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    This is a thread to discuss submissions to the Mauve Manticore thread with no or old/forgotten threads to improve general MM submission quality control and feedback as well as talk generally about the MM submission/scenario creation process and exchange thoughts on what makes for a good/bad MM scenario.

    Discussion on scenarios you think deserve publishing, improvements that can be made to scenarios to make them more publishable and general thoughts on MM submissions are all welcome here.

    I can't offer pizzas or chests, but more discussion of MM submissions in general helps people to improve their scenario submissions and as such the quality of MM in general. This way problems with scenarios once they are published can be prevented by discussing the scenario before it gets published and there can be a general thread on what people consider important in MM so published scenarios closer align with what people want out of MM.

    You can contribute just by posting! Talk about a certain scenario and why you think it should be published or how it can be improved, or talk about what sorts of scenarios you like and why! Talk about considerations you make when deciding whether to create a scenario or like one.

    This is a good chance to bring to the foreground some scenarios you think should be published but don't have a dedicated thread or have been forgotten, or otherwise talk in about things you consider important for MM submissions such as map making tips or discussion of certain mobs you feel are misused, overused or underused.

    When talking about a certain scenario, make sure to include the following elements:
    1. Include the map's name;
    2. Tag the scenario's maker;
    3. Link to the scenario's submission (and thread if there is one) in question;
    4. Include an image in the post so it's clear what the scenario's like at a first glance.
    Yes, I did. :cool:
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  2. Maniafig

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    Siege at the Eastern Gate by @Rehtael

    This was the map to inspire me to make this thread as there were things I wanted to discuss about it but I couldn't since there was no thread for it.

    It's a pretty basic Humans vs Goblins clash scenario, with a lot of figures on both sides and many interesting interactions between the mobs. Marksmen are useful to pick off Berserkers and Hulks but can be targeted by the spear-using Shredders and have trouble getting past the blocks of Grunts and Berserkers. The Servants are useful for drawing more cards and their ability to Energize exhausted allies, which is a mechanic that doesn't see much use for payers and I like. The Men-at-Arms function well as shields with their parries while the Mercenaries are well-equipped to fight at a distance with their stabs, so every mob has a unique role which I like. I rather closely beat the map with two wounded Marksmen still alive, sniping at the remaining Shredder and Grunt, hoping to get past their Reflecting Blocks.

    That said, the map takes a long time to complete since your offense is limited, there's a lot of enemies and you can pull a lot of 4 damage or less attacks which often are stopped by a Weak Block which can be somewhat tedious to fish out, making it a very long slugfest to win. I also noticed there was a huge bottleneck between the two Guard towers which can be used to limit engagement with the Hulks and Berserkers but otherwise couldn't be exploited much. I would personally suggest adding a Chef Garcotto to the player to give them some offense and a way to chop up several Goblins which feels satisfying. I've no seen Garcotto used much in MM and it would still fit in with the other humans and one of the houses does look a lot like a kitchen, though I understand it might not fit in with the nameless regular human heroes theme. If that tilts things too much in the human's favour then perhaps the Goblins could also get another advantage.

    As for the map design, I like the look of the guard towers and the big bush in the town square, the cart with the flowerpots as well as the little house interiors are a nice touch. Some of the doodads don't seem like they are quite perfectly aligned, which I'm not sure if it's intentional or not, but the snap tool can help align them. It's a good looking map overall, and the size gives a lot of room to move around once the hordes have been thinned out.

    As it is it's a bit too slow for my liking, but other than that I'd like playing it again in a MM.
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  3. BlackVoidDeath

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  4. Maniafig

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    Jugglers by @Calm_Mind


    There's a lot going on with the map. The first thing to catch my eye was the way it looked. The map does a very good job conveying the circus theme through the audience, coloured tiles and the cleverly crafted raised platforms. The theme is also conveyed through the use of music, the selection of flying monkeys which suits the acrobatic theme and the flavour text which all work well together.

    The actual gameplay falls short for me, though. I like that the map tries to go for a puzzle set-up, you need to be clever and Flatten all three Boulders in the same turn. The problem here is that while the puzzle itself is rather clever, there's just way too many variables to take into account.

    You need to:
    -Get Ducks with your Monkeys
    -Use these Ducks to get three Flattens
    -Hope you don't botch your Duck roll or roll a succesful Acrobatic Flip
    -Avoid letting the Monkeys get crushed while having Flatten
    -Remove each Boulder's armor using Pseudopods/Dissolve Armor with the Puddings in the same turn
    -Use all your Flattens in one turn once the armor is all removed
    -Do all this within 5 minutes
    (Alternatively you could try to get them all down to <8 HP and kill them all with Acorn Slings in one round but let's assume the player doesn't break the puzzle.)

    And you need to do all this while the Boulders Shuffle and Charge around! There's just too many moving elements, 3 Monkeys, 2 Slimes and 3 Boulders, and with the addition of a time limit things start to feel very hectic and chaotic real fast.

