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Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by neoncat, Feb 1, 2014.

  1. Derek

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    Two pages back, amidst my silly struggles, Sir Veza and I both mentioned a "ReferenceError: canvg is not defined"

    Apparently I somehow avoided/resolved this issue at the time, but I'm now trying to update my badge and can't seem to avoid it (tried the website on every browser, and downloaded the files for local use).

    Any insight would be appreciated.
  2. And I thought no-one was using the tools anymore ...

    Ok, let's be less cryptic:
    Both badge tools are more or less not usable at the moment. For me, too. So, yes, the error you're receiving is totally fine. Not that this error is any good, but I have the same issue and it's not you making any mistake while generating the badge. And honestly, I was expecting someone reporting this error earlier on, but on the other hand I'm happy that - until now - every used tool was working (or in other words: that no-one used the badge tools in the last months). And the error occurs in my development environment, in the online version and in the downloaded version. So no way to avoid it currently.

    The main issue with the error is a moved script. The author of some script that the badge tools use uploads the script to a different address now. Can't tell you why he decided to change this, but he did. This moved script wouldn't be much of a problem. But there has to be something else that the author changed at the same time. Even if I edit the tools accordingly they are not working anymore. Some time passed since I last tried it, so I will investigate this again next week (now that you reported the error ;) ), but what I remember is that he changed something that caused an error and at the time I last checked he already knew about the error but hadn't fixed it yet. So even if I give you a version with the updated script address the badge tools night not work but report just another error. What's really curious is, that I have an old version of this script (my development environment wanted me to download it once so that it could analyze it) but even this version isn't compatible with the tools (anymore).

    And that's why I haven't changed anything, yet. The ideal solution would be to get rid of this script at all (this is the last script I'm relying on that I haven't selected myself but just adopted from neoncat's last version - there is one other external script I'm relying on, but that one is heavily used by a wide range of websites so I don't expect this one to misbehave). But I know that there are some members of the community using very old browsers and all ways that don't need the script make use of newer browser features. Just as I'm recapping your earlier problems and the suggested solutions (especially the one by @Sir Veza ) I could provide a version without the script but you would have to use a screen capturing software all the time (you wouldn't be able to just save the generated image anymore). And I doubt that this would be ideal for most of the users of the tools. But this might be the best solution for now. But I'll do my best to produce a badge tool with a download possibility.


    PS: In case you're wondering: Yes, I'm still working on a next version of the tools. It's just personal issues delaying everything (heavily).
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  3. Soooo,

    it seems that the author of the script I'm relying on has fixed all the issues so that at least the tool's version I've uploaded last will still (or again) work with the new script location. And in addition even my development version shows no immediate problems. But I'll investigate that second statement further before I do my next full update. For now you'll only get new badge tools so that you can again use them.

    Instead of two archives I've prepared only one containing both versions. The archive contains the folder dev (mainly for Stexe to host them) and the folder final for everyone using them locally (so to say pre-parsed if you're familiar with those technical terms). The two folders don't represent the whole directory-structure that the other archives contain but only the two tool files. Hence, you have to copy them into you're directory-structure (you're exported archive from my last published version) in order to have fully styled and functional tools. And it's up to you to test whether my first statement was right (whether my last version works correctly with this new script location/version). Or in other words: please tell me, if this again works for your computer set-up. I have only checked that there are no immediate errors reported (on my machine).

    @Stexe : The old badge version will not work any longer because of the moved script and the only difference between my last version and this version is the fixed script-location. So I'd say you should replace the old ones as soon as possible and you don't necessarily have to wait for others reporting success or failure. This fix is definitely more useful than the old version even if there might be issues with the new badge tools.

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  4. Stexe

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    Okay. I'm at PAX Unplugged right now and my computer died and it is finals week. I'll probably get around to it in 2-3 weeks I hope.
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  5. Sir Veza

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    Have fun at PAX, Stexe! Thanks for hosting!
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  6. Stexe

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    Thanks. Having fun and catching up with people (since I'm from Philly) is cool. But also doing major networking and prototyping / brainstorming / pitching my graduate thesis work on blurring the lines between digital and non-digital games and stuff. =)
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  7. Stexe

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    So should I update to the version listed there? I have some free time (outside of writing this 20-25 page graduate paper on the map / custom mod scene forming sub-cultures and leading to new genres and cultures) to update my hosting files.
  8. The two badge tools definitely won't work anymore so keeping them would be pointless and it would be great if you could use the latest ones instead (or, the only version that is working atm ;) ). I've noticed that all other files are also a bit behind, but whether or not you update them depends on if you have someone to test them a bit (or just risk to update without testing).

