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  1. Scarponi

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    Path Of Knives

    This card calculates damage based on the distance between the starting and ending square, not based on the path of travel. Path of Knives is not triggered by cards that simply place characters in a new location (e.g. Whirlwind, Maze, etc.).
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    Penetrating attacks ignore armor for damage reduction only, but do not ignore other armor features (e.g. Sparkling Cloth Armor will still allow a character to move upon being damaged by a penetrating attack).

    Penetrating damage by definition will not ignore armor that has immunity to it. This is why Toughness still triggers for penetrating attacks.
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    Power Tokens

    Certain items require power tokens to be used. As characters increase in level they will also gain power tokens for use, allowing them to equip power token requiring items. The bank of power tokens available for a character are always based on the character level. Power tokens are not an expiring resource, if used to equip an item, they can later be used for other items simply by unequipping the item currently using them. A higher power token can always be used in place of a lower power token. Currently the game includes the use of minor (minortoken) and major (majortoken) power tokens, but if the maximum character level is ever increased high enough, characters could also gain great (greattoken) and ultimate (ultimatetoken) power tokens.

    See also: Power Token Formula
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    Promo Items

    Promo or Holiday Items are re-skinned versions of existing items to celebrate certain events. While they can be used in regular play they are functionally no different than their regular game versions. There are 20 Halloween based and 20 Christmas based promo items. These items are only available as loot drops during certain times of year, and can also be bought during the same periods at the Holiday Shop.
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    Push is an instruction that the player may move the target character for a distance of up to X squares. Push is not affected by cards that modify or cancel movement, but is still affected by game effects that affect movement such as difficult terrain, and an enemy’s zone of control.
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    Race is a designation for character species, not to be confused with Class. A character’s race can be seen in-game by hovering over the character. Below the character’s name will be listed the character’s race and class like so: (Race Class). Currently there are three player ownable character races in CH: Elf, Human and Dwarf.
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    Range describes the distance, in squares counted from the character that plays the card, at which a valid target may be found for the card's effect. Range is typically identified by the range symbol in the lower right corner of a card, but on occasion may be identified in the card text instead. Range may be counted from the caster’s square to the target(s) square(s) along any path including diagonals. Unless special instructions apply, the character must have line of sight with the target square.

    By convention cards with a Range of zero omit this information. Zero range cards can only target the character or the character's square.
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    Renown is used to set the prices of items in shops as well as some other minor game functions. If an item level is higher than a player’s renown level, its base price is increased by a multiplier equal to the difference between the item level and the player’s renown. Example: A level 14 item’s price will be 4x higher than normal for a player with renown 10.

    A player’s renown is always at least as high as the highest level adventure that player has completed. Additionally renown will increase by 1 for every three victories in ranked multiplayer and/or multiplayer leagues. Currently the maximum achievable renown is 21.
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    Some scenarios allow for respawns. If respawns are active, dead characters will respawn at the beginning of designated rounds for that scenario. A respawning character must respawn at a spawn location of their team. Spawn locations occupied by characters will not permit respawns. If more than one eligible respawn point exists, the respawn point will be chosen at random.
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    Saving Roll

    Saving Roll is a particular type of chance roll that cancels the card’s effect on a successful roll.
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    Slide allows the player to move the target character for a distance of up to X squares. Slide is not affected by cards that modify or cancel movement, but is still affected by game effects that affect movement such as difficult terrain, and an enemy’s zone of control. Slide differs from push in that slide does not change a target’s facing.

    Slide Back

    Slide back moves the target character for a distance of X squares along either a cardinal or diagonal path away from the character that plays this card. Difficult, impassable and blocked terrain or an enemy’s zone of control will stop this movement. The facing of the target does not change.

    Whether a character will move along a cardinal or diagonal path follows the pattern seen in the following image, where if the gold square represents the caster, characters starting in the blue squares will move along a cardinal path, and characters starting in the red squares will move along a diagonal path.

    Slide Back Paths.jpg
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    The shops allow players to buy and sell items for gold.

    Items can be bought at shops for the listed price by dragging an item into the inventory, onto a character item slot, or by holding CTRL while clicking the item. Be careful, items from most shops resell at a much lower price than what they were bought for. Once an item is bought there is no way to recoup the gold spent if the player changes their mind.

    Item prices are based on item rarity, but can be further inflated by a player having a low renown. The standard base price for items is:

    Common = 5 gold
    Uncommon = 25 gold
    Rare = 100 gold
    Epic = 500 gold
    Legendary = 2500 gold

    Items priced higher than these prices can have their cost reduced by raising one’s renown (see “Renown” for a specific breakdown on how renown affects item prices).

    Shop inventory regularly changes. When a shop restocks its item pool it will gain the “New Items” starburst. This symbol indicates that the shop has restocked, but does not necessarily mean that the shop has unowned items that would be new to the player. Most shops have different inventory for each player.

