Mauve Manticore #12

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  1. Pawndawan

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    Thread for MM #12 praises / curses and advice. :)

    Level 1: Blizzy's Brisk Rescue by @DrayGon777
    Restricting Blizzy's movement is nice concept! :) This module requires patience. I concentrated killing archers on the west bank first and then slowly tanked and froze the last archers to death. Managed to beat this on the first try, so I don't think it's too difficult. :)

    Level 2: Greenskin Invaders by @adajon
    This was rather easy as well, in a good way. Grendel drawing Combustible really sped up the process, even though Shamans eventually pushed the handicap off with their buffs. Simple and elegant, I liked it. :)

    Level 3: Forest Guardians/Territorial Forest by @BlackVoidDeath
    #$@&%*! Ok, this definitely requires a careful play. Lost three times in a row. I will edit this short review once I have patience to actually finish this, probably once MM #12 actually hits the live server.

    edit: Completed the whole MM12 in live server. Used the same strategy in level 1 and didn't lose a single character this time.

    Level 2 was a bit closer this time, since Grendel didn't draw Combustible, but managed to beat it on first try this time too. Burning Fiend's Brain Burn might cause troubles, so one should take extra care to protect the Fiends.

    Ok, then... level 3 is certainly the most trickier for me. But I take that earlier #$@&%*! back, since I think the adventure can be completed quite reliably with careful play. Lost first time with the remaining poisoned Sharkbear getting to VP with 1 HP.

    Only then I got the idea of limiting opponent movement with careful positional play. Zone of control is important part of this adventure. Beat the adventure on second try, came quite close this time too, but enjoyed the experience. :)
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  2. 40c_rudy

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    Found MM#12 pretty easy and not requiring any specific strategy. I think it can be cleared in one go with just a little amount of luck.

    Level 1: I agree with you that this level just needs patience. I also beat it on the first try despite playing it poorly and losing 2 spearmen quite early.

    Level 2: This is the only time that you need to get a bit lucky by having Grendel draw Combustible early on. I lost on my first try but on the second try Grendel draw it first turn, so it was quite easy killing him. Have in mind that if a single of your units is killed then you lose.

    Level 3: I can't say that i had any problems with this one either, Entangling Roots are really usefull. The only reason that i didn't beat it on my first try was because i didn't pay any attention to the vps and i let a Sharkbear move there, realising my mistake only after i saw the Defeat sign. Managed to beat it on my second try without any special play, just try to avoid their charges with good positioning and roots, use weak attacks first to draw out Toughness and let the poison do its job.
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  3. BlackVoidDeath

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    Level 1: Blizzy's Brisk Rescue by @DrayGon777
    I agree with the above, it is very easy but I love the consept and even though it feels like you could easily lose (which you might, I dunno) you can win.
    Note: You are welcome for the name and help with the map, I am almost always happy to help players with maps :)

    Level 2: Greenskin Invaders by @adajon
    Ok, this one to me was the hardest - it took me 6 tries and I spent a whole 45 gold (because I wasnt going to spend another half an hour playing the first map :p) I think I just got really unlucky because the big goblin only drew Combustible 1/6 times that I tried and that wasnt even the game that I won in!
    Even through that I really liked the map. :)

    Level 3: Forest Guardians/Territorial Forest by Me!
    I dont know what it is about me but I find all my maps to be very easy. I won this first try :) If anyone is very stuck on my map then use these tips:
    Use your brain :p
    Note: Anyone catch what Flax named the map in the end? - Forest Guardians or Territorial Forest?

    Damn thats harsh, that happened to me before - losing with 1 HP on the sharkbear, but that was when I testing the harder version (without a tree).
    For the second part, yes that is how to win, try placing your characters in a diagonal below or to the left of the sharkbear but a bit to the side so you dont get damaged, then loop around keeping a few characters back, taunt the bears to move them back while bombing them with damage.
    I am sure that without careful play this could be very hard. - I just knew how hard it is so I guess I payed more attention.
    But its good to hear that you managed to win, and enjoyed it :)
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  4. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader Staff Member

    That one.