    I think this map definitely has potential if it were made easier. I'd say either the time limit has to go or be extended, since currently it feels like a rather arbitrary way to make a map 'more difficult' but in reality just makes it more frustrating. I'd also suggest reducing the amount of Boulders and Monkeys to two each, that way you still need to perform all the above steps but the actual execution becomes less tedious. Same level of logic requires with less moving pieces or chances of botched Ducks.
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  5. tolkien

    tolkien Thaumaturge

    @Gaston Darkus Thank you for your submission to the Mauve Manticore. I have playtested your scenario. It looks lovely and has a nice idea to it. I beat it round 2 first time. I would encourage you to try to make it much harder. Perhaps try doubling the amount of demons to start. Also, I recommend doing an edit on your before and after text for errors. I hope you're able to bring the submission to a polished challenging format in the end.
  6. Gaston Darkus

    Gaston Darkus Kobold

    Thanks for Play my adventure, make it harder is a good idea, ill see what i can do to fix theyr errors
  7. tolkien

    tolkien Thaumaturge

    I'm thinking of making several new MMs but would appreciate input at the outset:
    1) Volcanic Throne Room: I was going to use Critical Role's Vox Machina as inspiration for a battle. The problem is they have 8 characters, plus a pet bear, plus a halfling cleric that joined their team. Vox Machina has a draconian mage, a gnome bard, a gnome cleric, a half-elf mage, a half-elf ranger, a half-elf rogue, a pistolier, and a goliath human berserker (who gets mindcontrolled mid battle.) They face off against a mind flayer, a dwarf lord of melee, a dwarven mage queen, 2 basilisks, and ten duergar guards. So here's one way to represent that: enemy=mind flenser, MP dwarf basher, MP AI wizard 3, 2x gnome spearmen, 10x gnome berserkers. (We don't have any basilisks available so I went looking for control. Gnome spearmen have Pinning Spear Toss.) I'd love to be able to use the actual duergar skins if blu banchu would let me, but in their absence gnome berserkers or wild gnomes will have to do.
    Player= lizardman cleric (he doesn't have damage spells but he does have Unholy Curse. I'd love to have the red lizardman skin with the burning fiend's cards but I'm not sure blu manchu would want to go to that trouble merely for style.) 3x gnome inciter (stand in for gnome cleric, bard, and halfling paladin. This way their hp is kept low as well unlike the dwarf options.) 2x Amirault Catt (stand in for Keyleth and VexAhlia who both have ranged attacks. There's a couple of options for low hp female elf rangers.) 2x Lord Batford (stand in for pistolier Percy and the rogue. Hurled Dagger was the driving force behind this choice.) Finally, a mottled ogre for the goliath berserker. (I may switch him sides depending on playtesting, I also may switch him out for a human warrior, sadly none of the options look very berserker like. There's the blood disciple but he's not very tanky and his blocks are less melee oriented. If I switched him sides, I might put in an armored dog as a stand in for the armored bear, trinket.
    What do you think?
  8. tolkien

    tolkien Thaumaturge

    I was also thinking of an Avengers inspired MM with Tin Golem, Goblin Hulk, a hardened mercenary or elite guard (for cap), and 2x xbow guards (for hawkeye and black widow) and some dwarf for Thor. (Mp ai warror 4?)
    Mingolborn Painbringer (mp ai wizard 4 for Loki) and a bunch of mutant gunners (for the chitauri.)
  9. Gaston Darkus

    Gaston Darkus Kobold

    About the Volcano Throne Room: Okay, the problem is that I do not find any sense in replacing the Picare by Lord Battford, it probably does not make sense but what do you think of the Assassins of Acquisions incorporated? For the Half-Elf Cleric I recommend the MP AI Priest 1 (an elf curative and with nimbus in addition to some aggressive attacks), For the Berserker could be the MP AI Warrior 2000 or MP AI Elf Chopper (It seems to make no sense but if you take their attacks compared to those of a berserker then it has more senses by force destructive of them) Dogs are fine to represent the pet, others do not find problem, I would love to try it to have the opportunity, if you want my opinion change those details that point you and everything will be perfect, depending on how you see it .

    I hope I've helped
  10. Gaston Darkus

    Gaston Darkus Kobold

    About the theme of the Avengers:
    Tin Golem change it for Bonze or Copper golem
    Hulk is OK
    Thor, Use the MP AI Dwarf Basher (Hammer attacks)
    Aloyzo the Sniper for Hawkeye, Xbow for Blackwidow
    All other things are OK

    I hope I've helped
  11. tolkien

    tolkien Thaumaturge

    Here's the thing @Gaston Darkus I've chosen weaker options in each of those character spots so as to make it more of a challenge for the players.
  12. Gaston Darkus

    Gaston Darkus Kobold

    Well @tolkien that is a good point, but some people gets frustrated whit weaker characters
  13. Scarponi

    Scarponi Moderator

    There is certainly nothing wrong with an easy/easier MM entry.
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  14. Gaston Darkus

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