Ozyola's Oddments #3: Custom Item Submissions!

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  1. Pawndawan

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    What is Ozyola's Oddments? The original OO thread was about Photoshopping silly new cards and/or items. This series is about creating and submitting items that meet the current restrictions similar to the original Aloyzo's Arsenal. Like Aloyzo, Ozyola is also quite temperamental—every month, he may have some restriction on what kind of item he’s willing to make. Still: he might fill your order! Use the form below to request his services.

    (Disclaimer: Do note that this has nothing to do with BM and is only a fan-made homage for your amusement only. )

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Ozyola's Oddments #3
    (closes on Tuesday April 12th (2016-04-12), 12:00 UTC)

    this month's restriction: "Skill item for a new race or class" - 3-card race or class skills only! see clarification below.

    # Order Form
    Every month or so, you have a chance for Ozyola to photoshop an item of your choice. To place an order, make a post in this thread. Limit one post per player per thread. When you place your order, you must include the following information:

    1. Item Name (+ the name of the race or class the item is designed for)
    Ozyola does not guarantee that he will craft your item with the requested name.

    2. Item Slot (e.g. Arcane Item) (+ rarity & item level)
    E.g. "Arcane Item (level 10, Rare, (minortoken))" — Ozyola won't craft your item if you do not at least specify item slot. Posting info about rarity and item level makes it easier & faster to create statistics about the submissions.

    3. Cards
    Ozyola recommends that you only request cards already on existing items of the requested slot, as these enchantments are more likely to work. Dabbling is risky. Especially this time! Posting both text wiki links and images of the cards makes it easier and more pleasant for others to visualize & compare your submission.

    DO NOT submit any accompanying explanation of why your item should be selected. Submit only the above 3 pieces of information. If you need to say more about your item, do it in the Smithy.
    • You do not need to preordain the level or rarity of the item you're ordering, but it is strongly recommended. @Vakaz has set up a tool to make such an endeavor easier if you feel like trying.
    • That said, items of particularly high quality may be too complex for Ozyola to craft.
    (If your submission would be level 21+, it is unlikely to be selected.)
    • Also, Ozyola isn't interested in crafting existing items, so please make sure your idea doesn't already exist in-game by consulting the wiki.

    # Clarification of This Month's Restrictions "Skill item for a new race or class"
    Spring is the season of rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection and regrowth. A chance to create something totally new. The theme this month is to design a class or race skill item for a class / race not featured in CH.

    There is ONE broad category of acceptable submissions this month.
    • Submit only 3-card class or race skill items for a new race or class (that is, anything else than priest, warrior, wizard / elf, dwarf and human skill). Only one skill item / person, so choose either race skill or class skill.
    • REMEMBER TO INCLUDE THE RACE / CLASS NAME that the item is for (if the actual item name doesn't include it already).
    • Ozyola's judging criteria are pretty vague. Consider reading OO #1 & OO #2 submission feedbacks to get a feel for his preferences. Try to be unique and surprising, half-elfs and paladins probably won't win it, unless there's some clever twist.
    • I don't care whether the item is under- or overpowered. But keep these guidelines in mind:
      • Monster cards are allowed, but use those only if it really fits your theme.
      • You can use cards that have not yet been printed on that item type. Use your best judgement and refer to cards.csv's slots column or ask on the discussion thread, if you're unsure.
      • Even though you can use monster cards, class skills should still probably have a trait or two. Try to follow other vague item design rules listed in Item Creation Design Discussion.
    • Since all your items types are essentially new, there are no strict rules for them. If you use Vakaz's tool to determine item values, just use the default (rating), unless you have a (good) reason to use some other rating.
      • If your race / class is warrior-like, using that rating might be justified and so on, but be consistent.
      • You can even come up with own card rating, if you feel some cards should be valued differently for your new race / class. If you use non-default card rating, I would appreciate if you mention it on your submission.
    • Have fun! :)

    # Clarification of Number of Winners
    Ozyola will Photoshop TWO winning items, see below:

    I, Ozyola, will pick one winner. I also create community choice poll, where you can vote for your favorite item. A maximum of ten (10) submissions (that follow the contest restrictions) with most likes will get selected to the community poll, so your likes count too!

