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    Nevermind. I just noticed that showing the intro page is "business as usual" on the wiki, so I assume it's the way to go.
    Yes. Absolutely.
    I'd certainly like to see the wiki add the new maps and all the cool info like the list of Mobs (critters) and their cards.
    The developers could just export that from their data base. I might post some stuff manually mostly so that there
    is less of an obvious discrepancy between the old maps with full info, and new maps with otherwise Zero-ish info.
  2. I know it was said elsewhere but just in case one has overlooked this fact so far: For whoever is developing/maintaining the (new) LF tracker, the new adventures are legitimate locations for the loot fairy now, too.
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  3. battlezoby

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    A new version of the tracker can now be viewed at http://ln.to/lfg

    If you have any suggestions about the text changes or whatever, feel free to tell us here.

    We hope you don't mind the shorter URL, but if you do, a copy is here for your convenience.

    Oh... we got some comments about the amount of memory/CPU the current tracker is using...
    You can use http://text.ln.to/lfg to get rid of the clock that's constantly and dynamically 3D-rendering the clock via something or the other. :)
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  4. Blizzrd33

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    Looking great!

    Only minor comment from me is that some of the rows (usually with an icon for certain sets) are a lot taller than other rows.
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    If it is possible without too much finagling, it would be nice if the tracker automatically updated for people who have it open, without having to reload the page to see if the fairy has been found yet.
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  6. Sir Veza

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    If it isn't too much trouble, automatically resetting the tracker when the LF moves would be great. If it works well, remove the reset button from the page. (Though I expect you'll retain the ability to reset it yourself.)
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  7. The problem with the oversized rows is that in each cell that potentially indicates locked modules there is a non-breaking space "#nbsp;". And in rows where there actually is some image in this cell, the non-breaking space is pushed into a second line within this cell, which makes the cell and therefore the row overflow. There should be no harm to removing all of the #nbsp;-tokens regardless of whether there is an image in this cell or not. With this change, the rows will still not be all the same height, but the difference is one pixel or so (depending on the image height.
  8. j3st3ri

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    Found the Loot Fairy from the Diamonds of the Kobolds.
    Haven't played the game for years and it seems that the Loot Fairy Tracker doesn't work anymore.
    I've tried it with Chrome, Firefox and Edge. Every time I try to update any of the places, everything changes grey:

    Anyone know any workaround?
  9. All the buttons are meant to turn grey/inactive while the page/browser is sending this information to the server/database. After the change is sent there, all the buttons should be accessible again (the page reloads after the change is sent to re-enable the buttons). So, either you are too impatient and the page would work if you waited a bit longer (internet-communication can be slow at times), or your firewall (or any other security measurement) is blocking these communications, or the browser settings prevent page reloads. For me the tracker still works just fine, I just tested it for you.

    EDIT: I don't know whether the tracker speaks up if it encounters a problem, but perhaps you could take a look at the browser's console (look for developer tools or similar in your browser, F12 for Firefox). If the page is chatty in this regard, you would see a message popping up in the console with some additional information when a message to the server can't be delivered for whatever reasons. You might not be able to interpret this error message yourself but others (like myself) can probably help you decipher it if you post here what you get from the console
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  10. j3st3ri

    j3st3ri Thaumaturge

    Thanks for the helpful tip! It seems that the reason is mixed content:
    Blocked loading mixed active content “http://sorcererers.dotq.org/loot-fa...ate&module-name=Dungeon+of+the+Lizard+Priest”

    I turned of the protection for the site:

    This didn't help and I still can't use the site. :(
  11. That likely is a easy problem with two equally easy (but potentially more or less problematic) work-arounds, though the actual fix would be more difficult (or likely not happening at all as Flax stopped maintaining the tracker, let's hope that @battlezoby "fixes" this while recreating the tracker).

    Problem: You visit the tracker via https therefore via a secure/encrypted communication channel. But the tracker doesn't "respect" this aspect and tries to access the server via an insecure channel to send your changes. Your browser doesn't like this because it means that information that you, the user, believe to be only visible to you and the site you're visiting (because your connection to the server is secured) might be exposed to the whole internet.

    Work-around 1: Visit the tracker via http instead of https. Your browser might not like this either and might try to redirect you again to https. But if you visit the tracker via http, then there will not be a problem with the insecure connection that the tracker establishes to the server. The problem here is: Even the tracker password will be sent on an insecure channel. I would never use insecure channels if you do online-banking or similar but for the tracker that "should" be acceptable. So, if your browser doesn't redirect you, changing the address from https to http (and potentially changing your bookmark, too) is the easiest way to fix this. Just don't apply this trick on sites that require more security. If your banking site seems to have mixed content then you are likely be tricked by some phishing mail that has sent you to an almost exact copy of your banking site.

    Work-around 2: Disable protection against mixed content. The trick here is that you can do this using the padlock-icon (the shield-menu is for protection against trackers only). See here. The problem with this work-around is that Firefox isn't just blocking mixed content to annoy you. At times this can actually be problematic. So, disabling this protection has the obvious security risk that, for the tracker, should be negligible. You might have to disable this protection for every time you visit the tracker, so that might be another drawback of this approach.

    And... I just tested it because I thought that you would be redirected to the insecure version upon reporting any findings (which you apparently aren't) but the greyed out buttons happen even if you disabled the protection. Don't know exactly why, but while work-around 2 should work in theory, practice shows that it doesn't. Or at least not for more than one report, the first time I disabled the protection, everything worked just fine.

    The fix (for Flax or battlezoby): Respect the current channel security and sent the changes via https if the site was served via https. Unfortunately, that is not fixable for us users. That had to be done by the site's maintainer.
  12. j3st3ri

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    Thanks, changing the address to http did the trick.
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  13. Loot fairy is in Gladiatoral Arena finals today
  14. Flaxative

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  15. Don't know what you (thought you) did and whether you undid it already, but I can use the tracker as usual. And I only use(d) the insecure http-version all the time.
    To quote myself here, as soon as the beta versions that we currently can play-test go live, the CM modules seem to be legitimate LF targets, too. See here.
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  16. Ryan Meadows

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    We have done Oaken Heart - it's not there brothers
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  17. j3st3ri

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  18. Sir Veza

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    Good to see you here again!
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  19. psilence

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    How do I get the password for the loot fairy tracker website to report on my findings?
    Lurker here finally created an account.
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  20. Sir Veza

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    Message battlezoby. He built the new tracker, and owns the site.
    http://ln.to/lfg/ is the new link.
    Greetings, psilence, and good hunting!
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