new player wants clear info before buying expansion

Discussion in 'Support' started by orlan, Apr 8, 2018.

  1. orlan

    orlan Kobold

    hi there

    I am new and I just love this game

    I started on the first mmo way back when (asherons call)

    also played those book shelf games like this when they came out with friends and my cousin stan

    and Avalon hill napoleaonic

    then I started dnd had all those books etc as they were coming out

    my fav one is the space ship!

    its pretty high

    also hooked my spouse on magic when it came out we wore out the first set of cards

    so I am your perfect customer

    its campy and light easy to learn

    anyway i see this site that sells your things -humble

    I see this expansion the Sky Citadel

    I also see the basic edition

    here is my question

    do I need the basic before getting the other one?

    or is it stand alone

    thanks for coming up with this real gem

    I recommended this to my nephew I hope he listened

    I recommend you get some way to have a demo link on home of the underdogs they have links to

    gog and humble for out of print game you would get a unbelievable review from them

    btw I was in the alphabetical list at mmos .com and saw you in the list and the review was

    what got me to come

  2. Fanturluche

    Fanturluche Thaumaturge

    All the expansions are independant.
    The Basic Edition is mostly about unlocking 11 treasure hunts, which are extra adventures for adventurers from level 6 to 18.
    The Sky Citadel bundle unlocks 6 adventures for level 18+ characters. The first of these adventures is free and can also be unlocked by ending the main campaign. The first time you play it, Gary will give you a set of level 18 adventurers. Note that you do NOT need to unlock these adventures to have access to Sky Citadel equipment (laser weapons and such).

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