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Discussion in 'Support' started by Jon, Jul 4, 2013.

  1. Jon

    Jon Blue Manchu Staff Member

    Most pizza purchases are credited to your account very quickly, however there can sometimes be a delay if the payment provider (Paypal or Google) delays the payment. In particular, Paypal e-checks can take several days to clear. If you paid with an e-check, please wait for Paypal to tell you that the payment has cleared.

    If you believe the payment has cleared and you still haven't received your pizza, please contact us via our support email: Please include your in-game account name, the date you made the payment and any invoice or transaction IDs in the payment confirmation you received from your payment provider (Paypal or Google).
  2. Banezilla

    Banezilla Mushroom Warrior

    ok here's what its doing for me : ive have tried to buy pizza though paypal and it says its complete but then freezes on the screen to go back to game after i hit the closed button and i get no pizza and my paypal acct. is not charged. is this something that is on your end or paypals end that is broken?

    p.s. before anyone asks : yes i have enough money in my acct. and i am using the right card as well. also sent a email to paypal as well in-case its them that is broken.
  3. Jon

    Jon Blue Manchu Staff Member

    Can you let us know what browser you are using? You could also try checking the browser for javascript errors (google how to do that for your particular browser).
  4. Banezilla

    Banezilla Mushroom Warrior

    ok im using opera for this at the moment. and i finely got it to work. i checked the javascript for errors and it was ok . i reset how it would pop up other window tabs this time , some of them were not active. this time it kept me in the game and popped up a second window tab to paypal so when i hit the close button that window still stayed up and went no where , but i then could go back to the game in other open window tab and it had my pizza waiting for me there. so as long as it pops up another window tab and not over the top of my game window im good . is this intended or a bug ? you should be able to go from the page with the complete button and transition back to game , it would make things easier for most ppl.

    by the way love the game. reminds me of the good old days of playing D&D . thanks for all your hard work .
  5. Jon

    Jon Blue Manchu Staff Member

    That definitely sounds like the new tab/window isn't working the way we designed it to work. What setting did you change in Opera?
  6. Banezilla

    Banezilla Mushroom Warrior

    i opened javascript and went to javascript options and put a check mark in all but the open console on error boxes, also ive tried on explorer also and on there it wont go to paypal at all. i haven't played around on that browers yet to see what all i have to change to make it work on there. if i try and get it going i'll let you know.
  7. I made a payment for some pizza (i have a transaction number) but no pizza in my account yet. It's been almost an hour. Does it normally take this long? Any ideas otherwise?
  8. Banezilla

    Banezilla Mushroom Warrior

    make sure you got a email confirming the transaction also. if you didn't get that then it didn't go though. make sure when you order that you have a second window up with the game running in the background, that's what i had to do, then when u hit the close button on the transaction go to the window with the game still open and the pizza should be there.

    however if you do have an email confirming your payment then email support with the transaction number so that they can get you your pizza.
  9. Thanks. It worked.
  10. kmanweiss

    kmanweiss Kobold

    I've tried buying the basic edition multiple times. I've tried in chrome, firefox, and IE. I get the same issue each time. Paypal goes through, the popup looks good, it gives me the transaction ID and says it's complete, but the original browser gives me an error message about the transaction not going through.
  11. Kingslayer

    Kingslayer Kobold

    I seem to have the same problem as you but I'm not sure what you mean by "I opened Javascript". I opened the "Configure Java" program in the Start Menu but a lot of the options were either/or, so I couldn't tick everything as you said. The only Java setting in Chrome seems to be to turn the entire thing on or off.

    Never mind, I tried again and it worked. The problem seems to have been caused by trying to buy pizza when the GM's older brother first mentions it at the end of the quest. Not only did the pizza purchase fail, but it sent me back to the beginning of that quest as if nothing had happened since*. Trying to purchase again from the world map worked as intended.

    Edit 2
    * Actually, it did remember! Yay. I was back on the world map, but when I clicked on the quest again, it was on the loot screen after the first battle. Phew!
  12. j-wiz

    j-wiz Blue Manchu Staff Member

    This is a long-standing bad naming conflict. "Java" and "JavaScript" are totally separate things. Most web browsers have a built-in way to bring up a console for the JavaScript running in the current page, usually through a "Developer" or "Tools" menu. In Chrome, it's under "Tools" in the utility menu to the right of the address bar.
  13. numskully

    numskully Kobold

    I bought the basic edition and have not received it yet. The paypal payment went through and I received an email that said the transaction worked.

    What should I do now?
  14. Pengw1n

    Pengw1n Moderately Informed Staff Member

  15. Jon

    Jon Blue Manchu Staff Member

    As far as I know, all uncredited purchases through Paypal should now have been rectified. If you are still missing anything, please let us know on

    If you tried to purchase through Google and it rejected the payment, please do try again now. It should be working now.
  16. Toxic Ogre

    Toxic Ogre Kobold

    I paid for a basic account and am having the same issues too, though I think it's because of how echecks in Paypal are handled by the company. It seems that Blue Manchu is waiting for the funds to clear the bank, which is a real disservice to your customers. Paypal suggests doing this to merchants, but that assumes a tangible product is being shipped, and there is an upfront shipping charge the merchant has to pay.

    With digital products, there is very minimal risk to the merchant because there are no front-end charges, furthermore the digital merchant retains control of the product by still being able to do things like suspend accounts if the payment does not go through. Control options, like being able to suspend accounts, are not available to tangible-product merchants who don't have much leverage on a customer if a payment doesn't clear; thus they need to protect themselves in advance.

    Other companies that have similar digital products (MTGO) don't have this restriction. For instance, I have been using Echecks with MTGO, and have never had to wait for a check to clear. So far, this is the only real issue I have with this game, but its a big one. Gamers like me are impulsive, and if we don't receive what we pay for quickly, we tend to move on to different games.

    And last, anyone who has gone through the trouble of setting up an Echecking account through Paypal is probably good for it. It's a big hassle, and I doubt anyone is going to intentionally screw the company by bouncing checks. At the very least, I'd recommend that Blue Manchu allows for at least $100 in Echecks as "good faith" in it's customers. It would be good for business!
  17. qwert_44643

    qwert_44643 Mushroom Warrior

    Im using windows 7 64 bit with chrome internet browser.....can someone tell me how to do the above?
  18. Predaking

    Predaking Orc Soldier

    I normally get my pizza instant through steam. This time im waiting for over an hour. What should I do?
  19. Jarmo

    Jarmo Snow Griffin

    The fastest way is to email with the details of your problem. Please include your login name. Blue Manchu is in Australia so their Monday starts earlier than for most folks, they'll probably look into it then.
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  20. Predaking

    Predaking Orc Soldier

    Thanks, did that. My problem is that the transfer ID is through Steam. Butn I hope they can sort the problem.

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