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Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by neoncat, Feb 1, 2014.

  1. Stexe

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    If someone can code that up I'll upload it.
  2. Will be nice if someone have the skills for do that and unselfishly did that to the game.

    But sorry for said this (with all the daring of the world): it will nice if the admins look and this and say: "Dude this tools is awesome and so many people that plays our game use it. Also it keep the players motivated and bring useful information to them ,information that can't be obtained clearly by other means. Now that the guy that develop the tools isn't an active player, It's a good time for us to sponsor the tools and continue to carry out the project because we found it helpful"

    I hope the tool gets the support it deserves. Practically is one of those things that add value to the game and personally I think it need to become part of the game. Not necessary an in game thing (that of course it will be the best thing), but almost something that will be supported.

    On the other hand, the same applies to the wiki.

    The better the tools, the wiki and the faqs are, more easy is for new players and experts to interact with the game. I said it before and I will say it again: don't underestimate the power of be "user friendly".

    Postscript: Nothing personal against developers or the people in charge of this beautiful game. Just something I honestly think that shouldn't go under the carpet.
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  3. Stexe

    Stexe #2 in Spring PvP Season

    I didn't make the tools. Neoncat did, I only host them. He hasn't been part of the game for a long time. I talk to him sometimes and could maybe get him to update it (would only take like an hour) but eh.

    Someone updated the tools and I uploaded the fix for the last expansion. Maybe someone will do it again.
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  4. Rebel7284

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    Hey, so is there any chance of getting this updated?
  5. Stexe

    Stexe #2 in Spring PvP Season

    Someone said they were working on an update, but I haven't heard back from him in a while. He wanted to do some bigger overhaul and improvement.
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  6. Hey Stexe, hey Rebel7284, Force.ofWill, Pawndawan (and all the others asking for updated tools), hey community,

    first of all let me tell you all that I am the mysterious and (until now) nameless guy who contacted Stexe. And as I offered my time to keep an eye on the tools I don't mind if everyone knows. Especially as soon as my first updated versions are going to be on-line it would be ridiculous to not mention my name. :D

    The reason for me appearing lazy with delivering at the moment are some serious and important real-life-deadlines this month. I cannot invest as much time into this as I wanted to. The mentioned improvements will take their time but I will try my very best to deliver a working and updated version till the end of this month capable of recognize all existing item sets. I don't want to rush this first step of my work on neoncat's tools so that I can get a good understanding of what each tool is trying to accomplish and to not be fooling around with the tools.

    Greetings, Phoenix
  7. Pawndawan

    Pawndawan Champion of Cardhuntria

    No hurry, take care!

    ...and thanks in advance. :)
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  8. BlackVoidDeath

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    Another idea I had similar to the collection excess tool was if you entered your data as you would for the collection analysis and also everything in your second hand shop, it would output if and which items you sold into the second hand shop that you dont have max usable of in your collection. This could be used to check if you accidentally sold any items which you dont have max of or even selling all your chests that you get and then coming back at the end of the day or week to check what items you needed - for lazy people like myself since BM are probably never going to implement my suggestion.
    I might be very busy irl soon so wont have time to look into it, but it would be nice if Phoenix or anyone else could try their hand at making it.
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  9. Hey BVD,

    that's a great suggestion and I'm definitely looking for suggestions like yours. I have some ideas on my own, but only the community's combined creativity can create the most powerful tools.

    The only (potential) problem with new ideas can be that you would need information that you don't have access to. Regarding your idea I wasn't sure if I get access to the shop's collection. After a quick test it turned out that I get them the same way I collect my item-collection (turn on verbose mode and enter shop). This works both for Skarl's and for regular shops so if you don't mind I would adapt your idea to support regular shops, too. :p

    Now the only thing I need would be time ;) but your idea went straight onto my todo-list.

