Why The Lunginator is one of the best weapons in the game

Discussion in 'Deck Building' started by Ector, Feb 23, 2015.

  1. Killer Bee

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    Not possible. Every TK you have slightly makes the others better, so the more you stack them the better they are. I have 3 rings of appropriation on a wizard, and the only reason it isn't 4 is I don't have 4 yet.
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    Updated a few things. I kept getting out-damaged from time to time so I stuck a Bejeweled onto the beast, and increased the number of Telekinesises+Gusts on the wiz to 11 to make up for the lost Surges. Priest remains unchanged. Am currently at 1500 with this deck.

    Lunchinator Guy
    Level 19 Dwarf Warrior

    Buffy, the
    Level 19 Human Priest

    Hairy old man
    Level 1 Human Wizard
    Blue Destruction
    Blue Destruction
    Ring Of Appropriation
    Ring Of Appropriation
    Asmod's Telekinetic Chain
    Rod Of Palver Pree
    Perrio's Kinetic Robes
    Mouse Boots
    Trained Command
    Electroporter Novice

    2 x Stone Spikes
    1 x Attack, Soldier!
    2 x Gusts Of War
    1 x Cautious Sneak
    1 x Reliable Mail
    1 x Spark Generator
    1 x Hot Spot
    1 x Spark Inductor
    9 x Telekinesis
    12 x Arcane Burst
    2 x Flanking Move
    1 x Dash, Team!
    1 x Dimensional Traveller
    1 x Walk, Team!

    If you have suggestions, I'll happily try things out if I have the cards! If Bandreus' build differs it's because I don't have the card, so no need to suggest copying more of that. :)
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  3. Bandreus

    Bandreus Thaumaturge

    Back to winning games. 4/4 won

    1) vs 2 war 1 priest on Temple. I dedicate my wiz' control spells to keeping his dwarf warrior away. That works pretty neatly. I hold VS with Beast, and he's a tad scared of moving in with his elf warrior (he better be!), so he pushes toward my priest instead. He probably wasn't expecting my priest to have many attacks, but 8dmg cards can deal quite some punishment when you have MF and Unholy Frenzy active. He retreats. He uses imp nimbus, but that doesn't really help him accomplish much of anything. He concedes a gg (prob out of frustration)

    2) vs 2 war 1 priest (all elves) on Dojo. I gets into offensive position. One of the warriors takes the central VS. Concentrate all fire power on him I guess? Buffed unnerving strike + Fiery Stab from priest + Stone Spikes = dead elf warrior. He charges in with other warrior. I Gusts of War him away, the early gg comes right after that.

    3) vs 2 vamps 1 warrior (all humans) on Koi. Getting near to vamps means they can replenish their hp indefinitely, so I focus on keeping my wiz alive (which I barely manage to). Game gets complicated by a good number of imp nimbus and defenders block involved. He rushes in via Sprint Team, but luckily I drew enough team moves of my own. His warrior is vulnerable and outise of Defender's range, so Beast can take him out (but taking a Pulverizing Bludgeon in the process, ouch!). This is 3v2, but vamps are holding the single VP, and both my wiz and the Beast are both low on hp. I play it the way I should: carefully, letting him get a few stars while I wait for a good hand. My wiz his poking him with bursts from safe distance, making my opponent nervous. This is good, as my opponent finally makes a huge mistake: he moves the vamps to attack, but my wiz is loaded on TKs. I push one of them away where he can't accomplish much of anything, while Beast explains a thing or two to his buddy. 1 vamp down, I'm holding the VP, gg is inevitable.

