.
  2. Pawndawan

    Pawndawan Champion of Cardhuntria

    Good afternoon and welcome to Cardhuntria!

    I haven't played MP in ages, but I can point you to some earlier threads:
    Other general thoughts:
    • Success of (fire) wizards depend on the map rotation and general meta (what you're playing against)
    • (Fire) wizards are considered one of the most legendary heavy builds to play.
  3. Huey Nomure

    Huey Nomure Kobold

    Thank you for the useful sources!
  4. Christofff

    Christofff Guild Leader

    In my experience at playing different fire builds, its success largely depends on whether you have firestarter AND a variety of burn spells during a single turn. Also, you'll need boiling armor. So, having a supporting priest which has some draw spells / inspiration is usually a good option.
  5. Huey Nomure

    Huey Nomure Kobold

    Yeah, I was trying to make an aggressive Priest but I should probably switch to support, The human warrior has difficulties keeping up with dwarfs and melee heavy builds too... Thank you for the pointers!

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