    (Not only for BVD but for anyone: )
    For further suggestions: It would be awesome if you could check if the suggestion is possible at all. I don't ask you to foresee my programming skills but to check the availability of information. And I know that there are players who are more experienced and familiar with chat commands and console commands than I am. If you did so just leave a note where I get the information from, if you didn't (because you can't/don't know how/etc) no problem, someone (probably me) will check this.

    Greetings, Phoenix
  10. Well, fine to read that someone will update the tool. Really appreciated.

    Even after all this months I still think the same: Admins should sponsor the tool. It's perfect if someone one does, but at the end, the tools add value to the game. And i think this is one of the plus CH needs. Maybe I'm crazy and people don't see the same thing as me.
  11. Sir Veza

    Sir Veza Farming Deity

    Just because I see the same thing as you doesn't mean we're not both crazy. ;)

    Phoenix - You da man!
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  12. Hey folks,

    I'm some weeks late to my own schedule and still not completely done with all tools. There are the usual reasons for this delay: less free time than expected, more changes to do than calculated and (probably the main reason) more playing Card Hunter than working on the card hunter tools. But I guess and hope that my delay isn't that much of a problem regarding the months you're waiting for the updates already.

    I just decided to present my state of work. This way you can profit from the updates and report errors back to me while I'm still working. As a disclaimer: the files that are hosted by Stexe are always up-to-date with the most recent list of items and adventures, my files as-is represent today's state and won't include new (AA) items or (MM) adventures. As soon as I'm done with all updates and the files go on-line on Stexe's website this auto-update will be included (hopefully).

    Unfortunately for the part of you actively participating in the forums: The badge-tools aren't done yet. The only other tool that I left almost unchanged is the mining log. There is too much (black) magic going on there, but as the mining log seems to work properly I'll ignore this one unless there are actual problems or till I have a whole week to analyze it deeply.

    But as a little compensation for my delay I've added BVD's suggested shop-excess-tool. I'll add a screenshot of the new tool's output with today's Daily Deal.

    I tried to keep the look and controls as close to the old versions as possible. But there are also some changes, I hope you'll appreciate them.

    Tell me if there is anything wrong with the tools otherwise have fun with the updates.

    Greetings, Phoenix

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  13. Hey again,

    the actual code for the badge tools will be quite easy, but I was struggling with the badge's design. There are more sets now and more item-levels so it was clear that the badges must get larger, but the old design seemed a bit crowded and didn't left much free space for additional set-marker. Therefore, I redesigned the badges completely and came up with a draft that will be working even if the devs reached the 12th item set (and if the max item level get increased, even more sets can get their own mark in the badge). And for the special options like 'Treasures' and 'Undroppables' I created completely different marks so that there can't be a misinterpretation anymore.

    Similarly I redesigned the campaign badge. There will be new options to include/exclude adventures by their extension (e.g. exclude the Sky Citadel adventures). And the special options 'locked' and 'MM' got different marks, too. To be clear: There is now a differentiation between treasure hunt adventures and locked adventures. You may exclude treasure hunts by excluding a specific set (again e.g. EttSC) or all locked. If locked adventures are excluded but all sets are included, there will be some (unlocked) treasure hunts included in the badge's data (e.g. 'The Metallic Monstrosity' from EttSC). So the old option to exclude treasure hunts will be equivalent to the new option exclude locked adventures (but will finally do what it says, because there are some unlocked treasure hunts) and there will be new options to exclude adventures set-wise.

    I've created some exemplary badges (without real data, so yes, the bars doesn't fit together) to present my draft to you. They are scaled, so the actual badges will be smaller. The bar's meaning should be intuitive. The diamonds (the geometrical shape) representing the sets will be colored black, if the user excludes them. So by counting the diamonds you will know how old (approx.) a badge is - if a new item set is introduced there will always be a new diamond in the badge regardless of wether you included this new set in your badge or not. The special marks will either get the green '+'-sign if the option is enabled or the red line/exclamation mark if disabled (my examples show both symbols for each mark, so yes, those marks won't appear as such in a final badge).
    Some explanations why I chose this special marks:
    • '+' diamond (the jewelry): with treasures
    • 'red line' diamond (the jewelry): without treasures
    • chest 'exclamation mark': only items that you can find in chests!
    • chest '+': items from chests plus those that won't drop from chests
    • '+' or 'red line' lock: with or without locked adventures
    • '+' or 'red line' MM: with or without MM adventures

