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    Welcome at hello world's terrible advice, were you can find a grossly inaccurate ranking of all gear, one category at a time, in broken english.

    You can find review of various items by searching them on the search bar above, or , if you don't mind to read pre castle middersnatch stuff, reading this great thread:http://forums.cardhunter.com/threads/the-daily-deal.6286/ , especialy peonprop's posts.

    Already done(in order)
    Divine armors lv18. +[​IMG]
    Robes lv. 18+[​IMG]
    Boots lv. 18+[​IMG]
    Divine weapons lv. 18+[​IMG][​IMG]
    Arcane skills lv. 18+[​IMG].
    Shields lv. 1-8
    Robes lv. 1-8
    Divine Armors lv. 1-8

    As suggested by random org today I'll rank divine armors requiring a yellow tokens
    10/10- the best of the best

    • Stargod raiments -Bless is just that good, it's pretty hard to not draw at least 2 cards from it even if everything goes south, and the other two cards are serviceable too, with cushioning armor stopping surprise assualts and enervating touch gaining some life.


    7/10- usable, but not so amazing
    • vampire knight plate-arrogant armor has a chance of eating an attachment and still be up to gain you some life, but the key of this armor is actually getting an attack and a movement on it, vampires can pick up some low cost weapons, but most melee priests are lacking on moves compared to warriors, so a move is welcome, especially one with teleport and a chance of starting a stunlock the with talented healer.

    6/10- a bit niche but I could see a build that wants them.
    • pacifist's panoply-this common item also gives you a mean of moving your priest with sparkling cloth armor, and while finicly to trigger, inspiring armor is card advantage, all in all if you think you could use a sparkling cloth armor this is not a bad item, even if vengeance is usually a better version of it.
    • vankenstein machine-as one of the two divine armors with grounding plate this item can be quite useful in the campaign, it is also the only divine item with unholy spark, a card that needs to be built around a little to shine(say by targeting someone with an arrogant armor), but with multiple reasonable uses, unholy energy is also not a dead card, and there are situation where it shines. I'd prefer picking up my unholy sparks somewhere else, but the single player utility is still notable.
    • mail of the martyr-only divine armor with two martyr blessing, you tend to pick these up from st.urlich bones or tome of the martyr, but maybe you have a build that really wants to use it's divine item slots for something else. Horned plate is a bit at odds with a support card like blessing, but turning your armor in extra damage can still be a welcome trade.
    • burnished plates-I'd prefer jet armor for my source of penetrating, but this gives you frenzy aura with way less antysinergy, so it's a decent option for vampires that want no dead cards and want to sit at range 2 where vampire kiss and sundering strike cannot be used to clear the way

    5/10- niche, but might have some use.
    • medic space gear-cheapest source of repeatable flight on a priest(only other option is wings of faith, a rare), if you want to maximize your chances on wicked waterways this is an option, and both other cards(heal, mimetic armor) aren't completely useless, especially if you expect to take the vp in that map
    • st.portia mail-any armor with 2 arrogant armors is welcome for a couple of single player modules and their quests, this one suffers a bit from being the only one costing 1 yellow token and from you probably wanting all your characters clamped in arrogant armor, but in coop your partner might not choose arrogant armor, so just having the high impact mass frenzy as a third card has its merits.
    • st. zanus geneshaper gear-I suppose that there are some singleplayer maps where adaptable does some heavy work, even if it is useless in 1hp quests,reliable mail and generic engineering are a bit weak but still acceptable and situationally very useful.

    4/10 - if you are just starting these aren't that terrible, but ask yourself if you really want to spend the token there.
    • zod's vile spaceplate-3 decent cards, but suffers from invigorating touch being aviable on tokenless armors, meaning that you have to be interested in cushioning armor and a draw card too, at which point the bless of stargod's rayments is probably what you want.
    • dailyght corona-There should be an use for daylight somewhere in the campaign and the other two cards might do something. I'd prefer another source of daylight tho.
    • infused spacesuit-the good news is that this draws you three cards, tecnically wasting no cards on armor, the bad news is that bless does this better, healing beacon plays well with control wizards for silly amounts of lifegain, but so does bless.
    • st. sebanna armor-2 healing cards that don't require line of sight are useful with altruism, but you can pick up help the weak for a minor token. so this is probably overkill for a niche scenario.
    • geneticist spacesuit-only source of genetic therapy on divine armor, and forcefield is a decent card to bait warriors astray, still you could just use purges for that purpose.
    • fragile shielded mail-forcefield and inspiring armor suggest you want your character to be attacked, all in all if you can trigger the inspiring armor this could be a decent source of forcefield, but since even in single player 1hp you want lifesaving block I'm not sure what you can gain by running this.

    3/10 I find hard believing these are your best options

    • st. zaadia spacesuit-worst source of cushioning armor, the other two cards still do something, but can't really compete with bless. Imo a yellow token for cushioning armor is too much without other really good goodies.
    • brilliant shroud-there are good sources of sacred shroud for a blue token, and the other two cards aren't that useful, with martyr blessing being not that difficult to find and accelerated trought being generally worse than, you guessed it, bless, still no card is exactly a dead card.
    • martyr's shifting plate-you can get all of these from somewhere else, and the armors are probably still not enough to blunt an assault for long.
    • inspiring chain shirt-you can get 2 inspiration for a minor token, so this looks like a downgrade more than anything.
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    plz post your twins build
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    I use two focused ethereality and two vasyl's ectoplasmic rayments on that build, so I don't really expect anyone interested to have the cards to copy it.

