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Discussion in 'Support' started by grolibus, May 8, 2018.

  1. grolibus

    grolibus Kobold


    I'm coming back to the game after leaving it be since 2013, and I find that most of my stuff has disappeared:
    My characters are lvl5 with only one power token each, I have 2 epics left and no power token using items, zero martial art skill, down to 1-2 commons for the other skills...

    I would expect stuff to disappear over time because of updates, but not without compensation of some sort.
    Coming back, I find that I have 210 slices of pizza left, which I think is the remnant of the 690 pizza I bought once to get some extra adventures (which I'm not seeing anymore either).

    Is there any way to check my history to retrace what happened?
    How do I get back my epics and unlocked adventures, please?

  2. Sir Veza

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  3. grolibus

    grolibus Kobold

    Thanks, I'll try

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