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Discussion in 'Feedback and Suggestions' started by Goodwin, Jan 14, 2018.

  1. Goodwin

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    I'm pretty sure some people out there have excess items which sold can buy them all the legends they want, but obviously you don't want to sell 100 commons manually. I feel like there should be a single button allowing you to get rid of all items that you will never need no matter the situation. For example, if I have 10 identical copies of an elf skill, I will never use 7 of those copies. It is obviously not difficult to sell these copies, but this problem might apply to hundreds of items. This button will allow you to get rid of everything that you will never, ever need. (greater than 3 of the same skill, the same boot, greater than 9 of the same weapon, etc.)

    I admit this might be tricky to code but I trust the team of Blue machu can manage it, seeing that the game is stable for the most part...
  2. Sir Veza

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    I was an extremely strong advocate of this suggestion before @Jon implemented selling to Skarl's from the loot screen, and showing the number owned when you mouse-over the item. Since then, I check as I play and rarely accumulate any excess. When I do, I can spot and correct it from the loot screen if I have too many and another shows up. Or I can use Neoncat's Tools to give me a list of any I've missed.
    It's such a huge improvement over spending many hours per week counting each item by type and selling the excess that I lost interest in the sell excess button.
    YMMV, so I won't say it's a bad suggestion.
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