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  1. kkarma

    kkarma Kobold

    Level 2 Dwarf Warrior

    Level 2 Dwarf Wizard

    Level 1 Dwarf Priest

    --Number of games

    -5 games

    --List your opponents
    -Gary (WIN)
    (after appeared option to lock them): 2 warrior, 1 wizard. Standar Gary deck, so easy.
    Adobe flash crashed after game. Confusing new cards at the beggining.
    -Frostauard(WIN): 2 mages one priest; vampirism and boo.
    Medium´s Garb on enemy, strong. He use "Boo" each turn: once of twice. My mage survive because that priest vampirise him, so at the end I have more damage and I win.
    -TestingAccess (LOST): 2 elf wizards, 1 human priest. Ancient Grudge, teleports.
    Both players Medium´s Garb again. suddenly 3 Ancient Grudge and killed. He just need control cards and time.
    -VermillionOcean(LOST): 2 human warrior, 1 human priest. Vanguard, lycantropy.
    It was very balanced, a lot of movement with that vanguard, chasing my mage. Finaly I could not resist such damage plus movement.
    - UIA (WIN): 3 human wizards. Acid cards.
    He/she tried some acid combo (Hex of dissolution) for turns, but I stop them with 3 Boo and so. Just waiting for action and getting stars. Last moment He tried to go in, but I was too tanky for that damage and killing him I got all starts.

    --Describe the party you used to test:
    -warrior (3 captain cedry´s bow item, lycanthropy)
    -Mage (2 Sentrimage Feistaff item, Etheriality, investigate, Boo!)
    -priest (2 Arresting Torch item, Vampirism, Swarm of bats)

    - It may be I don´t know yet the cards, but I see more damage, more unexpected efects (depending on luck) and strong control on enemy. Alo, you can lose your cards by more ways (e.j. vampirising vs armor. (vampirising and so, about keeping armor, p.e.).
    - Wizard with priest´s cards, by vampirism... :-s confusing
    - Is there a list of all forms and cards you could draw so? Once I got form of Zombie by a block card.
    - I think Medium´s Garb is very strong: one more card each turn and 2 armor. But, ¿which are the spirit cards you can draw?
  2. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader

    Thank you, the format is okay, but games vs Gary don't count. I have you at 4 games and I'll keep counting if you keep playing! :)
  3. kkarma

    kkarma Kobold

    Level 1 Human Priest

    Level 1 Human Priest

    Level 1 Human Wizard

    --Number of games

    8 (+4=12)

    --List your opponents

    1) TimedTesting (WIN): Elf Wizard, dwarf priest, human warrior. 2tanks and 1 wizard.
    My plan worked, to kill a elf wizard with 2 cards (talented healer), but it is hard vs players with armor.
    2) Karnall (WIN): 3 human prist. 4 Walpurgis night played
    Intersting game, but my healing atacks made a difference, to play with other forms.
    3) Smirnfil (WIN) : human priest, 2 elf warrior. Radiation bombs; low atack, player said bad draws.
    Very good, with talented I killed in one turn twice (2invigorating + 1kiss)
    Graphic bug?: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/49775786/bug Screenshot_1.jpg
    4) Pyrious (WIN): 3 human priest. 2 spark of undeath but not "light of day" for combo. Again my damage from first-second pick give me the healing to survive.
    5) Timedtesting (LOST): Human wizard, human warrior, dwarf priest. Good combo: movement, getting reliable block and Vanguard.
    I dind´t have movement enought for killing.
    6) Gingrich Yurr (WIN): 2 mages ,1 priest; Dwarves. "buffed burst" said.
    He can´t vs ethereal form and I can chase him easily. Good help that smoke bombs I got.
    BUG?: "Traveling curse" doesn´t afect when you have ethereal form. Is that expected? Is Travelin Curse not targeted?
    7) Smirnfil (LOST) dwarf wizard, 2 elf warrior. Probl, inquisitor strike, cone of cold, ...
    Again no enough movement, it maybe because could atack and one range atack. Isually I have too many vampire´s kiss (so I must use it before a last-hit to kill; then when card changes they can get something to block)
    8) Karnall (LOST). 3 human priest. Valpurguis night first turn, I have 2 zombies and he 3 good forms; also a bad beggining draw. Use few times Vampire´s kiss and he rule out my good cards.

    --Describe the party you used to test:
    - 2 human twin priest: Vanguard, talented healer + 2 "Vampire Night´s embrace"...
    - 1 human wizard support: Vanguard, 3 frightening wand, 4 smoke bombs, ...

