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  1. Phaselock

    Phaselock Bugblatter

    Die Hard ! (AotA version)

    Three priests and a wizard are holed up in an aztec house having breakfast when the jungle grows silent. The eerie stillness is suddenly pierced by the shrill battlecries of gnarls, cats, idols and flensers.


    Killing a bunch of the riffraff forces the rest to retreat. Your party resumes the interrupted breakfast.

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  2. Cavern Confrontation!

    Setting: Fighter Unit has been malfunctioning and has somehow found its way into a dank cavern.

    Fighter unit has fallen into a cavern! Upon repairing some of its circuits it scans the area and finds that it is not alone! A horde of unsavory creatures are that inhabit these caves have been alerted to its presence! Fighter unit tries but fails to communicate with Clerical Unit or Magic Using Unit!
    With its communications blocked by the winding cave walls it must find a place to call for help before the hostile inhabitants of the cave destroy it!


    Help arrives to clear the rest of the creatures out of the cavern. Fighter Unit claims the cave in the name of its master Cardotron2000. While cleaning the bodies away Fighter Unit helps itself to the items dropped by the caverns former residents.

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  3. Pokemath

    Pokemath Mushroom Warrior

    Get Off My Lawn!
    It was a beautiful day in eastern Cardhuntria, and the necromancer Alet Zhav was working on a brand new summoning spell to summon tons of Zombies with his trusty Wisps. These were no ordinary zombies, however, as Alet Zhav had changed from his evil days. These zombies would not do evil, but simply do Zhav's housework for him.Last time he tried to cook, he almost fried the chain on his own reincarnation spell! He was right in the middle of making zombies when he heard a sharp knock at his door, followed by a loud bark.

    "This is the 29th Regiment of Adventurers! Relinquish your necromantic wares or watch as we take them by force!"

    "Get off my lawn!" the necromancer snapped. "I'm trying to do something good for once in my life. Can't an old necromancer just live in peace?"

    "We're barging in!" a voice that sounded like sandpaper shouted. "Release your evil goods!"

    Zhav groaned. "Wisps, protect the rune circle in my bedroom. If I have enough time, I can set off a protection spell from the circle. Anything you electrocute should help the spell too." He then turned, cracked his bony knuckles, and began muttering the spell…


    Zhav’s spell ended with a loud shout. Just in time he remembered to point his wand at the adventurers as a sonic boom shook the house. His altar began to glow a sickeningly bright red. The runes began flying off the circle, floating outside Zhav’s room. The remaining dogs whimpered and turned tail, never to be forced to fight the 29th Regiment’s battles ever again. With a large burst of blaze-red light, the remnants of the 29th Regiment disappeared in a puff of smoke. When the smoke cleared, only a few broken weapons and a couple satchels laid on the ground.

    The necromancer sighed and began muttering another summoning spell. After all, someone had to clean up this mess.

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  4. Golfclubninja

    Golfclubninja Kobold

    Setting:A big day at SouthSpear Stadium

    Four LizardMen were captured and sold to a wealthy man, who will use them to settle a bet with a friend. The LizardMen don't like it at the start, but when the wealthy man tells them he will let then free, they jump to it. As the gates in tp the arena open, they see a pile of gold and valuble objects, as well as some kobolds on the other side.


    Epilouge: As you slay the last kobold, you all sigh in relief. And a couple days later, your temporary master lets you go, with a little reward of course!

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  5. bigdiff

    bigdiff Kobold

    Game of Kings


    Account: BigDiff

    Text to Display:

    The Game of Kings is more than just a brutal bloodbath, it's a showcase of power and pride. The goblin squadron led by King Guztuk are the clear underdogs in this year's match-up but their grit and determination should not be underestimated. Facing a legion of fire and undeath, do the the goblins have what it takes to survive the Game of Kings?
    With a final slice of his blade, Guztuk fells the undead king. Victorious, Guztuk rallies his remaining soldiers and collects the winning bounty. The crowd swells with adoration and cheer for the goblin king, wondering if he will return for next year's Game of Kings!

    Additional Comments:

    After browsing through the custom scenarios forum section for similar chess-style campaigns I'm hoping my take addresses some of the issues previous map designers had faced. Reducing the number of combatants makes the match quicker and easier to play. By giving the AI stronger units (and not the same ones as the player) I had hoped the campaign required more strategy and difficulty rather than relying on luck and random AI decision-making. Finally, with a good variance of enemy units the player must choose which threat to eliminate first (Oggencot hurts, especially with no Blocks or Armor =/).

