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Discussion in 'Guilds' started by Pyrious, Aug 1, 2016.

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    The current method of distributing pizza rewards that guild leaders go by, as far as I can tell, is eyeballing the contribution of the top few players and giving them whatever pizza was earned. I propose another option that has the following benefits:
    • The contribution of the lower tier of players is remembered and not thrown away.
    • The distribution is calculated methodically, requiring no eyeballing, so no one can be unhappy with the decision.
    • It encourages players to continue contributing even if they're already #1 in their guild, or even if they know they will not be able to reach the top few that receive pizza.
    • It lightens potential feelings of in-guild competitiveness.

    Here is how the method works:

    At the end of the month, each player gets a "participation" score which is a function of their performance that month. It could simply be contribution, or it could be (contribution) + (1/5) (games played), or any other combination that you decide on beforehand.

    Then you calculate the "guild participation" score as the sum of each player's participation score.

    Then each player gets a "pizza score" which is the percentage that they contributed to guild participation multiplied by the number of pizza rewards, or, (# pizza rewards) * (participation) / (guild participation).

    Now we have a "pizza priority queue", and we distribute pizza as follows: The player with the highest priority (highest pizza score) will get 1 pizza reward, and then his pizza score will decrease by 1 and he will be re-inserted into the queue. This continues until all pizza has been distributed.

    Finally, the queue carries over into the next month, and the next month, and so on, so if you weren't high enough in the queue to get a reward that time, at least you're closer to getting one next time.

    Guild leaders can choose to adopt this method if they please.

    Thoughts? Questions?
  2. Robauke

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    Guess you guys realized you're more then 3 people, eh?
  3. Pawndawan

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  4. Pyrious

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    Ahhhh huhhh... looks like everything I wrote here he wrote there almost verbatim.. one year before me.

    Guess that just proves that this algorithm is good!

    EDIT: Reading on, I see that Obernoob suggested distributing the rewards by rounding players' pizza scores down to see how much pizza they should get, which can lead to situations where everyone rounds down to 0 and the pizza is only distributed cold, at the end of the next season. On the other hand, my suggestion distributes the pizza fresh as soon as it arrives.
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  5. Macizo

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    This is automatic or in guild?, i think you could have unexpected issues like negative pizza contribution.

    If you want a sugest method any would have "unfair" side.

    The most "fair" its one that everyone in guild agree.

    If you want a math method choosr any that fits your guild, but i may sugest one that reward based on goals.
  6. Pyrious

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    The guild leader would have to make the calculations but it should be very easy--in guilds with fewer than 20 players active. As for negative pizza contribution, it can happen, and then the player would have to make up for it in order to later resurface at the top of the queue and get pizza.

    Yes this is true.

    Definitely, if possible.

    The point is to make the exact performance count, to be remembered for future months, instead of lumping together the top few contributors. For example, there may be 3 pizza to distribute to 2 top contributors with 300, while everyone else is around 70. It's not clear what to do in that case. This method will give pizza equally to the top 3 but then remember next month that the top 2 did better.
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  7. timeracers

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    Who says the guild leader has to make the calculations when I or any other helpful person can.
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  8. Pyrious

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    This is also true of course. I could probably write a google spreadsheet to calculate it like the Vakaz item creator, if someone wanted.
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  9. rinco69

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    The contribution system is fundamentally flawed, so any math based on it is also flawed.

    .. How is it flawed you ask? Well a win against any guild at the start of the month is generally worth more than at the end of the month.

    If pizza distribution is based on top placings then there's little incentive to play to the end of the month... Which is ironically the most important time for wins.
  10. Pyrious

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    While that's true, I mentioned that pizza scores are based on "participation" rather than "contribution", where participation is calculated by some predetermined function of performance that the guild leader can define. It doesn't have to be contribution-based. Also, even if this is flawed, the current methods of distribution are already based on contribution, so if not perfect at least this can be an improvement.

    Furthermore, it's not true that there's little incentive to play to the end of the month in a contribution-based distribution system, there's just reduced incentive. There's still the static +-1 / +-2 from nonguild matches, which makes up the majority of matches anyways, so you can always continuously gain more contribution for more pizza points. However, with the usual method, you can't always benefit from gaining yet more contribution, since the number of pizzas you will be rewarded is rounded to a discrete whole number.
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  11. Lord Feleran

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    If you have a problem with your guild's pizza distribution, take it to your guild's principal.
    Btw: I have thought for some time already that if I were the principal, I'd use such system to distribute pizza.
  12. Robauke

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    I don't have the 'problem' of being showered with codes each month, heading a guild savely carried by the most devoted CH players - otherwise i might plan months ahead and use the obernoob distribution. Old Boys Club aside, reality is that normal guilds are in flow, key people stop playing, people desert. What to do with absent people? At what point did they forfeit their prior earnings, "leave" the guild?
    Finding new additions gets harder by the minute. I don't present it as main selling point, but the simplicity of "get on board, help out enough and pizza is yours" certainly helps to incite interest in guild play. And if you're the best contributor at the end of the month and your team got codes, yet your principal says "b-b-but math", then that might be enough to turn you away again.

    Even though i can't part with a monthly basis, if i had the luxury of a steady team, the algorythm should reward individual games played.
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  13. Deepweed

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    I'm actually convinced that the rewards are too few to be worth running a system for unless you're a guild that's always in the first or second spot.
  14. Pyrious

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