Numbered Tiles/Squares (3:14, etc), and Pings! (Co-op)

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  1. Martyrr

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    Pew pew pew pew! Hi all, heehheh.
    So I just have like 4-5 days in the game, but Im enjoying it A LOT (I dare say "Masterpiece"), and I bring a Suggestion/Idea here.

    > Backround/The reason why I ask for this:

    "Often" (I say I only have been 4-5 Days, but I've faced this situation A LOT ... xD), I have the problem in which I must say, or my Ally has to say to me, to which EXACT Square I must move, or Telekinesis a specific unit.
    Also, if there are several enemies with the same HP, u cant say "Hit 11", coz there are THREE enemies with "11" Hp, Lol.
    Then you have to totally Describe which tile, like "This guy near the Bush, who is facing to the south, and is called Peter" (Each enemy has a Name, for those who didnt realize xD)
    Or "Telekinesis me to the tile near the wall, but 1 tile away Up right from the corner".
    Lol, too much of a Work/Hazzle.

    > So, my Idea...

    - Numbered Tiles/Squares:
    Why not have the Tiles be called "4:13", or "B:7"?
    It'd be WAY WAY easier to Cooperate, Imho. Since each Square would have its "Nickname".
    Like "Telek me to 8:12", then Ally would say "Ok m8, ezpz :D", and its done, Hehheeh. (I type like this for "Fun" btw).
    Btw, the number of each Tile would show at the bottom right corner , or bottom left corner, in small, when you hover over it with Mouse :p

    - "Pings":
    Why not have each player in Coop be able to make "Pings" while in battles in Co-Op?
    There would be a small menu in a corner of the screen (Again, bottom left, or bottom right corners), which would drop down on Click/Hover of mouse.
    You would have some options (Not many, dont need many actually), like "ATK DIS GUY PLOX", or "Retreat/Move here exactly".
    Then a Red/Blue dot would show in a specific tile when you select it, and Ally would see.
    You could put a "Cooldown" between Pings, so that ppl/"Kids" dont go Mad Spamming, its annoying... :))

    And well, these are the Ideas/Suggestions, to make "Communication" way easier.
    Still, if you and your Mate "Understand" each other and play Often, you get to a point where both of you KNOW what to do and WHEN to do it.
    ... But Still, when you Co-Op with someone "New" (Who You dont know), this I suggest might be useful.

    I love you all, friendly community of love n friendship... :p
    (Yes, they helped me a lot Early-Game!)
  2. ParodyKnaveBob

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    Welcome to the forum, Martyrr. $:^ J

    We talked a tad about this in World Chat. This is basically what I had to say there:

    The community has wished out loud for BM to add ways to point out tiles to comrades in battle, and it's never happened, and I imagine it's because of all the design work that would need to go into it (when it's not a necessity in the first place, just a quality of life thing), nevermind the actual implementation and testing. However, Martyrr's idea made me think, if we had a (togglable?) way to merely see the map coordinates, that could be a comparatively simple on/off overlay on BM's part (with maybe one extra button tucked away somewhere? -- a keyboard shortcut could work just as well, especially since teammates probably use the keyboard at some point anyway already) and an end (or lessening..) to the time-consuming descriptions of which place to land facing where etc.

    Don't worry, the socially created chaos will still ensue. As I also said in World, we'll still get to enjoy the antics of a full-health Dwarf Warrior with defenses escaping a monster instead of passing to let the adjacent ally Elf Wizard play a Magic Slide card (or just, y'know, escape oneself). We'll still have plenty of times to groan, "Gaaryyy~!!" when he calls our bluffs and passes to end a favorable round on us. $:^ D

    TL;DR: Show map grid, probably on/off, that'd be nice, primarily for co-op and team battles. My guess is that'd be a lot simpler to add than a full-blown ally-square-pointer system.

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  3. Scarponi

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  4. ParodyKnaveBob

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    (All maps also have an unmarked Cartesian system, as seen in the console log, but yay marking? lol … still, I suppose "go to (11, 5)" doesn't need the super quality of life markings... just adds more explanations within chats + opportunities for folks to miscount or forget to count from (0,0) including walls etc., erg...)
  5. Sir Veza

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    Like Calls For Fire the old days before GPS, I'd base the coordinates on the shooter's position (i.e. number up or down, number left or right [ignoring the 45 degree offset of the board] of the player you want to do something.)
    If your artillery doesn't know their location, you're already hosed.
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