Comprehensive Card Hunter FAQ and Glossary

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    In Game Time
    Multiplayer games have a time constraint for both players, each player’s clock will run during their respective turns and pause during their opponent’s turn. A player who runs out of time before the game completes through normal victory conditions will receive a loss. Standard ranked play gives 20 minutes per player, but leagues and casual games can have different time constraints. See also “Timeouts.”

    Hidden Bandit/Loot Fairy Time
    The Hidden Bandit and Loot Fairy run on the same 25 hour clock. The time until their next move can be found here.

    League Times
    Leagues generally start every 5 hours, the league schedule is posted next to the league button. All times listed are in the player’s local time.

    Server Time
    Card Hunter is a worldwide game and therefore runs its servers on UTC/GMT (Coordinated Universal Time/Greenwich Mean Time). This is why shops and adventures reset at 0:00 GMT. However, because shop and adventure status is checked when a player loads the game, they will not reset live, but at the first game load after 0:00 GMT. Also of note, GMT does not change for any form of daylight savings time; therefore, those people who live in locations that do observe daylight savings time will need to adjust accordingly.
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    In Multiplayer, in addition to a game clock, players are on a hidden timeout clock. If it is a player’s turn and they have been inactive for 2 minutes a prompt will appear asking if they are still there. If they do not respond within 30 seconds, they will lose by inactivity timeout. This clock remains active even if a player disconnects from a game to ensure an opponent will not have to wait indefinitely. There is no timeout clock in the Campaign, but a player who disconnects from a Campaign battle will only be able to rejoin it if they return within 10 minutes.
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    Touch Of Death

    This card is a magic attack and not a melee attack. It will not trigger melee blocks or be boosted by melee frenzy.
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    This armor grants immunity to one damage source even if that damage is penetrating. This card does not cancel the attack and therefore non-damage aspects of an attack will still take place. Toughness is armor and will be discarded by any cards that cause armor discard.
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    There is no way to trade items among players nor is there likely to ever be an option to do so as it makes account abuse too easy. It’s Card Hunter, go forth and hunt!
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    When a trait is drawn it must be played before any non-trait card is played. If more than one trait is drawn, they may be played in whatever order the player chooses. Playing a trait does not end a player’s turn. Many traits are attachments, but not all. The card draw for a trait counts against a player's draw limit in multiplayer games.
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    Unpreventable Damage

    Unpreventable damage may not be reduced or prevented in any way even by cards such as Impenetrable Nimbus or Toughness.

    EXCEPTION: While Negative Energy Being will not technically prevent the damage, it will convert it to healing.
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    Utility Cards

    Cards of this type produce effects that are neither purely offensive nor supportive when played. They are recognized by the purple background color of the card. Examples of what these cards can do include creating attachments (Flash Flood), removing attachments (Purge, Cleansing Ray), moving characters (Whirlwind, Telekinesis) etc.
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    Wings Of Faith

    This card gives fly only to cards with the move keyword. It therefore will not affect cards that step or push, etc.
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    Zone of Control

    All squares adjacent to a character are considered to be part of their zone of control. All characters must stop if they enter a square under an enemy’s zone of control. A single map square may be in multiple character’s zones of control.
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    Resetting/Deleting User Accounts

    Accounts cannot be reset or deleted by users. There is rarely a reason to reset or delete accounts other than a game bug. There are few if any in game things that cannot be undone or re-earned. If something happened that was undesired, try looking into how to undo it before abandoning an account entirely. If a reset or account deletion is still desired it has to be manually done by one of the game developers (a time consuming process and another reason to use it only as a last resort), but can be requested by emailing

    Stuck Accounts

    On rare occasions accounts get bugged and result in a stuck state. If the game appears stuck, try refreshing your browser to reload the game, this will clear the majority of problems. Also, if it’s early in your Card Hunter experience make sure that you haven’t failed to follow one of Gary’s prompts to continue to unlock game play (such as going to your Keep after completing the Level 1 adventures). If your account is indeed bugged, email or post the problem in this thread, either way make sure to include your account name.
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    Co-Op is a feature allowing 2-3 players to work together as a team in a game. While co-op is still very much Card Hunter, it's also a very unique playing experience. The majority of co-op details can be found here. Below are a few additional and/or clarifying details.

    For campaign play, the general rule is that the team leader can initiate a match at any adventure in any mode they could attempt on their own.

    For a team vs. team co-op game in Multiplayer mode, have one team leader from one team invite another player from the other team into a casual game. At this point all members of each team will be pulled into the match. Entering a co-op game will forcibly eject you from any other match you are playing, so don't enter another game while waiting for co-op!

    In-game functionality:

    In co-op each player can see their teammates' hands, and have access to a team chat tab for strategizing.

    If a player plays a card with cantrip, it will be that player's turn again, acting as if none of their teammates have passed yet.
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    Mass Moves

    Shuffle/Walk/Run/Dash/Sprint/Scuttle, Team!
    This card will push all allies of the character playing the card but not the character itself. The order of movement will be party order.

    Team Walk
    This card provides the character playing it a move of range two. After this move, it then also will allow the moving of all other allies; the order of movement will be party order.

    Muscle Through
    When this card slides all adjacent characters, the order of movement will be first all enemies and then all allies. Within those groups, the characters will be moved in party order.

    Violent Spin

    When this card pushes all adjacent characters, the order of movement will be first all enemies and then all allies. Within those groups, the characters will be moved in party order.

    Elvish Scamper
    The order of movement will be first all allies and then all enemies. Within these groups characters will move in party order.
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    Cardinal and Intercardinal Directions

    Though unmarked, Card Hunter has an official "North Pole." Every board has a directional orientation where North is the board edge to the upper left and the other directions follow from there. Thus a board's directions break down like this:

    Board Compass.jpg
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    Not to be confused with Ranked Standings.

    Standing is a value retained for each player on the meta site. It is an unofficial statistic, though it has been used in the past to determine eligibility for official CH events.

    For each ranked game played, a player will earn or lose standing points. Any win is worth +1 point. Additionally if a player is defeated but has earned at least 2 stars and his opponent has at least 4 stars, the defeat is still worth +1. However, if the player loses a game before earning 2 stars and/or before the player's opponent has 4 stars (such as by resigning early), that player will earn -2 points.

    Standing has a maximum value of 10, but no minimum value; it can become a negative value and continue to become increasingly negative.
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    Toughened Hide Strips

    The healing property of this card will be triggered if it's discarded in any way, including enemy cards causing it to be discarded from one's hand or when it is drawn from the deck and immediately discarded by an action that searches the deck for a card type (such as could happen with a card such as Pathfinding).
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    Auto Block

    Some cards affect multiple characters but still require targeting (e.g. Gusts Of War), these cards still target specific characters and thus would not trigger the keep text for Auto Block. Cards that target a board location such as burst attacks do not target characters and therefore would trigger the keep function of Auto Block. (See Targeting Types.)
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    Laser Beacon

    A character can be affected by multiple laser beacons at the start of a round, but each one resolves separately with any applicable damage modifiers. Thus damage reduction by armor will come into play multiple times for multiple laser beacons. Keep in mind for game play mechanics, Laser Beacons are terrain, not guns. Thus they don't "target" and characters with Hover attached will not be affected by Laser Beacon terrain.
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    Mandatory Action

    Traits must be played before mandatory actions, but mandatory action cards must be played before all other types of cards. Unlike traits, mandatory actions count as your action when played and do not permit you to play another card that turn unless the mandatory action has cantrip. If you have two or more mandatory actions in your hand(s), you may play them in whatever order you choose.
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