    And now Yellow token robes:
    10/10 ask yourself why you aren't equipping this.
    • cape of dark magic- with the powerful spell skill drawing you 2 cards at once, the useful sparkling cloth armor to avoid melee attacks and a trait, this is allows you to draw another card for each card on it, allows you to carry multiple attacks i your hand between turns and also adds an useful armor to your deck, all very welcome effects.
    9/10 runner up for the "ask yourself why you aren't equipping this." slot
    • vasyl's ectoplasmic raiments -the spirit card pool is very hit or miss, so this is mostly suggested whn you have one or two other wizards to better leverage the debuffs, still with creature of the night traslating into an extra card, fly being a terrific movement card and the acid attacks being always solid, medium garb can help give some easy card advantage, and even the force cone can have it's uses.
    7/10 For the mage that wants to be safe.
    • explorer's force suit- this uncommon armor brings you 2 strong cards and a trait, forcefield is usually a more efficient nimbus, and winds of war is a good way to distrupt your opponent, this is probably reasonable at least in 1hp quests and I wouldn't be surprised to face it in multiplayer, especially since it's going to appear in a shop earlier than cape of dark magic.
    6/10 nice and possibly cheap stuff
    • metzis's wyrmhide robes-two mystical wyrmhides seem good in single player and can be very annoying even in multiplayer, even if these are probably too match-up dependent to justify their use over a cheaper item with one copy of that armor. Stone spike is alright.
    • korenchkin's tactical tunic-adaptable is a bit hit or miss, but has a decent power, these are also the only robes with escaping run, a fan favorite. arcane shield lacks a bit the omphf of most gold cards, but it could be justifiable in a build capable of hitting pultiple enemies in the same attack. In short adaptable is unique enough to be worth a lock, at least in single player, and the other cards don't bring the item down.
    • green hide robe- reliable hide armor brings down the valuethis item sporting 2 good cards, I'm not sure of why anyone would want quick run on a mage instead of the cheaper flanking move but it's still a good movement skill. it could help for hit and run tactics. Even if the price is high.
    • sky sentry boots- Another pile of cards with some sort of defensive theme, flight aura being relevant on the maps you are running is probably a prerequisite, if that is true this is a possible cheap option similar to green hide robes.
    • crazed researcher robe- with a good move card, away to deploy difficult terrain and medium garb, this item offers enough defense and card advantage to be worth a yellow token, can be a decent option if you want to try medium garb before buying vasyl, maybe for an acid mage build.
    • alizarin cloak- Another possible flight option if you want to pick up flight aura and damage, both of the non aura cards can be quite strong.
    5/10 niche options
    • overheated forcesuit- by being one of the few items with lava pool, this item is certainly unique, force field is also a worthwile card to have, but the item suffers a bit compared to the others by having a dead third card in arcane feedback, still a decent starting option if you feel you need more damage, or if the map looks good for lava pool.
    • robes of the crab- featuring 3 cards that allow you to fly, these robes, combined with telekinesis, can take your whole team across impassable terrain quickly, so there might be maps where this is useful.
    • wingtip robes- a variant of robes of the crab that offers less mobility, but more permanence, I think an extra way to dodge attacks with movement could be more useful, but if you expect to be teleported back by an enemy this might be better.
    • smoke robe- you generally want to pick up smoke from the arcane item smoke pin, but if you need to do something special with your arcane items this might be good, futhermore sitting on lava from your volcano in a cloud of smoke while wearing resistant hide is a pretty decent plan against ranged enemies in 1 hp quests, even if sitting on your own blessed terrain is generally better.
    • ripple reality robes- arcane items tend to grant better cards to complement hypnotic beacon, but as usual you might want to pack some other cards on them, and beacon is a useful card. The other two cards aren't that awesome, but might still trade for a card or even be a major annoyance in the right situation.
    • robes of white wylla- the only item granting 2 arcane shells, coming with a very spicy third move card as a bonus, you probably want arcane aura in single player, but if you can plan to go long in multiplayer arcane shell might have some merits, probably with attacks capable of hitting multiple enemies.
    4/10 starting to become a bit lacking.
    • cat's cape- 2 scamper allows for some easy escapes, but it is probably not strong enough to justify a dead card.
    • mantle of insight- you can pick up the similar cloak of insight for just a blue token, or pick up a trait and a reflexive teleport for the same price, reliable mail is nice, but probably not that nice.
    • reactive spacecloak- while useful, neither magical drakehide or mimetic armor really justify paying a yellow token to pick up them and reflexive teleport.
    • wym's emberbast dress- neither volcano or magma spray combine wel with medium garb, it is a wa to pick up an extra volcano, but it still seem very costly even for that, probably the weakest medium garb item.
    • turnbull's energy vest- none of the cards on it are that bad, but for a yellow token you can probably do more, and you can find more impactful forcefield robes, arcane shell placing itself to be discarded from wild run seems meh too, I guess it can keep wannabe aggressors busy at least.
    • axander's robes- similar considerations to turnbull, three non-impressive cards is not where you want to be, and none of the defensive cards is that exceptional at defending the wearer.
    • autowarming spacecloak- while both boiling armor and resistant hide are cards you might want, you can pick up boiling armor from some decent items in other slots.
    • wizard's warpcloak - taking both a move and an arcane aura requires a yellow token, but the big zap as the third card isn't that awesome.
    • scarlet robe- replace move with slide and big zap with bad armor in the description above, notably it has even less sinergy since you might want to target your other characters with gusts of war sometime.
    • spacedragon warpcloak- the only source of electric damage in the slot, but neither other cards are rare or broken enough to be worth it.
    3/10 I don't think this has any uses
    • robe of auras- no inerent moves, no card advantage, plenty of cards that reveal themselves, no associated playstile and no spells.[\spoiler]
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    Moved yellow token boots here due to a lack of space.

    9/10 strong items

    • pergop's slippers-violent spin is a really good card, and the best way of getting something away without triggering blocks, trapping someone or getting on an occupied victory point, the rate is very good too.
    • zachary's boots-pretty much nearly completely worse than pergop's slippers, but the difference is small enough that there's basically no reason to not use them if you don't have enough slippers and want to equip them.
    • first responder mocassins-2 quick run are desiderable if you are trying to set up an All out attack kill or just want a way to lay the first hit, and playing around them is surprisingly hard.

    8/10 generally strong cards.
    • sliding boots-more costly than captain cedric's boots and not all builds might want the more reactive sparkling cloth armor over flanking move, but if you find yourself wanting it, this is a good option.
    • wlaska's boots-not as amazing as you might think, but the gold move cards are still good, and shuffle is a fine paper card, maybe on a support priest?
    • suvv's boots of escape-you can pick up 2 escaping run and a decent third card for a minor token, but sometime you just don't want to give up on any potential move while still have 3 cards that cicle, suvv's boots do that remarcably well.

    7/10 starting to get a bit niche.

    • safety boots-a triple duels mainstay, and can pull it's weight on some other maps too, revealing you have a move is sometime a bit awkward, but if you want big impactful moves this might be the item for you.

    6/10 still useful in the right maps

    • Bloome's barging boots-the most aggressive of all the boots, these promise a lot of damage and decent utility, just ask yourself if rocket charge is good on the set of maps you want to use these on.
    • 3 stage rocket boots-the other source of rocket charge with 3 moves on it, this offers more movement and some redundancy, at the cost of having less to do once you reach your target and less utility.

    5/10 very niche but probably have their use in the right map or on some specific character
    • black iron boots-a cicling trait and an armor make them decent for firestorm farming in campaign, even if they are probably overkill compared to goat boots, quick run also makes them the most impactful boots with a single move if you are on the pathfinding/ancient grudge plan.
    • taz boots-a meh version of wlaska's boots, still if you don't have them two ways of moving other characters are an interesting thing to get.
    • rocket boots-sometime you just want to barge in the opponent team and wreak havok, rocket charge is a wonderful card to do that, and since you see the drawback before moving you can easily choose the best place to abuse it to your advantage.
    • winged track shoes-with two flight aura and a big move these items are actually quite good at evading enemies and positioning yourself on maps with a lot of impassable terrain(cough AI maps cough)
    • dolimer boots-3 good cards, even if it's a bit strange that you might need both quick run and flanking move on the same character, still full of goodies, so there should be some use for this somewhere.
    • xander's boots-you'd probably want to pick up arcane aura from ulalia's boots, but escaping run is still a strong move so I can't exclude that these might have an use for something, even if flanking move is a spicy offensive tool for wizards.
    • vampire knight's greaves-while tricky to use, swarm of bats is a good card as is escaping run. Probably useful for a character with a more defensive deck than the ones that want first responder mocassins, or if you expect lots of parries.

