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    There's plenty of threads about the best of the best. Let's take a look at some drops in your collection that everytime you peruse through, you see them and bemoan your terrible luck. Who knows? Maybe someone can put a perspective that makes you realize your terrible legendary is actually not that bad at all.

    Just to make a nice even number here's 10 of my worst legendaries.

    Bynzer's Weighted Club the designers obviously overvalued barge (and bash) pretty heavily if you look at the token cost of items with them. In practice, its better to have dmg and step attacks, so in the trashbin you go.
    Hawlic's Glowing Shirt Well, my warrior would be pretty stylish with this glowing shirt, but he'd also be pretty dead because its terrible armor
    Perfect Footwork 2 slightly better version of Run and a Scuttle, all for only a yellow token ! Completely outclassed by so many other elf skill, esp. AotA ones
    Relic Of St. Darqar Probably one of the most common legendaries (I have 3) also universally considered pretty terrible. Every so often someone will see promise in Cause Fumble, then they will try it out and lose all hope. Just to add insult to injury, it comes with the weakest vampire attack, 2 of them for twice the suckage.
    Suvv's Boots Of Escape again, 3 slightly better version of run for a yellow token. With so many boot choices out there, just, no thanks
    Hand-held Ram I think this was my 1st legendary, it also bears the distinction of still being one of the worst, so good job ram, way to be the best at something
    Zoltan's Helm Is it an armor? Is it a tactical option? Is it a step attack? Yes its all 3 of those, its also pretty garbage imo
    Yvette's Buckler Defensive block ? Awesome. Unfortunately its also saddled with the garbage version of Hard To Pin Down (Surging Shield Block), but in my mind what truly kills this shield is Weak Parry, not a bad card itself, but cmon for a level 16 legendary, they couldn't have replaced that with a Parry ?
    Jornin's Figurine 2 of the cards are ok, but I will avoid anything with Twin Heals,
    overall just too weak and unfocused for a blue token
    Sabo's Flamespit Staff Flame Spit , another outclassed burning card. Its got less range, less burning, same duration, and 1 more initial dmg than glob of flame, its pretty easy to stack globs with arcane slots, and for a staff, this just doesn't cut the mustard
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  3. Lord Feleran

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    That would be a token well spent lol!
    2 tokens for 4 Barges and 2 Unholy Frenzys might actually be even worse :p (Bynzer's Weighted Club).
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  4. Questor

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    Most Legendaries are the worst since only a few are really playable and fewer are incredibly good.
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  5. Jacques

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    It competes with my Aloysi's Ring...

    I have many crappy legendaries, I will just post the worsts:

    Antioch's Figurine: just very very bad.
    Mindless Aggression: maybe the worst of all. And I have 2 of them...
    Granwick's Shield: not so bad per se, but really bad in comparison to the uncommon Twisting Shield.
    General Gideon's Helm: two Advanced Battlefield Training for a yellow token. No need to say anything else.
    Ulrin's Scuttling Socks: this one also competes to be the worst of the worst. Who would want 3 Scuttle for a yellow token??
    Demigod's Hammer: I don't know who would equip this one with the so much better options for divine weapons with 2 major tokens.

    And the list goes on...
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  6. Sir Veza

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    My worst legendaries:
    Trained Tactics (minortoken) 2x Lateral Thinking for card disadvantage, and a Weak Parry. IMO, the worst legendary in the game. I have 3.
    Luke's Iron Hand (minortoken) (x2)
    Sander's Force Mirror (minortoken)
    Bendolth's Pauldrons (x3)
    St. Malaj's Cuirass (x3)
    Antioch's Figurine (x9)
    Relic Of St. Darqar (x12) - [I stopped selling excess legendaries recently.]
    Ring Of Bifurcated Healing (minortoken)
    Hawlic's Glowing Shirt (x2)
    Zoltan's Helm (minortoken)
    Hawlic's Surging Shield (majortoken)
    Mandaeus's Aegis (minortoken)
    Massive Harm (minortoken)
    Mindless Aggression (minortoken)(minortoken)
    I have more (like Evasion) that aren't really horrible for their token cost, but are simply outclassed by lower rarity items.
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    The problem with Luke's hand (just noticed, is it a reference to Star Wars where Luke can move things with the force of his mind?), is that even if you can find a use to it, it will always be even crapier then Ring Of Appropriation.
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    That's true. But if we compare only these two legendaries, I think I prefer to have 3 TK rather than 2 Force Cone and 1 Flmae Jet. Anyway, let's just say that both suck :p
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  10. I have tons of crap Legendaries, but you all have mostly named the worst on my list. I'll just mention a few stinkers that were omitted:

    Aranak's Chain Web - It's a chainmail bikini, so it has that going for it, but not much else. 3x a junk armor card (Chain Harness) that isn't even very good in multiples.
    Ariston's Helmet - In case you think that playing this one along with the one above will make for an indomitable five copies of Chain Harness and couldn't get any better, it adds a cherry on top: the trump of all crappy cards, Barge.
    Nok's Squirming Shroud Dude was squirming cause he was wearing this trash bag on his head.

    I actually have wanted a Luke's Iron Hand, because I am a Star Wars fan and believe it is a nod to the telekinetic jedi with the artificial hand. It is totally unplayable, but may be collectible.
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  11. Sir Veza

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    You listed a couple I've wondered about.
  12. hatchhermit

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    Answer: Yes.
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  14. CKaz

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    Looking at my rares I don't have a lot - 2 jump out to me as much too weak at least since AotA - and following up with a more general question:
    - Granwick's Shield, sorry bud Hexagon Shield (rare expansion) outclasses you, arguably Twisting Shield (uncommon expansion) is better than both
    - Massive Harm (minortoken) is behind the times, Controlled Overswing >> Violent version, and shows up on uncommon expansion weapons (maybe common) & no token

    Is there either:
    a) some effort to upgrade original legionaries in the face of AotA? eg. Granwick's could use a full parry(s) (not weak) and Massive could use controlled overswing(s)
    b) some re-balance of loot 'grade'? eg. if items that are comparable or even outclassed by rare/uncommon items, should they continue to take legend loot table slots?

    Card Hunter certainly isn't remotely alone with equipment creep and expansion (re)balancing, it's always challenging to create new things and not devalue (if not totally render inept) some original goodies.
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  15. Jacques

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    This is a bit off-topic, but I will answer it quickly:
    a) Yeah, a lot of AoA cards are just better versions than old ones, and with the same quality. One example is the one you mentioned, but there are more, like Sundering Strike and Shredding Strike
    See and for further info.
    b) Legendary doesn't mean necessarily better. Otherwise it would be a pay to win game, which is not, so it's cool that there are competitive common/uncommon items. But it's also true that it would be nice if more legendaries were actually playable.
    You can find some debates about this here and here
  16. wavy

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    Just won a real stinker - Oquith's Choking Incense

    mmm... 3x Cause Fumble for a major token...

    almost tempted to sell it so I don't have to see it unused every day in my inventory!
  17. doog37

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    Try using it. The roll is crappy, but the range is great and it really is better than it sounds, when you consider you get a draw. Defender's block meets parry, with a better range.
  18. Alcibiade_2nd

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    Yea but you can sell for 10x the gold as a Trained Tactics :confused:
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