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  6. supersatyr001

    supersatyr001 Kobold

    The New Throne (Reign of Blizzy Part 1)
    Account Name: supersatyr001

    (vs Gary, Halfway through game)

    Prologue: After centuries of hiding and sleeping, you, the Great Serpent Blizkenripper, have decided to take what is rightfully yours: The entire land of Cardhuntria! You fly out of your dark mountain cave and find a favorable clearing in the nearby woods. Using your superb artistic skills (which the other dragons fail to notice) paired with your arctic abilities, you create a lovely throne for you to sit on and contemplate your next target for conquest. But you have barely sat down when the scent of those wretched, territorial, goblins reach your gaping nostrils. No doubt they are here to chip away at your masterpiece with their crummy tools. You must crush these limp-armed maggots before they ruin your masterpiece!

    Epilogue: Licking the oily taste of goblin scum off your tongue, you turn, to once again admire your work. But alas! The sculpture of ice is already melting! Biting back disappointment, you grudgingly flap away to find a new place to conduct your dastardly doings. Ice isn't as strong as you are after all!

    Hints: Goblin shields, however small, are quite effective at blocking your icy breath. Try to target the same group until they run out of blocks.
    When it comes to defending the throne, 4 goblins equal one of you!
    In most cases, the goblins' attacks can't get past your magnificent coat, so staying in melee range isn't an issue. Your swings are too powerful for them to negate with their weak arms.

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  7. supersatyr001

    supersatyr001 Kobold

    A Great Injustice (Reign of Blizzy Part 2)
    Account Name: supersatyr001


    Prologue: As you fly over the valley searching for a place to contemplate your evil concoctions, you hear the shrill cry of a wyvern infant far, far below you in the trees. You stop, hovering, to make sure the cry of the little dragon-kin's mother will sound in result. However, the cries only seem to get louder and more desperate. You dive, to get closer to the sound. As you attempt to locate the origin of the sound, you capture the aroma of cooked wyvern flesh! (You were around when some wyverns and a couple of red dragons... well, that's a different story) You also begin to hear cruel laughter and spashing. Your rage is growing, and you can feel the air around you freeze. Now, you have found the cave; complete your descent, crush these scourges, and save the whelp, in the name of dragon kind!

    Epilogue: You spit in disgust at the sight of the butchered mother, and turn your attention to the infant. It's scratched and bruised, but alive and healthy. He looks up at you solemnly. You remember wyverns are quite strong for their size, and this one has seemed to take a liking for you. You fly off with the infant in tow, thrilled that you have found your first follower!

    (And if the rest of the world hits as hard as those damned dwarves, you'll need him.)

    Hints: The Dwarves are already slow, so as long as you keep them cold, you can keep them, and their scale-breaking blows, at bay.

    If the baby's still on the island, then killing the elves will guarantee (kinda) it's safety.

    Mercenaries don't always drop their guard, but when they do, take advantage of it!

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  8. supersatyr001

    supersatyr001 Kobold

    Coldly Removed (Reign of Blizzy Part 3)
    Account Name: supersatyr001

    Prologue: The sun begins to set on the mountain valley. Your wyvern begins to fall asleep, but you, having slept for centuries, are still searching for a base of operations. You try to think of a good mountain cold enough to support your magnificent sculptures, looking to the mountains around you. Suddenly, a flash of light shines in the distance followed by a thunderous boom. You face the source of the sound, and see the dying glow coming from a keep, undoubtedly made by those foolish humans. You fly over to investigate, leaving the woods to the vast prairies. It appears you are not the only curious soul, as the human farmers are rushing out of their hovels to look to the sinister keep at the base of the fast approaching mountains. But, you see with delight, the expressions of terrified humans as they see the magnificence of an Alabaster Dragon overhead! You laugh, your voice coming out in a staggered roar. As you get closer to the keep, you get the stench of ... Demons! Higher Demons of one of the more repulsing breed. You curse, as only those ambitious insects would open a doorway to the lower planes! And you are NOT going to allow them into your realm! A small town surrounds the keep, filled with more shocked humans. You freeze the air around you making a spectacular display of snow as you make your way to the courtyard in question. You will give these maggots a sight to behold!

