Caverns of Chaos Balance Changes Megathread

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    The active discussion thread for the Caverns of Chaos changes (changelog).

    Few rules to follow:
    1. Keep the discussion on the topic.
    2. Try to point out what you don't like ;).
    3. Try to write concisely and clearly.
    4. Do not backseat someone's else opinion.

    I also encourage you to create your own forum threads in this subforum. They are always welcome!
  2. I took a crack at CoC today. While I thought it was overall easier, I still got killed on part 8, so about par for the course (Level 8 was often the end of the line in original CoC mode). I did really like getting a legendary character on part 5 (previously only available parts 8-10?) and I liked the new mobs from Eastpass. Those two elements make CoC fresher and more fun in this version.
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