    PS: I guess I don't have to say this every time I post something, but as this year approaches its end, I'd like to use this opportunity (I suspect, I'll finish a new version this year, so ...) to again thank you for hosting the tools and also giving feedback every now and then.
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  9. Stexe

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    You're the one doing 99% of the work. No need to thank me. The community should be thanking you. =)

    Just tell me what build to upload and I'll put it up.
  10. The latest version I posted here is from April
    But replace the two badge files with this fix
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  11. Happenstance

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    Phoenix is a deadset bonafide legend.
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  12. Sir Veza

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  13. Gast86

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    What are badges though?
  14. Stexe

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    Whoops, forgot about this. Still working on some stuff but I'll see if I can get around to it in the next day or two unless you think I should wait until the next stable version.
  15. The main purpose of a badge is to put it in your forum signature so that all other players can see your progress under your posts.
    Don't have to apologize to me, I have a working version locally. ;)
    I hope to have a stable version by the end of this month. But I can already tell you that this will be a major change, so also a major possibility that I've introduced some bugs. Hence, I would opt for taking the latest version that I already posted here and then wait and see how well my next version is done as soon as it is available here. If this turns out to be properly done you would have to update the files again sometime around end of February but waiting for the new version and then put them online immediately has the disadvantage that this would take another three weeks (roughly) and I can't guarantee for them to be free of errors while the available version is uploaded for some time and already tested by some users.
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  16. Hey guys,

    I'm really working on a lot of things right now and it almost seems as if no line of code is kept untouched. And there are still some points on my list that I want to finish for the next version. But there is one task I would like to involve you in. It's the custom filter cheat sheet. I know that the custom filter syntax is a bit complicated for everyone but me, so I guess it would be very beneficial for the whole community if I wasn't the only person writing the cheat sheet.

    I've changed some aspects of the custom filter and have adapted the cheat sheet to the new parts of the syntax. But I'm not convinced that the cheat sheet is ready to go. Unfortunately, as the creator of the syntax, I'm not sure how it could be made better because I know the syntax by heart and don't need the cheat sheet.

    It would be awesome if some community members could volunteer to help me improving the sheet. I promise that I will answer every question that arises as soon as possible. If I get some volunteers I'll provide an archive with everything you need to play-test the new syntax. As a teaser: This archive will include a not yet published new tool, so perhaps this will help to convince some to help me and thereby us. ;)

    I don't necessarily look for players that already used the custom filter (although having some experiences already definitely won't be bad at all). I assume that the cheat sheet should be sufficient to give you some feeling for how to start. And if you're not willing to become an expert in writing filters, I'd already be happy to get some inspiration on what sort of filters you always wanted to apply to you collection, because one of the problems with the cheat sheet is that the segment showing and describing more complex examples is pretty short.

    After looking at the usual likes in this thread, asking for two volunteers would probably be rather easy, so based on the average number of 200 players logged into the game and the fact that Stexe and Sir Veza aren't the only players reading this thread, I'd like to say, three volunteers would be great and five should be max in order to get all volunteers into one forum group conversation (so that I don't have to answer each question multiple times). Let's see, how much cooperativeness I can find here.

    PS: I'm just asking myself: Should I assume that everyone who likes this post is a volunteer? :cool:
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  17. Stexe

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    I'm still busy working on this grad school paper, but good luck. I'm sure you and Sir Veza can get some volunteers? I hope.
  18. Gast86

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    I'd volunteer.. But I have no clue what you guys are talking about (still).
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  19. Sir Veza

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    I'm having surgery next week, and I'm unsure how strong the medication and available wi-fi will be. I haven't scripted in years, but I'd give it a shot.
    I hope @Kalin and @Scarponi see this, so I'm hedging the bet.
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  20. I'm still in hope for some others volunteering in addition to you two, but I won't wait any longer (or to say, I just finished the archive to give to you), so we'll just start this small experiment today. If others decide to join please pm me and I'll add you to our group conversation, that I'll initiate after this post (this thread is already quite lengthy so I want to move such discussions out of here to prevent at least some "noise").

    The archive contains a text-file named "cheat sheet improvement.txt" that should give you a good introduction to what this is all about. Of course, if there are questions left, just ask. And this is not so much about actual scripting, so I think this should be of moderate difficulty only. I've already invested quite some time in a basic manual of what custom filters are.

    Just make yourself familiar with the archive first, and we'll then try to figure out what the best way is to work on this together in the conversation.

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