    Each match comented. Also, I see this combination is strong, but not too much. Enemy has many ways to stop me. Vampire´s kiss is very strong, but you need to get the enemy with no cards.
    2 BUG?
  4. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader

    Traveling Curse is not targeted, no.
    Thanks for testing! 12 games.
  5. Kalin

    Kalin Begat G'zok

    I saw this a few times myself with vampire figures, but when I set up a custom game to identify exactly which facings were missing they all showed up. I'm guessing the server timed out when asked for that image, so it shouldn't happen on live server or with Steam.
  6. kkarma

    kkarma Kobold

    It makes sense. I see other graphics get more time, for example sometimes I can see "loading" before the graphic in smoke bombs (maybe 500ms or so)
  7. kkarma

    kkarma Kobold

    Level 1 Elf Wizard

    Level 1 Elf Wizard

    Level 1 Human Priest
    --Number of games
    6 (+12=18)

    --List your opponents
    1) Fanturluche
    (WIN): 3 dwarf priest. he said a charging deck.
    1st turn, Pathfinding and 13 descarted cards. Second Round, my second mage Pahtfinding and 20 descarded cards! it was 22 damage one hit but he got Swarm of Bats. Then, I get 10 damage with brutal charge.
    Deck 3, Screenshot_1 ROUND 4, 27 damage with Ancient Grudge.
    2) Fanturluche (WIN): 1 elf warrior, 2 human priest.
    Hard match, I lose control of Victor title, but I get time and finaly my Ancient Grudge made 16 damage, so with 2 and other atacks...I Kill 2.
    3) Force.ofWill (LOST): Human wizard, elf wizard, humann priest. Priest is buffing. She use few times Ancient Grudge and she started with better cards. I made bad step playing too agresive at the beggining.
    4) Karnall (LOST): 2 dwarves priest, 1 dwarf mage.
    17 life!!! talanted healer, healig dash, vampire's kiss, cantrip run and mage kills me. Small map. Afertar that, a Ancient Grudge damage me 12!!! so killed after.
    5) Fanturluche (LOST), again by seeking league. 3 Elf wizards. So many winds of war.
    They start with map control (2 Flash flood) and 2 Medium's Fab, so I had to play agresive. Round 3, 3 winds of war doesn't let me to get position to kill with Ancient Grudge.
    6) [lost name, mistake] (LOST) 1 wizard, 2 priest; 3 dwarves.
    3 vampire's kiss kill my priest. When I do that with a priest and talented healer, then a second doesn't happend (they draw block or so). Luck?
    - Inquisition bold 16 damage!!! I have a elf wizard 17 life!!! and he got me with into other form.

    --Describe the party you used to test:

    - 2 twins elves mages: 7 Ancient Grudge, Pathfinding, control cards.
    - 1 human priest: 5 Unholy Energies, 3 Accelerated Thoughts, Vanguard; damage and healing.

    - Issue searching for items: "m " doesn't work for some items. P.e. here when I write "M " I was losing that item (screenshoot "M_" and screenshote with other searching).
    - When cards does more damage, how can a elves mage survive? 17 life, when now so many cards can do 10-20 easily.
    - I got elves mages to use Ancient Grudge, it may be better on humans or dwarves mages.
    - I thought better to do vampire's kiss at the end, but if he has vampire's kiss then he will rule out mine.

    Soon I will make a valuation of new cards.
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  8. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader

    Thanks, I have you at 18 games.
  9. kkarma

    kkarma Kobold

    --Number of games

    --List your opponents
    1) aerentest (WIN): 3 human; warrior, wizard, priest. He is spaming acid titles.
    First round1 , I lost 22 life (lost more, but I got a part with vampire´s kiss). But he does bad moves and so I win.
    2) tmzerozero (LOST): 3 dwarfs; 2 priest, 1 wizard.
    Bad starting cards, enemie good starging (e.g. blessings titles and so). Then, I can just get control for several rounds but he get more damage. Also, my Ancient Grudge was weak for spirit form and that bad start.
    3) Fanturluche (LOST): 2 elf warrior, 1 human wizard.
    So small map, I can´t keep distance with warriors, with all that new movement cards.
    4) ACoe520 (WIN): 3 humans mages. Vocano deck + teleports.
    I did very good chose, so I got time and then I killed with Ancient Grudge and other atacks.
    BUG? My priest did have reliable mail (2 armor) and Cushioning armor (max 5 damage). My priest was on Volcando title. I am not shure how much damage it was, but we think it was 5. "8, max. 5, -2= 3" or "8, -2, max 5= 6"? does it depends on the orders of the cards?
    5) Karnall (WIN): human priest, elf priest, dwarf mage. buffs draw from priest, plus Medioum´s Garb. Hard to face such drawing. Finaly I winn with very carefull steps and survive low life.
    After match, flash adobe crashed. I think it happends when I end match with all screem (top-right option)
    6) vitreo2084 (LOST): 3 human wizard. Ancient Grudge and leatership
    I played too agresive in a small map, so they got me from all sides lol
    7) Luckly Dice (WIN): 2 dwarves warriors, 1 human priest.
    dwarves was too tanky, but Vampire's kiss ruled out that armor and suddenly 4 Ancient Grudge (16 damage each) killed 2 and I won match so.
    8) Luckly Dice (WIN): 2 dwarves warriors, 1 human priest.
    Small map, but I get control enough to finaly kill 2 with 3 Ancient Grudge. I see it usually happend when you get 7-15 descarted cards.
    9) VermillionOcean (LOST): 3 human wizards. Acid.
    More control than me. With 2 Acid Magic atack killed my mage, so not much I could do 2vs3.
    10) Fanturluche: 2 elf warrior, 1 elf mage.
    I have few important mistake, start too agresive and bad moves. So I lost quickly.

