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Discussion in 'Support' started by ch_fan, Aug 23, 2017.

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    So about 2 weeks ago I go to load up Card Hunter and get the dreaded black window. I found some helpful stuff online but nothing worked. I spent 40$ in game on the 29th of July and 2 days later the game doesn't work at all.

    I emailed support@cardhunter for help. Here is the email I sent:
    Hi I figure this is the best way to get help. So heres the deal. I purchased Card Hunter 7 days ago on Steam. I've put 80 hours into the game since the 29th. Also spent 40$. I love the game and want to support it. Even had the intention of spending another 50+. I now open the game and get a 1100x700 black screen. The log file doesn't seem helpful but I can send it if you'd like. I'm at a dead end as I have tried everything, I will mention that now.

    I have deleted the two files in the AppData folder mentioned in the steam forums
    by card hunter support dealing with this same issue from 2 years ago.
    I have changed the resolutions in the XML file to 1980x1080 from 1100x700.
    I have also changed the render mode to cpu in the XML file.
    I have restored my computer.
    Verified steam game contents.
    Deleted and reinstalled the game through steam.
    Updated all drivers.
    Restarted multiple times during all this.
    It's been 3 hours and I give up.

    Really sucks I dump 40$ into a free to play game and then have this happen and it not work at all. I really fell in love with this title and am very disappointed.
    I'm hoping you have some silver bullet to help with this black screen issue. I doubt I could get my account transferred somehow to the web based version? I just found out that existed.
    I haven't left a review on steam yet and was planning on doing a very extensive one to help support the game. I'd hate to end it on an issue like this.

    So after waiting 3 weeks I have yet to hear anything from support@cardhunter. Meanwhile I tried reinstalling the game about 10 times and the issue persists.
    I have a massive review waiting to be uploaded to steam and just for sh*ts and giggles I decide one more time to install the game....lo and works now....

    I try to log in. It says not a valid username.
    I try to recover the username and it says the username does not exist.
    I try to recover the password it say no account with that username.
    I register a new profile and it wont let me use my original username saying it's already in use. Isn't that odd?

    My username is brokenpaine. The same user that 40$ was spent under and the same username thats in my most recent log from before the black screen issue started. So I am positive my username is correct. I also have receits. Is my account locked for some reason. I would really love to get my account back and continue where I left off. I even still have all my original the achievements unlocked.

    So if someone with BlueManchu could help me out I would really appreciate it. I'm stoked the game actually works now but won't be so stoked if my 40$ of content is gone.

    Please help! :)
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    To expand on Pawn's comment... it's pretty rare that support doesn't respond, usually they do so in 24 hours, why your first email slipped through the cracks I'm not sure, but occasionally these things can happen to the best of us. BM in the past has been very supportive when players have had issues and I'm sure they'd be happy to offer you a solution that will get you back up and running happily!

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