    Epilogue: You shake the boiling ichor of the demons off your hide. You notice that the crushed and mangled corpse of the wizard dons a crown. You look out to the hushed masses. This wretched man was their leader? A few human peasants are no problem to such a mighty specimen as yourself, but a nation? You crouch, expecting arrows and thrown spears, but the humans seem to be stunned. A long moment passes, when as one, the insects cheer. They cheer! The humans are happy to be rid of this man! You drop, to their midst, testing them, challenging them, but instead of attacking, they throw themselves upon you giving thanks. You smile, for even though a community of dirty humans aren't much of a kingdom, having people to admire your greatness is a lovely prize.

    Hints: The Mantis' acid eats through scales and leaves you vulnerable to the guards' attacks!
    You can't let your new follower die, its unjust!

    This will be the Reign trilogy, but I suppose each could stand alone. (Well, not with the story, but with some expository text that could be fixed.)

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  9. tuknir

    tuknir #3 in Spring PvP Season

    Map Name: Chess Conundrum

    You must handle to the Astral Guardians.

    After two weeks of torture, as punishment for trying to unveil some of their secrets, they throw you into a arena to defend yourself.

    Why waste time and resources taking care of prisoners when its much easier and fun just to see you fight to the death against some of they own renegades..

    Give a good show and survive, and you may yet still see the sun again...
    Your captors just pick you up and throw you in the near woods.

    Your reward for a brutal contest and a good show: your freedom

    Chess Conundrum.jpg

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  10. The Sacred Relic!

    Slimes, puddings, and all manner of things that go "squish" have found a wonderful relic! But all is not well in slimy town as a group of dwarves have caught word of the windfall and attempt to snatch the treasure away! The sacred relic must be protected at all costs!


    As the dwarves dissolve into nascent nutrients, the mucous mob rejoices as they are now free to worship the beautiful bounty that lay before them. Their grandiose genuflection blesses them with intriguing items.

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  11. Public Execution. Version 2.
    The air is alive with the sounds of the bloodthirsty crowd as you are led to the platform. Your crimes against Cardhuntrians fuel their fervor.

    Guards surround you as you are led to the executioners block. You laugh as the crowd jeers, it is like music. As the warden asks your last words, you break a vial of dark energies that you kept hidden within your body! You chant dark incantations as the energies perforate your being, mutating it! With a deepening voice, you shout, "Fools! You cannot stop me!" as the transformations warp your body into that of a horrid creature!


    You manage to slaughter the warden and the guards while making your escape. Your human intellect starts fading fast as the dark energies mutate your brain to that of the horrid creature. You have violent urges and seek out caves as shelter. The end of your human life has come as your conscious fades.

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  12. Flaxative

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  13. tuknir

    tuknir #3 in Spring PvP Season

    You hate those damn storges? have no fear.. play as then and suck the blood of the innocent...

    Map name: Near Dawn

    You fell weak...
    You hunger for blood...
    Dawn is coming...
    You and your fellow brothers got separated from the pack.Secure shelter and food for the day,kill all inside the temple, but be fast before the commotion attracts unwanted attention

    The blood of the innocent will keep you strong till the night comes. Enjoy it

    note: some of the spwans are "random" so enemys can appea rin different places
    Near Dawn.jpg

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  14. Scarponi

    Scarponi Moderator

    Earthquake at the Zoo

    Egads! There's been an earthquake and some of the walls at the Cardhunter Zoo have given way! There are still some young boys trapped inside with all sorts of wild exotic creatures which are now on the loose! Hurry, you and your partner must stop the animals from taking over the Zoo and killing the boys. Just pray that the Sharkbear is still contained!

    Earthquake at the Zoo.jpg

    Congratulations, your quick work has saved the people of Cardhuntria! And though the animals were destroyed, when the Zoo has been rebuilt I'm sure there are plenty of Card Hunters that can be found that will catch us some new and wonderful creatures!

    EDIT: Due to a change in the human servant's decks a while back I'm not sure if this scenario can be beaten as is, so I went in and made some changes. The new version (2) is now also attached. Note the story should now read:

    Egads! There's been an earthquake and some of the walls at the Cardhunter Zoo have given way! There is a young boy and his grandfather trapped inside with all sorts of wild exotic creatures which are now on the loose! Hurry, you and your partners must stop the animals from taking over the Zoo and killing the visitors. Just pray that the Sharkbear is still contained!

