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  1. Jarmo

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    The Multiplayer entry is not linked in the directory/index. The headlining / main one.
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  3. You might want to say exactly when Gary introduces multiplayer and unlocks the free multiplayer party in the entry on Multiplayer. That's something I have seen many new players ask about that in chat.
  4. Merdis

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    Have you considered publishing this FAQ also on Steam's discussion page (or as a guide on Steam)? Many newbies don't visit official forums.
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  5. Scarponi

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    You mean what's noted in the first and second paragraph under Multiplayer?
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  6. Uh, hey, look over there! ----->


    Runs away
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  8. snafets

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    nice FAQ, very useful :) I have some questions that might also could be a faq.

    Card:Clumsy say "You cannot turn to face your target when attacking" dose it mean I can not attack enemy behind me? or can I attack regardless of facing?

    Card:Horned Plates - has two triggers and I guess it will not stay when the armor triggers. But as new player it looks like it would stay because it is an Arbmor and has a keep keyword ;)

    Some cards like the Arcane Feedback have handicaps (in this case start of each round - keep) but I can just play/discard it without drawback, right? Also trigger it already in the first round (when I draw the cart) and last but not least can I force a discard (to less then two card at the end of a round or in game)

    I hope someone can help me and also it's something for the faq
  9. Scarponi

    Scarponi Moderator

    You won't be able to attack them without playing a move card to turn around first.

    Your guess is correct.

    You can play it or discard it to get rid of it. It will not trigger the round you draw it (unless drawn by another start of round effect before the normal draw phase). Once you have discarded down to your two card limit there is normally no way to keep discarding.
  10. snafets

    snafets Kobold

    thanks :)
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  14. Robauke

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    A user asked what CH events meant in the FAQ, not realising right away its Cardhunter. Its in the acronym section, i know, i know. Whats not there is "OP" though.
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  16. Stexe

    Stexe #2 in Spring PvP Season

    Might want to add UP (underpowered). Is there a place with definitions for some things too, like "broken" meaning overpowered? Some people have been confused about that too.
  17. Pawndawan

    Pawndawan Champion of Cardhuntria

    Also CoC for Caverns of Chaos, DD for Daily Deal and RR for Randimar's Rarities.
  18. BlackVoidDeath

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    If we are brainstorming acronyms, I'd also suggest elo (and fs (Firestorm)).
  19. Robauke

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    How about you look at the list first, black. Or at any thread before you post.
    • Add an entry about Squeamish.
    • Add an entry about Free Card keyword.
    • Update Purge entry.
    • Add the new things about AI: Unbuffable, Negative Energy Beign, interactions with "same target multiple times" ...
    • Add the acronyms used in the post Loot Fairy Tracker. What means: UtURRRR(Rt) for example.
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