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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Level 19[​IMG]
    Arcane Item
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  4. Juxtapostion

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    I am unclear how you got 23.5 for #2.
    And, #3 only has 2 rares. I thought it took 3 for epic...

    EDIT: Oh wait! I meant to put a laser strike not a laser thrust my bad, going to edit
  5. timeracers

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    Laser whip(12), Impaling Stab(10), Laser Thrust(10), Feinting Strike(6), Vicious Thrust(6), Parry(3)

    My bad thought trained bludgeon was rare
  6. Juxtapostion

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    All good, I changed the thrust to strike now. So it should be 43/2= 21.5
  7. Could one of you guys provide a link to where this system of determining item level and rarity is spelled out? I've seen it referred to but I don't know where precise card qualities (with all the + and - bells and whistles) are listed or what the formula is for using them.
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    I think players have reverse engineered it. It's not listed officially anywhere.
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    edit: Wrong quote at first.
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    To determine item level:
    • For each card on the item, add up points according to the card's quality, adjusted by the +/- if present (refer to the quote in @Pawndawan's post above)
    • If the item is a 3x Cards slot, sum the values of all cards, that's the level of your item (i.e. a 3x silver cards item = 6 + 6 + 6 = a lvl 18 item)
    • If the item is a 6x Cards slot, you obtain the item's level by dividing the total by (i.e. a 6x silver cards item = 36 / 2 = a lvl 18 item)
    For rarity, refer to the quote in the post above.
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  11. Thanks, everybody!
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    Since Flaxy pretty much nixed any chances of me ever getting to post this as an actual submission, going to toss this here for you all to chew on:

    (Note it is intended as a thematic submission, and balance may not be feasible even with Grasping Arm's rarity more appropriately set;
    Likewise, as a thematic submission, I'm making it as accessible as possible; actual implementation would likely be more precise):

    Manacles of the Forsaken Hero
    Shield (Why shield? Makes it accessible to both warrior and priest, and fits thematically in being an element that reduces defensive abilities (due to being shackled))
    Boots (Why boots? Makes it accessible to all characters, and fits thematically in being a reduction of mobility (due to being shackled))
    or your thoughts here :)

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    That which was once revered.. is now that which is feared.
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  15. DunDunDun

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    Why obvious maneuvers? That doesn't seem to fit thematically with the name (or the inclusion of more devious cards like feinting strike) =O
    I'd think Ouch, or something :)

    Also, @Jarmo, now I'm depressed I don't have a pen knife that can deal slashing damage.. :(
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  16. Fortaleza

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    Obvious Maneuver also fit thematically, sometimes your feinting trick fails so bad that enemy see what you doing :)
    But yeah i did think about Ouch! too, and it's ok if you want to replace Obvious Maneuver with it, "cost" would still be the same [level 13, [​IMG] [​IMG] , Uncommon] according to
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    I think if you renamed it 'Fencer's Gambit', it'd work better to your theme :)
  18. Fortaleza

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    Done, i sux with names, so thx :)

    Last ones for today, just for fun, and most "OP" i could create for 2 blue tokens ( can anyone create one with even more damage with same cost? )
    Prototype Bejeweled (Item Level: 13 [​IMG][​IMG]; Common)
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]

    Super Club (Item Level: 12 [​IMG][​IMG]; Legendary)
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    If last card is replaced by Strong Hack it a Epic only.

    Both Build using:
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  19. Fortaleza

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  20. If we're feeling a bit comedic...

    "Dance Dance Retribution"; a divine weapon -- level 10, two minor tokens, rare
    - Dancing_Cut x3
    - Avenging Touch x2
    - Demonic_Revenge x1

    "Fin's Nightmare" -- staff with a distinctly sharklike head -- level 9, two minor tokens, legendary
    - Whirlwind x3
    - Vicious_Bite x3

    "Secrets of the Innard Gods" -- divine item, level 3, no tokens, common
    - Acid_Spray
    - Festering_Guts
    - Demonic_Miasma

    "Spacedwarf's Spliff" -- dwarf skill -- level 21, epic, one major token
    - Accelerate_Time
    - Smoke_Bomb
    - Shrug_it_Off


    (edit: adding notes from Vakaz's Item Creator)
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