Steam not authenticating

Discussion in 'Support' started by rinco69, Feb 10, 2017.

  1. rinco69

    rinco69 Thaumaturge

    CH via Steam not authenticating, is it just me?
  2. Gingrich Yurr

    Gingrich Yurr Thaumaturge

    Same problem here, had to use the website.
  3. Kalin

    Kalin Begat G'zok

    It's working for me right now.
  4. rinco69

    rinco69 Thaumaturge

    Working for me again.
  5. Happenstance

    Happenstance Thaumaturge

    It's been down three times for me in the last couple of days. Currently down.

    "Failed to get a response from Steam authentication. Try again?"
  6. rinco69

    rinco69 Thaumaturge

    Yup broken again for me too. Waah.
  7. Happenstance

    Happenstance Thaumaturge

    Gaben hates Australians confirmed
  8. ParodyKnaveBob

    ParodyKnaveBob Thaumaturge

    I've tried off-and-on during the past couple hours. No dice. Nor cards. Nor tables.
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  9. Cribbage

    Cribbage Kobold

    It's still down. Has anyone official even acknowledged this issue yet?
  10. rinco69

    rinco69 Thaumaturge

    I officially* acknowledge this disaster.

    * disclaimer: not a CH official.
  11. Telmorial

    Telmorial Kobold

    I'm having the same issue for the last couple of days. The weird thing is, I just tried playing the game via the web client but it didn't recognition my user/password. I even tried the forgot password and forgot username but it didn't even recognize my email (I tried both email addresses I only ever use for games). Weird.
  12. admin

    admin Blue Manchu Staff Member

  13. rinco69

    rinco69 Thaumaturge

    7 hours still broken.

    The funny thing is when Steam is offline I can usually login with a CH password. But not today!
  14. Happenstance

    Happenstance Thaumaturge

    Steam Support Division has taken the day off.

    I hear he went to the beach.
  15. Jon

    Jon Blue Manchu Staff Member

    This issue should be resolved now (Steam fixed their server response). Let us know if not though.

    If you play through Steam and haven't yet set a password, you may want to do so now. Login to the game then go to the game menu options (click the three bars in the top right of the screen and then select "options"). Enter a password which you can then use to login through the web client at in case of future Steam problems.
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  16. Telmorial

    Telmorial Kobold

    Thanks for the help and info Jon. I didn't know about the setting password thing before. Good stuff.
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