    --Describe the party you used to test:
    - 2 twins elves mages: 7 Ancient Grudge, a bit tanky, control cards, 2 cantrip moves.
    - 1 human priest: 5 Unholy Energies, 3 Accelerated Thoughts, Vanguard; damage and healing.

    - Vengace is a good one vs firestorm.

    - Too many cards deal huge damage and that is a big problem for a nice match. It is not funy to be deleted in 1 turn or be exterminated a second round.
    Warewolf, spirits, vampire and zombie cards should be marked, so rules are more clear. Also "targeted" spells/cards.
    - New metagame, champs need being tanky, you are deleted in one or 2 shoots.
    - A good point is the diversity on roles now. Support, tank, damage... anyone can depending on items and also cards as form can change that. Then, it is not pre-disigned deck, you must think on each match.


    Maybe I have to deal with new metagame, but I think such damage can made the game frustrating and short. Well, stronger that previous atack cards.

    -Lucky Charm: Good card, interesting with Officer's Harness, because that block can save your armor and also Vampire's Kiss means a lot of cards.
    -Vampire's Kiss: Too strong, big damage, big healing, rule out cards that enemy has been keeping several rounds, ... it can stop much combos itself
    -Vanguard: Good, balanced, usefull but not too strong. It needs much time to learn to use it.
    -Inquisition Bolt: Too strong, huge damage in combination with few cards and control (when show you enemy´s cards).
    -Ancient Grudge: Too strong. When enemy get 10-15 cards descarted, you can´t move or he will delete you.
    -Medium's Garb: one more card per turn!!! 2 armor!!! that´s awesome (too strong). If enemy starts with one, get ready that 150% of normal cards (plus other buffs)
    -Ethereal Form, Werewolf form and vampire form.... I am growing a opinion still. It just change metagame and diversity is good.
    -Hex Of Dissolution: Too strong, as I coment, such damage... and also ruling out armors.
    -Investigate, Probl and Vengance seem balanced, fine.
    -Swarm Of Bats: I think it is too strong as well. It must block targeted atack (so it is not as a block, you have so lost a targeted atack in that) and then that charapter teleport 4 to start turn.
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  10. It does indeed depend on card order. If the Reliable Mail is to the right of the Cushioning (older than it), you would take 3, to the left (newer or more recent than it) you would take 5.
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  11. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader

    Thanks, I have you at 28 games.
  12. kkarma

    kkarma Kobold

    Level 1 Human Priest

    Level 1 Human Priest

    Level 1 Human Priest
    --Number of games

    3 (+28=31)

    --List your opponents
    1) 1925 (WIN): 3 human warriors. Wind Dancer (BTW, it is good vs vampire kiss), Howl, leathership, Lycanthropy.
    It worked, warriors had movility and few atacks, but with Vampire´s kiss I ruled them out and I have several atacks to kill him. Finally that healing and ruling out armor by vampire makes the game, I win.
    2) Founder(WIN): 3 human warrior.
    It works: take out him armor, I get so much healing and much movility. Easy vs 3 warriors, it is just time and play safe.
    3) Galvatron: 3 human warrior.
    I SEE CARDS HAVE CHANGE, so now this deck didn´t make sense.

    --Describe the party you used to test:
    -3 human priest: vampire´s kiss, Invigorating Touch, Swarm of Bats, Arrogant Armor, Vanguard, Sparkling Cloth Armor.
  13. kkarma

    kkarma Kobold

    --Number of games
    4 (+31=35)

    --List your opponents

    1) Vitreo 2084 (LOST) human wizard, dwarf wizard, dwarf warrior
    3 vanguard and movement cards! so I start getting victory title, but bad cards other way.
    3rd turn and no main card, so I lose position with that 2 control mages.
    2) TestingAccess (LOST): 2 human warrior, 1 human priest. Transform.
    3 big atacks (All Out Atack + Masive Jaws, 16 DAMAGE) and killed.
    3) Fanturluche (LOST): 3 human priest.
    3 Walpurgis 1st turn, weard match
    4) Fanturluche (WIN): 3 human priest. Vampire
    Firsttime it works!!! 5 dayligh second turn whith they transformed. So I killed one. Then, step by set I won 3vs2

    --Describe the party you used to test:

    3 priest purging burst, arrogant armor, lucky charm, vanguard (trait, no token).
    - 2 with daylight, inquisitor strike.
    - 1 valpurgis night.


    - bad synergy this deck.
    - Arrogant armor become strong now

    By the way, when is this testing ending?
  14. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader

    Thank you for all your help with the Castle Mitternacht playtest.

    Unless you posted more in another thread (in which case, sorry I missed it), I have you at 35 games.

    You will receive 7 Epic Mitternacht chests when this content is released.

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