    Unwanted items can be sold at any shop by simply dragging an item from the player inventory to the shop window. Items sell to shops at a much lower rate than what it costs to buy them, so it is typically unwise to sell anything that might be needed later. To help prevent new players from selling items they do not realize they may want later on, players are unable to sell non-treasure items until they reach renown level 7. (Upon reaching renown 7 the player’s ability to sell items will be unlocked at the next chest they open.) Many players do not sell any items unless they have more than the maximum equippable number of a given item (such as only selling shields that a player has more than 3 copies of, etc.). Sold items will remain at the shop they were sold to only until the next time that shop restocks its inventory. As long as they remain, sold items can be bought back for the price they were sold at.

    Inventory Filters
    The inventory user interface mirrors that of the Keep and is explained in detail here.

    Various Shops

    There are 4 standard shops and 4 specialty shops in the game.

    Standard Shops
    The Armory - Sells level 1-6 Commons and Uncommons - restocks daily @ 0:00 GMT
    Kyburz Market - Sells level 7-12 Commons and Uncommons - restocks daily @ 0:00 GMT
    The Goblin Bazaar - Sells level 13-18 Commons and Uncommons - restocks daily @ 0:00 GMT
    Cosmic Curiosities - Sells level 19+ Commons and Uncommons - restocks daily @ 0:00 GMT

    Specialty Shops
    Randimar’s Rarities - Sells Rare and higher items - restocks weekly on Sunday @ 0:00 GMT
    Randimar’s always offers 10 each of rare, epic and legendary items each week.

    The Daily Deal - Sells Rare and higher items - restocks daily @ 0:00 GMT
    The Daily Deal has identical inventory for all players each day. It always offers 1 legendary, 3 epics and 10 rare items.

    Skarl’s Seconds - Skarl’s is a second hand shop that does not generate its own inventory. Instead it holds in stock all items sold from chests to the “Drag items here to sell” mat or items sold to Skarl’s directly in store making them available for repurchase at the same price.
    NOTE: Skarl’s will not hold copies of items sold to other stores. Additionally it will not hold more than 3 of any one item. Items sold to Skarl’s are eventually removed from Skarl’s inventory, but will remain there for 3-4 weeks.

    The Holiday Store - The Holiday Store only appears during certain times of year and has set promo items available for purchase when it’s present.
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    Stone Feet

    This card provides an armor effect but is not an armor card and will not be affected by cards that target armor.
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    Taverns allow players to buy additional characters for game play. They offer the 9 possible race/class combinations. (To purchase different skins for characters see "Cuthbert’s Costumes.") The Orc’s Head Tavern and Multiplayer Tavern both sell level 1 characters for 10 gold each. Even though the Multiplayer Tavern sells level 1 characters, just like all other characters, those characters will be temporarily upgraded to level 18 while being used for Multiplayer play. The Songsword Tavern sells level 10 characters for 100 gold each.
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    The teleport keyword allows characters to ignore enemy characters and all terrain for movement purposes including blocked terrain. A character may not end their movement in an occupied square or in impassable or blocked terrain.
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    Teleport Self

    This card gives teleport to cards that are move cards. It therefore will affect hybrid move cards with the step keyword, but will not affect cards that push, slide, etc.
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    Terrain comprises different map effects for game play. Right clicking a map square will identify its terrain type if it is not obvious.

    Types of Terrain
    Open - “Normal” terrain that does not hinder movement or line of sight.
    Difficult - Terrain that forces a character to stop if they enter it.
    Impassable - Terrain that may not be moved into but may be targeted by cards that target map squares.
    Blocked - Terrain that may not be moved into and that also blocks line of sight. Note: The entire map edge border is considered blocked terrain.
    Victory - Open terrain that gives a victory point to the team that occupies the most squares of victory terrain at the end of a round.
    Player 1 Victory - Victory terrain that will only count Player 1 characters for occupancy.
    Player 2 Victory - Victory terrain that will only count Player 2 characters for occupancy.
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    Terrain Attachments

    Terrain attachments are cards that when played attach to one or more squares of the playing board temporarily changing their terrain type. Each board square can have only 1 terrain attachment at a time. A new terrain attachment will replace an existing one causing it to be discarded.

    Terrain attachments can target impassable terrain, but can't change it, unless the impassable terrain is itself created by a terrain attachment (i.e. Flash Flood). This allows a card such as Wall Of Fire to target three squares in a row "across" impassible terrain, but only the non-impassable terrain squares will gain the attachment, giving you one square of lava terrain on either side of the impassable terrain.

    Attachments remain on the board for a specified number of rounds and then are discarded. The number of rounds remaining is always indicated by the duration counter in the upper right corner of an attachment and can be seen by zooming the card(s) (right-click).


    If a card will be attached to multiple board squares, one or more copies of that card are temporarily created to attach to the additional squares. When an attachment is removed from the board the card returns to the deck from which it originated, when a copy is removed, it is destroyed.


    Terrain attachments trigger at the beginning of a round after all character attachments have resolved. Terrain attachments are checked from the southwest corner of the board up to the northeast corner, traveling a row at a time west to east and then proceeding up to the next row to do the same. For example, the terrain attachments in this board would trigger in the following order:


    Terrain attachments that affect more than one square (e.g. Healing Beacon) when triggered will affect characters beginning in the southwest corner of the affected area, moving up to the northeast corner resolving a north-south column at a time from south to north.
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