    4) vs 3 dwarf warriors on Dojo. This build revolves around VP and Crazy Sal's, with Lunging Bashes toughness and Defender's Block thrown in for good measure. I.e. this was a pretty tough match. He draws Blind Rage on all of his guys on round 1: let him take as much damage w/o getting too near, right? Wizard casts bursts from relatively safe distance, as usual, other guys in defensive positioning. Round 2, the fierce battles begin. I still resist the urge to engage in close quarters fight: I don't want to play his game. My wiz can't run away forever, despite the movement and TKs, so she gets killed, eventually. One of his warriors goes down too tough, and another warrior is badly injuried. I Quick Run + Unnerving Strike one of his guys from behind. No damage is dealt (toughness) but the Defender's Block is gone. Still little skirmishes going on while we dance from VS to VS. He's pretty much forced into making a risky move, advancing with the injuryed warrior of his, but giving his back to my priest means I can take him out with a Fiery Stab. Match still is very tense despite me being at an advantage (he only needs one more point to take the game, and has enough moves/NS to reach badly hurt Beast. I do outplay him on the positioning game, using team moves and what not to my advantage, and the game is mine.
  4. Bandreus

    Bandreus Thaumaturge

    Interesting, I think it's actually well rounded. I'm just a bit worried by the fact your Lunginator warrior is not really getting much out of his martial skill (a +2 to damage to Lunging Bashes from 2x Bruisers). Even then, the awesome damage on Bejeweled kinda makes up for the loss I guess?

    I also like the Steel-Rimmed Shield. 2x Parry instead of Pushback Parry is better in almost every instance.

    Other than that, I don't have any critical advice to give on your current setup. And the coupling of 2x Lunginator and a Bejeweled might make for a strong combo. Definitely let us know how you feel about your build and report about any finding. As always, thanks for sharing!
  5. Bandreus

    Bandreus Thaumaturge

    Another perfect run. 4/4 won

    1) vs 1-1-1 on Lions. This was a very positional battle. My wiz is only drawing burst attacks, so I try and make the best out of those: my opponent is taking at least some damage every turn, and his priest's health is running very low. This is also thanks to being very offensive with my own priest, a risky move which payed out. His dwarf warrior goes all the way around to chase my wiz, which manages to survive for a few turns while still dealing good damage all around the board. Ultimately, my wiz lures the enemy warrior where The Beast is. He's been slacking off on a VS for most of the match, and when the time comes he's loaded with attacks, so he can easily revenge his comrade's death. All I need is getting one more point with my priest, and it's easily game.

    2) vs 2 wiz 1 priest on Lions. Another positional battle. I hold 1 VP with the Beast, while I keep wiz on offensive central position. First few rounds are mainly passed, with a couple bursts being cast here end there. And then my opponent shows his strat: volcano build! Luckily my wiz draws control spells to move guys around. His wizards have control spells of their own, so the match gets pretty hectic real soon. Ultimately, Beast strikes one of the wiz down, before being taken out himself. Priest manages to land a couple attacks and buffed wiz can finish enemy priest off. gg

    3) vs Cult of the Bejeweled on Lions. Opponent very aggressive as usual. One of his warriors meets Beast up close and personal, resulting in him losing ~20 hp in two hits. He tries to gang up on priest, but mobility + control keep the bloodthirsty elves at bay. Opponent early resigns out of frustration.

    4) vs 2 wiz 1 priest. Another tough match. I really play a bad positioning game in the early game. My opponent casts a perfect Illusionary Barrier, shutting my wiz down completely. Fire spells are being thrown at me like there was no tomorrow, but I successfully hit almost every armor roll on both my priest and Beast for several turns, so burning damage is greatly minimized. I finally start landing burst and control spells with my wiz again, and Beast manages to have a few intimate words with the enemy priest (getting him down to 1 hp). The enemy control wiz goes down as well (Might Hack in the face), so the fire wiz alone can't possibly deal enough damage to prevent me from scoring the last VP. gg
  6. Bandreus

    Bandreus Thaumaturge

    That's another set of 16 games, of which 11 won. A tad less than the winrate I got myself used to, but still absolutely decent.

    Feel pretty good about where this build's at. Control wizards and ultra aggro warrior builds still prove to be hard to be dealt with. Not sure what I can really do about that.

    I think I'll play more games before implementing any further changes. To that end, thanks to @Drakkan for the good advice.

