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    I could have sworn there was a thread with items that had objectively better replacements, however, I tried very hard to find it but I am unable to. Therefore I will start my own. This is a work in progress.
    Reliable Scale Mail --> Tough Hide Shirt (adds potential mobility)
    Untrained Teleportation --> Novice Teleportation (you can argue, but force bolt has greater versatility and you don't really want to take one damage just in case arcane feedback remains in your hand)
    Rusty Shield--> pretty much any other shield
    Battered Shield-->Chipped Shield [well, arguable too, but both these shields are not that great]
    improvised halberd-->hierloom assegai (trust me, one more range 2 attack is definitely not worth a boost to stab and penetrating boost to simply strike)
    Blunt sword --> bulky sword [duh...] --> hackmaster [come on, reduce ONE attack by ONE, and then improve everything else by 4-5 attack, isn't this obvious?]
    sparking staff--> lizard fryer [alright, so deadly does mean the opponent has the potential to keep an auto block, but that's out of context]
    martyr's medallion --> tome of the matyr [do you honestly want to take 4 unpreventable damage? Okay, MAYBE if you had neg. en. being, but almost no one runs that and is able to run medallion consistently at the same time]

    anybody got anything else? [or maybe the original thread, I have a hard time finding it]
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