is a hoax

Discussion in 'Support' started by Nero313, Dec 1, 2018.

  1. Nero313

    Nero313 Kobold

    They don't reply... don't bother. Email has not been responded too and i suspect that it's not a real email. There is no interest in resolving issues.
  2. Sir Veza

    Sir Veza Farming Deity

    And trolling tech support is bound to be a positive move on your behalf, right? :rolleyes: Good luck with that.
  3. Nero313

    Nero313 Kobold

    As far as i can tell this is the case, it's not "trolling". IF they reply I have no issue recanting and correct any misstatement at that time.
  4. Jon

    Jon Blue Manchu Staff Member

    I checked through and found a support email from 5 days ago that was helpfully spam filtered by our email system. If that was your support request you should have received a response by now. If not, please send me a message via this forum and we'll look into your issue.
  5. Nero313

    Nero313 Kobold

    Fair enough, My apologies.
    that was not my email. what information would you like?
  6. Nero313

    Nero313 Kobold

    Alright, i am as good as my word. Jon did reply and is handling it in a straight forward manner. So that is a nice change of pace.
    You may take this down or leave it up as proof.
    Again My Apologies.
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  7. Nero313

    Nero313 Kobold

    ha-ha, Jon logged out.. not sure what happened, just kinda left... however the issue remains unresolved. SO .... again here i wait.
  8. Nero313

    Nero313 Kobold

    Jon failed to explain or give any specifics to why.... Jon did reply a few minutes ago, unfortunately the issue is still unresolved.
  9. Nero313

    Nero313 Kobold

    Well this is the conversation... I most certainly don't understand what Jon means... I don't believe what is claimed actually happened.... Not to mention asterisks are by no means offensive.... and block exists... and 7th.. I'm still banned. So got me. I figured I would post this to clear up any questions. "Why are you banned?" "I don't know".... "come on guess a bunch"..yeah

    1. That was not my email. what information would you like?

      Nero313, Saturday at 6:27 PM Report
    2. [​IMG]
      Jon Blue Manchu Staff Member
      Hi, what's your support issue?

      Jon, Saturday at 6:35 PM Report
    3. [​IMG]
      Nero313 Kobold
      My account was banned and was not given a reason. well one that i could see. I do not care who sent it .. just what it is/was. It would be unreasonable for me to say i can comply with any complaint if i don't know specifically what it is. Considering I've only played multiplayer a little over a month.. i would like to know.. This is apparently an issue... One that needs to be dealt with asap.

      Nero313, Saturday at 6:42 PM Report
    4. [​IMG]
      Jon Blue Manchu Staff Member
      Your account was banned as a result of reports received from other players, primarily for stalling and for abusive chat.

      When playing you can, of course, use as much time as allowed by the game, but we do not permit intentional stalling or time wasting with the intention of annoying other players. Players can report when they think this is the case. Since this is a subjective area, so we generally err on the side of not banning for these cases.

      On the other hand, some of your chat is clearly inappropriate for our game and has been reported as such. If you want to keep participating in the multiplayer community of this game, you'll need to find a way to chat in a way that is acceptable to the rest of the community.

      Jon, Saturday at 6:53 PM Report
    5. [​IMG]
      Nero313 Kobold
      What was said? that was such and issue?

      Nero313, Saturday at 6:54 PM Report
    6. [​IMG]
      Nero313 Kobold
      Thank you for your reply

      Nero313, Saturday at 6:55 PM Report
    7. [​IMG]
      Jon Blue Manchu Staff Member
      Telling other players "**** you" would be an example.

      Jon, Saturday at 7:04 PM Report
    8. [​IMG]
      Nero313 Kobold
      can't say i would say that without being provoked. that sounds out of character.
      I would like to thank you again for being straight forward.
      I hope you understand if i do not know, then... i can't really do anything other than say nothing. Which is pretty much it.
      I would not deny saying something someone would consider as offensive.. However, directing the insult outward is completely out of character.
      I can recall only one conversation within the game... which was with pappas today. other than a few comments .. like i said i've only played for a little over a month....

      Nero313, Saturday at 7:12 PM Report
    9. [​IMG]
      Nero313 Kobold
      In any case, as i see you have logged out... it does not appear that you are unable to give a specific comment.. Which makes me wonder what the block option is for. As if i said anything in defense, that i can not and will not apologize for. Anyone is entitled to defend themselves. As far as any misunderstanding or unknowingly offending anyone, i would gladly make right. Or, even my perceived stalling is an unfair if the account i am vs years old. How am I a little over a month player suppose to know unless i think it out.
      I still do not understand what was wrong about me playing the game.. I read the rules and do not see how i violated any of them. From my perspective this banning was uncalled for. I did nothing wrong but my account is tainted beyond repair. I can't even ask those i played if there is an issue and to apologize for it since the ban includes the chat section.

      Nero313, Saturday at 8:23 PM Report
    10. [​IMG]
      Nero313 Kobold
      ***** ... it does not appear that you are able... *** not unable.

      Nero313, Saturday at 8:59 PM Report
    11. [​IMG]
      Nero313 Kobold
      well, .... i'll be here. not like i have anything else.

