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    Castle Mitternacht
    The Spreading Blight

    1. Silver Crossbowmen
      1. Remove Vengeance
      2. Replace 3x Puncturing Shot with 2x Silver Bolt
      3. Add 1x Flanking Run
      4. Change default move from Flanking Run to Run
      5. HP 19 -> 17
      6. Set preferred range to 5
    2. Vigilantes
      1. Replace 2x Mighty Hack & 1x Powerful Hack with 2x Inquisitor’s Strike
      2. Add 1x Squeamish
      3. Add 1x Shuffle
      4. HP 28 -> 23
    3. Inquisitor
      1. Replace 3x Greater Heal with 3x Healing Rays
      2. Fix AI use of Disenchant so it actually gets played
      3. Replace 2x Destructive Purge with 2x Purging Strike
      4. Add 2x Holy Presence
      5. Set preferred range to 1
    4. Werewolf
      1. Remove Leathery Hide
      2. Replace 1x All Out Attack with 1x Massive Jaws
      3. Remove 2x Forward Thinking
      4. Reduce card draw from 5->4
      5. HP 42 -> 35

    Svitlana’s Inquisition
    Changed all spawn locations in CM 2.2.

    1. Captain Teadora
      1. Whole new deck:
        1. Inquisitor’s Badge x2
        2. Creature of the Night x1
        3. Inspiring Armor x2
        4. Lycanthropic Form x1
        5. Spin Around x1
        6. Berserk Spin x6
        7. Impetuous Slash x3
        8. Shifting Block x3
        9. Ill-fitting Armor x2
        10. Howl x1
        11. Panic x1
      2. Change default move to Berserk Spin
      3. Reduce HP from 40 -> 36
      4. Reduce card draw from 4 -> 3
    2. Afflicted Guards
      1. Card draw 1.5 -> 1
      2. Remove 1x Potent Stab
      3. Remove 1x Penetrating Stab
      4. Remove 1x Impaling Stab
      5. Remove 1x Missile Block
      6. Add 2x Creature of the Night
      7. Add 1x Spear of Darkness
    3. Shades
      1. Replace 1x Curse of Fragility with 1x Unholy Curse
      2. Remove 1x Roulette
      3. Add 1x Traveling Curse
      4. Add 1x Creature Of The Night
      5. Change Binding Shadows to be Encumber 2 instead of Halt
      6. Change Wail to only discard Melee attacks, and to have a range limit
      7. Add 2x Absorbing Block
      8. Reduced trait #s
    4. Undead Priests
      1. Change Too Horrible to Block Melee
      2. Change 2x Walk & Default Walk to 2x Shuffle & Default Shuffle
      3. HP 30 -> 26

    Assault on Castle Mitternacht
    1. Reinforced Door
      1. Create a “Reinforced Doors” monster group, that is identical except,
      2. Create a “Mass Immovable” card based on Immovable with the ‘attach to group’ component from Mass Invisibility and give that to the multi-door group instead of normal Immovable.
    2. Spirits
      1. Fix AI use of Greater Spell Skill.
    3. Ice Skeletons
      1. Frozen Solid Armor 6->5, roll 2+->3+
      2. Freezing Blade duration 3->2, damage 12->10
      3. HP 35 -> 30
      4. Remove 1x Muscle Through, 1x Unstoppable Chop, and 1x Frozen Solid
    4. Completely redesigned Jovana and Yurik:
      1. Reduced HP slightly for both.

      2. Jovana’s racial is now Walpurgis Night. She has a tiny deck of 5 cards, including Arrogant Armor, which she replenishes every turn. Now Walpurgis is a guarantee every round, though she and Yurik are immune by default (unless you get priority and discard her armor, somehow, before she plays Walpurgis). This is definitely gimmicky but it’s more consistently gimmicky than before, and that means counterplay is more consistent. Also the fact that she has a Mandatory Action racial means that EVERY ROUND you’ll have at least 2 actions before any enemy can attack you.

      3. Yurik’s deck is now 3 cards - Arrogant Armor, Nimble Strike, and Vampire’s Kiss. He will always have Arrogant Armor in hand at the beginning of the battle to avoid Walpurgis.

    Caverns of Chaos

    Adjust structure of COC to the following: shallow1 x2, shallow2 x2, miniboss, shallow3 x2, deep x2, boss
    Adjust structure of COCL to the following: shallow2 x4, miniboss, deep x4, boss
    Guarantee a legendary character for miniboss and boss rooms
    COC miniboss room guarantees an epic item
    COCL miniboss room guarantees a rare item
    Tweak numbers of some monsters
    Remove Boulder from lieutenants
    Add new group (“2x2 & miniboss”) for miniboss room
    Add new Eastpass monsters, but nothing that spawns & no basiliths. Gorgox and Medusa only as lieutenants. Stafford II as boss.
    Add blocking terrain on some maps
    Add 8 Eastpass maps to the rotation
    Buff some COC character decks

    QoL Changes

    Loot Fairy has been added to Castle Mitternacht Adventures

    There are two new ways of sorting items in inventory and shops:
    • by item count

    • by power and rarity at the same time
    Timestamps are now shown in chat.

    Pings are available. You can now ping/mark the desired tile in co-op by holding CTRL (both left and right works) + left mouse.

    The account edit function has been added. You can now delete your account or reset it at any given time.

    New “partydiscordcode” command has been added.
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