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    Wanted to test inq. strike as the inquisition looks like a lot of damage if you can constantly keep 2 debuffs on enemy.


    Level 2 Elf Warrior

    Level 1 Elf Warrior

    Level 2 Dwarf Wizard

    For two games tested a rad. bomb cleric instead of wizard but it wasn't providing enough debuffs and game impact.

    Game 1:
    Pyrious - Walpurgis build. He didn't draw it and it ended pretty fast. Silver weakness didn't help

    Game 2:
    Prophetoo. Vamp centric build with silver elf and don't remember who third probably buffer. I got lucky with inq. strikes and went through the crazy vampire healing. Don't know how consistent vamp is but double digit heals and damage look very powerful. Also inquisitor's bage helped me a lot and I have mixed feelings about it - while it keeps silver damage in check, but it is too random and appears on some OK tokenless items (vigilante's coat, healthy boots, helmet) so it is quite common to have 1 in your deck just in case - so much ups against silver feels very very random

    Game 3:
    Pyrious - Walpurgis again - closed map & my bad play = defeat even if he again had troubles with pulling walpurgis(it was played in round 4 when the game was nearly finished anyway) also found that it is nearly impossible to forecast how much damage you will get from inq. bolt as it count some nontrivial cards like sundering strike. Feels a bit strange

    Here I swapped wiz for rad. bomb priest (was a bad idea, not enough debuffs and low impact from priest, wizard provides both debuffs and damage)

    Game 4:
    KKarma - vampire priests + elf wiz support. Initiated without enough inq. strikes. Didn't end well

    Game 5:
    1/1/1 with winddancer elf warrior and wizard with spirit form and heal priest (with some vamping)
    winddancer irritates - you will hate every single time the block triggers and it happens a lot. Maybe it should be weak block or some block with drawback as it is quite random right now. Vamp attacks without vamp form feels powerful, but not game changing.

    Game 6:
    same deck, but I returned to the wizard. Feels much more powerful after swap. Prowl was great both as damage source and movement it is very powerful right now, and it isn't hard to get - 3 Prowl boots for a minor token are very good.

    Game 7: KKarma again - game had a feeling of totally broken game - he was using vampire kisses to heal for 16(with mass frenzy) I was using inq.strikes for 18 (prowl + silversmith). 3xprowl boots are great. Someone better than me should look into making them overpowered item(maybe add blind range to the mix and drop inq.strikes completly or build good old cult of bejeweled like build)
  2. smirnfil

    smirnfil Kobold

    Game 8: karnal1 - Walpurgis turn1 without anything specific(purge or something after) but I kept my lucky draw of 3 inq. strikes on two characters. All converted to lycantrops, but I had much more damage.
  3. smirnfil

    smirnfil Kobold

    Game 9: tmzerozero : 2 dwarf warriors + wiz - antimagic skin and heavy defense on dwarfs . Tried to rush through parry and antimagic - didn't end well.
  4. smirnfil

    smirnfil Kobold

    Game 10: NickHuang 3 elvish warrior -winddancer + mobility. Didn't have any problems with winddancer - moved around and traded damage. Some my misplays(movement, too early initiation without mage support) lead to defeat:

    Quick summary of 10 games:
    crazy sal's creepers are amazing - one minor token item gives you good brawl movement and damage. 3xProwl is very strong.

    inquisitor's strike - I am still not sure about it. It is definitely have a lot of potential and if you calculate it based on two traits is very cost efficient. The best part about it - it isn't true combo(AoA style) you could have a lot of Inq. strikes and it doesn't require special setup to work. On the other hand it doesn't feel like totally broken thing - more like 'power creep' feeling than your damage is better than it was before

    silver bolt on elf mage - powerful but OK
    inq. bolt - really don't like that you can't understand what cards it calculates

    inq.badge - don't like real randomness it adds to the game - could be on any character usually just 1 in a deck if you pull it when need will have to big impact for one of.

    Walpurgis - haven't seen anything broken with it. Fun but very random thing

    Forms - Mostly seen vampires. Kiss is very powerful. Important thing to consider - on test there is a lot of silver flying around in real life there will be much less silver, so forms will be more powerful. Lycanthrop and spirit also looks like powerful forms - need to do more experimenting with them.

    Lots of other things are OK to name a few: Lucky charm, vanguard, wind dancer, antimagic skin
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    Thank you!! I have you down for 10 games so far.
  6. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader

    Thank you for all your help with the Castle Mitternacht playtest.

    Unless you posted more in another thread (in which case, sorry I missed it), I have you at 10 games.

    You will receive 2 Epic Mitternacht chests when this content is released.

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