    Rating-wise, I'm currently at 1686, so fingers crossed about finally hitting the 1700s threshold.
  7. Bandreus

    Bandreus Thaumaturge

    This happened yesterday:


    Mission accomplished. Also a funny story: I really, really wanted to hit at least 1700 with this specific build. Was talking about this with @Drakkan the other day.

    The fact is, I laughed about The Lunginator for the longest time. I dropped 3 of those, and I really couldn't get myself to use them, that much I thought they were useless. I truly never believed this weapon could be put to a real good use. And still @Ector kept advocating it, over and over again. So yeah, I think he deserves at least some recognition.

    This little achievement is for you man, as insignificant as it might be.
  8. Souleye

    Souleye Orc Soldier

    Congrats :)

    I'm gonna play a few games and see how high my build can take me. It's already getting dicey here at 1500, but we'll see.
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  9. Bandreus

    Bandreus Thaumaturge

    One more set. 3/4 won

    1) vs 1-1-1 on Koi. He keeps passing on round one, so possibly something cheesy is coming? I advance with Beast, my opponent casts a Savage Curse on his dwarf wiz. Okay, probably some sort of burst build. A Path of Kives is deflected by a Defender's Block. He charges in with his elf warrior. NS blocked by Pushback Parry, immediately followed by Unnerving Strike and Mighty Hack: elf warrior down. I'm at an advantage, so I keep playing carefully. That doesn't prevent his priest from epically striking Beast down (NS + Horned Plates + Savage Curse = 11 dmg, just enough to kill him). My priest avenges the fallen Beast. Enemy wiz, lone survivor, goes to hold the single VP. I'm still at an advantage, so no need to panic. My priest finishes him with a buffed fiery stab.

    2) vs 1-1-1 on Koi. He casts imp nimbus on his warrior (who's also on Blind Rage) and immediately moves towards the VS. I can leave it to him. He also moves his elf wizard forward. She has Arcane Shell and is able to cast a couple bursts on my guys. She also casts Stone Spikes under my wiz, but she's out of cards: big mistake: I unload my wiz spells on her + stone spikes on my own. Dash, Team! let's me put my wiz back in a safer place and also place Beast in Brutal Charge position. Enemy wiz is no more. Enemy warrior holds the victory square, but I tag-team him with Beast and Priest. My opponent must have panicked as soon as the Beast's buffed Unnerving Strike made him discard a Hard to Pin Down. Anyway, my opponent imp nimbuses his priest, but that cannot save his war. VS is mine, and so is victory.

    3) vs 2 priests 1 wizard (all dwarves) on Koi. When your opponent passes a lot with this kind of party, you should smell he has something dangerous in mind. I save my moves, even if that means not taking the VS right along. He's not casting bursts or buffing his wiz, so I feel this is not about bursts or other crazy attacks: it must be a volcano build (and in fact one of the priests casts entangling roots on the Beast). I keep saving moves, this is gonna mess up big times, and I don't let his wiz casting control spells get on my nerves. I just need to buff my own wiz. After a couple big bursts land, one of his priests is dangerously low on health and is forced to retreat. The early gg arrives as soon as his wiz is dispatched.

    4) vs 3 elf warriors on Koi (again!). My opponent is smart, uses his warriors to flank my whole team from 3 different sides. I manage to keep him at bay for the first couple turns. He did have awesome draws though. Barbed Platemail + Enchanted Harness on one guy right from the start, another Barbed Platemail and Elven Maneuvers on the second guy on round 2. I feel like I played to my best, but I still got crushed. The damage output and mobility was too much.
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  10. Bandreus

    Bandreus Thaumaturge

    What the hell is going on with this map pool? Almost every game as of late has been on either Lions or Koi. Anyway, 2/4 won.

    1) vs 2 wiz 1 priest on Lions. Very positional game. Priest is loaded on Defender's Blocks and Cause Fumbles, which makes Beast's work a nightmare. Burning wiz manages to deal good amounts of damage, although I try to minimize that as best as I can. Enemy manages to take the game in the end, close one.

