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    Hello! I just found a file like EXCEL, named Cards and there are a lots of data, like text and numbers display on cards, like Dice, Range, Flavor text, Underline text (like Armor X and Keep) and more... like everything.
    Can I edit them to translate to my native language? There would be some romanian who want to play the game in romanian, like a moba one, and i dont say it name, i hate it (He-hehe!) i could promote the romanian version of cards on facebook and other D&D / Board Games / Gamers, groups...
    I would like to translate it :)
    Is the font supporting special characters, like this ?

    I am allowed to do this? Will i crush/break my game? How can you guys help me?

    // Sorry for posting in Support and wasting your time with my thread!
    /// Thanks for reading it! Have a very safe day!

    //// ArkyRomania .
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