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Discussion in 'Castle Mitternacht Playtest' started by Flaxative, Sep 30, 2016.

  1. Gingrich Yurr

    Gingrich Yurr Thaumaturge

    Sure, I'll take note next time.
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  2. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader

    Thank you so much, that'll really help us out!
  3. Lucky Dice

    Lucky Dice Thaumaturge

    Minor thing, but a thing nevertheless: Vanguard drawn by Escaping Run is immediately shown to the enemy.

    Smithton runs
    Smithton drew Vanguard.
    Vanguard boosted move by Smithton.
    Smithton moved.
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  4. timeracers

    timeracers Guild Leader

    and activated.

    PS: finally found this hidden sub-forum
  5. Lucky Dice

    Lucky Dice Thaumaturge

    Yes and no. While the card did activate, its effects didn't occur.
  6. Gingrich Yurr

    Gingrich Yurr Thaumaturge

    Okay I've got it. Some how I could not copy the Battle Log so I took screenshots instead.

    This first picture shows what happened just before I used Spin Around. Note that Islecorhal, our test subject, is the warrior at the top corner. He has Wind Dancer, Vanguard and Blind Rage attached.

    This picture shows what happened after I used Spin Around. The Battle Log is highlighted in yellow. Wind Dancer triggered while Vanguard did not.

    This last picture shows what happened after I used the Walk in my hand. The Battle Log is highlighted in yellow as a comparison to Spin Around's Battle Log. This time, both Vanguard and Wind Dancer triggered, which was what was supposed to happen.

    Hope this helps.
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  7. timeracers

    timeracers Guild Leader

    It worked for me twice so far.
  8. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader

    Nothing a good 'attachedonly' won't fix. We're working on these bugs btw :)
  9. Kalin

    Kalin Begat G'zok

    Two more little things...

    Ethereal Form only gives immunity to damage from untargeted effects. It will not stop non-damaging cards like Walpurgis Night, Elvish Insight, or Purging Burst. Could you make that clear in the card text?

    Playing Walpurgis Night when facing a monster group, each minion can get a different Form, then each draws a card (which is huge card advantage for Gary). The part I consider a bug: the small portrait next to their hand is NOT the Form used for the card draws.

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  10. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader

    Immunity is a keyword, so you can actually hover it to see what it does. It's consistent with all similar effects in the game (e.g. Resistant Hide prevents Acid damage from Acid Jet but not the armor discard effects of Acid Terrain). :)
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  11. Kalin

    Kalin Begat G'zok

    Except this card is saying "Immunity to effects", while the previous cards (not counting Leathery Hide) said "Immunity to *damage type*". (And "untargeted effects" is not a damage type.)
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  12. timeracers

    timeracers Guild Leader

    Maybe it should be rephrased to "Immunity to damage from untargeted effects".
  13. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader

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  14. timeracers

    timeracers Guild Leader

  15. vitreo84

    vitreo84 Goblin Champion

    Leathery Hide prevent damage from glob of flame? i think it should not...
    i just found that Ethereal form prevent damage from glob of flame at the start of round.. since it is an untargetted effect... glob of flame is a targetted attack so leather hide should take damage instead true?

    Just checked: Lethery hide always prevent damage from glob of flame
    ""This Armor grants Immunity to attacks that do not directly target you.""
    Is not so clear since Glob of flame is an attack that target him... and since at the start of round glob of flame damage as a consequence of a normal attack maybe should damage.
    True that the glob is an attack card but is a targeting card :) so his effect should be considered targetted.
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  16. Kalin

    Kalin Begat G'zok

    Is it a bug if those hidden qualities are never used? An amazing number of monster-only cards have multiple qualities.

    Is it a bug if 2/3 of the items a card appears on use a quality different from the what is shown on the title bar? I've found three cards like this so far, and I'm only about 75% of the way through the card database.

    EDIT: I was closer to the end than I thought.