    2) vs 3 warriors on Lions. I'm way too reckless in the early game. I move wiz in TK range, but elf warrior has Defender's Block steps and stabs. Wiz dies in two hits. Game snowballs from there. I do manage to take one of thenemy warriors down, but my Defender's Block just doesn't want to roll. Can't win such a messed up game w/o some help from the RNG. gg

    3) vs 3 wizards on Dojo. Quite tough to deal with on this build. He must feel pretty confident, as he positions his guys very much in the open. I didn't draw any mobility, so round 1 is about me trying to stay out of LoS, but he manages to cast PoK on The Beast, pushing him around and casting Stone Spikes under his feets. He tries to hold a VS with elf wizard, but I TK her away and kill her with a couple buffed bursts (elf wizards, so frail). Beast is badly hurt, so he tries to catch him with fire spells. Playing the positioning game defensively, in order to minimize damage. Beast is down to 3 hp, and my opponent (again, too confident in himself) gets way too near. Quickrun + Buffed Lunging Bash "don't underestimate me". He hits with Melting armor to remove Sparkling Cloth Armor instead of running away. Second Lunging Bash lands, wizard goes down. My priest and wiz finish off the last enemy.

    4) vs 2 wiz 1 priest (same enemy from game 1) on Koi. I move Beast towards VS. I know what to expect ofc, so I reserve my wiz spells for the priest. All those Cause Fumbles really are a pain, and in fact a fully buffed Mighty Hack gets blocked. The priest draws vulnerable, so a couple well placed bursts and a buffed Lunging Bash is more than enough to put him down to sleep. Beast chases fire wiz and kills him, the other wiz can't do much on her own. Revenge, sweet revenge
  11. Bandreus

    Bandreus Thaumaturge

    Glad the Koi/Lions monotony is no more. 4/4 won

    1) vs a friend of mine, 1-1-1 on Dojo. He buffs his wiz and moves his wiz forward into LoS range. I got a good first hand, so I bait a TK before using Team Walk. Quick Run + Mighty Hack, followed by Unnerving Strike and the enemy wiz is no more. Opponent concedes shortly after.

    2) vs 2 elf warriors on Temple. He moves one of his guys onto the VS. I cast buffs and place my wiz in firing position. Two buffed bursts hit for 17 damage in total. Next turn he tries to retaliate, but Beast Quick Runs + Unnerving Strikes from behind. Geeze, that was brutal. Opponent concedes instantly.

    3) vs 2 warriors 1 priest (all elves) on Koi. He moves forward with his guys. Buffed wiz lands a couple perfect bursts, a nimbus gets placed. I place The Beast towards VP, he gets buffed as well. Round 2, my opponent becomes more aggressive. Beast is buffed and loaded on attacks. His warriors, badly hurt already, fall like flies under several Unnerving Strikes and a Lunging Bash. My priest is killed in the process, but the advantage is clearly mine. He tries to hold the VS with his vamp priest, and he manages to do so for a couple rounds, but my wiz had enough TKs to make his efforts fruitless.

    4) vs 2 dwarf warriors 1 priest on Lions. One of his warriors draws 2 frigging Energizing Moves on round 1. Luckily enough for me, he doesn't immediately use those to be ultra aggressive, but it's rather pretty much content holding a VP. I let him do that, and I have enough move cards of my own to afford taking a little risk. I move my wiz into position and cast Stone Spikes under his feet (he prefers to soak the damage rather than giving up a point).

