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Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Dugrim, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. Ben_Lee

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    Fixed for next release, thanks!
  2. Ben_Lee

    Ben_Lee Art Director, Chief Executive in charge of Laundry Staff Member

    Fixed for next release, thanks!
  3. Ben_Lee

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    Fixed for next release, thanks!
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  5. Jade303

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    Citrine Demon Portal, Aftermath 4:
    "Who are and what are causing them?" -Maybe not wrong but kind of awkward grammatically.

    Suggestion: "Who and what are causing them?".
  6. Lord Feleran

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    The same happened again. This time for Chess Madness.
    Maybe should have posted it as a new topic...

    Edit: Happened for the 3rd time, now for Geomancy league.
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  7. Ben_Lee

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    This is logged and is being worked on, thanks!
  8. Sir Knight

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    Crystals of Chronak, map 2 intro: "In the center of the room is ladder" should have the word "a" before "ladder."

    Also when you mouse over the figures of the Blood Disciples they are described as "Human" instead of "Human Warrior." The Blood Priest is described as "Human Priest," so I'd imagine that "Warrior" applies.

    At some point in this module, Melvin refers to "travelling" as opposed to "traveling." I can't recall for sure, but I think you've been using USA spelling for stuff, and so here it would be "traveling."

    Crystals of Chronak, map 3 aftermath: "can only mean to one thing" has that extra "to," and "from the from your blades" has that extra "from the."

    Secret of the Elder Mind, map 1 intro: "the West" is capitalized when usually this game has not capitalized directions. I think.

    Secret of the Elder Mind, map 3 intro: it's called "the Illoth" when the map 1 intro just said "temple of Illoth" without the word "the."
  9. Kalin

    Kalin Begat G'zok

    In-game description of Death March league:
    "Which buid will dominate this league?"

    Some typos from Temple Scales:
    Gary's prompt before third battle:
    "ten feet poles"

    Third pre-battle text:
    "Its four heads"
    (maybe change to "Four of its heads")

    Fourth pre-battle text:
    "Lizardman warriors"
    (misleading because there aren't any Lizardman Warriors in that battle, just a ton of Darters)
    EDIT: same issue with the second battle.

    After the fourth battle, Gary's prompt says:
    "We'll get this done by the morning!"
    (I assume that's a reference to finishing the campaign in a single night, but that doesn't really belong in treasure hunt.)

    Not a text bug, but the Hydra still hurts itself when Charging north or east.
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  10. boro

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    The tip about "you can replay completed adventures once each day" is still there
  11. The aftermath text for the first battle in Against the Cockroaches reads "These Giant Cockroaches are a foul and unnatural addition to the citys ecosystem."

    I'm also unsure about whether "Giant Cockroaches" should be capitalized.
  12. I'm not sure whether in a thread like this it's better to edit an old post if it's the last one in the thread or double post to make sure an issue doesn't get missed. If I'm not in tune with posting etiquette here, I apologize.

    In the aftermath of the last battle of the Goblins in the Woods module, the text is "You interrogate the goblin survivors and discover that the goblin leader Guztuk is hiding in a tree fort some distance to the north."

    But on the campaign map, the Tree Forts of the Goblin King are actually to the southeast.
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  13. Looks like this was reported already, but it was over a year ago, so either this thread doesn't get a lot of dev love or it slipped through the cracks. The intro blurb for the Temple of Scales module includes "sworn bloody vengeance apon them".

    EDIT: The intro text for the second encounter in the Tomb of Tvericus, Mausoleum, mentions a "pair of armored skeletons", but there is actually a trio.
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  14. Sir Knight

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    They definitely notice, but sometimes it doesn't hurt to post again.

    And there, some new-post attention to make sure your recent edit is spotted too.
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  15. Jon

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    Will fix.

    Yes, monster names are capitalized, in general.
  16. Jon

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    Better to double post, I very rarely scroll back through old posts. I will fix this one.
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    Will fix.
  18. Kalin

    Kalin Begat G'zok

    Typo found by cheesex and confirmed in the prompts file:
    In Batford's Manor, Gary says "I think Lord Batford has a really valuable sceptre you can can steal."
    (prompt: BatfordManor8)
  19. Assussanni

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    The level 18 AotA modules are designated as "RW1", "SW2" and "SW3" on their respective splash screens. Presumably they should all have the same two-letter code, although I haven't been able to guess the meaning of them (did the modules used to have different names?) so I've no idea which is correct!

    Edit: "SW" = "Sentient Weapons"?
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  20. Assussanni

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    I think the Portentous Proclamations message about the Basic Edition is out of date. It proclaims that the Basic Edition "includes all the Treasure Hunts". Unless I'm mistaken, the Attack of the Artifacts Treasure Hunts are not included in the Basic Edition so this is incorrect.
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