      Nero313, Saturday at 9:31 PM Report
    12. [​IMG]
      Jon Blue Manchu Staff Member
      The ban will expire on the 7th (i.e. in a few days).

      Jon, Saturday at 11:54 PM Report
    13. [​IMG]
      Nero313 Kobold
      You still have not told me what i said or did. therefor... the mistake will be repeated...
      and why did you leave me hanging? i've been waiting hours... that's a little rude mate

      Nero313, Sunday at 12:08 AM Report
    14. [​IMG]
      Nero313 Kobold
      I am only trying to get to the bottom of this. It appears that I'm just getting the run around and there is no specific reason. I want this to end too but without information and leaving me hanging is just doing what you are accusing me off. abuse. that is cruel..."you banned, not really gonna tell ya why" ..... My annoyance is the fact this is being dragged out.

      Nero313, Sunday at 12:20 AM Report
    15. [​IMG]
      Nero313 Kobold
  10. Maniafig

    Maniafig Thaumaturge

    So you got banned, got clearly told why you got banned and when you'll get unbanned, and your response is to post the private conversation on this public forum in what comes across as little more than an attempt to name and shame site staff?

    I can see why you got banned.
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  11. Nero313

    Nero313 Kobold

    There is no attempt to shame anyone... this is called transparency .... I looked how they handled issues before i sent emails and other forms of communication... This will help stop future emails that will not do any good. Not to mention the Point of the email... to avoid future issues. I am not sure how else I can say it... I do not understand!!!!

    If you read the post.... which is clear you did not... you would see that Jon did not "clearly" as you put it explain what I did. I literally stated that I did not understand and still do not. Your attempt to be little me is pointless and not well researched... Nothing you said was helpful..Why did you post?... What was your point? That a person that does not understand has no right to ask?
    Thanks for the reply...Just be more specific with your hate.
  12. gurel2

    gurel2 War Monkey

    I got "named and shamed" in much worse fashions in world chat of CH before and support did nothing. In fact, a moderator even encouraged that naming and shaming in world chat by telling the person to send screenshots of his claims to support rather than warning him. I agree with nero that is a hoax or -at the least- operates at minimum capacity, doesn't hand out warnings and bans where they should and act upon trivial information they get e-mailed.

    As for the answer nero demands, I can give it a shot: According to Jon's messages: Players reported you - You got multiple reports from people regarding stalling and abusive behaviour. They would unban you if it was just stalling but you have received reports for abusive behaviour as well, that's why they are going to let it run it's course. If it is just reports and not e-mails sent to support, then support probably doesn't know what you said, so they can't let you know, but they will not unban you due to multiple and different types of reports. If it was e-mails, they know what you said but don't wanna reveal the identities of your reporters by letting you know about details. Either way, you're not getting more details.

    If you actually haven't said anything to anyone in the game and still got reported for abusive behaviour, maybe it was your character names (which are questionable) triggering people who wanted to report you for stalling. If you got "provoked" into saying "f you" and the other party copy-pasted what you said to support, that'll get you a warning or a ban, without support looking at what the other party said. Provocation is not a valid defence for support. Block option existing doesn't help you either; blocking you or reporting you for abusive behaviour is up to the player - you can't tell people to block you instead of reporting you and expect them to comply.

    Warnings/bans in cardhunter are far from fair, but i hope this at least helps you understand how it works.
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    DARK MAGIC War Monkey

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  14. Nero313

    Nero313 Kobold

    Thanks for the posts Gurel2 and DARK MAGIC,
    Gurel2.... what you said makes far more sense and is more reasonable of a reply than what was said... As far as Blocking being an option i disagree with; it's the person who is offended that should have an option to block and to not be offended. Every game on the net has the block for that very reason. It's easier to give the offended an option to block than it is to change someone else. I mean on amount of work alone it's more logical for the offended to make the call to just block. It's impossible for people to know what someone else, that they don't know, will be offended. That's just my view and most other games. As for my characters names not sure what's questionable about them, however you didn't mention them so... you can privately if you think its a touchy matter... In response to warnings/ban are not fair.. it's good to know and it is a shame... One would think the game would have more players and more profitable if it was more fair. Customer Support agents are fairly reasonably priced and bring in a return worth the cost... Just food for thought. There can be simple changes to the process that would benefit the game-makers and the players. The rules are far to ambiguous; rewording and numbering them would allow more clarity while numbering them will allow the reason be pointed out in the warning/ban.

    DARK MAGIC, thanks for the reply. I would be happy to see a positive experience posted on this thread. Both sides should be told. This is my experience on this matter; if others see it differently please post.
    This by no means should be seen as an attempt to smear or shame staff; people can respect others and still disagree. One mistake does not define a person.

    I merely do not wish to play in isolation because of something that is unknown to me. It sets up failure and does not resolve any issue; nothing has been resolved. Quick and clear responses keep problems from happening. If the person is still saying "I don't understand" they don't understand.... The problem still remains; walking away and hoping it goes away is, well a loss. Conflict is not a bad word or a bad thing it's simply human.

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