    So, let's have some stats:
    132 cards have multiple qualities
    112 cards never use the other qualities (several aren't even implemented)
    1 of the other 20 cards is from Castle Mitternacht, the rest are from the Base set​
    If every item just used the quality shown on the card (and the +/-):
    92 items would change levels
    7 items would have a lower token cost
    30 items would have a higher token cost
    1 item would be above level 21 (Vankenstein's Machine @ lv 24)​

    ++ Jade Battlestaff lv 6 -> lv 9
    Opal Battlestaff lv 9 -> lv 12
    Rowan Magestaff lv 19 -> lv 21
    ++ Sapphire Warstaff lv 12 -> lv 14
    Stinging Staff lv 9 -> lv 10

    Balsa Staff Of The Magus lv 9 -> lv 12
    Carved Staff lv 9 -> lv 12
    ++ Cherry Staff Of The Magus lv 7 -> lv 9
    ++ Sorcerer's Staff lv 12 -> lv 13
    Viridian Staff lv 13 -> lv 15

    Dancing Cut:
    Amethyst Crystal Shard lv 20 -> lv 21
    ++ Humbug Staff lv 12 -> lv 15
    ++ Redrune Staff lv 12 -> lv 15

    Frenzy Aura:
    Burnished Plates lv 18 -> lv 21
    Jet Armor lv 12 -> lv 15
    ++ Metzli Mail lv 16 -> lv 19
    ++ Opaline Armor lv 6 -> lv 9

    Fright: (only 3 items use the quality shown on card)
    -- Bully Boots lv 18 -> lv 15 -> lv 12 with Hard To Pin Down changed too
    Frightened Scouting lv 12 -> lv 9
    Pacifist Trickery lv 7 -> lv 4
    Reckless Boots lv 7 -> lv 4
    -- Skittish Gumshoes lv 12 -> lv 9 -> lv 6 with Hard To Pin Down changed too
    Streaked Shield lv 7 -> lv 4

    Grounding Plates:
    Tlaloc's Stormplate lv 12 -> lv 15
    Vankenstein's Machine lv 21 -> lv 24

    Hard To Pin Down:
    -- Argo's Boots lv 9 -> lv 6
    Azure Boots lv 15 -> lv 12
    -- Bully Boots lv 18 -> lv 15 -> lv 12 with Fright changed too
    -- Greenguard Boots lv 18 -> lv 15
    Jumpdragger Boots lv 7 -> lv 4
    Rusty Red Boots lv 15 -> lv 12
    -- Skittish Gumshoes lv 12 -> lv 9 -> lv 6 with Fright changed too
    Toad Boots lv 6 -> lv 3

    Heavy Armor:
    ++ Angel's Strapping lv 15 -> lv 18
    Night-Forged Plate lv 5 -> lv 8

    Horned Plates: (only 3 items use the quality shown on card)
    ++ Barbed Armor lv 7 -> lv 10
    ++ Expulsive Greaves lv 7 -> lv 10
    Mail Of The Martyr lv 18 -> lv 21
    Rusty Thornmail lv 9 -> 12
    ++ Spiked Greaves lv 16 -> 21
    ++ Spiked Strapping lv 15 -> 18

    Jump Back:
    ++ Antler Shield lv 12 -> lv 18
    Cautious Shield lv 9 -> lv 12
    ++ Coward's Shield lv 7 -> lv 10
    Orange Shield lv 14 -> lv 17
    ++ Shield Of The Frog 12 -> lv 18

    Lucky Charm:
    -- Chask's Relief lv 12 -> lv 6
    Lucky Caustic Battlestaff lv 13 -> lv 10

    Mighty Bludgeon:
    Healing Hand Mace lv 18 -> lv 21
    Cleansing Morningstar lv 9 -> lv 10
    Glinting Eye Hammer lv 18 -> lv 21
    St. Well's Powermace lv 20 -> lv 21

    Missile Block:
    -- Forcefield Robes lv 11 -> lv 5
    Kazmir's Staff lv 16 -> lv 15
    -- Reflecting Staff lv 8 -> lv 3

    Muscle Through:
    Novice Footwork lv 9 -> lv 12
    Trained Footwork lv 13 -> lv 16

    Nimble Strike:
    Ironwood Staff Of The Magus lv 18 -> lv 19

    Penetrating Stab:
    Coruscating Blade lv 11-> lv 12
    ++ Resolute Flail lv 16 -> lv 18