    4/10 justifying why you want to spend a token for these might not be easy but there should be potential in these.
    • volkov boots of pillage -a team walk and 2 meh cards, with an armor and an offensive move that are at odds with each other. not a three only because team walk is that good and you might not have other options.
    • magic monkey's boots-three ways of moving a bunch, 2 of them with significant upside, not a bad idea if ou are still starting out, even if the tokenless hawking mocassin make these a bit of a bad deal.
    • Tracker boots-seem a bit unfocused compared to first response mocassins since landing a surprise hit out of a move 1 card would be weird, but trading an armor card for a move 4 has it's advantages, if you have them dolimer boots or diamond mocassins could still do this item job better.
    • greenguard boots-is not exactly bad if you can avoid squeamish's drawback, but still seems a bit unfocused, boots of safety is probably a better source of teleport self and trading two good move cards for a cycling card and a move that your opponent might force out of your hand with a bad spell seems risky.
    • daring clogs-only source of reflexive teleport on boots, and the other two cards are serviceable, still eflexive teleport is difficult to trigger so you better have a plan to use it.
    • twipp's energy boots-a move that reveals itself is a bit dubious, but there might be a character where you just want to move by two more consistently and triple energizing move is a good way to do that.
    • reckless warp boots-wild run is pretty bad at approaching enemies due to leaving you a bit low of cards, rocket dash is a bit bad at escaping since there are less chance of abusing the drawback, still three interesting moves in one package, you just need a good reason to combine them.
    • cybernetic's boots-2 decent moves in the right maps, nobody loves trips, but it might beat a bad armor card from some other rocket charge boots, and the free purge might have some uses. Use only if you think you can exlain why trip is not an issue for that character.
    • sky traveller's boots-only boots with rocket charge and another card capable of traversing impassablle terrain, the third card is very bad, and teleport jaunt combines badly with rocket charge, but maybe 2 flying moves and rocket charge is enough to overcome these drawbacks
    • peacock boots-3 defensive cards, so there's a theme, you really need to abuse the flight before these become useful tho.
    • nasrum's mocassin-enchanted armor from boots allows you to pick up some decent armors from the main body slot, just ask yourself what's your plan once you start keeping up two revealed armor card each turn in multiplayer(might be sweet in sp with the gold spiked card tho)
    • Unrelenting boots-I guess these aren't awful vs. mages, still not sure if the cards are unique enough to not pick something more focused.

    3/10 These seem a bit bad.
    • Ulrick scuttling socks-I can't think of any map where leap is useful(protip, nimble strike and flight aura are generally better than it).
    • Blinking boots-boots of safety beat these unless you really want your teleport moves to remain hidden, mimetic armor is also an interesting card, but boots of safety still seem better.
    • bniff's boots-ilinca mocassins offer a similar package for just a blue token, leap is an extremely niche card, but maybe someone could find an use for it.
    • camp boots-charge isn't that spectacular and quick run suggests a different plan from jump back.
    • count yurick's boots-a move 4, a move 2 and an armor, Feels like there should be something else that does this thing job better,
    • flying carpet-I'd just use rocket boots or boots of safety depending on you needing these for offense or defense.
    • zeplon barging boots-no theme, no broken cards, why exactly are ou paying a yellow token for these?
    • bully boots-even if you don't plan to attack with this character, the other two cards aren't that good with hard to pin down risking being discarded to a random scouting attack.
    • goblin-hide boots-nothing special.
    • aataabolous boots-you could find that armor at tokenless and the moves aren't that good.
    • yankley's boots-see the previous item.
    • steel boots of the bull-see two comments above
    • rusted plated shoes-rusty armor is bad, scamper is nothing special, the team shift is good but not enough to save these.
    • sharp-edge boots-one aggressive move, one defensive move and a bad armor? why?
    • power boots-nothing special v.2 I'd expect something special if I pay a yellow token and are forced to pick up a charge
    • thorn boots-pay a yellow token to not move and be stuck with a bad armor? don't.
    • White jungle boots-There are more focused items to get both move enchanters.
    • winged mocassins-why not just winged track shoes?
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    This seems like a massive undertaking. Kudos if you get through it!
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    Time for divine weapons with 2 yellow tokens.

    10/10 Exactly what most priests want
    evensong- With massive sinergy with altruism, a lot of cards usable at long range and some high damage attacks for when the enemy approaches, evensong is generally the to-go weapon for support priests, unless you are looking to support 2 mages, and even then the cycling mass frenzies aren't the worst thing.Vampires and other melee builds might not like it as much, but playing those instead of a warrior is a dubious proposition in multiplayer.



    7/10 pretty close to what the rest of the priest archetypes might want

    Monsterbane axe- nobody expects the vengeance priest!, monsterbane axe is a weird beast, while many of the cards on it seem a little unexciting for a double yellow weapon, the boon that vengeance adds to the priest's lack of step attacks and the ability of recover the lost life with vampiric attacks makes this weapon a decent choice for an aggresive priest, if your build calls for one, and even the bad cards are somewhat usable.

    Glinting eye hammer- Sporting ridicoulus damage, and a consistently good pool of cards, glinting eye's hammer promises to unleash tons of damage to your opponents, raging strike might force you to delay the aggression to the later part of the turn, but if you feel that your build needs a priest while still needing some sources of heavy damage this is an option.

    darkforce nunchaku- Three of the attacks on this item really want to be buffed and all cards on this item play well with a talented healer-flanking move combo due to being capable of weakening the opponent without giving them a turn and then dealing an huge chunk of damage with laser whip, Futhermore vampire builds might not be too thirsty for yellow tokens in other slots.

    Healing hand mace-Sundering strike is harder to fit on warrior now that vengeance hit the scenes, so an extra source can be tempting, the team heals are tricky to use at their full potential but allow you to keep your priest useful even against illusory barriers, while the damage from the bludgeons can severely maim careless attackers.

    Cursed radcannon- with no melee attacks whatsoever and three ways to draw cards, this item can support (burst) mage builds pretty well, while also allowing to use the buffs you want to put on the mages on the priest to decent effects.These kind of builds have kind of died lately however due to the nerfs, so figuring how to get them back up might be tricky.

    6/10 and now for the more niche archetypes and techs

    Gauixl's sacred maquah- want more sundering strikes? gauixl delivers, arguably at a better ration than most warrior options, and even brings a move to the party.Moving the priest to position might be tricky, but this allows you to solve an issue that generally requires mages without packing too many overcosted cards.An interesting option especially if you are supporting warriors packing team moves, or maybe are playing triple duel.

    vankenstein pillar- Pay 2 yellow tokens, get two sparks of undeath, unfortunately the attachments play a but bad with arrogant armor, but maybe you just want to use the divine item slots for something different, like inspirations to find that armor, or you have a boo mage to put them on.

    Ankle grinder- if you want the entangling roots, no item on this card is strictly dead, characters can still deploy their attacks if you get close to them to unsleash yours while they are entangled, so it can be tricky to use this to kill aggressive characters, still it might be a puzzle worth solving.

    Glowing laser baton- With big heals and big attacks, this could make a budget evensong impression, especially if you can trick your opponent into splitting the damage, at which point it becomes really difficult to deal more than 12 damage with one card, and radiation bolt enures that you will not discard cards to hand size while keeping the priest back. Overall a decent budget option overshadowed by evensong.

    Lance of overflowing light
    - firestorm's best friend, this weapon plays very well with indiscriminate aoe damage, that's not a deck you see often online, but is apparently quite decent in golden shrine.

    Therapeutic laser baton- two copies of gene therapy and 4 good cards make this an interesting option to remove your bad traits, if you aren't that hellbent on the gene therapy plan, radhammer might however be better.

    Nimbus blade- if you just need nimbus duality mace miht be a better option, unless you are on the 20+ nimbus plan (this is where you probably want to be on mp if you want to play nimbus instead of martyr blessing)at which point this becomes a decent way to pick up some damage, futhermore if you want to bring lots of nimbus in campaign without givin up too much clear speed, (say, because it's a 2 player coop party) this is a decent option.

    Crazed hermit's gizmo- These cards play decently enough with radiation spray if you want to try it, allowing you to delay your moves and even clear nasty packs, seems a good option if you want to try radiation spray, even if the accelerate time nerf has not been too kind to it.

    5/10 weird designs lie here, pick them up if you find an use

    Lightforce grinder-This is probably not packing enough damage to stand in the front lines and not enough utility to stay behind, especially with a gene therapy thrown in it, still could be a way to boost your damage in single player without levelling a warrior.

