Test Build 3.59.0 (21 Aug 2015)

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  1. Jon

    Jon Blue Manchu Staff Member

    The desktop client should now allow purchasing using Paypal when logged in using a password instead of using Steam authentication.

    Also included, various bug fixes and miscellaneous improvements.

    Steam client
    • Check maintenance through game server on steam client login.
    • Steam client shows more informative message when a login fails due to session time out.
    • Better error logging from Steam client during login/auth process.
    • Change the way that the waiting overlay is displayed during Steam login/auth.
    • Try to fix paypal purchasing in desktop client (fix URL for paypal return and don't auto close it).
    • Added an option to disable chat entirely.
    • Identify mods & admins in chat.
    • Add a /mod message command.
    Deck Builder
    • Added some more set keywords for text searches (citadel, artifact, AA, aloyzo, arsenal).
    • Remove league end display from screen when screen is removed. Should fix league prizes being awarded twice client side when disconnecting during award.
    • Fixed group names in card transfer logging.
    • Slice effect doesn't create invalid bitmap data when the source art size is zero (should fix a flash error when running at very high anim speed).
    • Various typo fixes for prompts, scenarios and hints.
    • Add a cheat to dump an arbitrary battle by room to the console.
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  2. Robauke

    Robauke Guild Leader

    what does the /mod command do? Conjure a mod?
  3. Research suggests that it will give you a sharply-tailored suit, a Vespa GS scooter, and a handful of leapers.
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