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Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by Pilgrim Bailey, Jan 31, 2014.

  1. Community Created Balance Cards:

    I think it would be cool if the community could come together and offer input in the form of community-created new cards/items that would help balance out the MP in terms of overall balance / fairness, assuming that the game mechanisms will not be changed, and specific items/cards will not be changed (this is hypothetical, so play along as we have no idea when or if things will be balanced).

    With that said, I'll create a few, and if anyone has input as to what you would like to create, please feel free to share, or critique.

    Use the following descriptors please [if applicable]:

    Card Name:
    Type of Card:
    Card Quality:
    Trigger Roll Required:
    Damage Type/Attack Type:
    Trigger Effect:
    Flavor Text:
    Any explanation as to why this card would assist the balance of the MP:

    Repulsive Field of Knives
    Magic Arcane
    Range 6
    Duration 2.

    Attach to Target.

    Block Any [Step Attack]. Encumber 1. Whenever target is targeted by a step attack, that character repulses the attacker; applying a path of knives to the attacker AND moving the attacker an equal number of tiles in a random direction equal to the number of tiles moved by the attacker playing the Step Attack. May Self Target.

    "I do not believe my enemies appreciate the gravity of their situation." - Pilgrim Bailey.

    This card would provide wizards with some form of utility, and counter to a very specific type of attack that is currently extremely hard to counter and dominates the metagame - step attacks. I believe that I have balanced the effect by making the quality be gold, the rarity uncommon (so that it appears decently frequently), and additionally encumbers the target 1 (which means that the target, friend or foe, incurs a penalty by having this). Additionally, the effect is not automatic, making it function similarly to parry (2+ roll).

    I will concede that there is a lot going on for this card, but I do not believe the complexity of the effects is overwhelming. As an added bonus, this repulses any step attack used on the target (whether melee or magic step attacks - think ironwood staves).
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  2. Qui11

    Qui11 Kobold

    Considering Nimble Strike, it effectively shuts down the damage portion of the card (assuming that it won't trigger if they just "dash" to you and don't follow through). I think that's fair. My only concern would be that at a 2+ die roll, attackers will almost never risk it, depriving us of the general hilarity that would be sure to follow otherwise.
  3. Well attackers with armor would have less to fear, and it would also balance the MP a bit by allowing teams running extra debuffs/purges to knock it off and benefit from it. Another thing to consider is that it would be gold rated, whereas NS is silver rated; meaning you could have many, many more NS in your deck than someone could effectively defend against without gimping their build.
  4. Karstedt

    Karstedt Goblin Champion

    Wonder Wind
    4+ you win, else lose

    Deceptive Strike
    6 damage, reach 1
    does damage even if blocked

    Protective Relic
    Block ranged 3+
    attacker gets attachment preventing spells, duration 2.
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  5. Stexe

    Stexe #2 in Spring PvP Season

    They already have that card, it is called Whirlwind / Whirlwind Enemies.

    Heck, while we're at it, let's have:
    Nimbler Strike
    Step 5, Damage 4


    Nimblest Strike
    Step 6, Damage 2
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  6. Hopefully people actually participate and suggest actual cards, but I'll settle for trolling. Gotta take what you can in life in cardhuntria
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  7. Jarmo

    Jarmo Snow Griffin

    Hey, the majority of us are card hunters, not card weavers. Hope you get some takers!
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  8. Zhizz

    Zhizz Mushroom Warrior

    What I love about this is that Pilgrim Bailey has made a genuine attempt to fix things, but rather than engage, somebody has used it as an opportunity to whine about the status quo.

    You guys are the bestestest.
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  9. Codde

    Codde Mushroom Warrior

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  10. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader Staff Member

    Have to be honest, the complexity and overwroughtness of Pilgrim's suggestion prevented me from taking this thread seriously at first. But sure, I'll bite. I hope that my thoughts here don't get grouped up with the "4+ win the game" type suggestions :)

    Here're some ideas for cards that would be maybe 'maindeckable' and address some issues.
    1) A bronze (or higher) purge, perhaps shorter range, that also deals a bit of damage (3 or 4). Available to priests on divine items and weapons.
    2) A trait that allows the character it is attached to to move 1 whenever an enemy moves itself to become adjacent, perhaps on a roll of 4+ (keep). Available on martial skills and elven skills.
    3) A reaction card that halts (duration 1) an attacker who comes in with a step attack vs. the character holding the card. Make it only from the front if you like. Probably not Keep. Preferably, make this a hybrid card that can be played as a 1-range entangling roots so that it's not a dead card vs. builds that don't use step attacks.

