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Discussion in 'Support' started by liscoe, Sep 19, 2013.

  1. liscoe

    liscoe Kobold

    Hello support!
    I'm wondering if you could delete my account so that I can re-register and start the game again. I know it sounds silly but I'd started the game with an elf and am now desperate to restart with a human character that is less girly:) Asked in the general forum and they advised to ask in here as there is no in game way of restarting...
    Many thanks
  2. Pengw1n

    Pengw1n Moderately Informed Staff Member

    Just add the account name you want deleted and you should be fine to create a new one.
  3. liscoe

    liscoe Kobold

    Marvellous thank you very much, the account name is liscoe, account email is

    I shall re-register asap and choose my warrior!
  4. liscoe

    liscoe Kobold

    Hello support,
    Just checking and it appears that my account is still active. Do we have a rough estimate as to when this will be deleted?
  5. Eh why don't you just complete the first 4 tutorial missions and then hire a human? You are not forced to keep playing with your first char.
  6. liscoe

    liscoe Kobold

    Well I could do but as you see above it seems like support could easily delete my account and I could start again... If it is difficult I will just play through they just have to let me know!
  7. j-wiz

    j-wiz Blue Manchu Staff Member

    We can also just reset your current account and let you start over, without your having to re-create it.
  8. j-wiz

    j-wiz Blue Manchu Staff Member

    Okay - your account is reset.
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  9. liscoe

    liscoe Kobold

    Brilliant! Sorry to be a pain and thanks for all the help, now to play!
  10. voltorocks

    voltorocks Kobold

    I hate to *also* be a pain, but would it be possible for me to get reset/deleted as well? I assumed I could restart it myself when I got to the "real" game, so I just clicked through during the tutorial. now the bugged (or weird functioning?) rename button keeps giving the names I want back to the original characters I no longer want. I just started today, so i'm not concerned about losing my stuff; I'd just like to be able to make my "dream party," y'know?

    account name is voltorocks! thanks for any help you can give
  11. hwango

    hwango Hydra

    Do you mean that you have characters with the names you want to use, and other characters you want to use, but who have the wrong names? If so, maybe it just won't let you have two people with the same name. I'd try changing the names of the original people and then trying again to rename the people you like. Assuming I understand the problem you're having.
  12. voltorocks

    voltorocks Kobold

    Yeah, I tried that. though I think I just figured a workaround? if they're both in party when i change their names, it _seems_ to stick.
    does no one agonize over character names as I do?

    Edit: it does, cancel my restart request. Funny that I couldn't find anyone else having this problem...
  13. Megadestructo

    Megadestructo Shark Card

    Weird, but glad it worked out? :)
  14. voltorocks

    voltorocks Kobold

    yeah, just to clarify, the issue seems to have been that edited names will appear to revert when the character is shuffled back off the party.... *but* by closing the window and re-opening/logging-in to Card Hunter, all of the edits will *then* show up with your intended changes.

    it's a weird little bug, but easy to work around
  15. wolfytopia

    wolfytopia Kobold

    Hey would you guys reset my account? its on steam but the username is wolfytopia
  16. yuzumi

    yuzumi Kobold

    Would you reset my account? The username is yuzumi.
  17. Pawndawan

    Pawndawan Champion of Cardhuntria

    The quickest way to get that sorted out is to email
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  18. timeracers

    timeracers Guild Leader

    Wait did they not reply to the email? Otherwise no need to post on the forum.
  19. br_victor

    br_victor Kobold

    Hey would you guys reset my account? The username is br_victor
  20. winner

    winner Mushroom Warrior

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