    I would be glad to hear some critique/ideas about this drafts before I'm changing the tools accordingly. So feel free to comment.
    Greetings, Phoenix
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  14. rinco69

    rinco69 Thaumaturge

    Item collection progress... I am no UI developer but I don't think an icon needs both a plus and a strike overlay. The plus overlay seems superfluous. But then again the red strike seems confrontational. So I would suggest considering an alternate solution, like a greyed out icon or the icon is not displayed at all.
  15. Sir Veza

    Sir Veza Farming Deity

    The shop utils are a great addition!
  16. That's the reason for asking. I wanted to know some alternatives to my draft.

    Greyed out would be problematic because of the already greyish diamond and I'm not sure if you could distinguish a purple 'MM'-marker from a grey one. And the grey background isn't advantageous at all, too. I would need a different 'Treasure'-marker but a diamond was the most obvious one.
    Not displaying the markers is a considerable solution if you (or someone else) can provide a alternative marker for Undroppables, because I can't think of a clear icon to represent this. My marker works for me as I have a contrary version.
    The credits go to BVD (at least partially).
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  17. Sir Veza

    Sir Veza Farming Deity

    True. An initial idea is necessary for creating anything useful, and a tip of my hat goes to my friend BVD.
    Putting in the work to bring an idea to fruition is often more rare, so I toss my previously tipped Stetson onto your stage. This regional colloquialism may not be understood by all, but be assured it is a gesture of respect.
  18. Hey guys,

    as a quick reminder, there is something like a poll going on here. Don't worry if you haven't stated your opinion yet as I have appointments this week so I won't have time to complete my work on the badges until weekend. But I want this to be done soon (I hate open tasks). If those who follow this thread think, this poll should be spread more in-game then feel free to share a link in world chat (I won't be logged in very often the next days).

    If there are no further comments till Saturday I might look out for rinco in-game (as he left a comment) to further discuss this with him or I might just do it the way that the badges look right to me. But please, no complains afterwards; I won't change them every week because someone feels like there is too much green and too few purple in them or something alike. ;) So better speak out now. I expect to have a version working on Monday.

    As a sneak peek for my currently running project: I'm working on a filter option for the collection analysis. If you like the Keep's item filter and you are frequently disappointed about the little you can achieve with it, you'll probably love mine (although I will not have a graphical listing with easy to use drag-and-drop item equipping). You face an immunity and you don't want to hope for rng-luck to draw armor removal? Write a filter to only get items listed that you have and that don't have say Crushing damage type. Have you expected the situation that you are rolling (too) low numbers for your armor or blocks to trigger but the enemy always gets the numbers he needs? Write a filter to get items listed that have a chance of more than 50% to trigger, rng cannot fool you every time. Or are you just trying to maximize the number of times a specific card (type) is in your deck? Write a filter to get items with at least three (arbitrary) Chops on them. You get the idea?

    Greetings, Phoenix
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  19. Hey guys,

    as always I wasn't as fast as I planned to be but I'm done with one of the badge tools. The campaign-badge-tool has some code I have to further investigate, so perhaps end of month (together with the announced filter option)??.

    Please test this one as it relies on external code (the same, the old version used, so nothing really new) and I don't know how it behaves in different browsers. There were some minor changes to my original plan: deactivated sets are represented by white diamonds instead of black ones (better contrast, too many colors (like pure blue) appear too blackish) and I redesigned the special marks and I have to admit @rinco69 was right. ;)

    badge.png <-- This is my current collection :cool:

    Greeting, Phoenix

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    The worst of the timelines
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