    # Rewards
    THERE IS NO IN-GAME PRIZES! This in only social forum game / event.

    What you get if Ozyola accepts your order:
    • a Photoshopped version of your item, delivered straight to the forums!
    • I will also try to make a short video, where I talk about my favorites and/or other submissions.
    • I will also try to write a short feedback for every submission.

    # Questions
    Can I submit more than one item?
    A: If you want to submit multiple ideas, you have to do it over multiple threads/months. Only one submission per thread!

    Q: I submitted an item last month. Can I submit it again?
    A: Yes, but be warned that it might not be worthy of Ozyola's consideration if it hasn't already been selected. Also, different threads may have different restrictions, so one thread's submission may not qualify the next.

    Q: When do submissions close?
    A: Submissions for OO #3 will close on Tuesday 12th, April 12:00 UTC.

    Q: Is there anything that will instantly disqualify my item?
    A: Follow the month's design restrictions and you'll be fine. If you'd rather try to be silly/funny or just want to break the rules (instead of maybe just slightly bending them), consider using the original Ozyola's Oddments: Custom Item Photoshopping! thread instead.

    Other questions? Suggestions for upcoming themes, collaboration offers for videos, etc. Ask / post in the discussion thread.

    Please only post in this thread to submit an order. Thanks!
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  3. 40c_rudy

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  5. Hidden Jaguar

    Hidden Jaguar Lizardman Priest

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  6. Maniafig

    Maniafig Thaumaturge

    1. Ace Attorney's Badge (Rules Lawyer)
    2. Legal Skill (Level 21, (majortoken), Legendary)
    3. Sue, Bluff, Turnabout

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    2x Evidence (6 cards)
    3x Legal Text (Divine/Arcane item-like)
    1x Attorney Suit (Armor cards)
    1x Briefcase (Block and boost cards)
    1x Boots (Boots)
    1x Legal Skill
    1x Racial Skill
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  7. Lucky Dice

    Lucky Dice Thaumaturge

    Careless Offense
    Berserker Skill (Lv 7, Epic)

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  8. SceoMyntan

    SceoMyntan Fire Demon

    Chickening Out
    Bird Skill
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Racial slot.
    Level 15, [​IMG] , Epic

    Lower rarity if Fly is Common for birds.
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  9. gulo gulo

    gulo gulo Guild Leader

    Artemis' Blessing
    Dryad Skill, Level 12 Common (minortoken)

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  10. Inkfingers

    Inkfingers Thaumaturge

  11. Mama Mia

    Mama Mia Hydra

  12. seth arue

    seth arue Thaumaturge

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  13. Hellish Baptizer (Race: Demon) (I picture this class as a hybrid of fire mage/unholy priest)
    Demonic Skill (Level 21, Rare, (majortoken))
    Lava Pool, Grasping Arms, Meltdown
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  14. Dragudo

    Dragudo Kobold

    Cursed Lineage (Were is the class, followed by race. Ex Werewolf, Werrabbit, etc.)
    'Were' Skill (Level 21, Legendary, Major Token)
    Savage Blessing.jpg Near-Steel Hide.jpg Unstoppable Charge.jpg
  15. Adunien

    Adunien War Monkey

    1. U Shall Not Pass (Fundalf)
    2. Wizzord's Skill (level 18, (majortoken), Epic)
    3.[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    I think that the Wizard's Hat is overcosted and it should be silver (B).
  16. WexMajor

    WexMajor Thaumaturge

    1. Living Battery (Sentient Robot)
    2. Power skill
  17. Fanturluche

    Fanturluche Thaumaturge

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  18. degensquared

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  19. Dieben

    Dieben Lizardman Shopkeeper

  20. BlackVoidDeath

    BlackVoidDeath Guild Leader

    Competative Sprinter
    Marathon Runner Skill
    x1 Sprint | x1 Rushing Aura | x1 Trip
    Level 6 | Tokenless | Common
    (But you can change these if you want it to look better)
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