    Round two, things get pretty much insane. He's basically camping victory points with two of his guys, while another one is ready to move in, confident I'm too scared to contend his warriors. Is he wrong. I poke the energiz'd dwarf with a burst. He rushes onto my wiz. TK him away, he rushes in again. I back my wiz off behind the stone wall near my VS where the Beast is. As expected, he takes the VS on the side (his priest has been camping on his team's VS the whole time). Time to go on the offensive. I move priest in stab's range (I gotta take some risks, and he has a Flanking Move at the ready if need be). War uses a Penetrating Stab. Priest responds with a Fiery Stab. He doesn't attack back (has one card left, gotta be a melee one), so I hit with a second Fiery Stab. Beast gets TKed past stone wall, walks close to his target as priest backs away. Lunging Bash number 1: push warrior away from VS. Lunging Bash number 2: push warrior further and take VP. My opponent panics a little bit, so he moves his priest away from VP to cast a heal on the badly hurt, fiery stabbed dwarf. What he wasn't expecting, was my wiz (so far away all alone) casting one more Stone Spikes. The enemy priest doesn't have any more healing, so the warrior is dead by beginning of next round and I also gain one point.

    Round three. He charges in with his other dwarf. I Mighty Hack him right in the face. He doesn't have any block, while I have 2. He lands an Unnerving Strike of his own, discarding one of my blocks, and Beast is out of attacks while his warrior has blind rage in full swing, better back away. He takes VP on the side with priest and casts Martyr's blessing on the warrior. At this point, I have no fear whatsoever, and just go on bursting both his toons, despite him drawing more cards. Warrior uses a dode to get to where Beast is, but I use Wild Charge to back away again. His warrior must be out of moves as I suspected, and when I burst his priest again, the gg arrives.

    edit: lol, sorry for the long-assed description of game 4 (had to break it into paragraphs for a better reading experience!), but I felt like that game was worth being chronicled in details.
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  12. Bandreus

    Bandreus Thaumaturge

    Fancy another set anybody? 3/4 won.

    1) vs 1-1-1 on Lions. He moves his elf warrior to hold side VP. He's down to two cards only, and The Beast is loaded on attacks + has both Blind Rage and Crusher, so I use Sprint, Team! to get The Beast close to him. He's wise using a NS to run away, but a tad too reckless too: he's trying to get nearer to my wiz, which means he gets in range of my priest's Fiery Stab. Round 2, I burst the elf. He moves in with a step attack, dealing some damage. Putting my faith in a Defender's Block, I burst him again right along. RNG blesses me, and a Powerful Bludgeon is blocked. Wiz backs off, chased down by elf warrior while his dwarf wizard gets buffed and into offensive position. My wiz gets hit by a Vicious Trust, but my enemy doesn't have enough to kill. Meanwhile, a Walk + a Walk, Team! is enough to get Beast next to enemy Wiz. He uses a Quick Step to back away, but Lunging Bash is enough to get in range for a buffed Mighty Hack + buffed Unnerving Strike. Dwarf wizard is no more. I cast Savage-Curses on my own priest and hit elf warrior with a 5dmg Unholy Frenzy from afar. That, and the burning attachment still attached to him, is more than enough to kill. Early gg follows.

    2) vs 2 priests 1 wiz (all humans) on Dojo. This is an Entangling Roots deck, very unusual style. Also quite effective, although this incomplete cchronicle of the match might not let it seem like it was the case. Wizard is offensive (sparks, terrain attachments + some support) and priests are set up for offense. He want's to root my guys down, and kill my wiz with his priests. A Roots Spell gets blocked, but several others will land. I drew enough TKs to keep his guys away from wiz and move one of the priests close to Beast (you can picture how that ended up). Dash, Team! let's Beast get the enemy wizard too, eventually, and after the wiz goes down, the gg is assured.

    3) vs 2 elf warriors 1 human priest on Lions. Probably among the craziest games I've had in CH to date (~35mins, ended 6-5). His priest has Imp Nimbuses, which will make things extremely more complicated. Beast only draws a few attacks and 0 traits during the first couple rounds, so the early game is mainly me using mobility cards to outmaneuver my opponent while he pushes me with his warriors. I manage to minimize damage for the most part. I decide this can't go on for longer, so I TK one of the warriors in a corner and face him to-to-toe with Beast, even though he has both Blind Rage and Maneuvers, while I only have a couple attacks and quite a bit of armor. His elf warrior eventually dies, but Beast is severely hurt and will later be killed by the other warrior. The late game is a positional battle, for holding more Victory Points than the other while still menacing our opponents. Lots of moves and TKs are involved, but I do a pivotal mistake at the very apex of the game (I TK my priest in position to kill the elf, rather than TKing the his Priest away), so he grabs the chance to cast a final Imp Nimbus on the elf and I can't avoid defeat. This was a though, fun, and ultimately very close game. We both played to our best, my opponent def deserved it despite the fact I would have won the game if it wasn't for that last mistake.

