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  1. Codde

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    Trog Toboggan. I'm a little shy to share this as I am having too much fun with this Path of Knives and Trog Gouger Crude Plate exploit and I'm not sure if this is the quickest way to introduce it. I decided, with some encouragement to share Trog Toboggan 1.0(which is really like 4.0).


    HOLD ON TO Path of Knives and Crude Armor Cards!
    Use Ctrl+*click* to place a card(Path of Knives) on an ally(Gouger)

    Apologies for the length of this game, I promise though, that with practice it is beatable in 10 minutes, at least vs Gary.

    Note: There is an error that comes up not so rarely where player's cannot click on their Trog during the move phase. It seems to always be player 2. Another error(which may be related) involves some of your Trogs glowing even if it's not your turn. Unfortunately for the former, it is, at least as far as I can tell, game breaking when this occurs, and the game must be ended.

    mod-edit: Updated the screenshot

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    Thanks for sharing your work, Codde! I've played the scenario with the author and I encourage everyone to try Trog Toboggan! It's hilarious in multiplayer, too, and a completely unique Card Hunter experience.
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  3. Jayce

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    I've also played (I think one of the early versions) with the author, definitely worth a go =D
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    Path of knives doesn't last long enough, I find that my trogs only get to the upper left end before it wears off, and then I can't re-apply it because of the wall! And then I can't just slide all the way to victory.
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