    St. well powermace- the range on this item is all over the place, requiring both close and distant enemies to work decently, once it does, you get however access to a lot of high impact cards.

    Godtouched mace- getting a step attack is nice, but it is not a consistent source of moves and it packs a lot less punch than the similar healing hand mace, ending up playing second fiddle to it.

    Whiteglow flail- The two nimble strikes are a bit at odd with cards that play better when used from a distance and no high damage attacks, still this could be useful for the campaign when you are expecting to put the flying to good use and martyr bessing is kinda hard to find on decent divine weapons.

    deathtouch maul- This might be nice to punish some campaign enemies that draw lots of cards, but is not that exciting in mp where being near to someone means the most likely have less than 2 cards in hand at the end of turn.

    4/10 These seem kinda bad.

    lightforce nunchaku-this doesn't seem to pack enough support and scar of the hero is probably a more cost efficient way to pick up the avenging touches if you want to play with them, while darkforce nunchaku is more interesting if you want to boost the priest attacks.

    Iryna's golden pitchfork- nope, if you need warding lance, you might be interested in lance of overflowing light, and if you want the other cards look at something without the lances.

    hermit's gizmo- radiation goo might be a bit low impact at range 4, and the other attacks are pretty vanilla, maybe it could be useful to gum up a specific part of the map, but crazed's hermit gizmo seems better.

    mendicant spear-both punturing stab and boosted heal aren't on the top of the wanted cards for priests, at least it is a cheap source of nimbus if you already have some mass frenzy to boost the stabs.

    jaguar mace- the heals are below rate for what you'd expect to get at this level, the bashes aren't that hard to find on better items and hard to block attacks are mostly good as finishers or en masse, I'm not sure of what build wants this.

    leaky laser baton-The main draw of this item seems to be getting an accelerated throught and 5 cards that are at least somewhat ok at their cost, you have to wonder if one of the various blue/yellow tokens options aren't a better way to do that, and neither radiation goo or radiation bolt aren't that exciting in a non dedicated build.

    godtouched spear-While inspiring presence is powerful, it feels at odds with 3 attacks and 2 heals that are costed assuming you are far from their targets, knife of st. blenko and lance of overflowing light or ripping mace are probably more cost efficient ways to get them.

    Brightblood glaive-the attacks are kinda bad for a double yellow weapon.The considerations of godtouched spear also apply.

    Pearl-handled glaive- I don't think that consecrating ground asks for such a premium in a world where everyone has either terrain attachments on their own, cleansing rays or a desire to gang up on a still character.

    lightforce nunchaku-this doesn't seem to pack enough support and scar of the hero is probably a more cost efficient way to pick up the avenging touches if you want to play with them, while darkforce nunchaku is more interesting if you want to boost the priest attacks.

    multifunction laser baton-booster heal and radiation bolt aren't that great as far as cards go and none of the other options seem that sweet, whiteglow flail might be a better way to pick up a martyr blessing.

    3/10 these seem just bad
    blessed radcannon- too many silver cards you don't want as the ranged cards and a pile of average attacks make this pretty meh.

    chaos hammer- too many cards that are overly situational with only the demonic card as the pay-off, I think you can find more focused things at the same or at a better power level.

    powermace- the ranged cards aren't that great and the attacks seem so replaceable.

    St. nyssa hammer- 3+ for a situational boost does not make for a great gold block and the other cards aren't that awesome.

    demigod hammer-Too much card disadvantage and delayed options seem to make this way to clunky to use it effectively
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    Enjoying the write-ups. $:^ ] Lot of work going into it, that's for sure. That said, various things "catch my eye," but one thing here really made me want to respond, which then got me to reply to a couple more points from the same post, too, heheh.

    I'll give you a great reason why.
    Battle 3 vs. Security Robots?
    Wow, that's a lot of (majortoken)s to spare now, huh? $:^ b
    And that's how you defeat that battle without taking a single point of damage, lol!!! Glad to overspend on most those items, but hey, since I have some robes with Quick Run and Winds Of War, sold. $;^ J

    Since when is Reliable Mail not awesome on a wizard? $:^ P (Or on anyone? ha ha ha ha)

    Magma Spray is usually a pretty weak card (although it can come in handy), but Volcano? muah ha ha ha ... Fly leaves Volcano behind ... Doom synergizes with the long, grueling battles Volcano can make everyone endure and suffer ... Spirit Form = only 4 damage from Volcano

    $:^ } $:^ } $:^ }
  8. TheIvyX

    TheIvyX Orc Soldier

  9. TonySF

    TonySF Kobold

    Really appreciate this writeup, I read through all of them. You listed lightforce nunchaku twice btw.
  10. hello world

    hello world Hydra

    Apparently Turnbull Energy Vest is a better defensive armor than advertised in this thread, anyway, next on the list are yellow token arcane skills,. Yeah, not many of these exist yet:
    Superb Electromancy
    Mages can often save yellow tokens from arcane items and boots, and many good damage staves only cost 1 yellow token, this allows them to spend a yellow token on arcane skills, and if they aren't interested in dealing a single type of damage then an attack capable of reaching 11 damage at range 6, with hard to block is a good way to surprise the opponent and a score a kill before they can retaliate. Still, if you are interested in damaging of a certain type you might want one of the minor token " focused" skills, and advanced electromancy is also a decent item if you want more damage and don't have too many spare tokens.

    Traveller From The North
    Even if it has freeze 3, offensive builds are more interested in paying a yellow token for a green attack than defensive builds, and missing the hard to block and extra damage from spark generator is quite annoying for these builds, still a high damage range 8 attack is not a bad finishing move.

    Focused Ethereality

    While spirit cards aren't strong, getting 3 copies of a build around trait has potential, and gives you hard to access cards like doom, fly and unholy curse, even if maybe only the last one is worthy of being built around in multiplayer. Plus you get to troll burst and linear mages with the form's armor bonus.

    Blinking Spirit
    It's very hard to justify this over Bump In The Night(also a spirit form, a trait and a slide spell, but at tokenless) or Superb Teletrasportation(2 trait, gusts of war, 1 minor token and almost never used)

    Advanced Ethereality
    Spirits do offer a couple of good acid cards, but you probably still want to spend your yellow tokens to pick up the good acid attacks in other slots more than you care about upgrading the acid leak from Corrosive Ethereality to a second spirit form, just consider using that item if you are eyeing this, unless the build is swimming in unused yellow tokens and you are really sure that you want to try your luck drawing the two acid cards or the three cards with decent acid synergy out of the 10 non trait cards from spirit form.

    Exceptional Sparking

    Basically a worse superb electromancy, just pick that one for the sweet spark generator instead, or any of the double spark generator minor token skills tbh.
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  11. hello world

    hello world Hydra

    And now, tokenless shields

    1.1/10 Would not sell and run in every multiplayer deck that could support it because it is good and it is swag.
    Rusty Shield. Awesome cards, and the shield is a common too, would recommend.


    9/10 These tokenless shields are strong and do something special

    Unreliable Heirloom Shield If you want to pay the long game, or just don't plan to approach asap, picking up lucky charms can very well be worth it, by allowing you to pass early while risking less than usual if you opponent accepts to end the turn.
    Quinn's Bucklerdodge is a fantastic movement card to pick up on a shield since it allows you to keep your troops on the move and acts as a decent defensive measure, be aware that it is however quite weak to all out attack. This shield is a fantastic option to get that extra mobility without picking up any bad card, and at tokenless can be a strong choice, especially if you lack in step attacks.