    Shifty Stab:
    Silver Scalpel lv 7 -> lv 8

    Shimmering Aura: (only 13 of 34 items use the quality shown on card)
    ++ Coruscating Mail lv 15 -> lv 18
    Goldshine Mail lv 10 -> lv 13
    ++ Gouging Helm lv 6 -> lv 9
    Holy Chainmail lv 4 -> lv 7
    Holy Leather Armor lv 1 -> lv 3
    Mageslayer Mail lv 4 -> lv 7
    Mail Of St. Aulx lv 13 -> lv 16
    ++ Ogre Plate lv 16 -> lv 19
    Shaman's Felt Cap lv 1 -> lv 3
    ++ Sharp Shell lv 3 -> lv 9
    ++ Shimmering Helm lv 6 -> lv 12
    ++ Shimmering Hood lv 3 -> lv 9
    ++ Sparking Shell lv 3 -> lv 9
    ++ Spiked Platemail lv 15 -> lv 18
    St. Gwendolyn's Armor lv 12 -> lv 15
    St. Osrim's Corona lv 9 -> lv 12
    St. Tesrim's Corona lv 9 -> lv 12
    Tarik's Heavy Plate lv 14 -> lv 17
    Vibrant Plate lv 18 -> lv 21
    Vigilant Panoply lv 10 -> lv 13
    ++ Wex's Mail lv 7 -> lv 13

    Violent Spin:
    ++ Advanced Footwork lv 15 -> lv 18
    Advanced Insight lv 9 lv 12
    Perfect Footwork lv 18 -> lv 21
    Practiced Scouting lv 18 -> lv 21
    Trained Evasion lv 12 -> lv 15
    Violent Rapidity lv 18 -> lv 21

    Wimpy: (only 4 items use the quality shown on card)
    Defensive Helm lv 3 -> lv 6
    Leaden Maul lv 2 -> lv 3
    ++ Rotting Club lv 7 -> lv 10
    ++ Shadow Spear lv 12 -> lv 13
    ++ Weakling's Helm lv 6 -> lv 9
    Wimp's Helm lv 4 -> lv 7
    (See what happens when you get someone all excited about playtesting and balancing and then turn off the test server for a weekend?)

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  17. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader


    How's this: assume everything is intentional, and just report problems with functionality and balance. Thanks!
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  18. wavy

    wavy Thaumaturge

    Just had a total lock-up on Cardstock II battle 1 when killing a character with Inquisition Bolt. Logging out & resuming battle still leaves the client stuck.

    Last part of battle log:

    BATTLE LOG: Scenario=Quarter Final,Room=CARD (wavy01),RoomID=28,Msg=The active player is now wavy01
    BATTLE LOG: Player=wavy01,Scenario=Quarter Final,Room=CARD (wavy01),RoomID=28,Event=PlayAction,Action=Inquisition Bolt,Instigator=Winginn,Targets=Mighty Karagrik
    BATTLE LOG: Player=wavy01,Scenario=Quarter Final,Room=CARD (wavy01),RoomID=28,Event=TriggerSucceed,Trigger=Mass Frenzy,TriggeringActor=Winginn,AffectedActors=,TriggerType=Action,TriggerLocation=ActorAttachment
    BATTLE LOG: Player=wavy01,Scenario=Quarter Final,Room=CARD (wavy01),RoomID=28,Event=TriggerSucceed,Trigger=Curse of Fragility,TriggeringActor=Mighty Karagrik,AffectedActors=,TriggerType=PreDamage,TriggerLocation=ActorAttachment
    BATTLE LOG: Player=wavy01,Scenario=Quarter Final,Room=CARD (wavy01),RoomID=28,Event=TriggerSucceed,Trigger=Reliable Hide Armor,TriggeringActor=Mighty Karagrik,AffectedActors=,TriggerType=PreDamage,TriggerLocation=Hand
    BATTLE LOG: Scenario=Quarter Final,Room=CARD (wavy01),RoomID=28,Msg=Mighty Karagrik took 4 damage
    BATTLE LOG: Scenario=Quarter Final,Room=CARD (wavy01),RoomID=28,Msg=Detaching and discarding Slicer from Mighty Karagrik
    BATTLE LOG: Scenario=Quarter Final,Room=CARD (wavy01),RoomID=28,Msg=Detaching and discarding Curse of Fragility from Mighty Karagrik
    BATTLE LOG: Scenario=Quarter Final,Room=CARD (wavy01),RoomID=28,Msg=Detaching and discarding Unholy Frenzy from Mighty Karagrik
    BATTLE LOG: Scenario=Quarter Final,Room=CARD (wavy01),RoomID=28,Msg=Mighty Karagrik died
    BATTLE LOG: Scenario=Quarter Final,Room=CARD (wavy01),RoomID=28,Group=MP AI Warrior 1,Event=Discard,Card=Reliable Hide Armor
    BATTLE LOG: Scenario=Quarter Final,Room=CARD (wavy01),RoomID=28,Group=MP AI Warrior 1,Event=Discard,Card=Walk
    BATTLE LOG: Scenario=Quarter Final,Room=CARD (wavy01),RoomID=28,Group=MP AI Warrior 1,Event=Discard,Card=Muscle Through
    MESSAGE: Error #1125
    RangeError: Error #1125
    at com.cardhunter.battle::Battle/addHandReveal()
    at com.cardhunter.battle.commands::HandPeekCommand/execute()
    at com.cardhunter.battle::Battle/run()
    at com.cardhunter.pcclient::BattleScreen/dequeueCommand()
    at com.cardhunter.pcclient::EventLogCommand/update()
    at com.cardhunter.pcclient::CardHunterScreen/updateCommands()
    at com.cardhunter.pcclient::BattleScreen/updateCommands()
    at com.cardhunter.pcclient::CardHunterScreen/update()
    at com.cardhunter.pcclient::ScreenRoot/update()