    4) vs 1-1-1 on Lions. He takes his side's VS with elf warrior, so I just use support mobility to get hold of two VSs and position wiz for atk. Lots of bursts are being cast between end of round 1 and beginning of round 2. He charges in with elf, but I use moves again to let him alone while my guys hold the VS. His wiz casts a Hot Spot under Beast's feet. I smell his wiz has control spells, so I'm careful staying out of range. He dares move his priest towards Beast, and a single hit suffices to bring him down to 3 hp (another burst will immediately kill him). I'm at the advantage and only need one VP, so I play it safe and use mobility to stay away from his guys and grab the VSs. He manages to grab my priest with Gusts of War, some of his war hits land, but the game is mine nonetheless.
  13. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader Staff Member

    Pfft, they're the two more interesting/fun maps in this rotation. Dojo is boring and Temple is just wizard heaven.
  14. Bandreus

    Bandreus Thaumaturge

    I agree they are interesting, but it does get a bit monotonous when you play 5 times on Koi + 5 times on Lions in 12 matches. Consider I don't usually have the time to play a whole lot of MP games per day, so that besacally meant seeing the same 2 maps for basically two days straight. That wasn't meant as a serious rant though, but rather as a hilarious thing (but you know I know you knew that ;)).

    Anyway, time for another general impressions post. 12/16 won = 75% winrate. The Beast keeps beastin'

    This looks like a very much stable build to me. It performs well on all maps in the pool I think, obviously keeping in mind a lot is dependent on how good you can play the positioning game according to the specific map's topology, as the Celestial pool is very varied. Being a 1-1-1, you definitely need to know which fights you can pick, and when you'd better just run away. This is not a build in which you simply rush your enemy down, hoping you draw more attacks/blocks/traits then your opponent (*cough*jeweld*cough*).

    Again, not really sure about what else I can change to improve it further, looks to me like that'd be about very precise fine-tuning anyway. With such good results I've been achieving since I tweaked the build last time, I'm a bit scared about getting the opposite result. Any thoughts?

    Ratings-wise, I'm pretty much at hi 1600 elo at almost all the time. I sometimes tumble down to low 1600 if losing a few matches in a row, and occasionally get to the low 1700s when a good win-streak is achieved. I'd say my average rank is about ~1680ish or so.

    As for you, my fine readers. I've been told by several people reading this reports is entertaining and informative (at least to them). Do you want me too keep posting these? Would you prefer a slightly more condensed format? Also, I'd be extremely interested into knowing if anybody tried out using The Lunginator-style of dwarf warrior in a context of a buld which isn't a 1-1-1. Please share your thoughts/experience if you tried out like that.
  15. Souleye

    Souleye Orc Soldier

    I do enjoy the bitesized reports, and I particularly am interested in the build after tweaks and stuff.
  16. Sir Veza

    Sir Veza Farming Deity

    I enjoy reading the details as well.
  17. Juxtapostion

    Juxtapostion Hydra

    If you post it,
    I will read it.
  18. Bandreus

    Bandreus Thaumaturge

    Thanks for answering my questions! I finally had the time to play a some more games throughout the day. 3/4 won