    The epilogue remains unchanged.

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  15. tuknir

    tuknir #3 in Spring PvP Season

    Ok, i recycled a old map i had, and tryed messing around with the new tags.

    So basics: Killing won't award points, only by caping the victory square. Enemy team will respawn every round, except for the machines. Can you fight your way to the point, defend yours at same time and survive long enough to get the win?

    Note: atm it will only work on the test server(until the tags come live server)

    UnHoly War (Wave).jpg

    Unholy War


    The Underworld is a buzz. Terrible news.
    A group of holy men created a artifact that makes all good aligned folk come back from the death over and over and over again.
    As a necromancer, you see this as a horrible act against your dark god and yourself-
    Since time is short you gather a small group of your undead followers and prepare for carnage.
    You storm the holy ground where this group is gathering..
    Rampage throw their ranks, destroy the artifact and let none escape


    The white marble floor now is crimson red. Victory is yours.
    You destroyed then all and secure the artifact. In time you will be able to subvert is power to aid your dark cause

    EDITED: after some more games, respawning every turn seems to make the map really hard, so i added a second version with respawnPeriodTwo instead of one.

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  16. Kalin

    Kalin Begat G'zok

    Miriam the Immortal
    by Kalin

    Two terrifying dragons have taken up residence on a nearby mountain, daily harassing the human homesteads nearby. Local rulers are offering rewards for their heads, increasing the reward every time a party of heroes fails to return.

    One day a priestess calling herself "Miriam the Immortal" heads up the mountain with her servants...


    The well-named Miriam returns with two dragon heads in her wagon and her pockets suspiciously full.

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  17. Scarponi

    Scarponi Moderator

    I know there probably won't be another MM before Halloween, but here's a scenario for those who want a new Halloween map.


    An undead mob is trying to steal your oozilicious candy hoard hidden in the stem of your pumpkin board, can you defend it?


    Your candy stash is safe for now, don't eat it all in one night!

    EDIT: Updated scenario with upper doodads and GM bits.

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  18. Scarponi

    Scarponi Moderator

    Okay, another Halloween related one...
    Edit: Alternate version uploaded.

    Trick or Treat?
    Oh no! The trick-or-treaters have been coming all night and you've run out of candy! You sent someone out to get more, but the sugar crazed hoards are getting restless, they will only be appeased by their high fructose ambrosia! The children are turning into the monsters they have dressed up as, they won't take no for an answer! Can you hold them off long enough to prevent them from destroying your house, or even worse, destroying you?! Hold fast, but know even if you can persuade them to leave, more will be coming ready to ring your bell! You'll have to survive until the candy arrives.

    Trick or Treat.jpg

    Good news! The candy is here! You made it, now you can send the little monsters home to their mothers!

    *The only way to earn victory points is to stay alive.

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  19. Kalin

    Kalin Begat G'zok

    Melvelous the Magnificent in the Malicious Maze
    by Kalin

    Karen.png Alright Melvin, here's a perfectly intellectual challenge for you:

    Can Melvelous the Magnificent escape the Malicious Maze in five rounds? There will be no shuffling, no dice, no points for killing enemies, nothing except pure logic.

    These are the cards you will draw each round:
    1. Run, Run, Energize, Energize, Stone Spikes
    2. Run, Stone Spikes, Stone Spikes, Stone Spikes
    3. Run, Powerful Spark, Powerful Spark, Powerful Spark
    4. Run, Unholy Curse, Arcing Spark, Arcing Spark
    5. Run, Arcing Spark, Defensiveness, Defensiveness, Defensiveness, Shimmering Aura, Teleport Other

    Enemies will respawn on odd numbered rounds.


    Congratulations, that was a truly magnificent analysis of the board.

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  20. Rust-ic Rendezvous.

    Rusty, the misunderstood Rust Creature, was taking a walk through the woods when he saw a crime in progress! An alliance of Goblins & Lizardmen have seized control of Rusty's small storage shed of coins meant to save the First Orphanage of Cardhuntria. "What will happen to the children if the money is taken?!" Rusty growls. He leaps into action to defeat these criminals for the children!


    With the fiends slain, Rusty lets out a wail of triumph. The orphanage is saved! Rusty collects the items of the fallen foes as gifts for the young ones.

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