    Also I renamed adajon's scenario Goblinfolk Invaders. Jon and I didn't like "greenskin."

    Good scenarios folks, thanks for submitting. I'll get the prizes out soon ;)
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  5. CT5

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  6. Happenstance

    Happenstance Thaumaturge

    I always appreciate people who take the time to make custom maps/content for the game. These were three solid contributions.

    Blizzy's Brisk Rescue: loved the idea of playing as a hobbled version of Cardhuntria's (current) toughest kid at school. Having said that, the four archers were too easy to kill, and then breaking all the doors seemed to take forever and felt like busywork. Maybe a couple of regular archers added at the end, out of range of the spears but able to harass your lizards as they broke down the last two doors (then allowing Blitzy to fly over and gobble them up) would have given this map a bit of end-game tension.

    Greenskin Invaders: I think the other comments have highlighted the one weakness of this map: once Grendel draws combustible, it becomes very, very easy. Obviously his deck can't be modified, so maybe a way of making the module more challenging would be to replace the regular goblins with shredders. Then the task shifts to protecting the fire demons from the shredders, using the skellies as shields.

    Forest Guardians: this is a classic MM level, requiring restarts as you work out the intricacies (protect the tree! Don't leave characters vulnerable to charges! Position to deliver early-round entangles! Try to bog the sharkbears down in difficult terrain!). Because I'm a masochist, I'd like to see how this map works with three sharkbears - I think it would still be doable, just. But it's very, very good as is.

    Once again, thanks to the three contributors for their hard work.
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  7. BlackVoidDeath

    BlackVoidDeath Guild Leader

    I picked out the Best Moments (imo):
    CT5: Snape kills Dumbledore (high pitched)
    CT5: *Reads something in twitch chat*
    CT5: Aba HAHAHAHA *Coughs* *Chokes* Arabrabra (whatever, i'm out?) *Runs out the room, choking* *Door slams shut* *CT5 dies*

    CT5: Duh!! Goblins are your friends!
    Goblin: OOOWAAAYEE *Hits CT5's character and then charges forward*
    CT5: Goblins are your fr- oh though thats thats less friendly... mmm.
    CT5: Isnt quite enough, but this should beee... enough. Actually back here.
    Troll: Stomp Stomp *Charges a Demon*
    CT5: Its wha- NO (in disbelief) no, Gary, Gary you cant do this to me.
    Troll: Rawr! *Crushes a Demon*
    CT5: Gary, Gary wahow? When did you get so good at this game?
    (this happened to me twice when I played - I know the pain)
    CT5: *Rambles on about what that happened*

    CT5: Ah, last one *Spams play*
    BVD: *Cries* Why you miss my amazing story :(
    CT5: Oh, I am these annoying stupid ****s. Yeah! Those are great.
    BVD: :D Yup you get to control those annoying, little, green... cabbages.
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  8. DrayGon777

    DrayGon777 Kobold

    In my orginal submission, I had the archers respawn, so you HAD to deal with the doors. It was intended for you to focus the doors down rather than take out all the archers and then grind the doors down. Apparently that may have been deemed too difficult (that or I messed up in my submission). Anyways, I'm sorry the map is tedious, but I do hope you all still enjoyed it.
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  9. Happenstance

    Happenstance Thaumaturge

    Hell no mate, the map wasn't tedious at all. I still had fun playing it and I reckon everyone else would have as well - all the MMs are fun to play and I salute everyone who takes time to make OC for this game. I'll try to track down your original subs thread to compare your early version with the final one.
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  10. BlackVoidDeath

    BlackVoidDeath Guild Leader

    Because I helped you with the map I expected the archers to respawn so I ignored the archers and killed the doors.

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