    8/10 Another good option if you can't spare a token

    Hexagon Shield The to go shield if you are scared of warriors, handling both step attacks and all out attacks very well, while surging shield block is very valuable vs. wizards. If you aren't looking at maximizing movement or your capacity at playing the long game this is a good choice, and is obviously decent in single player too. It's main competitor might actually be the minor token Parrying Buckler, more than any tokenless shield.

    7/10 Other shield with a good selection of cards, or for some more niche uses.

    Rook In multiplayer having to keep a 6 damage attack in hand is not ideal for your damage dealing needs, but extra hack can be useful to catch people and monsters offguard if they were counting on a block or on an high enough life total to not get oneshotted and the (battleaxe) blocks aren't that terrible. It is still overshadowed by movement and blocks that grant you bonuses. In singleplayer any way to decrease the number of enemies faster is welcome.
    Streaked Shield only itemless shield with lifesaving block for your 1 hp quests needs, and remember that fright doesn't stop you from using nimbus, the item seems a bit lackluster in multiplayer and later 1hp quests however.
    Lookout Buckler 6 damage and an harmless trait most likely outweight the hit the deck for your drawback quests needs, considering how rare spirits are in multiplayer, how often player are packing decent armors and that the other form cards are more scared of melee only blocks I would probably think twice before picking this up in multiplayer, even if the relatively harmless trait is tempting.
    Bullseye Shield 2 catch arrow mean that this became a decent option in multiplayer after burst got taken down a peg (but priests might manage to use some weak holy cards to trigger them and open the way for devastating mage attacks). Electric mages with hard to block are also an issue, but 5+ is not that impossible to roll, I would still only run this if you are relly sure that you can handle warriors, since they are the ones you usually want to stop with blocks due to their battleplan usually involving fewer ,but high damage attacks. In single player, two blocks that also cycle are awesome for some maps, while in others you might want movement more.
    Nightmetal Shield Another very good option for drawback quests, especially low level ones were forms represent a strong power boost, since until you can stuff multiple yellow tokens on your characters the forms are probably better. Unfortunately not as good in multiplayer were having a deck you didn't plan for can be a real drawback, but it might be interesting to combine with lots of arrogant armors to save a token while picking up a trait, even if unboosted lunging bash is a bit anemic there.
    Granwich Shield the legendary grandaddy of hexagon shield, nowadays you see generally less buffs in multiplayer, so the subtle parries are more likely to draw you a card, but you also see many unnerving strikes and all out attacks, where the 2+ roll of pushback parry can come in handy, All considered the extra reliability of hexagon shield is probably better.

    6/10 Some more shields that you might want to keep in mind for some specific meta or map

    Twisting Shield A cool shield that is overshadowed by hexagon buckler, if you are lacking these, or the maps really reward moving by three spaces, this can be an option(or if the single player mobs hit too hard to justify a 4+ block, I guess)
    Blazing Buckler Parry coupled with 2 acceptable cards make this an interesting option for multiplayer,where werewolves run rampant, and a good choice for single player even in high level modules due to parry drawing you another card and the other cards not being blank. In multiplayer it might be a bit too inconsistent compared to the parry lookalikes Subtle parry and Pushback parry that come in 2 copies on various shields, and lacking in moves compared to other options, but if you feel that werewolves and combustible warriors are really prevalent...
    Underdog Shield 3+ makes desperate block a bit unreliable, but when it works it can really give you some breathing room, since wounded block is not so amazing it is not really a chase item, but at least it gives you 3 "always on" blocks for single player.
    Shield Of Affiction Dodge is a strong card when you don't fear all out attack warriors, but with travelling curse as the trait is not really that compatible with drawback quests or arrogant armor like nightmetal shield is, it feels a little unfocused, but maybe it has uses, and is obviously a fine replacement for nightmetal shield in single player.
    Czint's Buckler This shield allows you to pick up the acceptably powerful icy block without picking up bad cards at tokenless, still subtle parry and wounded block aren't really strong incentives to pick up a shield, so this loses out to various other options
    Captain Theodora's Resolve As usual, tokenless shields with shifting blocks are very welcome in the campaign, This is especially good vs. the early melee mobs where it cicles, but oses points for not being useful for drawback quests. In multyplayer, it is mostly a copy of other shields with the two subtle blocks and it offers less than them uness you hav a plan that is somehow enchanted by 3 or more of the form cards.
    Eeygonnic's Shield Surging shield block is particularly good vs. ranged enemies, so picking up blocks not restricted by melee might be a decent choice if you really want an upper hand against these and these alone, but wounded block is still an unreliable way of shielding yourself from damage, to the point where I'd suggest quinn's buckler or bullseye's shield instead.

    5/10 Would equip in SP if given the chance, and would not bother to swap out until later in the game

    Cold Shield lookout shield kinda took it's place as a to go drawback quest shield, but it still does that job rather decently, in multiplayer I'd opt for something else if you want a trait to make your deck smaller as nither card is too amazing and losing cards at the start of round can force you to play too defensively.
    Simple Wooden Shield for no token, a parry is always welcome, and simple bash allows you to be proactive in single player, where killing a weak enemy is probably going to save quite some damage, while doubling as a weak defensive option. One terrible card out of 3 on a tokenless common is not the worst.
    Coward Shield, if you aren't looking to deal melee damage, or have lots of step attacks, you might be interested in the only tokenless jump back shield, unfortunately 2 weak blocks are a bit clunky, even if they can make a decent block projectile impression.
    Dueler Buckler Parry and a block aren't the best, but they are still decent ways to keep yourself alive, in multiplayer block is kinda bad and doesn't warrant picking up a risky card like unreliable block.
    Big Ash ShieldIce block continues to not be a bad block but not an amazing option either, and it still has a semiblank slot due to unreliable block,making this meh despite the rarity.
    Icicle Shield Vary similar to big ash shield.Switching from unreliable block to flimsy block is a slight improvement for multiplayer due to catching slide spells (and in single player to potentially block curses) but not enough to make this shield really worth it.
    Snidrick's Shield , wounded block is still clunky and not a card you really want to draw in most situations, I'd opt for czinz's buckler if you really want a tokenless shield with icy block.

    4/10 Acceptable when starting single player

    Light Blue Shield Icy block is somewhat reliable, but the other cards are a bit too lacking to justify it. And freezing something in single player is not that amazing since there's usually a lot of stuff coming at you.
    Cover Shield Could be useful in a couple of singleplayer maps, but I'd consider picking more movement to catch up on the wizards quicker instead if possible.
    White Shield not that much of an improvement over cover shield.
    Striped Shield see Cover/white shield above, not strictly worse than these two, but...
    Maple ShieldStill the same considerations, as above, considering they are shootin you for 6 damage at time the jarring block is not too shabby compared to the rest.
    Spelltwart Shield I could put it in an higher rank than the above ones, but a third missile block really not that much of an improvement over jarring block.
    Ricocket Buckler Yep, wounded bock is still not an amazing third block so even this lookalike stays here.
    Black Buckler Ok, this doesn't have 2 missile blocks, but it's main use is still the same as all the shields above so...
    Spiked Buckler If you feel the need to pick up a lunging bash, you probably are too close to your enemies to really want something as unreliable as unreliable block. Still if you want some damage and mobility in single player, and lack better options...
    Lightweight Buckler you are probably paying too much for the versatility this shield grants, since wounded block isn't amazing and hit the deck/unreliable are awkward to keep between rounds.
    Hooked ChimalliUsually better than lightweight buckler due to granting a guaranted shield card trigger, but the other cards are still lacking.