    (int_array) ActiveChars: [18,20,19]
    (utf_string) Name: Adventuring
    (int) Index: 1
    (sfs_array) Members:
    (int) charIndex: 1
    (sfs_object) inventory:
    (sfs_array) Items:

    (int) charIndex: 16
    (sfs_object) inventory:
    (sfs_array) Items:

    (int) charIndex: 20
    (sfs_object) inventory:
    (sfs_array) Items:
    (int) 2432
    (int) 2420
    (int) 2490
    (int) 2522
    (int) 2535
    (int) 2414
    (int) 2399
    (int) 2412
    (int) 100495
    (int) 100453

    (int) charIndex: 19
    (sfs_object) inventory:
    (sfs_array) Items:
    (int) 2391
    (int) 2383
    (int) 2575
    (int) 2571
    (int) 100358
    (int) 2558
    (int) 2444
    (int) 2535
    (int) 100467
    (int) 100465

    (int) charIndex: 2
    (sfs_object) inventory:
    (sfs_array) Items:

    (int) charIndex: 3
    (sfs_object) inventory:
    (sfs_array) Items:

    (int) charIndex: 4
    (sfs_object) inventory:
    (sfs_array) Items:

    (int) charIndex: 5
    (sfs_object) inventory:
    (sfs_array) Items:

    (int) charIndex: 6
    (sfs_object) inventory:
    (sfs_array) Items:

    (int) charIndex: 7
    (sfs_object) inventory:
    (sfs_array) Items:

    (int) charIndex: 8
    (sfs_object) inventory:
    (sfs_array) Items:

    (int) charIndex: 9
    (sfs_object) inventory:
    (sfs_array) Items:

    (int) charIndex: 10
    (sfs_object) inventory:
    (sfs_array) Items:

    (int) charIndex: 11
    (sfs_object) inventory:
    (sfs_array) Items:

    (int) charIndex: 12
    (sfs_object) inventory:
    (sfs_array) Items:

    (int) charIndex: 13
    (sfs_object) inventory:
    (sfs_array) Items:

    (int) charIndex: 14
    (sfs_object) inventory:
    (sfs_array) Items:

    (int) charIndex: 15
    (sfs_object) inventory:
    (sfs_array) Items:

    (int) charIndex: 17
    (sfs_object) inventory:
    (sfs_array) Items:

    (int) charIndex: 18
    (sfs_object) inventory:
    (sfs_array) Items:
    (int) 2474
    (int) 2467
    (int) 2464
    (int) 2477
    (int) 2522
    (int) 2498
    (int) 2535
    (int) 100481
    (int) 100442

  19. timeracers

    timeracers Guild Leader

    If you kill the last character of a group with Inquisition Bolt while they have more then 0 cards in hand then the game will freeze.
  20. vitreo84

    vitreo84 Goblin Champion

    Zombie Form is added in the Target hand with spark of undeath so the target play it like a trait drawing an extra card for a total of 3 card draw.
    Arrogant + Any Trait : Draw extra card
    Arrogant + Spark of undeath: Target Draw 2 card.
    Spark of undeath : Target Draw 2 card then attack blind rage and draw another card for a total on 3 card?
    Arrogant + Walpurgis : still allow char with arrogant to draw the card
    Arrogant + Werewolf Form : the card is still drawed even if form is prevented by arrogant.

    Arrogant + Spark of undeath look like to Work in a completely different way of the other Arrogant combo. Because Zombie Form not only is not attached but it is not added in the warrior hand.So there is only a 2 card draw instead of 3

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