[Question] So, why did you bought the Basic Edition?

Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by Sisquinanamook, Sep 25, 2013.

  1. Sisquinanamook

    Sisquinanamook Orc Soldier

    Hi there,

    so far I am really enjoying the Game even when I am stuck at level 8 right now. ^^

    Now I am thinking about purchasing the Basic Edition (BE), but I am a bit unsure if I should do so or not. Therefore I am interested in your reasons why you've bought the BE or respectively why you won't buy it.

    My thoughts about the BE:
    I think it is a really nice idea to have a "Box" you can buy instead of "amount X of ingame currency". For me it holds something of this special flair of actually playing a P&P Game that surrounds all of Card Hunter.
    I remember my first time walking into a games Shop and buying the Basic Starter Edition from DSA just because it was a Box. Not like my friends who only bought some Dices, a rule book and character sheets seperately. I also could have done so, because the only difference from the box to buying the things seperately were some Images of the different Classes - but it was a box and I wanted it. ^^

    Now it is kind of the same with the BE. It is a box - I want it. Regardless of its Content.
    But being much older since the first time I bought a box - I think about purchasing stuff and the actual benefit I gain from it before I purchase it.

    So what are my benefits from buying the BE:
    • 100 Pizza Slices
    • 9 Figurines
    • 1 Month club membership
    • all Treasure Hunts

    Ok lets see:
    I don't really need the Pizza Slices right now. I could buy with them the other Booster Packs in the Shop (again a very nice idea). But I don't really need them either. So I would save the 100 Pizza slices as I saved the 150 Pizza Slices I gained ingame already.

    The 9 Figurines are nice to have but they are in the end just nice to look at. So strictly seen: I won't gain any benefit from it.

    1 Month club Membership - I don't actualy know what that means. I get one more item on the loot table - is that correct? That is nice I admit, but it's also just one more chance on the RNG. Do I really need this extra chance to be successful in the Game? Don't think so.

    All treasure hunts
    Again - more adventures equals more items which is nice. But not a must have.

    So in the end I won't gain any actual benefit at all.

    Which brings me to my last point:
    Thank you Blue Manchu for developing a game where you can pay money to have it easier in the game but essentially won't need to. Thank you so much!

    I am so delighted wth this game and this concept and that you actually manage it to give me the feeling of being regarded as a player that I am going to buy the Basic Edition.

    Just because this supports you - which gives me a beneft at last because you can make the game even more better - and because it is a box.

    Maybe not a blue box, but a box nonetheless.

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  2. piotras

    piotras Goblin Champion

    Well my main reason was that I wanted to throw money at BM (literally) because I love the concept and their approach (as you say, the fact that paying money is helpful, but not necessarily makes all the difference). There are a few games out there that got it right, so we need to make sure those people keep making more content/games rather than starve/move to rendering ultra-realistic blood stains on a new AAA shooter. Also, it contained treasure hunts, which equals to more game content! I get bored quickly, so a few extra fights with different scenarios sounds awesome.

    Pizza slices and figurines where kinda meh (i.e. I also don't need it at this point and I prefer the original figurines for the dwarfs at least, since I went all dwarf at first).

    But there are some things you should know, which may sound less cool (which I learned after I bought the box! :p), but personally I believe they don't make such a difference to the game's NOT-pay-to-win approach (more pay-to-speed-up-RNG):

    - treasure hunts give you specific treasure (epic), BUT these items are also obtainable through the normal campaign (as RNG loot) and they are not so good actually on their own, maybe in a specific deck/build (I actually use only one, but I still haven't went through all my treasure hunts, I'm lvl 12)
    - the club membership extra loot do add up, the only way to 'fight' RNG is (sorry for using the word) grind, you are more likely to get better loot if you get more of it, so extra loot per every chest you open in the game is kinda worth it if you plan to play the game for a while, but doesn't necessary guarantee you better items to dominate the multiplayer or go through the campaign quicker, you just get more loot
    - if you have the club membership and do the treasure hunt, you will get a guaranteed (still RNG) loot of the same rarity level or above (so epic or legendary), this may sound less cool, but it's still RNG, so I don't think that makes such a big difference?

    the guaranteed epic loot from treasure hunts can be found here, in cause you're wondering
  3. Pengw1n

    Pengw1n Moderately Informed Staff Member

    I didn't purchase the BE per se, as I was a beta tester and spent money in the beta - but I purchased the Treasure Hunts and the club (we got the 9 figures from buying beta pizza). I really like the extra adventures, and enjoy the loot - but basically, it's more about me wanting MORE (and excellent) content rather than the drops. The club is just for the first month when I beat the campaign most likely.

    Also, my reasoning for spending money in the first place was to support the devs, for the game I've spenth months playing for free...
  4. Sam Jones

    Sam Jones Mushroom Warrior

    For me, the main reason I got the basic set was to give Blue Manchu money. If you're stuck at a point, my advice might be to spin up a different party and advance that to the same point as your first (if you haven't already done that). You can then run an adventure with a team customized to face it (now I'm running a fast/ranged team and a slow/tank team). I did that after getting the basic set, but here's what I thought of what was there:

    New Figures I really liked having a pick for these. I thought I was relatively indifferent to appearance, but it made a big difference being able to pick my characters even from two choices.