    3/10 better than an empty slot

    Banana Shield this is probably worth it (in single player) only vs. range 1 enemies, I would look for something better and not be afraid to remove it if the enemies escape when given the chance.
    Dusty Heirloom Shield in single player none of the blocks are amazing, and once you want to play multiplayer you probably just want unreliable heirloom shield instead.
    Dull Buckler filmsly block might as well be a worse magic only block in single player, so I would look to replace this soon.
    Chipped Shield Better than an empty slot only for the first adventures, but hey, it's something.
    Battered Shield see chipped shield, except worse.

    2/10 quite similar to an empty slot

    Bare Arms eventually, late in the campaign, unreliable block will become better than weak and flimsy block, but by that time you will have better shields...
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  12. Goodwin

    Goodwin Ogre

    great work so far
    my predictions on the easy items
    10/10 strongarm
    0/10 haunted bucket [trust me, if there's any item that deserves 0/10, it's this one]
    5-6/10 staff of inferno unless in 1hp in which case it's 10/10
    10/10 parrying buckler
    10/10 bejeweled shortsword
    7-8/10 vibrant pain
    3/10 indiscriminate pyromaniac
    9-10/10 snarlclub hide
    3-4/10 on most ancient grudge items
    3/10 staff of misanthrope

    I think some tough items to judge would be when in combination with other stuff, Enormous Mattock for example looks fantastic if you have other step attacks, maybe arrogant armor or lateral thinking, and surely purge would help, but if you have bad draws it's a horrible "50% of your attacks succeed" card
  13. hello world

    hello world Hydra

    Fixed a minor inaccuracy in the title, also took time to format the next section.8Please note that I can't remember the last time I used a tokenless robe in MP, take these with a grain of salt.

    9/10 To go choices for multiplayer and singleplayer
    Firehide Robes- Firestorm is a fantastic card to handle many early and not so early campaign maps, especially when paired with armors capable of soaking up most of the damage, making this awesome even for replays and quest(even 1 hp ones thanks to not needing line of sight), in multiplayer the armor loses some efficacy due to most mages packing answers to it, and firestorm being only situationally useful, but on some league like golden shrine it still works very well.
    Robe Of Lightness-Bad news, clock armor is bad, good news, you get 2 traits for no tokens, allowing you to reliably see the more powerful cards in your deck, only negative is that hover is a bit antisynergistic with bless and consecrated terrain, but it is still something many decks can use, and can even help if you want to use volcanoes or radioactive terrain for damage, would consider buying this as soon as it costs 5 gold.
    8/10 Strong items
    Robes Of Foz-Some mages need movement, and when you rarely want to end your moves near the enemy, dangerous maneuvers offers a very good rate of movement. Reliable mail is not shabby either. Not a bad idea if your wizard needs line of sight, say because it uses punishing bolt, especially if you can place it in a way that allows you to run 4 spaces away from incoming enemies, leaving dwarf and even humans far away and probably still in the mage line if sight. If you want extra defense on your wizard, these moves are probably your best bet at tokenless too. Probably not that useful in single player where running away from 8-9 enemies doesn't work as well and you might just want some attacks.
    Malevolentl Robes-None of the cards are terrible and there's a trait, arcane shell is not too much of a boost, but is not costing you that much either, and in campaign you want offensive power and very seldomly encounter silver. In multiplayer you need to be a bit careful, especially since elf wizards can get 2shotted by silver bolt if they have nightling attached, but if are using burst/linear attacks and don't think the big zap will be particularly difficult to land this could be a decent armor to play the long game.
    Warp Robes-Best tokenless source of drakehide in multiplayer, more due to the other cards being good than due to drakehide being good, but it is still an acceptable way to counter fire wizards and a more well balanced option than most resistant hide armor robes. In single player dangerous maneuver is a little less strong, but it is still a good way to deal with annoying attachments.
    7/10 Interesting options
    Yellowdrake Robes-Probably one of the most reliable way to neuter fire damage at tokenless if paired with a little of heals, even if the trait can be a bit painful.
    Thin Sparkling Cloak-A decent way to defend yourself without being stranded with useless card in hand, but maybe a bit risky and less proactive than robes of foz since you would depend on your opponents hitting you and you only want to get away, maybe for a punishing bolt user with a healing priest to allow it to take multiple hits? in campaign it is probably good for drawback quests, but vulnerable is a bit painful with the various self-damaging drawbacks.
    Boltswap Robes- mystical wyrmhide is great in some campaign modules, where enemies love to put nasty attachments on you, and force bolt is at least situationally useful, making this a decent option if you don't have the epic or legendary robes with 2 wyrmhydes or tokens to spare. In multyplayer it an catch some enemies off guard and debuff them after just one trigger if you are lucky enough to meet a cold or fire mage, or a debuff priest, maybe even forcing the opponent to hold their attacks until they can remove it, but putting 2 low impact cards in your deck and a situationally great card is probably not the best idea.
    Emberfloat Mantle-If you can benefit from the firestorm more than your enemies, this armor has no bad cards, it is a very good non-epic option until late in the campaign to save a token and can even do some work in multiplayer were the firestorm can finish wounded enemies from a safe position, especially if you have some armor/heals. A very decent budget option, even if having low armor on robes can make firestorm more difficult to use in the campaign.
    Poltergeist's Cape- officer harness is bad, but this is still one of the best sources of ancient grudges since it leaves your arcane slots untouched, and is the only tokenless way to pick up telekinesis on robes, In single player it might give you a plan to kill a bulky enemy if you evade it enough, in multiplayer it Might be a decent way to save a token on a control wizard and give it a way to turn the game in your favor later in the game with the grudge by gunning down a relatively healthy character, or to attempt a pathfinding/ancient grudge combo.
    6/10 Decent, might be possible to find places where they shine.
    Bimson's Glowstone Robes-All the cards can pull their weight even later in the campaign, as long as you aren't concerned about avoiding contact with melee attackers, so even in multiplayer this could be decent if you need like of sight to attack. keep in mind that while terrain attachment have many uses, nearly every good non-robe tokenless wizard item gives you some, so you might end up with little to do during the turn if you have too many.
    Purple Cloak-With a trait and a way to deal considerable damage, especially against bosses with big figures , purple cloak can easily pack a punch. Even if landing hot spot might be a bit tricky due to gary passing at random times with moves in hand. In multiplayer this suffer a bit due to the abundance of terrain attacks making this a bit redundant and from robes of lightness existing
    Rockshard Robes-One of the best resistant hide armors, but in multiplayer resistant hide is not always useful and stone spikes, while passable, aren't amazing. Meanwhile in single player firestorm is a lot more useful than stone spikes. Making this not the best in either mode.
    Coatl Robes- boltswap robes is probably better, but this still get the job done in single player, little zap is even more useless than force bolt in multiplayer however.
    Footfall Robes-none of the cards are terrible and it is a cheap option to get some tokenless movement robes without dead draws, not a terrible robe if you don't know what to expect, maybe even in multiplayer.
    Forceful Robes-both force cone and resistant hide can help in many situations, even if only by moving a warrior closer to the ranged enemies by using the slide spells on it, making it quite likely that this might be your best resistant hide source for quite a while. Probably not good enough for multiplayer.

