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    SPARK GENERATOR is a card, not an item. Changing it's rarity wouldn't directly impact an achievement.
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    "The old version with" was the key phrase. Without even seeing Kalin's post, I 100% expect Electroporter Novice was the topic of discussion.
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  3. Yes, the mentioned entity is a card and yes, changing a card's rarity doesn't directly impact an item achievement. But - and that's the point - it can in an indirect manner.

    First of all, there were other cards, too, that got changed but let's focus on Spark Generator for now. This card is only present on Arcane Items and hence, each item with this card has exactly three cards in total. For every item with three cards there is this strict relation:
    - Rarity constellation of the cards: CCU => Rarity of item is Common
    - Rarity constellation of the cards: CUU => Rarity of item is Uncommon

    Now if SG is Uncommon (like it was before) and there is exactly one (other) Common card on an item, the whole item gets assigned the rarity Uncommon.
    If SG is Common (like it is nowadays) and there is exactly one other Common card on an item, the whole item gets assigned the rarity Common.

    Okay, I'll keep the previous lines as they are true for other (! ; Spark Generator itself kept its rarity, iirc) cards/items that got changed but this exact item "just" got another third card (thanks, PKB, I almost missed the original problem here, but it's been months since this came up the last time and I already forgot about the details here). But that had the same effect on the item. It used to have two Uncommon cards (one of them being Spark Generator) but one Uncommon card (the SG) was completely replaced by a Common card (Powerful Spark), making it an item with constellation CCU and hence with rarity Common.

    Therefore, items that used to be counted as Uncommon are now in fact Common ones. Steam achievement lists are still unchanged but the collectable items were adapted. This causes such strange situations.

    Sorry, for keeping my previous answer so (/too) short (perhaps I quoted the wrong post?!?), I hope this got clearer now.
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    Oh, I missed a notification and didn't see these. I'll check back later today
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    Okay, so what do I need to change to get it working? Been busy with some summer course work but I'll be free soon so I can do whatever is needed to fix the stuff.
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  6. To wrap this all up a bit (although it could be beneficial for you to read the other posts, too, because I might missed/omitted some details): Your PHP-setup seems a bit broken. Especially each time when there is an access to the game's config-files (cards.csv, equipment.csv, ...). Those files don't get loaded into the tools. Probably because some firewall or the like prevents this accesses. It isn't the whole PHP-service not working because some PHP-code gets executed correctly. Do you have access to the PHP-logs? If so, check if there are any errors documented and use this information to fix your PHP-setup. You can enforce such errors by just loading the tools (for example the collection analysis or any other that makes use of the config-files).

    If you can't find the problem, I could provide a version where auto-updates work semi-automatically: The tools will inline local config-files and you only had to update the config-files manually, if there will be any new things to this game in the future.

    If everything else fails, you could re-upload the files (remember, the dev-version) but - tbh - I guess this won't change anything.
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    That's weird that my PHP setup would be broken, I haven't changed anything. All I did was replace the old files with the new ones. Unless my host (IPage) did something behind the scenes?
    I'm unsure if I have access to the PHP logs. I'll have to check. Might try re-uploading the files with a complete wipe on the directories instead of overriding them.
  8. Hey,

    as I've announced I just prepared a Semi-Auto-Update version (that's the "sau" in the name). This is still a dev-variant so you need a PHP-environment. In the resource-folder is a readme in case you want to know how this works (very briefly) and how to turn this into a fully auto-update version (constructing a job to update the resource files, that is). Tell me if there is something not working.

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