    Treasure Quests It's just nice to have new quests. They're as inventive and interesting as the existing ones. I've done three, I think, so far. They might be easier than the other ones (Return to Woodholm, seemed far easier than the first), and the items from them are pretty powerful.

    Extra Treasure It's my least favorite because it doesn't give me any new options. However, the club treasure is a big deal. It's an extra 1/3 treasure, except the new item is always as good or better than the best drop, so it's more like 40% more treasure. I got the basic set six days ago, and my gear has gotten far better.
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  5. progammer

    progammer Ogre

    Just to make a minor correction on this, the extra item is not guaranteed to be equal or better than the best original drop. It is only dropping item equal or better than what you are guaranteed to get. For example, if you are guaranteed a rare, but a legendary drop in that place instead, the club item will not guaranteed to be legendary, it'll just be rare or better.

    Look at the chest color gives an indication of what you are guaranteed. The only exception are the guaranteed item (5th or 3rd item in the chest of 4 and 2 item).
  6. kogi

    kogi Ogre

    And to further elaborate

    Melvelous quest is a guarantee legendary = extra legendary for club
    Not sure if the White star is a guarantee epic
    The first time you finish a treasure hunt is a guarantee epic = extra epic+ for club
  7. zelink551

    zelink551 Goblin Champion

    The treasure hunts are some of the best adventures, it should be noted. Some really cool challenges
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  8. Cazliostro

    Cazliostro Kobold

    In order of priority:

    1. To support Blue Manchu - great game!
    2. Extra adventures
    3. Extra characters

    Supporting the devs is critical. Money is like voting. Hell... this is 'Murica, money is voting...
  9. Runan

    Runan Mushroom Warrior

    I was having some of the same thoughts, but it didn't take me long to arrive at the same conclusion - I don't really need the pizza, but I really wanted to support the developers. This has been one of the games I've enjoyed the most in the past decade, they've done so many things right.
  10. Pengw1n

    Pengw1n Moderately Informed Staff Member

    White star is guaranteed, but it's rare I believe?
  11. Gabbek

    Gabbek Orc Soldier

    I bought club member only to support Blue Manchu as I finished campaign and got almost everything I wanted out of standard adventure chest reward. Looking forward to buying treasure hunts next week :)
  12. zelink551

    zelink551 Goblin Champion

    Treasure Hunts FTW! They require a lot of strategy both in the fights and in prep
  13. Skølldir

    Skølldir Kobold

    I would honestly prefer if the box didn't contain a monthly membership and instead add more pizzas, because I - LIKE- the way it's hard to gather gear, I like it how I have to fiddle around and adjust my deck with even lowbie level 1 gear just to get around the immunes, but as I also want to support the game devs, I'd defiantly buy pizzas for silly stuff, like extra Figures, so never fail to churn out more and more of those folks!
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  14. ElShafto

    ElShafto Goblin Champion

    I'm probably a little odd in that I waited until -after- I finished the single-player campaign to buy the basic edition, but it was a test. If, when I finished the single player campaign, I still a) liked the game and b) wanted to continue playing it, then I thought that would be evidence enough that the devs did a great job developing the product and that they deserve the financial support. Mission accomplished.
  15. Ballisk

    Ballisk Kobold

    I don't really see much reason to buy the BE. Sure, the value is great if you actually care about the figurines . But if you don't care about he figurines, it's pretty much the same as just buying packages normally.

    I bought 1 month of Club membership because the extra item is beast. Double legendary items is amazing! Already had my first one. I plan to use 70 pizzas to buy the legendary club quest now that I know about it, granted I had no use for them anyway. The treasure hunts are nice but all of the items that they show seem pretty useless so far. I'd only pay for them so that I can sell the items for the gold.

    One of the big questions I had about them was 'Do the epics change each time you beat it'? If so I'll probably buy them just for the sake of things. I also was wondering if there are more gameplay modes besides "regular adventure"? I saw some pictures of trophies underneath in some screenshots so I'm guessing there are more. I know I'm a noob but I'm having a blast with this game so far.
  16. Aviar

    Aviar Kobold

    I picked up the BE to support the devs as well as enjoy the extra quest content and the Club membership for a month to get a few extra items.
  17. Thoric

    Thoric Kobold

    Even though it's implemented very fairly, I'm not big on the card hunter club concept, so I skipped the pack. For now I'll just be paying for adventures and figurines as they come.
  18. Zalminen

    Zalminen Hydra

    After you've beat a treasure hunt once and claim the reward, the treasure hunt works like a normal adventure afterwards. So just normal random loot.
    But the real value of the treasure hunts is the extra content anyway, not so much the guaranteed items.

    After you complete the normal campaign, you unlock quests. They're basically additional challenges for each adventure, such as "Win without losing a party member", "Win with 3 wizards", "Win using only drawback cards" and so on. Beating each quest for the first time gives you a guaranteed rare.
  19. Ballisk

    Ballisk Kobold

    Wow, pretty cool and interesting Zalminen. Thanks :)

    I don't think I'll be purchasing the treasure hunts; aside from the Legendary one. I just don't think they are worth it. Maybe I'll have a change of opinion once I get to quests.

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