    5/10 A bit mediocre
    Humming Hide Robes-you can use the trait to draw the attacks from your staff faster in the campaign, it is overshadowed for this purpose by various robes with 2 traits, however.
    Lightfoot Cloak- same observations as humming hide robes, notably weakened armor is worse that reliable hide at the point of the campaign were you would be using these robes.
    Heavy Green Robes-Big zap and thick hide armor are good enough for early campaign that having to pick up a bad third card is probably worth it.
    Turquose Robes/Party Dress(same cards) 2 cards are nice against melee mobs, and force cone can be very useful for handling block filled swarmers, plus force cone is a surprisingly rare card to have.
    Thaumaturge's Robes-Decent if you want something to handle armored melee mobs in campaign
    Ochre Robes-A possible early source of resistant hide, even if the other 2 cards aren't good, actually the other 2 cards are often close to worthless, so pick it for campaign maps where resistant hide is useful if you haven't anything better.
    Firebrand Mantle -Another source of resistant hide, unfortunately these attacks aren't really what you want to handle the ranged characters that hide stops, but the cones are good enough at low levels to not make it too bad.
    Gray Robe- A movement and a decent long range attack are both reasonable cards on a mage, making this a decent item against armored mobs.
    Imp-proof Robes-more resistant hide sources, the other cards are kinda bad, but they all work well to handle fire enemies so you can bring this against them.
    Pixie Hide Cloak- possibly too risky in campaigns were deaths abound, at least every card either does something reliably often or cycles, so it might not be the worst anti fire wizard tech in multiplayer.Would avoid using in single player unless the enemies are few or resistant hide allows you to blank most of the enemies' arsenal(or you have a way to remove enchantments)
    Silverweft Robes- in single player, moving one space away can be an acceptable form of defense, but it becomes a bit useless when the enemies start using silver due to their high power level.in multiplayer, step attacks and stabs make moving away one position not that great. Silver attacks are furthermore quite hard to predict and your opponent will probably save their vengeance for last, getting a chance to see the inquisitor badge and decide if they want to trade or not. All in all the cards feel a little too situational.
    Toasty Robes-none of the cards on this are good except maybe the lava terrain, it is acceptable in campaign, but there are better tokenless robes sporting each card on this one, and none of the cards are must haves.
    Firebug Robe-Another meh resistant hide armor, with 2 cards that don't do much against ranged enemies, unless you use the maze for triggering blocks safely.
    Hutul's Robes- Leather harness on robes can only boost your boots-racial skills, at which point it would probably be better if you discard it, making it quite bad, the other 2 cards are acceptable but nothing fantastic, there are better options for them at tokenless.
    Peeling Robes- A decent non-rare source of drakehide at tokenless for the campaign, still you are getting a meh card in penetrating zap and while serviceable, thick hide armor is not amazing. Would not bother running this in multiplayer.

    4/10 Acceptable at the start of the game

    Amber Robes-Dashing away is a pretty good way to avoid damage, but the other cards aren't impactful.
    Red Robes- Thick hide armor is acceptable against wizards, so this can provide some help in the early campaign, especially vs. trogs, but usually a trait is better.
    Alchemist Robes-Acid spray is a pretty sweet way to deal with armies of small characters, mostly ignoring blocks and acting as a layer of defense, the other two card are however bad enough that the item can easily hinder the user.
    Magenta Cloak- arcane spray and force blast require different kind of enemies to work well(swarms and single enemies) and the armor is not that good, this can propel your warrior forward, but it's nothing too powerful.
    Mauve Cape-in early campaign your mage will probably have sprays that make defensiveness a bit painful, and quick run is not that much better than run on a wizard unless you get pinned to a wall or need to land a close ranged attack, both situations made awkward due to defensiveness.Notably it's the only tokenless robe with a move and a trait, so if you think you need a little more movemnt and a way to have less real cards in the deck it might work.
    Whispering Robe-reliable hide armor is still not the best, and leap is not that much better than a walk(notably, even if you use it to avoid getting trapped, you are still close to the enemy for retaliation, would avoid unless you have very little else or you REALLY need the fly.

    3/10 Reaching the bottom

    Crackling Robes- cloth armor is a stinker, but at least the big zap and the reliable hide are somewhat useful in the early campaign (however hide get's useless fast)
    Static Robes- mind leak is manageable if you can avoid getting hit, but the armors you get on this item are good vs. wizards,so if you need them, that kinda defeats the purpose of the robes.

    2/10 And digging
    Beast's Robes-Maze fails to move the target a surprisingly high amount of times, and can easily backfire, you can do better.

    1/10 The base slot
    1 Cloth robes- one time armor is something you should avoid.

    EDIT:fixed the name of an item, deleted a duplicate, moved warp robes up a tier due to better players having success with it.
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  14. Goodwin

    Goodwin Ogre

    you mentioned Static Robes twice... is this intentional?

    You're also missing malevolent robes, a solid 7-8/10 with a free card armor, a trait that's rarely gonna kill you, and not-shabby big zap [hell, I might even run it with vulnerable instead, although suddenly it's only 5-6]
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  15. Gingrich Yurr

    Gingrich Yurr Thaumaturge

    I am a huge fan of Warp Robes. It is sort of a compromise between Robes of Foz and Robes of Lightness, giving you good movement, cycling with a pretty useful trait, and a decent armor. They are the robes I turn to whenever I need to save some tokens because of its versatility. I think it deserves to be at least an 8.
  16. Sasoo8

    Sasoo8 Guild Leader

    I agree with Gingrich and think warp robes should be higher on that list. Warp robes offer great protection against fire and cold attachments as well as destructive purge. Ever had a game where the enemy destructive purged your wizard and turned it into a zombie? Or perhaps added a trip plus vulnerable? Or the enemy wizard chilled your own wizard so that you become easy pickings for their rushing warrior? Well, with warp robes, you can reduce the chances of a game changing swing like that. If I do play mages and I need a tokenless robe, my top choice is usually warp robes rather than robes of lightness or foz (I play bless a lot so I hate that hover antisynergy). Plus, warp robes are a lot more readily available for most players than robes of foz, so that further bumps it up for me.
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  17. hello world

    hello world Hydra

    Tbh I was pretty sure that anything I had at 7 were things with a decent shot of giving good results in mp or sp, but some things I put at seven,especially in other categories, seem a bit niche, fine with moving it at 8, it just felt a bit of a weird middle ground pick over the more focused foz and lightness.

    Not sure about how relevant is hover drawback until you start to have multiple sources of blesses, so maybe I ll leave to your comments the cheap bless-friendly robe angle.
  18. hello world

