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    Personally I would get more out of playing a cooperative multiplayer mode than climbing guild ranks. As I can only do one of those(for now) I will only join a particular kind of guild. One where its members embrace the cards, equipment, classes and races they love and plays accordingly. I find it much more enjoyable when the game balances and updates happen to favor the way you like to play, than spreading yourself thin to do the opposite.

    If and when multiplayer campaign does open up, guild focus may shift to or at least expand into that direction.

    This IS a competitive guild though, at least in a limited sense, we will abide to the rules of scoring and penalties, it's just your party does not need to be built competitively.

    Those rules as of right now, of January 30th, 2014, are: (http://cardhuntermeta.farbs.org/guilds.php)
    Quit a card hunter match only if you have 2 victory stars or more!
    "Keep Calm and Battle On"

    If you must, especially if not doing so would be against the spirit of the guild, then break these rules, though in typical playing of the game you will agree to abide by them.

    If that is not something you feel you can commit to, you are welcome to join as an honorary member on the forums.

    Other than that if you wish to help this guild competitively: listen to, give, and offer suggestions with fellow guild mates about equipment and the playstyle trying to be achieved(which will likely make a deck more competitive anyway).

    When this guild is running as intended you will be supported in every direction you would wish to pursue with Card Hunter. Things will flow, and you will be having fun.

    Once again, Guild Slowking is:

    Maps by our members:
    Trog Tobbogan by Codde

    Fight for the honor of the guild!​
    Ranks (PM Slowking Secretary to claim)
    HIDDEN POWER +5 Contribution
    CALM MIND +20 Contribution
    DREAM EATER +50 Contribution
    PSYCHIC +200 Contribution
    Guild Record: http://cardhuntermeta.farbs.org/guildhistory.php?page=first
    Guild Rank: http://cardhuntermeta.farbs.org/guildleaderboard.php
    Guild Profile: http://cardhuntermeta.farbs.org/guildprofile.php?name=Slowking

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    The Slowkings have friends in the Sorcererers, who also encourage their members to play the builds they love. I look forward to cooperating with you when cooperative PvE is a thing.
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  3. Codde

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    It's just "Slowking" for either the guild as a whole or its members (like fish and fish) and thank you very much. I am a Slowking, we are Slowking, The Slowking Guild.
  4. Jarmo

    Jarmo Snow Griffin

    Welcome to the Slowking! We at NinetyNineKnaves are always happy for new cooperators in exploring the finer points of weaponry!

    Slowking Codde, could you please post your Trog Toboggan custom scenario on the forum? I think it deserves to be published, it's a fun and unique experience!
  5. Zhizz

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    Yes, ICK will tolerate the existence of the Slowkings until such time as its ranking warrants our attention. Then we shall gladly travel to their Guildhall and reap a harvest of heads and coin that will make men shudder.

    Welcome aboard, pups.
  6. Codde

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    It would be an honor though I am sure I could make a more engaging version, sure though I will. Is there a tool on this forum for sharing them?
  7. Jarmo

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    Fortunately, no special tool is needed. The place for them is Custom Scenarios and Maps, please take a look there to see how people have handled this.
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  8. Slowking is up and running!
  9. [​IMG]

    When the going rough and the fight is all but lost, hang in there, get those 2 star points. Keep calm and battle on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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