[GUILD] 99 Lenbears WalkingOnFire (Flaxative's worst nightmare come true..)

Discussion in 'Guilds' started by Janet, Jun 11, 2015.

  1. Merdis

    Merdis Orc Soldier

    Nicely done, Lenbears. I wonder who came up with guild's name, it is totally awesome (almost as great as ours;) )!
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  2. Janet

    Janet Guild Leader

    LOL, as you misslplaced the 2 :rolleyes: I only just got your joke! :D:D:D
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  3. MathuranF

    MathuranF Lizardman Priest


    Another great season, unfortunately couldn't get a back-to-back but still a strong finish to claim 2nd is nothing to be disappointed with, picked up some very quality players to add to the ranks so got good things to look forward to in August. Congratulations to the Powers of Fire, very strong season, hopefully we wont give you such a nice "cushion" at the end of the month. (pun very much intended)
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  4. FrigusMacto

    FrigusMacto Orc Soldier

  5. gulo gulo

    gulo gulo Guild Leader

    I didn't misplace the 2. after lenbear came lenbear2. I'd assume the plural of lenbear2 is lenbear2s.

    Anyway, nifty guild. I suppose.
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  6. Janet

    Janet Guild Leader

    Although I was sorry to snatch 2nd place from Walking Carpets who deserved it as much as we did, I am very glad with result too, a first place and a second place for a newly established guild is a good result! :) WP techno-zombie-lasershooting-lenbears
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  7. WhiteSorcerer

    WhiteSorcerer Guild Leader

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  8. Janet

    Janet Guild Leader

    Hey White!

    I like the idea, but I am on holiday atm, I wil be back by the time the tourney begins, think it will be difficult to co-ordinate 6 players, but why not, lets try it, count me in if you want.
  9. Obernoob

    Obernoob Hydra

    Prizes for Contribution

    As it stands now we (as guild) can receive some prices again. At the moment some more players of our guild are at nearly the same level of Contribution. Because of this I want to suggest a distribution system. Let's call it the Obernoob distribution. (No, I am not working on math papers lately. Why do you ask? :D)

    Obernoob Distribution
    Every season we can calculate how many a player has contribute for a pizza code. If the season would end at this time, this would be like:


    If we had done this already in the last season there it would have been the following results:


    The Contribution % * Prizes will be payed into an account, which would like this, if we had done this for both seasons:


    Meaning if we would have done this before after this season Soularmadyl would receive 2 codes, while SirSrsly, ed2088, Whitesorcerer and Gnizla would receive 1 code. Other players are still paying in for their packages.

    The great advantage of this distribution system is, I have invented it. Eh, I mean it is a fair system. Every point you earn brings you closer to a price. And even if you dont have that much time to play, you will still receive a small portion of the prices which will add up over time. The only disadvantage of this system are negative contribution. You can observe this in Citajul. Not taking into account cptscrimshaw we distributed 105% of the prizes. If he/she would have left at that point it would have been a little bit akward.
    The advantage is also it prevents ill feelings in the guild in comparision to a distribution system, where you distribute the prices from the first as long as you have some. Lets call this distribution the naive distribution. There are several in the mid 50 and they will take a fight over the last price and the one not getting it, may be mad on the other ones. And the Obernoob Distribution pays also of for the player on the top of the list. In the naive distribution he is assured a price whatever and it does not pay of to play more (beside the fame of course). With the Obernoob Distribution every game will pay off in prices.

    What do you think about the Obernoob Distribution? If you want, I can do the math every season and maintaine the accounts in this thread.
  10. Janet

    Janet Guild Leader

    Hello Obernoob! Thanks for coming up with this suggestion.

    I am an art historian as a profession and, to be honest, I suck at mathematics!! So, the truth is, I did not understand anything of what you suggested :D:D

    Having said that, the current system is quite simple, does not require math, and is quite fair, it is as follows:

    Pizza is given on the basis of monthly contribution in order of contribution and depending on the number of prizes. However, when a player has already received 2 pizza coupons in a row, I give pizza to the player that has contributed the more but has not yet received pizza coupons! :)
  11. Janet

    Janet Guild Leader

    I tried to figure out what you are talking about, basically when a player reaches something above 1.0 he earns pizza? 2.0 again, and so on?
  12. timeracers

    timeracers Guild Leader

    I like math but I don't know what he is trying to do.
  13. Obernoob

    Obernoob Hydra

    That is the idea. :)
  14. Obernoob

    Obernoob Hydra

    Fun Fact: I am not an art historian, but an historian. Or lets say I tried to be. But with Math you can earn so muh more money, because you just confuse the people.

    Back to topic:
    What I calculated is the percantage every player has contributed for the prices we earn each season. And then each player will get prices proportiantly to their percantage. As soon as somebody has cntributed towards one price, he will get a price.
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  15. Obernoob

    Obernoob Hydra

    I guess what I intent to do will be more clear, if I explain it in detail for one player. Lets take @Soularmadyl as an example. At the day I collected my sample, he had contributed 172 points. We as guild overall contributed 686 points. If you calculate the percantage which Soularmadyl has won (individual points / overallpoints) * 100% you will see an impressiv 25,07% of our points, which Soularmadyl has won for out guild. The next step is multiplaying the individual percantage with the prices the guild has won. This is 25,07% * 5, which result in ~1,25. This will lead to a prize for him and some points for his account. As soon as you saved 1 point on your account, you will get an prize.

    The math behind this is not too complicated and it is a fair system for the high earning and not so high earning players.
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  16. Janet

    Janet Guild Leader

    I could never do the maths, if you feel like doing them every season, fair enough for me, but what happens if one season, for instance, 4 players reach their prize quote, but we only get 3 pizzas? Put them in a queue of sorts?
  17. Obernoob

    Obernoob Hydra

    This can not happen, because we are only giving away pizza we already earned. If the player have the 4 pizza points, we have already earned them. Otherwise they could not have the points. With one exception, and that are negavtive players. But that is so marginal, it should not have any effect.

    I will do the math later this day. :)
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  18. Obernoob

    Obernoob Hydra

    Here you go:


  19. Janet

    Janet Guild Leader

    So this means no pizza for anyone for now?
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  20. Obernoob

    Obernoob Hydra

    Unfortunatly, yes. But in the next month there will be a lot of pizza.

    I though about how to solve the problem with the negative points and the solution is quite easy. Every time some leaves the guild his points will be distributed among the people staying. Not only negative points, positives as well. The distribution will be even among all players which are in the guild at the end of the month he is leaving. This solution is not 100% fair, but a fair solution would need to keep track for the potion of every player for every players points. This would mean n * (n-1) additional values to keep track of and when somebody leaves not only his points, but also his potions on other players point would need to be distributed. That would mean tons of math and data. The simple solution favors not that much earning players, which is also a nice thing. So I would definitly do it that way.
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