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    Looks like we have perma-halloween
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    I feel this so much. If there was ever an attempt to reboot the game via sequel or transfer it to some sort of community-run operation I would completely be on board with helping out.
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    Copied from their site:
    Game Request Form
    (Redirected from Request Form)
    Request a game you would like to see in the next version of Flashpoint.

    Before requesting a game, make sure it follows these requirements below:

    1. The game is a webgame that's played through an internet browser.
    2. The game is not in the Game Master List.
    3. The game is fully working at the link you found.
    4. The game is not heavily online dependent, such as online multiplayer games, MMOs, or social media games; currently they're too difficult to save.
    5. The game is not a desktop game or mobile game based on a webgame (such as Insaniquarium Deluxe on desktop, or Robot Unicorn Attack 3 on mobile).
    6. The game is not an emulator that's prepackaged with a ROM.
    If, for any reason, the game is not fully working on your device, please ask about it in the Flashpoint Discord server. We will let you know whether you can make the request.

    If you have any questions, thoughts, or concerns, please visit us at the Flashpoint Discord server.

    So, apart from point 4 I think CH falls within the catagories. I've made a request.
  6. Flandur

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    Great idea. If there will be any chance of making a CH sequel, I'd support it. I still think that CH is one of the best games I've ever played. It's unique, charming and has a great community. This is the only F2P game that I've spent my money on, because the game deserves it. Anyway, I know that making a F2P game as a small team is kinda hard, but with croudfunding we might be able to get a considerable amount of money. I'm sure that there are many players that would contribute in their own way. I could even help in testing or programming if such a need would arise.
  7. Aerendhil

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    Would it be possible to code a local offline version of the campaign ? and/or multi through LAN ?
  8. mikey76500

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    Why attempt to have endless contingency plans? Someone with the technical know-how [possibly backed by ThetianKnight/HisRoyalHygiene's offer] could just get Jon's permission make a "spiritual" Card Hunter sequel game instead of trying to keep alive a game that Jon doesn't really care all that much for, anymore.

    Think about it, a well constructed team could make an even BETTER CH; One that credits CH [or at least BM] for inspiration, and plays like CH, as well, but, has new material, less Gary/Melvin/Karen/Mom/Cardotron interruptions, more of an emphasis on in-game storylines, a longer, and more fleshed out main campaign, less useless garbage no one touches [Chests, premade teams], and, best of all, BETTER MP MAPS.

    Just don't ruin it with daily sign in bonuses, VIP systems or, worst of all, ENERGY systems [make a LIVES system that only takes Lives if you lose/quit, instead if you MUST limit gameplay for some stupid reason].

    Pretty sure we could come up with even better ideas.
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