    1) vs 1-1-1 (all dwarves) on Lions. I draw a couple team moves on round 1, which is very good especially on Lions. My opponent casts buffs and then takes cover, also holding the VS on his side of the map. I cast a MF too, and advance my guys myself. A Volcano is being cast. Luckily I have a team move, so I can step off the magma and take the VSs. I also burst on the enemy warrior, and a Defender's Block from the priest fails the roll. Round 2, I manage to lend a Lunging Bash on the enemy wizard, which runs to center of map. One more Walk, Team, and I can re-postion my guys optimally. I try my luck with an Unnerving Strike, but the priests Defender's Block is triggered. The enemy wizard casts a couple FSs, basically catching every single character on the map both times. I still have both the positional and hp advantage. Round 3, another big FS lands, my wiz is on 2 hp, so I better do something useful with him. I get her into LoS of enemy wizard who only has a move in his hand. He backs away, but I TK him to the center where my priest can finish him. Enemy warrior goes to finish my priest, but not before I can hit with a Sundering Strike + Savage Curse. The enemy warrior is down to 1 hp, so Quick Run + Lunging bash would have sufficed taking the game even without all the buffs on Beast. gg

    2) vs 2 warriors 1 priest on Dojo. I'm writing this quite some time after playing the game, so I don't even recall most of it. Beast kills elf warrior, but soaked quite some damage. Both his dwarf warrior and dwarf priest have stabs, meaning I can't get near them w/o a block. His dwarf warrior is very mobile too (NS, Dodge) and finally manages to take out my wiz and injury my priest. Several turns are spent playing hide-and-seek while we alternate scoring victory points. An excruciating positional game game, his warrior and both my guys are low on health, but he being able to count on stabs gives him the advantage. Beast finally draws a Pushback Parry, so I engage the enemy: first one to land a hit kills the other, basically. No quick run for Beast means my opponent can attack first: ofc, a 1 is rolled on a 2+ block. I end up losing by time out, but at that point I had no chance anyway.

    3) vs 2 wizards 1 priest (all dwarves) on Temple. I got quite lucky with the draws in the early game: Team Walk + 1x Dash, Team! on round 1. Beast is also loaded on attacks (2 unnerving strikes + 2 lunging bashes, first hand). With such a hand, I HAVE to kill somebody right now. One of the wizards uses control spells to move the priest on the VS. I let him have that. Team moves make buffed Beast jump on the other wiz. There's pretty much nothing he can do. Rest of the game obviously is pretty easy for me: his priest tries to chase my wiz down. Beast manages to land a hit on the remaining wiz before being TKed away. Priest lands another blow. Rund 3, his priest is still trying to get my wiz, but he can only land a sapping spear every now and then. Beast finishes the wiz down, gg.

    4) vs 2 war 1 priest on Lions. Game has quite a slow start. Enemy elf warrior draws blind rage on round 1 and is keeping his move, which makes me play even more cautiously than I normally would. We hold our respective VSs and round 1 ends. Round 2, not much happens, aside from my wizard landing a buffed burst on both of his warriors who have armor. I let my opponent score a VP as I keep my guys in formation for the upcoming attack. Round 3, I move wizard to the VS opposite of where the warriors are (Beast is in position and ready to strike, so hopefully I lure them). He moves both is warriors forward, I wait patiently. His priest steps off the VS and lands a Purging Burst, removing MF from both Beast and my priest. All of his guys are close together, I fire my burst (+Savage Curse + MF) catching all of them and also revealing his priest has a Defender's Block (which wiffed). His warriors step forward further. I move my priest so that he can defend wiz with both his Defender's Blocks. My opponent must have read that, as he attacks my priest instead of the wiz (both blocks succeed, btw). Time for action, Beast Quick Runs behind his priest with an Unnerving Strike, discarding his Defender's. Opponent rage-quits.
  19. Pawndawan

    Pawndawan Champion of Cardhuntria

    Nice! Was this against Peon's Inspiring Presence / Firestorm build?
  20. Bandreus

    Bandreus Thaumaturge

    I don't normally disclose the nicknames of my opponents, as I don't find that elegant, nor am I asking anybody for permission to post the reports. But, I think, @peonprop wouldn't have a problem, since he's pretty much fooling around with brewing strange, amusing and absolutely amazing builds of all kinds? Big props to him!
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