    Some ideas for cards that might make more builds viable.
    1) A trait that allows you to move 1 whenever you bash an enemy, duration 3, keep.
    2) An armor/boost hybrid that makes you roll all your armors whenever you play an attack; the total armor you roll gets added to the attack's damage. This would be a Gold build-around-me card.
    3) A trait that says "armor cards in your hand have Keep" this could be a rare trait only found on heavy armor, or it could be slightly more available. I don't know if this would break Toughness, but if it would, make it so it only affects armors for which you have to roll.
    4) A move 1 with "ignore encumber effects" (a la Slippery) and a roll to keep the card after using it. Depending on how easy the roll is, this would either be a low-quality card or a high-quality card. For elves & boots.
    5) A move 3 with "At the beginning of your move" (like Violent Spin or Escaping Run), "attach to all adjacent figures. Encumber 2. Duration 1."

    Also, there was a thread by Zhizz with a lot of great ideas for priests. I liked basically all of them, I think.

    Some ideas for card/class modification.
    1) Giving warriors Taunt.
    2) Making War Cry a cone.
    (I'm not going into the many balance-oriented suggestions I could make, these just seem sweet and like they would open build avenues.)
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  11. Zhizz

    Zhizz Mushroom Warrior

    After reading this one, I needed a tissue and a minute to myself. I'd humbly put forward the idea that it could follow a holy fire concept, such that the priest is literally burning the effects out of the target, with a corresponding damage. So, for instance, base damage, and for each card removed using this one, the target +2 holy damage (so would range from 2-6), mitigated by target's armor.

    To be sure, I like the idea as-is, but just thought I would add this suggestion.
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  12. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader Staff Member

    Heh, damage per purged attachment, I like that. I made a card kind of like that in Martin's thread.
  13. neoncat

    neoncat Feline Outline

    From cards.csv:
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  14. neoncat

    neoncat Feline Outline

    Also from cards.csv:

    There are a bunch of not-yet-released cards at the bottom of cards.csv which might be worth looking at for a view of what the devs consider possible.
  15. Beledorf

    Beledorf Kobold

    Wind Shield
    When moved by opponent apply X amount of spaces moved as X amount of damage to the caster. Unblockable.
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  16. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader Staff Member

    Hey neoncat, I'm familiar with those cards. Purging strike is a melee attack though; I was thinking more like 4 range or so (Mind Worm, Entangling Roots).

    Beledorf, your card wouldn't actually be a block, right? It would be a boost?
  17. Beledorf

    Beledorf Kobold

    yeah, you are right. I wrongly defined it. It would not actualy block attacks - it would still make a move to your character (either because of wow, whirlwind and-or any kind of bash including) but apply the damage to the character that moved you if 3 or more is rolled.

    With bash damage is small 1 - which doesnt make a lot of difference so it would not make a big difference using those, but it would hurt the abusers who manipulate with the strategy of sapping your movements out of your team and then repositioning them until they get close enough to kill them. Like doing 2 or 3 whirlwinds in the same round.

    The thing that seems to be a fashion for already too long.
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  18. Kalin

    Kalin Begat G'zok

    Use the Strike if you want damage, and if you want range use this:
    a Bronze Uncommon, range 8, burst 1, Purge.
  19. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader Staff Member

    As I said before, I've read the news cards lol. Purging Burst is in no way more maindeckable than Purge. Anyway, thoughts on anything else in my post since it seems to offend people so much that I'm suggesting priests get a small ranged damage spell that purges? ;)
  20. Qui11

    Qui11 Kobold

    A simple version of Pilgrim's OP, but for priests:

    Rusted Scabbard
    Magic Unholy
    Range 6
    Duration 2

    Target fails to do damage with any step attack unless they save with a roll of 2 plus distance traveled.
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