    hello world Hydra

    Guess who's back? And this time the rankings have been subjected to a quick peer-review!
    Presenting tokenless Divine armors.
    10/10 the best of the best, you'd be crying if this didn't exist:
    Rusted Angel Mail(lifesaving block x2, rusty armor) a must for 1hp quests, not that useful outside these and a couple of very hard low level quests, but still something you want to remember when you start questing.
    9/10 I can't believe it's not level 9+:
    St. Malaj's Cuirass(toughened hide stripes, Cleansing Ray x2):"Hey look at me, I'm so rich I can use a legendary armor for triggering altruism!", You probably want some ground attachment on your own before playing this, but it seems spicy for altruism triggering if you do.
    Corrupted Shroud(sacred shroud,demonic feedback,creature of the night), basically 2 cycling cards and an armor you might want to keep for how annoying it can be for your opponent, super strong way to free up a token.
    8/10 value,value,value:
    Cleansing Hide Armor(reliable hide armor, cleansing ray x2) probably slightly worse than St. Malaj Cuirass, but usable in any case you wanted that.
    Ghoul's Rags(Weak Armor,Vampire Kiss,Creature of the night) Priests suffer Creature of the night a bit more than warriors due to a lack of mobility, but it's still a good card, making this armor pretty sweet for an aggressive priest, and it's a fine way to quicken campaign battles.
    Unholy Nimbus(unholy frenzy x2,chain harness)Unholy frenzy is not really hard to get, it's not holy for altruism and there isn't a lot of armor to boost outside of the dedicated armor slots,Still if you are looking to triple boost a nimble striker warrior there aren't that many sources of unholy frenzy.
    Night-Forged Plate(heavy armor,triple heal,unlucky)Only source of unlucky, but the main non keep armor you could equip is a copy of frenzy aura from dwarf racial, and the other cards don't really fit a warrior. still all cards are pretty good, so no terrible draws and a couple of good ways to survive small hits.
    7/10 good at doing what they do, and what they do it's pretty good too:
    Hide Of The Frenzied(thick hide armor, righteous frenzyx2) there's merit in slapping a variety of frenzies on a warrior for huge damage, and this is a pretty good source of the righteous variety, if you just want frenzies farming low level for unholy nimbus might be better.
    St. Hedvig's Black Halo(walpurgis Night, toughened hide stripes, unholy frenzy):If you are playing this you want the walpurgis, but are fine with your priest not wearing arrogant armor,I could imagine some S.P. modules where this is the case, and it's perfectly possible that in mp you care about your other characters not being turned more than the priest, which will always be in purge range anyway worst comes to worst.
    Dark Chain Shirt(reliable mail,Hardy mail, Sapping spear):Best armor load-out to survive your own firestorms/flash of agony at tokenless, but the armors aren't THAT amazing, maybe for some campaign farming?
    Opaline Armor(frenzy aura,leather harness,armor of faith) only tokenless source of frenzy aura) it does make short work of low level enemies in pve, but in pvp 2 dead cards and decent tokenless aggressive items might make you want to pay a token for your frenzy aura armor.
    Expulsive Greaves(horned plates,purging strike,purge) a way to pick up a frenzy 3 armor plus 2 sometime useful cards, not bad for some consistency if you are lacking purges and want some without eschewing damage, probably the tokenless source of boosting armor that gives the best other cards.
    6/10 would not overlook, might be exactly what your deck want,assuming your deck is not a straightforward meta deck:
    Glowing Hide Armor(invigorating strike,thick hide armor,reliable hide armor)big damage! ghoul's rag kinda outshines it, but at least 2 cards out of 3 aren't terrible, not bad if you don't have much damage and fear giving life back to the opponent by turning their card into a vamp attack at least. or in campaign to end battles quicker.
    Bendolth's Pauldrons(toughened hide stripe x2, barge):control priests aren't really a thing and you can get better attacks for a damaging priest with similar complimentary cards. one barge is not enough to win control of a VP either. so this is probably a niche item at best.
    Mail Of Righteous Anger(spiked mail, righteous frenzy x2) see hide of the frenzied. I think spiked mail is worse than thick hide armor in pvp, but if you feel you want it more this is similar.
    Armor Of Surety(reliable hide, surestrike blessing x2) if you want surestrike blessing for some silly aoa comboes it usually comes without a great third card, so this armor is probably a decent option to pick it up should you choose to spend tokens elsewhere.
    Ritual Straps(purging burst,toughened hide stripes,lifesaving block) Being the only tokenless purging burst armor is nice for some specific campaign levels, especially reduced level quests where lifesaving block is live more often, in pvp it is however a lot less live so maybe trading purging burst for a purging strike or a purge if you really need a purging tokenless armor is better.
    Mageslayer Mail(shimmering aura, wild run,entangling roots) only tokenless divine armor capable of moving 2 or more space, and the cards in it aren't even stuff you just want to discard at the first opportunity, issue is that none of them aren't that good either, but if you want to aggro with yuor priest it might be a funny option.
    Mail Of The Novice(arrogant armor,misguided heal,ill-fitting armor)Only tokenless arrogant armor, probably not enough to make you pick it up for multiplayer but it could turn up for some single player module.
    5/10 either cheap alternatives of better stuff or the best source of very gimmicky cards:
    Frog Strapping(chain harness x2, purging strike): there are other sources of purging strikes, and chain harness in the main armor slot continues to be uninspiring, still it's the only tokenless way to get 2 of them.
    Greenhide Armor(reliable hide armor,purging strike,heal):not a terrible collection of cards for single players early campaign, but it's kinda confused between staying in the back and attacking for pvp.
    Blessed Ring Shirt(hardy mail x2, minor heal) worse than chain dark shirt for defense, but one of the better cheap option if you want some armor in campaign I guess, you shore 1.33 damage per attack compared to the 1.0 from mail at least.
    Rusty Healing Armor(twin heal x2, rusty armor):twin heals is an interesting holy card you can get 2 copies of on a tokenless armor for dedicated altruism spamming, but still not great,block-checking makes multiple targets heals more useful than they might first appear at least.
    Cleansing Hide(thick hide armor,cleansing presence x2) non epic way of guaranteing yourself some safe ground to stay in some campaign level, not sure how needed but hey, might turn up useful.
    4/10 let's just say that if you have this equipped during campaign you are doing fine:
    Holy Leather Armor(holy armor,shimmering aura,ill-fitting armor) the only triple armor divine armor, which I guess gives you armor to shield from firestorm a little more consistently, and 2 of these are pretty synergistic with firestorm. still cycling or one more wizard, or splurging a token is still better.
    Holy Chainmail(healing pulse,mail,shimmering aura)Offers a bit of protection against mages, but unless you want both pulse and aura you can get both at tokenless without having to pick up a mial.
    Crafted Healer's Mail(crafted mail, minor heal,minor heal) crafted mail blocks on average 2 damage like reliable mail, still not bad for some armor in campaign, but probably not good enough to pair with harnesses in boot slots.
    Mail Of The Golden Aura(mail,healing pulse x2):healing pulse heals quite a bit but probably not enough to make it a good pick.
    Poisoner's Harness(chain harness,misguided heal,fragility curse) one of the two sources of fragility curse on tokenless mails, but it is pickable easily from other slots should you want it)
    Barbed Armor(purging strike, chain harness,horned plates) not sure why this would be used over expulsive greaves.
    3/10 at least one of these cards seems decent enough in campaign:
    Pearlescent Mail(chain harness, limited heal, armor of faith):none of the cards are strong and chain harness is pickable in double copy from frog strapping should you have some weird synergy with it.
    Healer's Mail(mail x2, heal):heal is the best single target heal you can find at tokenless, but still not op and the 2 mails are meh too, in campaign the extra attack from greenhide armor helps killing faster too.
    Holy Nimbus(hardy mail, healing pulse, righteous frenzy) unfocused, not terrible in early campaign giving some acceptable cards at least.
    Healer's Jerkin(hardy mail, healing pulse, minor heal):unfocused, and even if you want healing pulse you can pick 2 for tokenless.
    Shoddy Penitent's Mail(weakened armor,righteous frenzy, misguided heal): a bit unfocused, and both cards come with better armor on other items.
    Poor Man's Mail(mail x2, fragility curse):trade mail for misguided heal compared to mail of the poisoner. it's some extra damage for campaign at least.
    2/10 better than cloth vest:
    Adept's Healing Mail(mail x2,minor heal) healer mail exists. I guess its better than running around naked in campaign.
    Thick Healer's Hide(thick hide mail,minor healx2) another forgettable early campaign mail.the armor being cashable as a shuffle is pretty nice, but even for proccing altruism, cleansing ray is better than minor heal.
    Gorval's Mail(spiked mail,weakened mail,minor heal):spiked mail is the main attraction of this armor, but it is also a pretty meh card, that is for example blanked by armor. Not even good in campaign.
    1/10 cloth vest:
    Cloth Vest(cloth armor x3):sick anti punishing bolt/strike tech!
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