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  1. Scarponi

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    Disorienting Block

    If the caster of a card blocked by Disorienting Block is moved by the block in such a way as to lose either line of sight or range to the target (including an area effect targeting a square and not a character), the entire card will be canceled even if it would have otherwise affected additional characters.
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    Draw Limit

    In ranked multiplayer and league games, all players have a draw limit for each round of play. The draw limit is shown by a small grey circle next to each character’s deck. Every time a character draws a card outside of his standard beginning-of-the-round draw, the entire team’s draw limit is reduced by 1. If the team’s draw limit reaches 0 in a given round no character on that team will be able to draw any additional cards for the rest of the round. At the beginning of each round the draw limit is reset back to 10.

    If a card initiates card draw and some or all the cards drawn are discarded as part of the action of that card draw (e.g. Inspirational Thinking, non-move cards drawn by Pathfinding, etc.), the discarded cards will not count against the draw limit.

    Related Topic: "Free Draw."
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    Handicap Cards

    Handicaps have negative effects. Handicap cards can be recognized by the black background color of the card. Most, but not all Handicaps, are Traits. All items you own that include handicap cards can be found by using the text search function of the keep with the entry: handicap$
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    Every attachment has a duration measured in rounds that it remains in play. The current duration appears as a number inside a small circle in the upper right corner when zoomed in to an attached card. After the start of the round effects, but before players draw new cards, this number is reduced by one to reflect the age of the attachment; when the counter is reduced to zero the attachment is removed from the field of play and discarded.
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    Gold is the standard (free) form of currency in CH. Gold can be gained by selling items or treasures (see “Shops > Selling”). Additionally pizza can be converted to gold at a 1:10 ratio by clicking the red + symbol next to your gold total. However, gold does not convert to pizza, so once pizza has been converted to gold, it is permanent.


    Pizza is the “real world” form of currency in CH and as such is used generally for purchasing premium content. Every player will receive a total of 125 free pizza as they progress through the campaign for certain purchases that Gary recommends. A player does not have to purchase the items that Gary gives pizza for, and can instead choose to save the pizza for something else. The best use for pizza varies by player style, interest and preference, though probably the two most popular categories would be Treasure Hunts and the Club Membership. Pizza is specifically designed for premium content and therefore is not typically available outside of direct purchase. However there are occasionally opportunities to earn free pizza, these have included (or presently include): being a member of a top guild, having a custom map selected for Mauve Manticore or as a Multiplayer Board, helping test game content and other Blue Manchu sponsored events.
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    Encumber effects trigger when the encumbered character plays a move card. Multiple sources of encumbrance will stack to further reduce possible movement. Encumber effects may not reduce a character’s movement below 1.
  7. Scarponi

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    Facing refers to which way a character is facing. All map squares are classified by a character’s facing as either “in front of” or “behind” the character. Which squares are which can be seen by hovering the mouse over the character in question. Certain game effects (such as blocks) are only triggered depending on the character’s facing. When a character is attacked or otherwise affected by an opponent’s character they will turn to face the attacking character. Since a blocked attack is canceled, a blocked attack will not cause a character to change their facing.
  8. Scarponi

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    Flight Aura

    This card gives fly only to cards with the move keyword. It therefore will not affect cards that step or push, etc.
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    The fly keyword allows characters to ignore enemy characters and all terrain for movement purposes except blocked terrain. A character may not end their movement in an occupied square or in impassable terrain.
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  10. Scarponi

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    Free Draw

    A free draw does not count against a player’s draw limit, but will not be able to be made if the draw limit has already been reached that turn.
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  11. Scarponi

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    Free Move

    A free move allows a character to move through difficult terrain and zones of control without stopping. A free move does not allow characters to move through blocked, impassable or enemy occupied terrain.
  12. Scarponi

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    There is no way to gift items in the game. However, unused redemption keys that have been bought or earned can be passed on to other players. NOTE: Keys are one time use, giving a key to another player who uses it will make it unusable for the original person who had it.
  13. Scarponi

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    GM Opponents

    “GM” stands for Game Master. GM Opponents are AI (artificial intelligence) opponents mostly represented by storyline characters from the Campaign. They are:
    • Gary
    • Amy
    • Mom
    • Melvin
    • Cardotron2000
    • Cardotron3000
    If “Allow GM Opponents” is checked, a player will be matched with one of the AI opponents for a Ranked Multiplayer match if they were not able to be matched with a human opponent before the wait time reached zero. If the box is unchecked, the matching program will continue to search until it is able to match the player with a human opponent. The different AI Opponents are not particularly savvy in their game play, but they are given more powerful cards than are available to human players which tends to balance out their level of play. Regardless, they maintain a ranked play rating just like human players and are matched against players accordingly. Cardotron3000 has newer cards than Cardotron2000 but is not necessarily a more powerful AI opponent.
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  14. Scarponi

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    A group is a set of characters that share the same deck during game play. The monsters that make up a group are called minions. When a minion plays a move card all minions in that group move. By rule each minion gets to play at most one non-move action per a round. When they have played a non-move action the character figure will turn grey and not be able to play another non-move action for the remainder of the round. However, certain cards can refresh a minion’s action point allowing a minion to act again in the same round.
  15. Scarponi

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    Guilds are a portion of the CH meta game. They are maintained exteriorly to the Card Hunter domain but run on the actual API data from CH Ranked play.

    Guilds are groups of players who compete in ranked battles to earn collective rating points to compete against other guilds. Anyone can start a guild by performing a founding ceremony. A player who founds a guild becomes that guild's principal. A guild principal can initiate new members, banish them, and even dissolve the guild if they decide that its time has come. The top guilds each season win prizes.

    Guild Seasons
    Guild seasons last 1 month at a time. Season rating points are won and lost by competing in regular Card Hunter ranked battles. A win against an unaffiliated opponent earns 1 point, and a loss costs the same. Matches played against members of other guilds however earn and lose points via an Elo system, similar to the rating system used in Card Hunter itself. A blitz occurs if the loser of a battle scores fewer than two stars, or the winner scores fewer than four. In the case of a blitz the rating points earned or lost are doubled!
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  16. Scarponi

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    Halt prevents characters from playing any move card including dual card types that have a movement portion (like step attacks). A halted character may still be moved by ally cards that push or slide that character, but not by ally cards that move it. Halt will not prevent a character from changing their facing with a non-move card (e.g. Impetuous Slash) or upon being attacked.
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  17. Scarponi

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    Healing effects cannot heal a character past their starting health.
  18. Scarponi

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    Help The Weak

    This card will apply healing to the character with the lowest total health, even if that character has full health. If two characters tie for lowest health and distance from the caster, ties are then resolved in party order.
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    Hidden Bandit

    The Hidden Bandit is a roving loot bonus. It inhabits random Campaign adventures from Level 2 and above. The Bandit can appear at treasure hunts, but never Mauve Manticore adventures. It moves on the same 25 hour clock as the Loot Fairy but unlike the Loot Fairy is in a unique place for each player. If a player completes an adventure where the Hidden Bandit is, they will receive for their final loot chest a chest containing only treasures. Additionally, of these treasures, 2 will be rare or better and 2 uncommon or better, if they complete it in co-op mode there will be 4 rare or better and 2 uncommon or better treasures.. The bonus loot will not be received by completing quests or replaying an already exhausted adventure.
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    Hover ignores all terrain attachments for damage, movement and other special effect purposes with the exception that Hover does not allow characters to ignore terrain attachments that create impassable or blocked terrain. Additionally, Hover does not ignore terrain attachments for Line of Sight purposes.

    Hover will ignore terrain attachments but not the underlying terrain. EXAMPLE: Difficult terrain that has a smoke terrain attachment will allow characters to pass over it without stopping, but a character with Hover attached ignores the smoke terrain and therefore will be forced to stop upon entering the square of difficult terrain as if the smoke terrain did not exist.
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